Wenger going nowhere after huge backing from Arsenal supremo

For all of the Arsenal fans that were hoping to see the club part company with our long serving manager Arsene Wenger at the end of this season this will not come as good news. And for those of us that were clinging to the hope that we might even be able to get rid of the major shareholder Stan Kroenke’ and that the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov might take over and make the big changes being called for it is even worse.

Because The Mirror has reported recent comments from Usmanov that suggest he is even more committed to keeping the Frenchman in charge than Kroenke is, if that is even possible. Whereas in the past the second biggest Arsenal shareholder has been critical of the club’s transfer policy and even though he was not directly blaming the manager you got the idea he wanted to shake things up, that seems to have changed.

Usmanov actually backed the way that the club was being run at the moment and also suggested that it would be madness if Arsenal were to get rid of such an important figure as the Prof before he was ready and basically confirmed the idea that Wenger would decide his own exit strategy as well as the identity of the man that would eventually replace him.

The Russian said, “Arsenal’s results are stable. They are always among the leaders of the English Premier League. This is a good and large sports business project, and I am pleased with it.

“The only thing is that today such situation occurred, like in any sport, there are ups and downs. The club must retain its major symbol and main asset – manager Arsene Wenger.

“Failures have been haunting Arsenal for many years now, they cannot become the EPL champions. This has led to some discontent with Wenger’s position as a manager.

“I believe that Arsene Wenger is a great coach, and Arsenal has to give him the opportunity to plan the succession process and leave his legacy when he deems it necessary.

“It is very important for the football club to maintain the principles that were established by those people who created its victories. Arsenal needs Arsene Wenger.”

So there you have it Gooners. You can stop hoping for Usmanov to take over and get rid of Wenger.

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  1. Good! Now let’s put this aside and win the remaining 8 games. It is not easy but not impossible if the squad stays fit. This is how supporters should act right now (and we know Usmanov is not really keen on Wenger) just stay behind the team and express discontent when it is mathematically impossible to win it. For the impatient ones, one or two mishaps and you can start hammering again. Stay around, keep your eyes open.

  2. I have no doubt that Usmanov will want Wenger to stay….but I hope he will convince Wenger to spend money on quality players. ….I’m not part of any AOB or AKB, However Arsenal has many fans all over the world who were all screaming for a DM and a world class striker. We all knew that is what was required but Wenger refused to sign the players…..If he did sign these players it could have won us between 10-15 points this season, the same way Cech has added about 10 points IMO. …..The DM and striker would have set us back about £60million but if we sold some of our bad players to recover some of those funds we could have only spent £20million and won the league…..my point is this, Wenger has not only made bad decisions in tactics for games and in some team selections and substitutions, but he had also made some dismal business decisions. I think that he should be held responsible for our underachievement. He is failing in all aspects of his job, on the field, In the transfer windows and even in the dressing room. This cannot be right

    1. I got no doubt that if Usmanov did end up buying the club then ARSENAL FC would spend, you know why I feel so confident?

      Usmanov is using a company called Red and White Holdings LTD and you know who runs that?

      David Dein.

      Do you remember what it was like last time Dein was at Arsenal?

      Well to get Wenger to Arsenal Dein agree’d to a demand of buying Vieira, he then developed a close friendship with Wenger and he was the man who went and got players for Wenger. Dein had all the connections, it wasn’t Wenger.

      So would Wenger spend if Usmanov took over?
      I don’t think it would be Wenger doing the spending but it would be Dein and Wenger would only be giving him a list of names and then get back to being a manager… not a Del Boy.

  3. I have always known that Wenger will NEVER be forced out! He honours his contract and respected by the board
    The best we can hope for is that he shouldn’t sign a new contract or maybe if he signs, he should show more ambition!
    I will be very surprised if he signs a new deal

  4. No body want to force the Boss out of Arsenal or want to see him leave Arsenal unceremoniously.

    Nevertheless, a miracle can still happen for us at Arsenal this season as our hopes are not yet lost but are still in place for the Gunners to efficiently explore a late title charge victory, by winning all their remaining 8 BPL games to pave way for themselves and we the Arsenal fans to lift the title trophy and celebrate victory as Leicester City look to start to incredibly collapse in their title challenge when they host the Saints after the international break.

  5. No surprise. I’ve said many times that Usmanov doesn’t have guts to take over Arsenal. He obviously richer than Abramovich (and Kroenke) but doesn’t have 25% of Roman’s craziness. He didn’t fell the need for changes at Arsenal because he’s enjoying the “big cake” along with Satan Kroenke. Why the hell David Dein sold all of his stocks to this coward anyway?
    If Usmanov doesn’t want to change Arsene that’s find, but we hope he’ll be more ambitious and impatient if he’s the main stocks holder. Arsenal squad need changes and up grades to take the title back. Period.

    1. You probably where of the idea that Usmanov would come in to throw billions at it, and then sack Wenger and hire Pep. Now you sound like you hate the guy. This could be him playing mind games, or he could be thinking this is the closest Ive seen Arsenal fans nearing revolt. He might be hoping that we protest for the boards removal if the same mistakes keep on happening. Or he could be honest in admiring Arsene.

      1. Considering it was Dein who got Usmanov into Arsenal, it was Dein who sold him his shares to try and get him onto the board, it was Dein who then directed Red and White Holdings LTD which is the company that holds the shares….

        And Dein is a close friend of Wenger…

        I would guess that Usmanov is genuine over his opinion about Wenger, probably wants the Arsenal that went unbeaten and believes we can get close to that again if Wenger had the right support.

  6. When you see the loyalty Arsene gives to his players, I can only then imagine Arsene handing the reins to an ex player. It wont be an ex player who had to criticise him or Arsenal with punditry. It will be an ex player who Arsene can do no wrong by. Pires comes to mind, maybe Vieira also. I don’t know if this is as good as some Gooners might believe, I like to see evidence that they know how to spot young stars. That they can buy for the right positions, and don’t sit still when others are trying to pass you out. Basically evidence that they are good managerial material.

  7. Wenger is only the manager.

    Wenger isn’t the god over transfers, if you think that then you are deluded, do I need to grab a link to show you how Silent Stan has sold a player when Wenger promised to keep him?
    Wenger doesn’t have final say over how much Arsenal are spending, you think Silent Stan would allow anyone to empty the bank and reduce the value of his asset??? Silent Stan is all about the profit and he has openly said that only fools try to win championships!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes Wenger is at fault for favoritism and that is my biggest issue with Wenger currently, maybe if he had a better squad and more investment then he may have new favorites, may not though.

    Do you all have some delusional thought that Wenger does EVERYTHING while the board take naps in-between counting profits and that is it???

  8. Usmanov has a lot of money invested in Arsenal but no control of the club, he is not even on the board. He seems to regard his investment as just that, something to make money. He does not appear to be like Abramovich who wants to win everything.

    I would expect him to support Wenger, he delivers a consistent good performance, top four in PL, last 16 in CL, keeps within budget, makes money. As long as ticket and merchandise receipts are good then everything is fine.

    As long as s

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