Arsenal still don’t have a Plan B…

You may have seen recently how Arsenal legend Thierry Henry labelled fellow Frenchman and current Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, as a Plan B option for Arsene Wenger. Giroud, who has fallen slightly out of favour at the Emirates due to Alexis Sanchez’s form up front, did manage to make an instant impact by scoring twice against Sunderland soon after he was substituted onto the pitch. There were some calls after the game for Giroud to be reinstated in the starting line up and although he did regain his place in this week’s tie in the Champions League, it’s still uncertain as to whether Giroud will start against Spurs this weekend.

When Thierry Henry labelled Giroud as a Plan B player for Arsenal, I personally couldn’t agree more. I think Giroud is a very good player, but he’s not a world class striker and certainly isn’t a player who is going to win you the big trophies by scoring 20+ goals in the league alone. Giroud has proven in previous seasons how he can be wasteful in front of goal and so with the current form of Alexis Sanchez, I think Giroud does deserve to remain on the bench for now. Keeping in mind that I don’t think Giroud is worthless to Arsenal, I do actually think that Arsenal value him quite highly. However unfortunately for the Frenchman it seems he can make far more of an impact from the bench, rather than being relied upon week in week out from the start.

Arsene Wenger however disagrees with Henry’s comments, by suggesting that Giroud certainly isn’t a ‘Plan B player’ for Arsenal and that none of the current crop of first team players should feel second choice.

Wenger told “There is no Plan B in any squad, I never thought about my players like that,”

“The team who is the most effective for the next game, that’s what you pick and I consider everyone as a regular player.

“That is basically what a manager thinks, what is [best] for the next game. If he is involved in the next game in your mind, he plays. If not then he doesn’t start. He [Giroud] has shown he is a huge asset for the club and I have always supported him.

“No matter who plays [against Tottenham] I have a squad of 25 players who are all top class and I think this game, a game of that stature, is not about 11 – it’s about 25.

“Everybody is focused, everybody is ready to contribute and everybody’s contribution will count on Sunday. We have show that recently in the games, the players we have just spoken about, Giroud for example, he came on against Sunderland and made the difference. It just shows that everybody’s contribution will be absolutely vital.”

I actually think we currently have a squad full of players who are not only all interchangeable position-wise, but that they are mostly all capable of replacing each other if a player drops form for even a single game. Competition for places in the starting eleven is quite literally that high especially in midfield, and I think that can only be positive news for the Gunners. Competition for places is healthy in a team as it makes the players want to impress in training. Arsene Wenger has already had a few selection headaches this season when having to decide who deserves a start, and now with Ramsey and Xhaka returning to the side, as well as Giroud who’s finally over his toe injury, I’m sure there are many more conundrums to come for Le Prof.



  1. gotanidea says:

    Wenger was right, there is no Plan B player in Arsenal. Everybody is as important as the performing players. They can push each other and create high competition between them. Giroud can offer different approach of attacking and Sanchez can offer other way. If this level of internal competition persists, I believe the players will play with their 100% effort and Arsenal could win the Premiere League this year. As far as I remember, we have never had this level of internal contest before.

  2. Jansen says:

    I think what Terry meant with plan B and what I see as plan B, is a different playing style when needed. We can not always play the same style depending on the opponent.

    We might have 60-70% of the ball against “lesser” teams but not against City or Liverpool or Barca. Some times you need to be able to change your style.

    Giroud can be good when the opponent lock themselves in their own third intending to defend. He is good with his head and a hand full for defenders.

    If you play a more equal team his lack of pace starts limit our counter-attacking abilities.

    Finally, it sounds great to say there is no plan B but that is rubbish. Tell that to Mert, Gabriel, Ospina, Jenkinson etc. Of course our second choice players become vital during injury periods and the better they are the more depth our squad has. But that doesn’t mean all players are equal in the eyes of managers.

    There are first choice players (plan A) like Cech, Sanchez, Ozil, Bellerin, Kos, Mustafi, Santi and second choice players (plan B).

  3. Wilshegz says:

    Giroud,Ramsey are both plan B.. Wenger saying ‘no plan B’ is so as not to destroy the confidence of the players and let every1 feel involved

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