Wenger had NO options to replace Welbeck

If you list the things that Arsene Wenger hates, Arsenal’s transfer window will be high on that list. Not just the way things are conducted during the window, but also the way players and rumours fly around irks him.

When the summer window closed with Arsenal failing to sign a single outfield player, the criticism fell in the lap of Wenger. Stakeholders, fans and former players everyone jumped the bandwagon to take him to task. And the agony multiplied when shortly after the window closed, the news of Danny Welbeck’s injury relapse was announced.

There were comments everywhere on how the club should have signed a striker – not least Karim Benzema or Edinson Cavani. Though both of them proclaimed their happiness at their current clubs, everyone wanted Arsenal to test their resolve.

It didn’t happen and Wenger had to end up answering questions on his decision and how he may have kept Welbeck’s injury away from everyone. Wenger was quick to rebuff it and point out the fact that there isn’t any quality striker available in the market.

It is very difficult not to be objective in this discussion but Wenger may have a point on the paucity of strikers. The good ones are already taken and the available ones aren’t good enough. If a club like Manchester United can spend so many millions on a teenage striker who’s yet unproven, it’s worth noting.

To call that Wenger lied to everyone on not knowing about Welbeck’s injury setback is again, something up for, discussion. If we throw the intricacies out of the window, it will again boil down to availability. Even if Wenger knew of Welbeck’s injury upfront, would he have been able to sign a striker?

Paul Merson wanted the club to test Real Madrid resolve with a £75 million bid for Benzema. Would that have tempted Real and Benzema? Not really! These are the days when clubs find multiple ways of making money. In short, huge wads of money will not sway the decision. One look closer home will show recent example of Everton who found solace in blocking the exit path of their youngster than taking the huge offer on the table.

Bottom line, let’s cut the slack and give the man some credit. He may get the stick for not coming up with the injury updates or failing to show more intent. But, Wenger may have more than a point when he says the available options do not merit Arsenal’s attention


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  1. Greg says:

    Enough of all this! Lets get behind the team and support them towards victory over stoke city and 3 precious points!

  2. josh37 says:

    So much drama over a squad player being injured!!
    If anyone can name any player in any club’s squad that is a third choice in a particular position other than CB (2 of them on the pitch, need a decent 3rd option) that would require an immediate replacement, I’m all ears?
    The way people are acting you’d think Giroud and Theo (who are both more accomplished goal scorers than Welbeck by some margin) are both out for the season as well!

  3. davidnz says:

    The past 6 years Wenger
    signed many rubbish strikers
    Arssh#tfinn, Girlfinnho,
    Chumarkh, Loo Pi Park, Whyo My hash-key,
    Saynogoals, Bendtnut, Poltergeistski
    and last season a panic bought Unwellwreck.
    So it was hard for him to buy another expensive
    striker after such a horrible run of purchases.
    He did nothing which in the end was probably for the best.

    1. josh37 says:

      You post the same f@#king thing on every thread!!!!
      Another ‘expensive’ striker? Which one of those names was ‘expensive?’
      The funny thing is, you could probably take our entire investment in four of those players and it still wouldn’t add up to United’s investment in Falcao for a four goal season.
      These comments are not smart, constructive or funny in any way and you repeat the same thing over and over!!
      Welbeck’s been with us for one season, and had a big set-back. So what? If he comes good in the future it’ll add to the long list of players you deemed not good enough in one of your stupid lists who comes through.

      1. almostawinner says:

        only jackson martinez was realistic this season given self-imposed limits by wenger on his budget. OTOH there’s always a price at which players (even CFs) become available: I could imagine PSG letting cavani go for a huge sum, but RM would never let benzema go. atletico madrid knew martinez was the only one going and being close geographically and having inside connections, they snapped him up before wenger got going.

  4. Gigi2 says:

    Yeah cut some slack and give it all tomorrow gunners

  5. starsplash says:

    Im actually ok with no new strikers. We have plenty of midfeilders that can play the striker role and plenty of those same players on the bench as well with no playing time because of a crowded team. Whether you think they are good enough is irrelevant since the window is already passed. Letts try em out. We may be surprised.

  6. Mo1 says:

    You need to calm down mate. Manners are important and swearing and personal abuse is not allowed.
    Any more and you’re out…

    …….Wengers inactivity has and will again Cost arsenal that is a fact, if ur amongst them fans that is happy with 4th place and a possible cup run that’s your choice because guaranteed with the options available that is the ONLY option once again this season just like the past 10.

    I don’t expect trophies but like the majority would like arsenal to atleast challenge yes Challenge and be competitive both on field and off, Every man and his dog can see what arsenal lack it’s not difficult to figure out.

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