Wenger gives Arsenal star 6 months to prove himself

A lot of Arsenal fans and members of the football media in general were talking about our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere at this point last year and suggesting that he was facing a very important and perhaps pivotal season in his football career.

Wilshere had hardly featured for England at the World Cup finals in Brazil (so at least he avoided most of the blame for that disaster) but he had been pictured smoking again and there was a lot of criticism of him flying around, such as the scathing attack aimed at him by Paul Scholes.

Even those that were not really on his back were wondering whether his seemingly never ending injury problems would mean that he never fulfilled his potential and just when he was starting to show good form for the Gunners, that injury cure struck again.

But the fact that it was an unavoidable injury from a foul did not raise further questions about him being injury prone. So a very strong end of the season for Arsenal and England and then a good pre-season so far is just what he needed. And now Arsene Wenger just wants him to have the next six months with no more injury problems so that he can really prove himself once more and start to show just how good he can be.

Arsenal.com quote the Frenchman as saying, “He’s a top-class player with a top-class potential. No matter how good you are in life, you need to have a consistent presence at the top.

“Today, what top-level sport doesn’t suffer is to be in and out because it’s too demanding physically [to stay in].

“What you wish for Jack is that he can compete now for six months without any problem, or for a year without any problem, and then you will see the player we all know he is.”

To be honest, I think that a lot of people have forgotten what Jack can do and have almost given up on him, but will this season finally be the one where he redeems himself?

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    1. Yes we no but he’s still very effective at what he does. Alexis passing needs to be better, ozil needs to shoot more ,ox needs to be more consistent! All players can improve but for me wilshire is already a top top player who will shine if he stays fit

      1. Jack does a few things better than Cazorla and Ozil.
        He lifts the tempo and is a lot more aggressive with his running which reminds me a lot of Rosicky. The way that he often holds onto the ball till the last possible opportunity is directly related with this. When the opposition commit to the tackle and he completes the quick one-two’s as he often does, it takes a player completely out of the play and space opens up in the blink of an eye.
        I’m not suggesting he’s a better option than the other two, but they obviously contribute to a more patient game. The CAM spot is such a focal point in our team. Shifting Jack there as a plan-B when plan-A’s not working is definitely a good option to have in my eyes.

        1. Great shout that josh ! Couldn’t agree more . Annoys me when people say jack try’s to do to much ,he does that much because he can do more than most ! It’s a natural gift to be able to move with the ball like he does

          1. The ceiling for this squad is seriously scary.. Theo’s movement has improved drastically, whether from a wider position or centrally, if our playmakers develop a deeper understanding with him opponents will have to expend a lot of resources to keep him quiet. Whether he’s seeing a lot of the ball or not he’s going to impact the game. Not heavily marking him is suicidal.
            Ox is in a similar boat. Give him any space in behind and it’s a one-man counter attack waiting to happen. If his final ball matures, he can fine tune his radar on the rockets he hits from outside and his defensive game improves there’s really not much he can’t do. It was only pre-season, but he gave the ball away cheaply a few times which led to chances for opponents. My biggest criticism of Ox is his decisions. Needs work.
            Wilshere’s more direct than any of our other midfielder’s and his passing range and ability 1v1 is sublime. There’s so many ways for him to hurt the opposition whether it’s doing it himself or enabling others.
            We had a brilliant first XI second half of last season which had extreme strengths and our weaknesses minimised. I feel neutralising those strengths became a bit too easy for the opposition though and there wasn’t enough variables for opponents to consider while setting up against us. Heavily marking Sanchez who was our designated risk taker led to a lot of turnovers and with the majority of the rest of the team being enablers instead of finishers our patient game was a lot of the time too easily stifled. If these three can stay fit it gives our team a lot more of an X-factor. Direct running, additional goal-threats and the direct or indirect threat of Theo gives us penetration as well as willing and able runners which our play-makers and Giroud thrive with.
            We showed immense improvement last season… A bit more unpredictability will only make things harder for our opponents.

          2. No need getting irate, if he can take on the whole opposing team without getting injured and been out for more than half the season then he should keep doing it but its counterproductive if he keeps getting injured and also slowing down the pace of our game, this is not just about an individual, its about what effect hos style has on the team as a whole…you ever head anybody said Messi or CR7 should release the ball quicker?…..The issue is a part of Wilshere’s game that he needs to work on and that is a fact!!!!!!!

      2. You said IF he stays fit…..that is the main issue in the Jack Wilshere conundrum…..why is he always out injured? Simply because his decision making is still suspect, not exactly rocket science, if he release the ball when he should then chances of him getting injured is reduced by at least half……as promising and talented as he is surely he is no Messi and trying to do too much is not good for him nor the team….watch him slow down the pace of our ball from defence to Attack by holding on to the ball a fraction too late…..so yea, talented he might be I completely agree with the initial post that Whilshere needs to release the ball quicker

        1. Yea point taken but it was only the Phil Jones challenge which injured wilshire due to him running with the ball that I can think of.It’s not like that’s the sole reason for his injuries so there’s no need to jump to conclusions. The injury he picked up playing for England had nothing to do with his style of play. U can’t change a mans main strengths because of something that’s debatable

        2. Also I agreed with the initial post I was just pointing out even our foreign superstars could even improve there game still aswell! Also saying whilst wilshire does give the ball away in these situations he also the best at 1on1’s in our team and gives it away more because he does it more than anyone ! It’s like saying Walcott is not as good as ox because he misses more at goal than him when in actual fact he misses more because he has more shots than him yet u would still rather have Walcott in a 1on1 through on goal rather than the ox

    2. Jack for me takes on players better and more than anyone in our team 1on1 so naturally he’s gonna get caught out more than others in these situations because he does it more . He does it very well in my opinion

      1. Maybe he should watch Messi Hazard or someone more closely and try pick up something from their game. Or if he picks and chooses his moments better, or tries his mazy running closer to CBs or penalty box.

        P Scholes was a good example for keeping it simple, for years I couldn’t see why he was rated so highly. I think Jack needs to look for the easy and simple passes more often and just pass the ball off when he beats the first man. Then all of a sudden switch into super Jack mode.

  1. You need to think about a different title for your post. It reads as if Wenger has given Jack six months to improve himself.

  2. Gonna be interesting to see how Wenger sets his team out on the weekend. The team picks itself imo, but it’ll be interesting to see who slots where. Personally think we line up best like this:

    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    ——-Le Coq Santi—–

    Subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott


      1. Did you not watch England play when Jack was on the pitch in the last few games. How many times was he man of the match. I think we have got another world class player in him and his value is only going to go one way and thats up. So I will decline your 45m.

        1. There’s that old chestnut about the motm awards for England, some real top drawer opponents played wasn’t there….

          If Jack doesn’t produce it this year i’d rip someones hand off if they came our way with 45mil, you have to deliver on potential at some point and he’s been in the team for 5 years. Far too much of this “he’ll come good” sentimentality hanging around which stops us actually playing with players capable of delivering titles.

          1. Your ‘old chestnut,’ go to excuses for doubting are just as drab as the ones for believing. If England had been flat-track bullies and dominating these teams I can see how good performances may have an asterisk beside them. But England have been struggling, looking pretty uninspired and Jack has been a bright spot, produced a handful of match-winning moments and stepping up in general. How can you not take that as a positive?

            1. Because the England team is garbage, put Jack in the West Ham team and he’ll be motm every time. England is the international equivalent, Jacks a proper talent playing among your Delps, Hendersons, Barkleys – tell me when England play a top 5 team and Jack bosses it.

              1. ‘ jacks a proper talent playing among your delphs Henderson barkley’ yet u would rip someone’s hand of for 45m if he doesn’t do it this season lol this is incredibly naive to be honest with the homegrown situation ! Chelsea want stones because he’s the best ENGLISH cb coming through!! We have the best ENGLISH cm!!! i no let’s sell him and buy wes hoolahan ffs

                1. Oh it’s “incredibly naive” to take 45mil for a player who isn’t fulfilling his potential? If you say so. Jack is 24 at the end of next season and has been in the Arsenal first team since 17, that’s 7 years of debatable improvement.

                  I know you’re as sentimental as they come, but if you’re that concerned with the English quota you can buy most top class CM’s in world football for 45mil and promote Dan Crowley. Then we have the quota met AND have a midfielder who justifies a 45mil price tag for performances rather than potential.

                  Arsenal can ‘potentially’ win the league, but until you win the league not many people give a sh1t about your potential. Same applies to players, Jack has fantastic talent but he doesn’t even get into 99% of fans first 11’s so this panic at the thought of letting him go is the only “incredibly naive” element.

                  Usual response to this topic is ‘what if he goes elsewhere and fulfills his potential’, If you sell Jack the idea is to bring someone in who’d offer what Jack promises, so who really cares? It’s all emotion. I want a top class CM but the only difference is I’m not about to cripple Arsenal by desperately hanging onto the hope that it HAS TO BE Jack Wilshere. How long before you say he’s not fulfilling his potential and we could do better with someone who is? 8 years next season…

                2. Dan Crowley lol The same Dan Crowley that has yet to make a league appearance for us ! This ain’t fifa Charlie .we have the best English midfielder we must make the most of it ! Why didn’t City just promote two of there young English youth players instead of bying delph and sterling ! Then buy foreigners to cover those positions ! Because it’s a stupid idea that’s why . No tv pundit so called expert would agree with selling wilshire u muppet so get over yourself

                3. CC – just cos jack has been in the team a few years doesn’t mean he is ready for the scrap heap. Once campbell wellington and Martinez head out on loan he will be the second youngest player (too the ox) in the 25 man squad. Sure he looks to have stagnated in some matches, but you only have to see how other teams treat him, to see that they fear what he is capable of. I think there is nothing greater to Watch than when jack is buzzing, picking the ball up and running at people.

                  As for England, they are not as bad as people think, England’s problem is the premier league it’s too big, has too many average foreigners playing in it and there is no inspiring English managers around. If we gave a team consisting of Hart Clyne cahill stones gibbs wilshire Delph barkley chamberlain rooney Walcott starring and a few others to a manager like a mourinho or a guardiola and the players were playing consistently but in a league of say only 16 teams and 1 domestic trophy, you see how much better the England team would be.

                  I still think that English football needs an overhaul in terms of the size of leagues, the amount of foreigners, the start and finish dates of seasons, club v country issues, but that is a topic that needs to be discussed away from an arsenal blog as so many arsenal fans have no interest in internationals.

                  But you ask a player what would be the best moment in his career. 100 out of 100 would say to win the world cup for his country. For me Internationals are massive, but only competitive ones. I don’t think there should be such a thing as an international friendly.

                4. There was a point where Jack had never played a game for Arsenal is that seriously your only rebuttal?

                  Arsenal have no reason to concern themselves with the homegrown quota, we’re the best top team in the league at using homegrown players. However at some stage a line must be drawn because a player isn’t delivering on their promise. I notice neither you nor Josh answered how long Jack should be afforded to deliver his potential…..I guess you two would gladly sit back and simply hope his day eventually comes. Fat chance of us winning anything of note with a mentality such as that.

                  I’m a big fan of Jack wilshere but at the end of next year that’s 8 years he’s been around the first team and he still doesn’t make the first 11. You;re going to turn away 45mil at someone who sits on your bench? Absolute fantasy from both of you. We all hope Jack turns into the player he promises but you’re simply refusing to acknowledge the scenario that he doesn’t……..and it’s THIS scenario I’m referencing. While you both wish to continually clutch at hope he develops, I think there comes a time where you sell him, replace with a talent more likely to perform, and promote the next gen of Jack Wilsheres. But you’d rather quip about Fifa which basically just outs you as yet another moron on this site.

                5. Pennant upson Hughes Jeffers were moved on because they were not good enough ! Jack clearly is because there would be a host of top clubs after him if he was available . Jack is already there in my opinion he’s not potential hes a top class player who gets injured to much ! All last season when he played he was excellent for arsenal and England

              2. Yeah, well he hasn’t had the opportunity to ‘boss a top-5’ team in recent times has he? So until then, continue to blindly discredit great performances when there’s clearly cause for optimism.

                1. And in response to your adding up his years at the club so what? He’s 23 and has another decade of football, minimum in front of him. 10 f@#king years!! You’re so obsessed with looking behind you rarely look to the future. Same with Theo.
                  When Wenger showed his faith in Ramsey people thought he was crazy, but he’s a phenomenally hard worker who works on all aspects of his game and showed drastic improvement. A bit of confidence and belief and his improvement has been phenomenal.
                  It really dumbfounds me how people can’t comprehend that the evaluation of potential isn’t based purely on current talent. And the fact that our manager has so much faith in him maybe there’s other factors he’s a bit more equipped to judge than you or I. The players Wenger often puts so much faith in and singles out for the future have this similar mindset, first-class desire and determination with exceptional fundamentals.
                  People get caught up in him getting snapped with a smoke but i’m more concerned with Wenger talking of how he’s one of the first to training and always one of the last to leave. When I watch matches the fact that he never, ever, ever shies away from the game, wants to get involved at every possible moment that speaks volumes of his mindset.
                  Charlie, If you can name another player with his Technique, aggression, vision, passing range, intensity and potential leadership under the age of 23 aside from Pogba i’m all ears..

      2. who will pay 45 mill at the moment?? That’s crazy talk, he has much more to show in the coming years.

        1. City would pay 45m for him if they believed they could sign him ! But luckily for us our players want to stay now . I wouldn’t wish England’s best CM away with the homegrown rules it’s foolish to say the least

          1. I think you’d have to ask yourself if the money would better suit or if we could get a better third choice player who doesn’t moan or complain and is a Gooner.

            Jack gives us great depth in our squad, himself and Rosicky gives us options and you will hardly notice at times if Ramsey Cazorla injured. We could get a better player for forty mil but not a better English one IMO and if gotten the better player will want to play every game meaning that if Ramsey or Cazorla drops to bench they will not stick around to fight very long. Jack will, and that is why I would rather have him than another bump in transfer fund.

  3. Jack is awesome.
    Jack is a goober
    Jack only needs to start rip defenses apart so we can start calling him…

    1. Don’t say that. .. smoking is bad enough.
      The last thing we need is jack getting caught stabbing a few ho’s up, down some dark alleyways,
      whilst puffing on a cigarette of course 😉

  4. Ramsey, cazorla and wilshere all going for one spot, soon zelalem will challenge, perhaps adelaide too.
    Its getting a bit over crowded.

  5. There is a phrase that coaches in American professional sports often use these days that perfectly sums up Jack Wilshere’s current situation: “The most important ability is availability.”

    It doesn’t matter how talented a player like Wilshere is or how much potential he has if he isn’t able to practice and play on a consistent basis. Injuries not only can hold a player back, they can have a corrosive effect on a player’s talents and, more insidiously, on his psyche–especially his willingness to be aggressive and take physical risks in situations where the possibility of “taking a knock” or perhaps being hurt again exists. A professional athlete playing at the highest level of a team sport has to play “on the edge” with an “edge” to his game in order to be great. And that is tough to do when he hasn’t been able to practice and play regularly because of injuries.

    In this sense, Arsene Wenger is absolutely correct in saying that Jack Wilshere needs to have a good six month run where he is injury-free and able to physically and mentally get his “edge” back and play the game freely once more. Wilshere’s talents have not been significantly eroded by his injuries to date, but, like Aaron Ramsey after coming back from his horrific injury, Wilshere needs to have a serious stretch of time where he is healthy in order to not only regain his previous form, but be able to start taking his game to the next level. With his physical style of play and the physicality of the BPL, that will not be easy. But it is what Wilshere and Arsenal need…and what Arsenal fans have to hope for.

  6. We Definitely don’t expect all our players to be in peak form the whole season and that’s where squad depth comes in. JW is as important to the squad as MO and SC. All AW needs to do is fine-tune the squad to suit our oppositions. I’m pretty sure we have the team to beat anybody though few additions will make us more formidable. COYG

  7. He is a class act and it was AW that sidelined jack last season to have pins taken out. And takes time to to recover. I think we lose players 1 because AW keeps playing them out of position and to the team over play because the pressure of winning when you only have a team good enough for top 4 is there to see. Keep reading that AW is after a 30 something CF ? Honest to good will the man just go buy what we need from the end of the season like others do

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