Wenger has no interest in fans’ opinions

Arsene ignores the fans again and it’s hilarious!‏ by KM

Hello again! Not a week has passed and Arsene again mugged the fans with some pretty laughable comments. He said: “What I find just boring is always sitting here after 19 years to face [the question] “Do you think you are good enough”.

Now usually you are bored of stuff, you don’t want to do because they don’t really matter. In this case Arsene knows he won’t be sacked, so he’s wondering why is he even being asked.

Going on though…”I am not on Twitter, I don’t invite anybody to go out to dinner and be nice with them. I work and work and work. If it’s not good enough, someone will tell me one day”. Ahahaha I mean I am laughing out loud! Who is that someone? Stan Kroenke? Ivan? The media or the fans?

“I don’t worry about what you [journalists] say about me or what fans say about me”. Straight in your face! The guys doesn’t care at all! Going on he said “I cannot influence the behaviour of the fans. How can I do that? I don’t know.”.

You cannot do it Arsene, really? How about motivating your players to show desire so that we can be happy? Defeats always happen in football, it’s the matter in which we lost the games, lacking all sort of discipline and making childish mistakes again and again that hurts most.

We all know the guy has lost it. He even admits it himself indirectly, because regardless of what he does or does not say, he’ll be there. We know Arsene doesn’t listen, so maybe our attention has to turn to Ivan Gazidis.

He’s probably the youngest member of the board and he needs to address the issue. And it’s bigger than it looks, because we’re not targeting trophies and we’re being priced out. An Arsenal game cost me 93 pounds. Pricing out the younger generation is not the way to go, because when you are at the ground the passion is different.

Back to the problem at hand though, most Wenger polls suggest fans want him gone and I know the mood swings and probably will swing again after beating Hull tonight, but things usually wear off in time. It happens with great managers too.

The cheese at the fridge wears off in time, people sometimes leave work because they wear off at it and football is not that entirely different. 3 to 4 even 5 years is a good span for a manager, but 20? Mourinho is the most recent example.

One of footballs most successful managers in recent times wore off at Chelsea in just 2 and a half seasons. Alan Pardew was offered an eight year contract at Newcastle and left before he was a third of the way there. If there’s no pressure you don’t improve, worst, you become used to it and at best sit in one place!

Wenger gets outsmarted by managers who know they’ll lose most of the games. He has bogey teams that he just cannot beat, his substitution and tactics haven’t changed since 2008 – and still 4th place is his holy grail.

Finally I’ll refer to his ten year claims that this year the side has more mental strength than before! I’ve been hearing it since 2007, when we were questioned if we’d survive without Henry. Despite all this though he says that the fans anger might disrupt the spirit.

It’s not like he’s worked in a war hospital where people died in his hands. Or being a teacher in a poor country, where you get chairs thrown at you and angry parents threaten to beat you to death. He is probably in the top 100 paid employees in the world and has more than enough to retire and feed his grandchildren.

It’s time to move on. This summer either Arsene will enter the last year of his contract, get an extension or he’ll be gone. We should’ve ended it in 2014. It’s highly unlikely that we will ask him to leave, but it’s a step we will have to make soon.

Better late than never.



  1. Wenger doesnt care what fans think? Is he an aristocrat? And here I was thinking he was managing an “entertainment product” made FOR FANS : I think he’s forgotten where his pay comes from – thats a problem.

    1. He doesn’t care, because although the money comes from the fans, his paycheck is coming from Kroenke. That is where the problem lies.

  2. By contrast, he has no complaints about the media :
    “We sell football, and we give the media the say because we take their money. I do not complain about that at all.”

    Its probably because the media command millions while we fans are just peons.

  3. We have to get rid of this tyrant, that’s what he is. He doesn’t care about the fans even though that’s who pays his paycheck. If there was no fans there would be no Arsenal.

  4. That’s sad after all the years of respect fan’s have given him
    No wonder the fans are turning against him
    If you care about the shareholders and don’t care about the fans you may save your job but lose respect

  5. Top 4 these last 12 years.
    Yet not one EPL title.
    What does this all mean?
    It’s a question which has
    been debated here a trillion times.
    I think 75% of Arsenal fans generally believe
    Wenger has been right to have made 4th place the goal
    rather than 1st place which they believed required massive
    spending on a scale the club simply could not afford.
    25% however believe despite a lower spend Arsenal could still
    have won a Premiership or 2 over the past 12 year.
    Wenger they say should have adapted, been wiser in transfers,
    let under performing favourites go sooner, employed
    more flexible tactics and not been dominated by Silent Stan.
    An Arsenal EPL win would certainly justify the AOB opinion.
    Conversely a Leicester win would confirm the AKB view.
    Either way we will likely see no let up of passionate opinions.
    And may it always be so 🙂

    1. #I meant
      An Arsenal win would justify
      the AKB’s while a Leicester
      win would justify the AOB’S

      1. Take a look at the G-14 group of clubs list, and see if that helps understand why Arsenal have managed to do so well financially, which in turn has helped us with our European qualification year on year. (Please remember other clubs ruin themselves trying to get to our level of quality Leeds being a prime example). It was David Dein who helped negotiate our acceptance into the elite group. It existed between 2000 and 2008ish I think.

    2. a BPL trophy would justify the cries from AOB’s, but not this year. This year, with all the other top clubs failing to deliver, title-winning failure is only achieved by poor management, not by the other teams’ brilliance

    1. Kotte are you just another sloganizer?
      You want Wenger out because we have some injuries and he may mention it?
      Talk sense or leave…..

        1. Translation of talk sense or leave? Hang on I’ll get my dictionary. Here it is… TALK SENSE or LEAVE! Get it now?
          I can think of no other meaning of the word and I am an an expert.

        2. Okay G. He knows what it means you didn’t have to clarify lol.
          Seriously Kotte. You know my new policy (new – jeez it always was but just got ignored) is that we talk about football and Arsenal in a polite and friendly manner. There will be no swearing. There will be no abuse of people with a different opinion. And there will be no shouting of slogans which ultimately mean nothing. If you say something please please back it up with some sensible comment.
          Sooo… Why do you think Wenger will be using the injury “excuse”?
          Why do you think Wenger will soon be a goalkeeper?
          The meaning of “leave” in this context is ‘if you want to have a sensible discussion then stay.
          If you want to shout inane slogans then go somewhere else.’
          And that applies to EVERYONE okay?

    1. Hahaha…

      Kotte You got me laughing!
      So when you get into trouble you say the same thing using different words?


  6. Its Funny how we have become worse off, Wenger and Robert Mugabe (Zim President) are all the same, the board can’t sack him and no matter how much noise we make we can’t get him sacked, nobody cares. I will not be surprised he still wants to continue after this season. his tactics are pretty amazing and shocking yesterday’s game against Hull Iwobi was just great and you wonder why he can’t play him in the EPL more often. Campbell commands the attacking more effectively than Alexis Sanchez. yes, Sanchez is Good but he is not showing up for the Games, he is probably first choice becoz we bought for a lot of money and just becoz he played for Barcelona, sometimes it makes me realise why Barcelona parted ways with him because of his selfishness, we don’t play that type of Football- we pass the ball and Campbell does that

    1. No Jobho, they are not the same. The difference is that the Board CAN sack Wenger. They CHOOSE not to. Big difference….

      1. Then who sacks the board Mr Admin ? Gosh you seem very sensitive. Whole point of a site like this is that fans whatever song they sing are getting the opportunity to vent their feelings and frustrations. Quite harmless really so please don’t make too many rules.

      2. Mr or Mrs or Miss Admin, if you actually believe the board can sack Wenger, then you are as delusional as Wenger.

        1. I hate that word. Every single anti-wengerite uses that word to put down anyone that disagrees with them.
          Well if you want the facts. The Board including Gazidis can ask Wenger to leave any time they like. They are in charge and Wenger is not on the Board. Notice you said CAN and I said CAN. if you said the word WILL sack Wenger, then I don’t believe that. But it is A FACT they CAN. So who is delusional now…..

  7. The owner and the board are the cause of this turmoil. They have the power to hire or fire.but while they are making a profit they are satisfied with Wenger regardless of the fans dissatisfaction.
    As .I’ve said before we’ve all got to wait till Wengers 8mil contract runs out.
    Ask yourself, would you walk away from an 8mil contract? Me,I’d just buy some earplugs and take the flak and the lovely lolly.

  8. I can’t believe what Wenger has turned himself into..
    I read the full interview and it was shameful to say the least, I mean Wenger was even saying “show me another team that has been in top 4 for 20years” really??
    The season chelsea came 6th, they won the UCL..
    Nobody wanted this for Wenger but he has overstayed, he is no longer respected
    He thinks he is always right..
    I agree that Wenger should have built a side capable of winning the league in the last 3years with all his “experience” and longevity in the job.
    When he leaves he won’t get the full respect Fergie got when he left because he has offended many

  9. Hahahaha………….. I see the HuLL win didn’t get to majority of us!

    Keep it up patriots…….. FIGHT FOR A BETTER ARSENAL!!!

  10. A 4-0 win tonight, it’s really disappointing to see that. The fact is, Arsene Wenger’s doing his best. Sometimes they have to look at the players and the way they’ve performed.
    “You can’t completely keep caning the manager like that. They won it comfortably and they were under pressure going into this game. To see that sign is just annoying.” These were Ian Wright’s comments after the WengerOut banner was unfurled yesterday..

    Was Ian Wright not part of the fellas who always gave Wenger the stick for poor transfer decisions? Now he’s gone soft all of a sudden because of a 4-0 win against a championship side and such is the case with a large percentage of Arsenal fans.. Lose the title in march, go on to win the last 3-4 games, finish 3rd/4th, win FA cup( if we don’t play Chelsea) and all aresnal fans feel they’ve achieved… Boring!!Boring!! Arsenal

    Now my questions to you Pro-Wenger fans..
    . Why is that for the past 3 seasons Wenger hasn’t learnt in the transfer market knowing that our injury list always hits double figures every season?

    . Why is it that Wenger doesn’t adapt his tactics against the so called Bogey teams that keep beating Arsenal every season?

    . Why is it only under Wenger that Mertesacker, Flamini, Ramsey (players who keep making childish errors) are considered as vital squad members, a trait that the greatest manager of all time Sir Alex Fergie never had?

    The list is an endless one. As I have said before on this page, even if Arsenal buys Messi and the best defenders in the world, Arsenal will still remain identical to the same old Arsenal we know them to be. Why? because the sailor of the ship just won’t change his ways.

    Like the banner put up by our passionate fans read ‘Arsene, thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye’, I stand by them and say the same.. Who’s on my side?

  11. Why is Wenger still around? Top four consistency. You lot are quick to hate on Budd, but he has a good point in that Wenger, Gazidis, Kroenke the whole lot of them are peas in the same pod. 1st or 4th place are pretty much the same thing to them. Getting rid of Wenger WILL NOT solve the problem. AFC is a cash cow for Kroenke, minimal financial input, low risk investment, maximum gain. This has been his ‘formula’ for the last decade.

    Clubs who win CL are the types of clubs who overspend in the market and pay their players exhorbitant wages – because winning is priority and financial success naturally follows. Just look at the teams who have won it the most in recent years, Barca, Madrid, Bayern. Almost two world class players for every position covered. Arsenals philosophy is just not the same and it will never be until the root of the problem is addressed.

    1. can u possibly imagine what Arsenal could do with a tactically adept manager?……… Play an entertaining attacking football and win major trophies ….then bring the cash cows the money they so desire…… A win-win situation

      but wenger is so focused on satisfying the cash cows only!

      1. So last nights win was not a tactical win? I got quite a surprise because a day before the game I was saying to my old man that Arsene should play Campbell as an attacking RM/RW, as he has great work rate and also incredible vision (just look at his assist for Walcott.) I also said Wenger should play Gibbs as a LM/LW as he is quick and also defensively minded. You can imagine my excitement when I saw both Campbell and Gibbs deployed in those exact positions. Not only that, but three of our supposed best players were left out of the squad and we won 4 – 0! So to say Wenger is tactically inept is just silly. You can’t always get it right though.

        Our biggest problem is not tactics, it’s the calibre players we have at our disposal. Our bench and even some of our starting team are are average. If Arsenal want top honors, we need to have at least 3-4 more world class players in the squad. Either Wenger is reluctant to continue to spend on these types of players (although in the last 2-3 years he has brought in 3 world class players) so that doesn’t seem to make sense, or he genuinely feels that what we have is adequate. The third reason could be that the board are not allocating him enough to bring in these top players. (a big possibility)

        Either way, right now with the squad we have we will never win the CL and find it difficult every season to win the BPL. I feel with the addition of 3-4 more world class players, (2 strikers and 2 midfielders (one holding and one attacking to replace Cazorla) we will have enough strength, firepower and creativity to be able to challenge for the CL. There is no other way, we either improve our squad and go the whole nine, or we must just accept that we will never have a squad capable of winning the CL/BPL and 4th place with the occassional F.A cup is all we are good for.

  12. That was meant as a joke…i think it will be fun watching Wenger make a fantastic save frm the last kick of a game! 🙂

  13. This has become a burning issuefor me, but I don’t think it is one that just applies to Arsenal. Sadly we have allowed the game in England to ne sold out. In other countries it would have been political suicide to have allow forieng interests to take over a regional club. Clubs in most eEuropean countries are, therefore, majority owned by the fans (I think France may be an exception).
    Naturally, in the UK we have followed a US model, and like the US the more desirable the brand the more attractiveit it is for ownership. Ultimately, we have no say in anything the club says or does, no influence or effect. We provide a mere backdrop for games, and the control of displeasing banners speaks volumes (if Arsenal was a state it would be trying to control your freedom of expression). So what do the board care about, bottom lines, EBITDA, brand, margins etc. 4th place and an FA Cup keeps those things where they want them, heck even @davidnz above says he thinks that is right. I don’t, however, I want a football club. Not a bored one, one with passion and love for its fans, and that is something Arsenal has certainly lost.

      1. Instead of mellowing as I get older I’m becoming a late middle aged (nice term for an old f@#t) anarchist 🙂

  14. Wenger doesn’t care for the fans ever since he became a part time Arsenal manager and full time Satan K’s accountant.
    The fact that he switches on only when the Wenger torphy is in danger shows just how much he cares for the footballing part of his job and shows us that he decided to take a huge dump all over his previous work. So why should the fans delve in the past? Right?
    I have no good emotions left for this man.

  15. nor should he care what fans think, please tell me how someone manages how 5 million fans think? hold elections? every fans has different opinions, do you think dir slex gave a crap what a slice if fans thought? its called leadership, the best leaders follow thier own skill & heart

  16. Sorry, but this entire article is utter tripe. It’s taking his quotes and twisting them into much worse than they are and then an overreaction about what you are reading into the comments having twisted them. Get a grip.

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