Wenger gives us the bad news about the Ox and warning over Welbeck

So with Arsenal facing Man United tomorrow at Old Trafford, there are a lot of fans wanting Danny Welbeck to be given a chance to start ahead of Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, but Arsene Wenger seems a bit wary of him as he has not had many games since returning from his long lay off.

First though, in this interview with Sky Sports, he discusses the injury that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain sustained on Tuesday against Barcelona, and he doesn’t sound very confident right now…

But listen to it yourself and see what you think of it

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  1. Another injured Englishman! Surprise suprise.
    And the Ox is hardly going to be missed. I cant understand why arsene kept playing him ahead of campbell or iwobi anyway.
    The Ox out, Welbeck in, lets hope Danny can score more goals than Ox

    1. Wenger is spent and needs to go .
      If you want to play his kind of football , then you need the players with the required quality.
      Unlike moaners we have in the team, Barcelona is full of midfielder and wingers who are happy to play anywhere on the pitch . Midfielders playing as centre back , wingers playing as full back. Because they are quality players, they play well anywhere you put them .
      We used to have players like that . Llumberg, Ray parlour, Lauren. Happy to play anywhere on the pitch and playing with top quality and commitment.

      Wenger is a serial hoarder of bad , average , perpetually injured and spent players.
      Over paying for them makes it even more difficult to excuse him.
      Unlike most who judge him on the past 10 seasons, I judge him based the last 5 due to the restrictions.
      The problem now is that he is not addressing the obvious deficiencies in the team.
      Never seems to be bothered about doing so.
      Like El Nieny , considering we needed players to push for the league , penny pinching and the cheap option was the most important consideration .(£5 million plus maybe £60,000 a week salary .). All to avoid spending serious cash on quality players.
      Where are the goals supposed to come from considering that we have a striker , for whom you literally need to walk the ball into the net .
      Let this sink.
      since Kroenke took control , Arsenal has sunk from 5th richest club to 8th.

  2. That man worries me every time he opens his mouth.

    What does he mean when he is says Welbeck “Is not completely over his knee problem”??

    Is he rushing him back too soon? Does Welbeck still have a small niggling knee problem waiting to flair up?

    I would have hoped that after all this time out his knee problem was behind him and he just needed to pick up game rhythm.

  3. I like Wenger saying he’s concerned about our players infront of goal.
    We was all concerned 7 months ago.
    Surely it’s time for a change in management.
    Oh! and good old Chips has stated we don’t have to spend to win the league.
    Somebody remind him what season we last won it.

    1. Is someone’s there who will miss Ox? NO AND No his injury is blessing in disguise, Wenger was playing him just to please England manager in detriment of Arsenal,who wanna bet he will do the same for Wiltshire? Playing Ox in place of Campbell is the same like playing with 10 men’seeking in the field, I am sorry to say he is helping us by being sidelined, only injury will force Wenger to leave him were he can’t harm our chances of winning EPL .we cannot afford to have tourist in the team.

    1. That was a nasty one though, Mascherano ran straight into his path and Ox was going at full pelt. I believe it was clever from Masch because Ox was worrying them the most it was a fair challenge on ball but he knew Ox was likely to get hurt, if it was other way round ref would have seen this too and am sure we’d have got a card. Masch could have cleared that ball and avoided player if he tried, even just put a low leg in so Ox could jump over him but Masch made himself a wall.

  4. A little sick that Ox is out, he is different type to Walcott and Campbell. Walcott is all about the last shoulder and Campbell is hit or/and miss imo. Good defensively but when Campbell has a bad game he can rarely find the right pass and just runs into danger and out of play, Walcott could still nick a goal on a bad day but he completely goes missing more often than not on those days. Ox for me even on a bad day he will drive at the last defenders and give them stuff to think about and worry over which leaves players unmarked, however, his passing can also be very off on a bad day as he rarely looks for next pass. Would have liked Ox to be available I believe all he needs is a run of 5+ games there or abouts in a settled midfield and then I believe he could make waves. Ox has too many things running through his head, he never plays entire game so he is trying to force the issue instead of learning little things which you pick up along the way ..like harmony between you and your fullback, when to cover/support do I have to give shout to Coq/Ram ..Or picking up useful information on certain opposite numbers, learning to get the better of a weakness, discovering weaknesses. Finding out about his own capabilities, breeding confidence. Its a pity we will maybe have to try again next season, isn’t that always the way?

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