Wenger happy to take on Arsenal fans’ title expectations

Arsene Wenger has often played down the expectations of the Arsenal fans about our chances of winning the Premier League title. Not that the Frenchman has been saying that his team have no chance, but he has usually been quick to point out that it is a very tough division and that our main rivals for the trophy have been able to outspend us.

Wenger has always expressed belief in his players, but at most times this has been tinged with a healthy dose of realism and the manager has talked about our title challenge with more an expression of hope than real belief. This season there is a lot more belief among us fans and in the football world that the Gunners do now have the tools to succeed.

But that also brings more pressure onto the players and onto Wenger himself, so I am very glad to see the Arsenal.com report in which the boss take this on and does not try to play down the expectations of Gooners everywhere. He accepts that he will have some biq questions to answer if Arsenal fail to live up to the challenge.

Wenger said, “The expectations are very high and that is understandable because you cannot win the FA Cup and finish third in the league and then say ‘Look, next year we want to do nothing.

“People expect a lot from us and it is the first time for a long time we have all had confidence in our environment. Before, we always lost big players and then you would quickly question us. The ingredients are there but I am long enough in the job to know we have to prove that with points.

“So I am confident because we have played well, but I am realistic as well. You know when the competition starts it’s a different game and you have to transform your performance into points.

“We have a tricky start with West Ham and Crystal Palace. But I believe we know what we want to do, we know how we want to play and we had a good end to last season.

“We also have a good stability to our squad. So there are positive ingredients there. We have no injuries at the moment, touch wood, so there is no reason why we should be panicking at the moment.”

I like this approach from the prof, as it would be easy for him to try to take the pressure off the squad. Instead he seems confident that his players can handle it and are ready to step up to the plate. After all, pressure can bring the best out of professional sportsmen as well as have a negative effect. So which will it be?

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  1. HuLL city fans be Looking cLass…….. See how they adore our Loaned out players (hayden, Akpom)…..the latter, not yet finalied…… Wish em goodLuck in the championship struggle and on their quest to the premier league next season!

    1. We have to win the title this season. This is the season which we fans want the damn title. Wenger is not buying the quality players we need, I hope he knows what he’s doing! But with this current team I can’t see us winning the bpl, maybe again the fa cup or the Carling cup

  2. People and sadly our fans aren’t giving our team enough credit they just keep saying we need to spend if we’re gonna have a chance. Look at the team wenger has built which is showing very promising signs that we can and will compete.

    Ozil has adjusted to the prem and his playing his best football, Theo looks fit strong and sharp, the Ox is developing nicely, we’ve added a WC goalkeeper to our already solid back line, sanchez will be in his 2nd season, We have players like wilshere rosicky and welbeck who can come in and change the game.

    Either way the future is looking bright it’s not all doom and gloom like a lot of you make it out to be.

    1. Nothing to do with doom and gloom, most sensible fans merely recognize NOW is the only time you get to strengthen and they want to see us make the most of the window.

      We finished 13 points back from Chelsea last season, if you care to remember, and went out in the last 16 of the CL vs Monaco – Cech hasn’t suddenly made us title contenders.

      1. @ Charlie and soopa

        I’m still all for new signings I’m definitely not against that. I’m just stating that the team we have now is stronger than people and our fans give them credit for. Plus I believe wenger will still add a big player to the squad

        1. Why play Russian roulette when you can ovoid it, like Martin Keon said this week,

          Arsenal must buy a WC Striker and put the fear in to other clubs,

          if we had no money I understand but we have everything to land a WC striker

        2. I disagree, we’re obviously a better squad with Gabriel adjusting, Chambers adjusting, Cech on board, and various players having a full preseason. But I don’t think many are selling us short, we’re still not title capable yet IMO, closer, but I can’t say with any certainty that we WILL compete…it’s more hopeful.

          Now add a DM and ST and my hope will turn into expectation with good reason. There’s still lots of time to go, I’m not hitting the panic button yet, but I think that’s where the edginess comes from some fans. They don’t want to see us miss out on being truly equipped to challenge given we’re so close.

          Who do you think that big player will/could be?

          1. I would love for Lewandowski to join us, I think he workes hard for the team his tough and his dangerous in and around the box, you can tell he hates loosing, he reminds me a bit of Roony

            1. Let’s be realistic lewy would not join us, he’s happy at Bayern and with all respect to our team they are the better side. They have more chance of winning titles. I think we should focus on realistic targets, players which we could actually sign. If we offer real 45 mil we can get benzema. We need to spend, we should bid higher to get the players we need.Wenger is damn stingy, he thinks the club belongs to him, who knows he might be pocketing some of thses supposed transfer money.

              1. That’s a ridiculous remark to make about Wenger.

                And we can lay whatever figure you like at Real’s door, why would they sell unless they wrap up a replacement?

                I still think Benz is the most likely high profile player we’ll get, I don;t buy the stories and comments trying to dismiss the link. But it’s a matter of patience, Real need to get Reus or similar in the pipeline before Benz is getting let go if at all.

              2. seancali
                we have been told by the board that we can sighning anyone apart from Messi or Renaldo so what are you smoking up there HAHA

    2. No One as said wenger hasnt built a good team i am saying that the team needs additional fire power let me break it down DM, ST and for me most inportantly a replacement for mert. If we get these players with our creativity And depth we will have an exceptional team.

  3. @Goonsquad8………Easy buddy!…….we’ve tried those methods/systems before….we still need those signings…….. L()L

    1. Arsenal started their preseason 10 days earlier than Chelsea who were in America all this week in the build up. Massive advantage for us at this stage in the season, we should be significantly sharper.

      Non-event scoreline wise anyway. We thrashed City last year then didn’t start the season until January. I’d happily lose the game if it meant competing for the premier league. A loss may even hasten our desire to buy a couple of reinforcements as perverse as that sounds.

      1. Yes right now only a defeat to Chelsea and a poor performance from giroud and lecoq would convince Wenger we need new players. I’m not wishing for a defeat, I actually would like us to kick the crap out of Chelsea but I hope Wenger would realise we need new faces. New signings always gives hope to the fans and a boost to the players.

  4. some of my comments are being deleted and as if that is not enough am blocked from thumbing comments up or down,are there lesser members in site!!.But I thank God there is hell some acts just cant go unpunished!@admin why do you hate me this way lol..

  5. I don’t believe our team is as bad as some fans make it to look. we really have a good squad with the aim of achieving great feats. Yea we do need a few backups, but undoubtedly backup DM is the most important. we just gotta handle the pressures,make sure not to drop points, make sure not to concede goals and if the players do work as a team,attack and defend as a team am sure we’ll be celebrating joyfully at the end of the season. hopefully may our players stay injury free too. keep building the positive spirit gunners.

  6. The way moanhinho talking looks like he either loves Wenger or jealous of wenger. Otherwise ppl will not slate others without reason.
    He had huge financial backing in all his clubs unlike Wenger.
    Wenger created WC players, moanhinho bought WC stars!!
    I don’t want to win 1-0 but with 5-0..I will not be happy otherwise.

    1. He doesnt love him neither is he Jealous of him, He is just too arrogant and overconfident he will always defeat Wenger, I just want us to beat chelsea tomorrow whichever way

  7. We have a “tricky start”?
    Westham and Palace?
    City and Chelsea meet
    in game 2 now that’s what I call tricky.
    The first half of the season’s draw is easier than
    the second so Arsenal need to be 5 points clear by Jan 1.

  8. Wats with dortmond, they have knack of retaining players! I know its tactic to get good transfer fee.
    But still its great.First Reus signed, then gundagon ,hummels stayed n now abameyung!!

    1. They’re a fantastic football club with a terrific recent history and maybe the best fans/ground in Europe.

      Also Klopp is a brilliant manager who, like Wenger, values the person behind the footballer which is why very few of their players want to jump ship after a season where they were largely at fault for performing so poorly.

  9. It will be a huge set back if we dont get a WC Striker, but im beginning to believe we wont sign anybody. Hard times

  10. It’s officially August and we still have made only 1 key signing…I HOPE wenger does spend more money and get the striker we need and DM…DM6 there are still a few out there that we can get either Bender brother recently been liked with Busquets but my main concern is the striker out targets have all said they are staying at their current clubs….Maybe Cavani is still unsettled I don’t know I just hope we get the signings…this should be our year for a true challenge

  11. Wenger knows we are
    close and will get a striker
    Benzema/ Higuain/ Lewa.
    Harris threw out the big hint
    and we have only spent 5 mill net.
    Arsenal’s 6th visit to Wembley
    in 2 seasons. Have to admit
    that’s good going.
    Very good last tune up match
    prior to the EPL opener.
    Arsenal look very fit.
    Can see Arsenal winning the first 4 EPL
    games and going top early. Then game 6 v Chelsea away.
    Even a draw will do and we lead for the rest of the season 🙂

  12. Klop klop klop

    Sounds like tap dancing.

    @admin still waiting for my shirt from about 6 weeks back or more

    1. Im not very patient, hate waiting, had to wait 16 minutes for a coke last night so I left restaurant.

      You guys got a map?

  13. Dont delude your selfs fellow gunner fans, we have ben in this pozition so many times before. Always the same. Do you remember the saying? SAM ME OLD SAME OLD? I do, and you should do it aswell.

    As for now, this team is not good enough to win the leuage. Like Henry said, we still miss 4 players to win it. 2 to compete but 4 would get us the leauge.

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