Wenger goes easy on Wilshere and says ‘watch him training’

Jack Wilshere is no stranger to being in the newspapers for the wrong reasons, and this weekends fracas and brawl outside a nightclub at 2 am was swiftly broadcast to the world at large in very large headlines. The Arsenal midfielder has not kicked a ball in anger this season, but his manager Arsene Wenger has now judged him close to fitness and has scheduled him to play for the U21s this evening.

In yesterday’s pre-match conference, Wenger refused to take the headlines at face value and rushed to defend the England international. “I have spoken to him.” Le Prof said. “[The incident] looks to have been taken out of proportion a bit and of course we like to keep these matters internal. This is a completely private matter.

“For me it’s very difficult as well to speak about that because I don’t know really what happened. You know as well that he can be provoked. It’s not easy when you are well-known today to go out anywhere without creating some provocations. So I am a bit cautious and even if you are known you have the right to go out sometimes.

“There was no training session the next day, he had an off day, and you can accept that sometimes the players go out when they are free the next day or at the weekend. What is positive is that he’s worked very hard. The youth team look quite good so he’ll have a good test [on Friday] night.”

Wenger was then asked if he had any idea when Wilshere could rejoin the first team squad, but (as usual) he remained cautious. “I don’t know.” he continued. “We will have to see now. I am a bit cautious because of [his injury] history. Let’s not rush it too much and let’s see how he responds to the next game. He has a big part [to play] in the game on Friday night and hopefully he will come through well. I’m a bit cautious with that.”

So let us all hope that Our Jack can bring the focus on him back to the way that he plays football, and not how much he drinks and smokes when he is having an “off day”…..

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  1. I am worried that if a performing player like Ozil gets criticised in the media by Wenger but a average player like Wilshere gets support from the manager unconditionally of what he is, I believe there is some sort of partiality for his favourite players. If Arsenal were in 5th at the moment and this happened I wonder what would be the tone of the press conference.

    1. Any player that says stuff like we have thrown away our chance before the last game has played will get a talking to from Wenger, Ozil or Iwobi… Wenger wants his players to fight till the last day and not give up with half a dozen games to go.

      Wenger may be faulty of having favoritism but this isn’t it.

      Wengers favoritism is shown by who gets picked to play…

  2. No one really knows the relationship Wenger has with the players and we should try to refrain from nervous speculations. Most if not all players who were and are under Wenger consider him as a father figure and Özil recently said again that Wenger was the true reason he chose Arsenal. Stop believing the deceiving media and think for yourself instead of putting you and other fans into a state of chaos. Right now the team needs all our support even if we’re realistically out of every competition. Let’s get the result against West Ham who now think they’re something special after getting a stadium handed to them which they never earned. Regardless of the past 20 years with Wenger I’m very proud of the day I chose to support the Arsenal. No other team for me!

  3. “No one really knows the relationship Wenger has with the players and we should try to refrain from nervous speculations. ”

    Very wise words ^.^

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