Wenger has a “desire to change things” at Arsenal

Arsenal have won just one of their last 7 away League games this season, and on Sunday they have to pick themselves up from back to back 3-0 losses to Man City this weekend when they travel down to Brighton for the early kick-off tomorrow afternoon.

In fact the Gunners have lost their last 3 games on their travels, to Swansea, Bournemouth and Tottenham and there is a total lack of confidence in the side, especially away from the Emirates, but Arsene Wenger is hoping that his side can change things against lowly Brighton although the Seagulls are unbeaten in their last six matches.

When Arsene was asked to comment on our woeful away form, he replied. “Yes, certainly yes [there’s an issue with our form on the road]. That’s down to us to change it,”

“I’m always ready for a fight. I’m of course very disappointed but I’ve experienced these situations before.

“I’ve faced difficult situations in my life and [experience] helps to deal with that. [It is down to] experience and a desire to change things, and to continue to help the team.”

Our slump in away games needs to change quickly, as Arsenal have to travel to Milan for the first leg of our Europa League tie just four days after Brighton, but Wenger will have to decide whether to rest some of his stars to keep them fresh for the only trophy we still have a chance of winning, but the Boss didn’t sound keen on taking any chances. “The game after always has an input, and you always have that in your mind when you play so many games one after another,” Wenger said.

“But I think we are in a situation where we first have to try to win the next game rather than make these calculations.”

It will be very interesting to see if Wenger plays his best team on Sunday and saves his rotations for Milan, or is he likely to play his first team in both games? Will he keep his “desire to change things” for Thursday?


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  1. gotanidea says:

    If he really wants to change things, better start resigning, because that will change a lot of things. He should play Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, to make them gel with their new teammates

    Admin, why did you lie about the thumbs? Please bring it back

    1. chris says:

      Agreed. Wenger has had the last decade to get things right. Now it should be someone else – younger and progressive. Not an obstinate old has been … and I do mean just that !

  2. bran911 says:

    He always talk about changing things the next season only to repeat or do worse than previous seasons.. we are not buying it Wenger

    Why does he say focus on the next game only to do nothing and go get humiliated? When has wenger prepared his team for the next match? He puts them on the team sheet and tells them to go play the arsenal way, is that really preparing for the next game?

    Our happiness will be restored after his departure, not changing things while you are the only person in the Arsenal club not changed for 20 years and still you think you deserve more time while changing everything and everyone around you?

  3. Me says:

    The more things change the more they stay the same.
    Its like a dictator clinging onto power.
    My fear is that idiot Kroenke actually buying it…

  4. Phil says:

    He has proved he cannot be trusted anymore.Why is he trying to convince anyone that he can change us for the better.He is deluded and deceitful.He knows his days are numbered when even Hill Wood says he has been there too long.He must not be allowed to continue to indulge his over rated and out dated ego any longer.
    If this man stays the will be an uprising from the fanbase at the first defeat.The Board and Playets know this.Wenger knows it but doesn’t care.When your on £9m a year why would you.
    Just F**k OFF NOW

  5. Billy bee says:

    just one question how can wengar justify paying ozil £1.4 million a month on a three year contract equals over £50 million.personally I think there should be an investigation into that one act alone!!!!!!! Never mind all the diabolical transfers he has brought the club

    1. Footballistrivial says:

      Exactly, that’s the biggest waste of money ever. Arsenal should’ve invested that money for rejuvenating the defense. Then Wenger will cry about how we can’t compete financially with anyone although huge sums of money are wasted on ballerina midfielders.

    2. Rednit says:

      Maybe Wenger has a closer relationship to Ozil than meets the eye , if you get my drift . I agree , there can be no other justification in paying Ozil what we pay him and giving in to him . Now Ramsey thinks he can get more , based on what Ozil gets and hes right .

  6. Tatgooner says:

    If desire was enough i would be ruling the world now.
    You need more than just that in the modern game.
    The old skool school way of thinking is not going to work today.
    We need intelligence sharpness and creativity from a manager.
    We need one who knows what is wrong with the team and one who knows how to play the team to its strengths.
    Young managers are now transforming the way football was played in the last generation and improving it with new creative ideas.
    These young managers expose oldskool ones like wenger who are still stuck to their ways of the past its like if they are not conscious of time.
    Everything changes and revolutionizes with time and if wenger thinks that his management is one to take us foward then he is either foolish or just a corrupt mind.
    If things do not change immediately then our club is in free fall and is heading to oblivion.
    Change is not just necessary but compulsory

  7. Just one word:

    Lets all bring our grandpas and great grandpas to have a chat with aw about the beauty of the life in the 50’s.

    1. Me says:

      Its senile actually
      But never mind..

    2. anon says:

      50s are you having a laugh wenger is nearly 70 ffs!

      1. anon says:

        oh i see you meant life in the 1950s my bad..

  8. Sue says:

    Another terrible performance & loss on the cards???

    1. Me says:

      But at least there is an end to it.
      As long as the daft board of directors don’t buy into this wanting to change things at Arsenal crap.
      There will be change…

      1. Wolf says:

        Talking of change, I want the old Arsenal emblem bk. Never have liked this one. Are we the only team in recent history to have changed their’s?
        Could be a curse you know as to why we are so crap.

        Just a thought

        1. Footballistrivial says:

          That’s superstitious nonsense.

        2. jon fox says:

          Yes , all the fault of an emblem. So grateful to you for the solution to all our troubles. And to think most of us wrongly blamed it on the manager. Perhaps we should should have some “Emblem must go” banners at ACMilan

          1. Drayton says:


  9. heidi leigh says:

    Around ten years ago, I started daring to suggest that Arsenal wouldn’t win the PL again, as long as Mr Wenger stayed at the club.I received a lot of abuse. (plastic fan etc.) If someone stays too long in their job preaching the same sermon over and over, players don’t hear it any more it becomes stale. They lose confidence in their leader and stop believing in what he’s telling them. Quite rightly Mr Wenger had built up a huge amount of respect for what he had achieved and he was revered by everyone in football, but time moves on and you can’t live of your past glories. When we get older (I should know at 72), we start to lose our edge and our desire and we are not as open to new idea’s as we once were. Time is up for Mr Wenger, but like a boxer who still thinks he can win the title if he’s given one more chance, he’s doomed to fail. There’s no point in him going now with so few games left, but he should be told at the end of this season, his contract will be terminated. I don’t want to see this man who brought us all so much pleasure, being made a laughing stock. It’s going to be a tough time, but it has to be done, because he won’t do it himself.

    1. jon fox says:

      Well , I will give you credit for politeness. “MR WENGER”. And to think rude old me had called him a ridiculous old fossil and a cancerous parasite. I am not too far from your age but I prefer to speak as younger ones do so accurately in todays world. Politeness has it’s place of course but I reserve it for people I respect!

  10. Wolf says:

    They haven’t done anything all season so I don’t see how they could be tired. The way he talking we looking at yet another embarrassment from Milan. Anyway Wenger you’ve had your chance pass the reins over.

    1. Shekar233 says:

      What makes you think the embarrasment wouldnt be from Brighton?
      With this fool in charge even sunderland would win against us(if you did not know what i mean just look up where sunderland are in the 2nd tier).

      On a different note.

      I wish i had access to the press conferemces that wenger is involved in. So that i could ask just one question.

      If there is someone on Justarsenal who happens to be a sports reporter involved in press conference with wenger , please ask this question.

      At the start of the he said the goal for this season is to hit 80points Mark in PL. So when he doesnt acheive his goal which is his job , why should he be not criricised ,punished and kicked out of the club?

      That a**hole criticises referees because they have made a few mistakes in the game stating “at this level it is unacceptable from referees to make such mistakes.”
      Then what about you idiot? Your mistakes are not mistakes ?
      Your incapabilities are not a problem to this club?

      1. jon fox says:

        Shekar, I fantasise about how I would speak to him at a press confernce , given the chance. SOME ON HERE WILL KNOW I DO NOT SHILLY-SHALLY AROUND WITH FALSE POLITENESS BUT PREFER TO SAY WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID. HAD HE DONE THE SAME THIS LAST DECADE, WE WOULD NOW NOT BE IN THE MESS WE ARE. I would have called Walcott, a lazy, timid, coward to his face a decade ago; he would have demanded a transfer and he would have been out the door in ten seconds flat, were I managing. WHAT THIS CLUB NEEDS , LIKE FRESH AIR, IS TOTAL HONESTY FROM WHOEVER IS THE NEW MANAGER. THe current one deals only in deceptions, distortions, excuses amd LIES, AS WE ALL KNOW!

  11. AndersS says:

    Wenger has lost all credibility, so why discuss, what he is saying?

    1. Wolf says:

      Bleak but exciting times.

      1. AndersS says:

        yeah, but I really wish, we could get it over with and get a fresh start with a new manager. This is torture.

  12. Yusuf says:

    less than a year, there has been a changed of back room staffs,
    changed medical teams
    changed players after players…. more than 10players sold in the past.
    Sceszny ‎
    etc… all sold.. and we ignored the obvious and main problem by not changing the coach.we are not and not gonna move forward with Arsene Wenger still in charge of the team.. a coach that has lost idea what do you expect from his players.. all the players in this team are top quality, they only need a young and strong personality to take them forward.
    if Wenger really loves Arsenal has he has claimed.. he needs to look at himself and call it quit..

    1. gotanidea says:

      True, because Oxlade-Chamberlain just made a brilliant assist again to Mo Salah. He dribbled through the middle past some players and released the ball with a good vision to his right, a penetration in the center that Ozil won’t be able to do

      Le Prof could get fresh start by changing his club, like what the ex-Gunners did successfully. Except for Sanchez, he might struggle longer because of Mourinho’s system

  13. Ks-gunner says:

    The problem it self speaks about solving problems. Man i dont know any other team as Araenal. One person acts as if he is bigger than the club it self. Arsenal is no more due of us selling out selfs to those who do us today harm. Arsenal are very lucky that old habbits are hard to unlearn. Otherwise there would b no chane of fans willingly spending money knowing that they are being taken for idiots by the board and manager. Fans will becom tired of supporting and showing up and new fans will be not interested in support this averag club. Arsenal was the third biggest club in the leuage now chelsa have overcome us with us ending up on the 4 place. We can relate today more with teams as everton as consider out selfs in the same leauge as manure and thats what you get for endorsing wenger for so long. Thats what you get when you celebrate the 4th place. Thats what you get for creating a fan base whoes motto is IN Arsene we trust. Enjoy the end result now and Wenger is lik a sickness which either kills you off or leaves you tired and broken before he is forced to leave

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    Hahahaha! He’s had enough time, money, and opportunities to change things, and he always refuses. The only change he’s given us in over a decade, was three at the back (before quickly reverting back to type), and that’s it! He didn’t even want PEA. He wanted to keep Giroud instead!

    What makes me laugh the most about this has-been, is that he’s always talking about how Arsenal need to respond. So here’s a crazy idea. Instead of consistently getting humiliated by pretty much any team these days (even pub sides), then having to try and respond (which we almost never do), why not change things beforehand, and deal with any problems asap, instead of ignoring problems, and never changing a thing? It really isn’t rocket science. If I have a flat tyre, do I deal with that, or install a new sound system into my car?

  15. Ronny says:

    What we need is an attacking mf player that can drive play forward for the centre of the park……oh hang on we had one!
    Is anyone else watching the ox show against Newcastle? It hurts so hurts.
    Bt he’s playing well as he’s amongst so many other quality players and distractions for the opposition.

    1. Mobella says:

      Did you wet your pant like when he was here. There is no single player sold so far who deserve to stay. That may be due Wenger coaching or not but a good player doesn’t need a coach to develop and motivate himself C Rinaldo, Beckham and Ronaldinho are great examples of that. I don’t think Ox hasn’t done anything he didn’t do at arsenal for Liverpool. He is just another overhyped English player.

      1. jon fox says:

        I agree but he was still used wrongly, demotivated by being played out of his proper position and rightly, having more ambition than talent, keen to play under a proper manager, as he now is. He is still only a useful Prem player. He often looked good on the ball when with us, but had not the sense to know when to release the ball, when to track back and more besides, Yes, a great coach can improve a top player but can go only so far with a lesser one, as Ox is. Compare him with Leroy Sane, who is a rapidly developing great player and who is two plus years younger. To be a true great you need top ability , great football intelligence and true dedication and regular fitness. Ox has none of those assets. Usefulness is NOT greatness! But despite not really cutting it with us , Wenger wanted to waste £180k per week on wages for a useful only player. He did us a favour wanting out.

  16. Innit says:

    Wenger used Oxlade completely wrong. Oxlade didn’t like it. Playing him as LW or LWB. He should have played central or RW. And even then he was still one of our best Squad players. In fact he started matches before he left.

    Wenger has a history of using players in wrong positions (ie Ozil LW, Eleny CB, Flamini LB, Nelson RWB, Niles LWB) and benching talented players. Look how he treated Podolski, Walcott, Perez in their final years with us. Podolski at the time was actually are best finisher but spent most time on the bench then loaned out. And Wenger overuses players like Iwobi.

    Wenger has no clue what hes doing

    Burnley winning today makes me scared we may finish 7th. Just kidding. We should finish 6th or 5th if lucky

    1. AndersS says:

      If Wenger is allowed to finish the season 7’th or 8’th is more likely than 5’th.

  17. Ronny says:

    On Ox and liverfool though it’s not just about the players around him it’s the fortress and personality that exudes from Anfield from ‘you’ll never walk alone’ and all through the game a roaring atmosphere.
    the Emirates for all the years I can remember is silent it’s unnerving.
    I just wonder if bringing in a young manager would lift the stadium, and everyone involved at arsenal.

    I’m curious at this stage to see fans answer 2 questions. 1 who they’d ideally like as a replacement and why? Maybe even elaborate into your top 3 short list.
    2. What would your first signing/s be if you were the new manager?,(this one’s pretty obvious and easy to everyone except for the guy currently doing the job!)

    1. jon fox says:

      Ok then! In order of preference: Simeone. Enrique, Ancelotti. Obviously I do not include my fantasy best manager, Guardiola for obvious reasons. But I reflect how this spineless board and owner could have got him two years ago when he let it be known he wanted to manage in England and also that he liked London. Your second question is easy; I would pay whatever it takes to get Alderweirald, then replace the entire defence including both keepers ASAP. There are a number of top DCM;s around and you can take your pick IF we next have a quality, well known and charismatic manager, to attract him. Ideally, I would choose Kante or Matic, but neither could have a chance of happening, UNLESS we had Guardiola, but that ship already sailed , thanks to our inept regime. I also want height , strength and physical power in at least 8 positions, very much including CB’s. I am sick to death of the timid, skinny, dwarfs Wenger loves, unless the occasional dwarf has heart, mobility and commitment, like Kante.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Jon, couldn’t agree more with your manager selection; any achievable with the money on offer at Arsenal. With regards to players, Arsenal need players who are taller, physically and mentally strong, self motivated winners with a touch of mongrel. The old Arsenal had technically good players, who were street fighters and leaders within the team. Arsenal have to bring back the intimidation and fear factors.

  18. Henry 14 says:

    It’s going to take a while and a lot of heavy investment in the squad to get it back to being title contenders.

  19. Problem is aging. Imagine if wenger were a top class musician who was at his highest in the 80s and 90s competing fiercely with legends such as springsteen or bowe or elton john etc. How on heart can you imagine AW competing against sam smith or adele or bruno? In 2018. Its just a joke. He just needs to understand this is not his time anymore. Its gone. Its just aging. It happens to everyone. Just undetstand that old man.

  20. Colin says:

    After a loss he wants us all to FOCUS on the next game ,well I’ll repeat what I said earlier ,my interpretation of focus is ,F—k OF–Cause–Ur–Shit. WEGNER OUT.

  21. Ronny says:

    Thanks @jonfox.
    The jobs yours!

    Can you imagine simeone in the board room across the table from our wet bunch of directors?!
    Never going to happen, Shane though.

    I think Enrique or ancelotti are our boards type of next manager.
    I do also think they may look for an older experienced manager on a short term contract to try and stop the rot and restore some confidence, tactics etc.
    All the while we groom an Henry type manager for the long term.
    My Dad said to me he always liked Pellegrini who was at Manchester city.i know what he means but too old and too passive I feel .

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