Wenger: Great Performance – Disappointing result….

We all know that stats against Southampton show that Arsenal completely dominated the game. 70% possession, 22 shots on target.. but we just couldn’t score. Arsene Wenger was pleased with the performance and the energy shown by the players, but bemoans the fact that not one of them could put the ball in the net!

“You expect their keeper to have a good game but I believe as well we had very poor finishing,” Le Prof said. “It’s difficult to find a player in our team basically who had no chances today.

“We came out with a 0-0, with the experience we have in our team, that’s disappointing. It’s frustrating because we put a lot of energy into a game like that. We created a lot of chances of top quality and couldn’t finish.

“I think we have to look at ourselves and start to finish with a bit more conviction. The way we have took our chances was not good enough and that’s why we dropped two points.

“What is terrible is that our performances are not bad. That is worrying because with the quality of the performances we had, we didn’t take the points and that’s very difficult for the players to take as well.

“We put the energy in, we create chances but at the end of the day we come away with no goals. It’s very disappointing.

“The team is strong. We have shown, I believe, a great performance tonight, especially in the second half, but we couldn’t finish the game off.

“We have to look at ourselves and not be satisfied with that.”

If this game had been played six weeks ago when the confidence was high we could have won by a hat-full of goals. This is what Wenger and the players need to work on. Search everywhere because that confidence can’t just have disappeared without anyone knowing.

Watch out Bournemouth, you could be perfectly set up for a massive backlash!

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    1. The only decision I can question wenger for in that game was leaving Le coq on the bench. Apart from that I can’t blame him. I can even go ahead and claim we are just not lucky enough. Mind you am not an AKB!!

      1. You can’t blame him ?? You have Elneny and Coq on the pitch but he decides to keep Flamini, Giroud and Walcott are useless in 1v1 so why not make Sanchez the CF if we’re struggling, I mean he was the no.9 at Barcelona ffs ! Have Elneny and Coq along side Ramsey so the Welshman can attack freely and put Iwobi on the LW and Sanchez in the centre, it’s simple as that.

  1. Ball possession has to be the most useless stat in football,just look at Leicester they always let their opponents have the ball then play on the counter while Man United have the best possession stats but are boring!

  2. tbf wenger will forever be the clueless manager.
    He will keep on using the same tactics same formation and same players till he is forced to change by circumstances.
    He needs to sometimes be dirty like for example start chambers ox or el neny for a game like yesterday.
    They might have suited the game.But wenger will keep on being the stubborn old fool and keep being the same forever having the fourth place trophy because he deserves no more than that.

    And special thanks to SoOpa great to have you back buddy. Thought we had lost you

  3. Even Dele Ali of spurs knows when to stop running with the ball, dribble and shoot at goal. Whiles our own Ox and Walcott jst want to go hundred metres with the ball. English core we say!!!!!!!!!!. Still love Arsenal anyway.

    1. Half the entire players in this team are easily worth zero million…..

      for F**k sake…this isn’t a marathon or cross country game where a player just do all the running and running and running for nothing and without end…… Do they even teach these guys ball control?…ball shielding?…..dribbling skills?… Body support and weight planting?…..

      Or they are best taught how to “smile” in training?

    1. @davidnz
      Thanks for your “Voice of reason” amid the whining and moaning from supposed fans/supporters…

      1. L ron hubbard is a “voice of reason” to scientologists….cut the cultish crap and start watching the footy…maybe start with barca`s 7 nil drubbing of valencia and ask why we are so far behind them….here`s a big clue: its not just about messi suarez and neymar

        1. @rkw
          Though Barca was a good match to watch, they did it against a 10 man Valencia in freefall, in a 3 team league…
          Would that same Barca team be killin it week in and week out in the BPL? Doubt it. Especially during the winter…
          Now go sit ya azz down somewhere and keep up the playstation jackin…

  4. When the Likes of “Hazard” or “Depay” starts from the bench for their respective teams …

    No matter how rated they are and no matter how sh*tty their managers may be, u can be sure they got huge balls!

  5. Does that tyre Company still exists in the UK?
    “You can’t get better than a Quick Quick fitter”
    blah blah blah. .. ” we’re the boys to trust”
    Well, If they do still exists,” Wenger,You best give them a call” We are going to need them on the subs bench ? As our wheels are wobbling alot and could fall off, at any moment! ??

    Seriously, I am expecting Us to Smash the @#@# out Bournemouth on Sunday and then go on a long winning Run!

    1. “Smashing a team and going on a run” in February for Arsenal will be a miracle on its own and against the script.

      Though “I believe in miracles, where are you from, you sexy thing”.

      February enjoys playing with Arsenal fans minds, its reached an extent that I even stopped celebrating Vday which usually gets me into trouble with the mrs.

  6. “I think we have to look at ourselves and start to finish with a bit more conviction.”

    Thanks Arsene for the thoughtful insight on why we didn’t win the game and what needs to be done in the future. Us simpletons were here scratching our heads because we didn’t know why the game ended in a draw. Again, thank you for sharing your complex footballing ideas with the common folk.

  7. As soon as someone starts rattling on about stats I just mentally switch off..the only stats am interested in is goals scored and win ratio…..anything other than a fantastic on these 2 fronts I see as an excuse to explain away another failure and another choke up…so Wenger, kindly shove all that stats on possession etc where the sun don’t shine, you are full of bs, just like the majority of the lottery winners we call out players…all talk and nothing else…..Wenger ams most of our players are like crayfish I keep saying….no spine, no backbone but a head full of sh*t!!!!

  8. So Dele Ali has scored more goals for spuds this season than Jack Wilshere has in his entire career at Arsenal! Amazing stat!

    1. Wilshere and Ali are two different midfield players, KDB has more goals in his career than Xavi. See the stupidity in that logic ?

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