Wenger has simply lost the ability to motivate the Arsenal players

There are so many issues surrounding Arsenal football club at the moment that it would take a very long article to list every single concern on the minds of the fans at the moment. From the Alexis Sanchez situation to Wenger’s age old tactics, there are numerous issues that seem to be clear to everyone besides those actually in a position to change it all.

Unfortunately none of us are really in a position to rectify any of these issues and change it for the better at Arsenal; the majority of us are only able to show our continued support for the club, rather than Wenger and co, in hope that some change will arrive in the summer. But despite the many many issues that are surrounding the club right now, one concern more than anything was evidenced during Arsenal’s loss to Liverpool.

Arsene Wenger is totally unable to rally his troops on the pitch and motivate them to change the game. Who knows what happens during the half time period in the Arsenal dressing room. Some have said in the past that Wenger has given inspiring speeches, although I find this hard to believe based on some of the ‘uninspired performances’; whilst others have argued that the dressing room holds a silent atmosphere where players are simply left to reflect on their own performances.

The dressing room is a matter that Wenger is in control of, however it seems that frustration seems to be growing amongst the players. There is a lack of effort, motivation and dare I even say it, but for some players, perhaps a lack of desire to play under Wenger. The Frenchman is unable to inspire his team from the sidelines and this is largely due to his inactivity on the bench.

It’s a matter for opinion, but the only time you’ll really see Wenger on his feet is when he is making a substitution or if he’s disappointed with a refereeing decision. You will rarely see Wenger shouting tactics to his players, which is very disappointing when the game isn’t going your way. The players do the job and are the ones the result is based upon at the end day; however as the manager, Wenger is surely expected to instruct his players throughout the match. The entire game plan cannot be based upon what was spoken prior to kick off and as we’ve seen against Liverpool, with almost two weeks off without a game, how were Arsenal not prepared tactically for their latest match?

It’s easy to blame everything on the manager and sometimes I do think managers in football do get the blame too easily. However when it comes to Arsene Wenger, he should hold his hands up in saying he didn’t make the right decisions and that he has truly taken the club as far as he can now.



  1. otunba_007 says:

    (However when it comes to Arsene Wenger, he should hold his hands up in saying he didn’t make the right decisions and that he has truly taken the club as far as he can now.)

    Nice Article AH… I am sure even the AKB’s can see at last that,this is the END to Mr Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal and if he really love’s the club has he has claimed in the past then it’s high time for him to leave and he will still be loved as our HERO and with the way things are going at AFC i think Le Prof is walking on a dangerous path

  2. Budd says:

    Just for the kicks I have to mention this. I don’t believing that yelling, moaning and basically make a clown out of yourself on the pitch line is going to change anything in how the team plays. If that was any influence at all then managers like Klopp or Conte would have cabinets full of UCL trophies. If you did not prepare the game in training then all you do on the line is for nothing and it will add to your frustration. Yes, it gives lots of entertainment for the crowd but basically that’s it. It is worth saying though that at the Emirates we would need someone like Klopp or Simeone to tell fans that they are not at the theater and they are there to actually support the team.

    1. HA559 says:

      When we were 3-1 at Bayern he should have told them to calm down we are still in the tie and keep it tight, but he doesn’t say anything.

    2. rd_gunner says:

      I agree with Bud- the gesturing and the waving and all the histrionics don’t really change the outcome. These players are pros and know what needs to be done. Ancelloti/Sir Alex is a prime example. However all these jumping and shouting gets the fans excited and creates for a charged up atmosphere in the stadium. You can may be win a few games with the fans behind you but not an entire season.

  3. HA559 says:

    Not only what you mentioned about Wenger about the technical area true but also even Bould doesn’t shout instructions either. If Wenger gets frustrated with our own players he takes his frustration and expresses it at Bould who just keeps looking at the pitch.

    Arsenal backroom staff and assistants and manager are the least active in the technical areas during games.

    1. rd_gunner says:

      haha everyone notices that- wenger’s constant moaning!!! The one thing which I never understood is stance of not criticizing his team in public. I have been an Arsenal supporter for 10 years now and I do not remember a single instance where he said that the performance is NOT good enough – worthy of an arsenal team. The players are protected way too much. I can never think of a top PL team where players like Gibbs, Ramsey, Chamberlain would receive such support. We had the chance to buy Wanyama/Scneiderlin etc and we did nothing and the only purely defensive mid-field player we have is out of form and there is no cover for the back 4. What Xhaka is bringing to the team is unclear to me. We really need to look long and hard on our transfer choices – we cannot afford to get so many wrong !

      1. rd_gunner says:

        Just read Wenger’s comments and he says that ongoings of the last 2 weeks cannot cloud the work done in the last 20 years. Reading it I felt sad- the man is actually trying to defend himself and not accept reality. He is choosing to ignore that he has let us down for the last 10 years. Top 4 is the only priority for him and his statement just goes to validate the fact top 4 is his yardstick for success.

        I just get the feeling that he wants to stay on and (given our spineless board) that is very bad news for the fans.

  4. luvdaguns says:

    yes, he went a year or so too long, should have exited on the 2 FA cups in a row, his boat is now taking on water, the players who need him respect him, the ones who have a market value of a top two club in any big league (prem, bundes, la liga…) they don’t believe the crap anymore… that includes the fans… its done, he can no longer attract talent at a level he will lose it

  5. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger will still be the Arsenal Manager next season he won’t just walk away he will have to be carried out in a box. The Board love him.

  6. RSH says:

    More mayhem tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll get our useless 2nd leg victory like we have in the past. We’re just that bad and there is nothing in this squad.

  7. hide_TR07 says:

    It’s just sad that I have to say it’s not fun nor exciting to watch Arsenal games any more.

    Our strength used to be quality passing and movements as a unit and we totally dominated every single game.

    Where have they all gone? We can’t pass the ball. We don’t make runs. We are not organized enough. Most of all, we can’t fight.

    We, fans are frustrated because Wenger doesn’t look like he wants to win. When things are not going your way and you can’t win, you try to find out what is wrong and try to fix it no matter what. That’s for the money you get, for the club and for the fans. That’s your job.

    His system, his team selection and his substitution are basically what we can see and none of them worked against Liverpool, against Bayern, against Chelsea and the list goes on. And it’s not just this season, it’s many seasons.

    We have fallen apart and Wenger cannot fix this. That’s so obvious. Wenger needs to go.

  8. Tatek Girma says:

    Yes, Arsene Wenger has lost his magics and he is just leaving now in the past. It is better for him to decide on it before the worst situation, which may spoil his legacy is resulted.

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