Wenger frustrated with Arsenal’s attackers and Southampton’s time wasting (but not Alexis!)

There was much frustration about yesterday for the Arsenal fans, from the players that couldn’t get past the Southampton defence, from the defenders that couldn’t deal with Charlie Austin, and from Arsene Wenger who was unhappy with the refereeing performance. We looked less likely to score as the game went on and it took our supersub to save a point for us once again as the time ticked away.

Wenger went to his three at the back formation after reverting to his old four on Thursday against BATE, and he regrouped to four again when Per Mertesacker was taken off. Wenger said the other day that he preferred to play with his four formation, and he was asked after the game if he would now use it more often. “Yes, and we played a big part of the game with a four today, but away from home recently we’ve done quite well. We’ve won games, but BATE Borisov and Southampton are not of the same calibre, you have to consider that. You had a team on holiday who won the championship two weeks ago and today we played a team who was highly determined and defended every single ball.

“I must say I am very frustrated as in the second half there was a lot of time wasting. [I’m especially frustrated] on the final ball on the counter-attack [at the end], it is very frustrating to give the advantage to the guy who had the foul because we were not only called back, we were three against one. We played it quick and the referee called the ball back without any reason and that was a huge advantage for Southampton in the final minute.”

Alexis has seemed his normal self this season and losing the ball on a very regular basis, so Wenger was asked what he thought about his performance against the Saints. Wenger replied: “I think in the second half I am happy with his performance. In the first half I feel he played a little bit too deep, we need him a little higher up in the pitch and especially when you dominate the game it is important that he plays in the final third. He is tempted sometimes to drop a little bit deep in midfield. Then when you start 35 yards away from goal, it’s difficult to score.”

It’s also difficult to score if you keep running into dead ends and keep giving the ball to your opponents. Surely Le Prof must be seeing these stats every week and wondering why he didn’t cash in on the Chilean in the summer. I certainly am!

Darren N


  1. Vlad says:

    Alexis has been the worst player for some time now. Him and Bellerin need to be dropped ASAP. Not a big Iwobi fan but at least he plays with desire and heart. I haven’t seen that from Alexis in a while. As for Bellerin, when he starts paying more attention to his game rather than his stupid hair, perhaps he’ll improve. As for now, I’d rather see Debuchy out there. And yes, I think we should switch to 4 in the back. Mert is done. Kosc/Holding should be played from now on.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Bellerin plays wingback like a fullback, that’s why he wont over commit himself. The dude needs to realize that he’s our bloody width, onus to take people on and get a cross reaching our player. How many times did he play that ball back inside centre, right after receiving it from there. OMG! talk about def of madness, is it him doing that over and over or is it us watching and hoping differently over and over. The third CB is there to cover for you Bellerin, and when we are under the cosh then it’s five back. Take some bloody risks that’s why Kos is there you daft boy. You beat one man and it either brings another to you or it gives you a sight towards goal, free up another man or room to try something. What was that about our cajones.?

    2. shark says:

      Merte should have retire at half time, he was embarrassing.

    3. Maks says:

      Agree 100%

  2. Break-on-through says:

    Wenger, just admit it, this team was never gonna win the big prize. We have experienced players, with psychological damage, bad habbits, and a s**t ton of excuses. Maybe that’s too harsh, but it’s gonna be a long season and we can’t keep going into the new one by seeing more or less the same thing all over again. These years are adding up man, you aren’t the only dude getting old, and we aren’t getting the perks that you’ve been getting. Why did you stop bringing in big players after you picked up two, is it because you saw the Inv as having two big players and you diamond roughing it for the rest, if that’s true then you went mad four years ago.

    1. Ivan says:

      Nail on the head. Wenger never takes responsibility for his failures (which are many) and the only thing he has taught the players (and his supporters) in the last 10 years is to always have a ready excuse. Usually the excuse is we aren’t as rich as Man City or Chelsea but Southampton are a bang average middle of the table team with bargain basement players and they embarrassed us at times.
      The article is about Wenger being frustrated with the attackers but I would imagine they are frustrated with him and his tactical failures. He is past it and should have retired years ago.

      1. shark says:

        His famous excuses are “we worked very hard day and night but the clubs don’t want to sell”, and “*&^%$” is like a new signing”.

        1. ks-gunner says:

          Cant buy Messi bec that would mean no game time for Theo and co, we cant do that, right Arsenal fans?

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Can’t wait for Europa League to start again. Big games like that is what being a fan is all about.

  4. ks-gunner says:

    There is nothing as frustating as being an Arsenal fan. You guys must realise that till now everything is going by plan. the aim is the 4th place after all.

    not that we keep making mistakes, but lately the team quality wise has droped a lot, and i cant see future star players wanting to join us.

    before we where 3 player short im competing, now its at least 6

    1. Ivan says:

      I think you are right. The goalkeeper is prone to mistakes these days, the CB’s are not working so 2 of them. We have needed a DM for 10 years and we will need to replace Sanchez and Ozil. Also I would like a really good wide player who can beat a man for skill and get a cross in.
      Also a decent coach of defense, a decent coach of offense and a tactician.

      1. shark says:

        We had one decent DM in Coquelin but it seems like Wenger hates this position so now he plays him out of any position.

        1. nosa says:

          even if we buy mesi Wenger will change him to a defender so DAT richer and bigger clubs won’t sign him. he prefers to pay players free salaries coomon wat is walcot still doing in our team spits

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