Why Wenger has to stay if Arsenal miss out on the Champions league

I know a lot of you guys are already so angry that you might not want to read through the article and you cant wait to pounce on me but just take a moment to read through maybe you will reason with me.

For starters, I am not an AKB and I do not think one has to particularly belong to either group – but am also of the opinion that Wenger has to go. Having thought about the whole uncertainties surrounding our club, from Wenger’s future and some player’s future which we all know by now, coupled with the possibility of missing out of CL, i think we have to tread carefully.

If Wenger makes the top 4 and maybe wins the FA Cup, he should definitely go. In fact, he still has to go even if he didn’t win the FA cup but makes the top 4. However, I think there is danger in allowing Wenger to leave if we miss out of the top 4, how? That’s because if he leaves Ozil is gone, Sanchez is definitely gone, and who knows some other players who already have it in mind to go if Wenger leaves, as many of them are so loyal to him. If this happens, the mood around the club will be so negative that we may not recover for years to come, i don’t even want to imagine it..

I must say that i want Ozil gone too as in don’t think he is good enough for EPL, but not in this kind of situation we are.

Secondly, it will be so difficult to attract good players without Wenger, Ozil, Sanchez, Bellerin and so on… it will become so easy for other clubs to handpick our few good players for a bargain while we continue to rebuild for years and i don’t think anyone wants that..

We need change but the transition has to be done correctly to avoid the kind of situation Man Utd and Liverpool found themselves. If Wenger stays, I am sure he will make the CL next season.

Let Wenger bear the consequence of missing out of the CL alone, let him bear the consequences of his stubbornness and lack of flexibility alone so that fans who have endured a lot will not continue to suffer..

You have to look beyond your hatred for Wenger to understand this, this is not about Wenger but about the future of Arsenal.

Do you think we would still be good if Wenger, Ozil, Sanchez were to leave at once this summer?? What impact will it have on the future of our club???



  1. Ian says:

    I think Wenger should leave, we should bring in a coach with a stronger will to win, and the club should modernize its wage structure so we can get some winners in. Additionally, our team needs to be taught how important defending is. They are such lazy careless defenders.
    Of course none of this really matters as long as Stan stays I think. It appears as though the direction from the top is to make money and achieve the minimum standard (top 4) and anything else is gravy. This means we will never have a hungry team that is killing it until things change at the top. All of the winner types (Van Persie and Sanchez for example) will split once they realize that nobody in the organization is really trying to win the championship. I am sad for our club as we have let it be taken hostage.

    1. RSH says:

      Stan and the board has given Wenger money to spend though. All this anger at the board over the wrong things. They gave Wenger money, thats no issue. The problem is they dont have the balls to care about the club and force out the old dictator.

  2. Red Dawn says:

    Going by the continued poor performances of the Arsenal squad I am not bothered if any of them leave and I want Wenger gone. If he stays you can forget about improvement because it will simply be this season played out once again, like all of the thirteen seasons before that.
    If he goes I would be happy to see any of the squad follow him out of the door. They are a disinterested shambles…

  3. Yossarian says:

    I think if Wenger goes, and we bring-in a serious new manager with a reputation for being a winner, it could convince Alexis to stay, and attract other top players to replace the likes of Ozil.

    Also it would put fear into inconsistent players, and force them to up-their-game next season.

    Man Utd still managed to get players like Pogba and Ibrahimovic despite missing out on Champion’s League football, because they brought-in a manager with a reputation for being a winner.

    Therefore even if we miss top four and don’t win the FA Cup, replacing Wenger won’t be a problem, so long as his replacement is respected by players that want to win trophies.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Well said.

      AFC existed before 1996, and it will after he has gone.

      Nothing to fear except the continuation of mediocrity at our club.

      1. RSH says:

        exactly. Fear is the only reason people chant for Wenger to stay. It really is like loving a dictator. Don’t see all the rotten things he is doing b/c you don’t remember life without him. It will continue on, but Arsenal will only degrade under Wenger. I fear nothing, and if it takes a few seasons to actually move in a positive direction I’m up for it. I won’t stand this organization not caring at all and willingly degrade like this. It’s an insult.

    2. Vlad says:

      Who are you kidding? Pogba and Ibra went to ManU for money, and nothing else.

      1. Yossarian says:

        Great wages don’t hurt, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most successful club footballers ever, so you can’t argue that he isn’t somebody that loves to win trophies.

        Pogba was previously at Man Utd, left, and came back to play under Moureen. With his reputation and excellent performance in the Euros, plenty of other clubs could and would have paid him equally big wages, but he chose to go to Man Utd.

  4. vinie2000 says:

    Here we go this findong in the spanish MARCA today:
    El Milan quiere a Ricardo Rodríguez y Luiz GustavoEl Milan mira ya a la próxima temporada y busca jugadores para reforzar su plantilla. El conjunto italiano tiene en su agenda los nombres de Ricardo Rodríguez y Luiz Gustavo. Los dos futbolistas del Wolfsburgo son del agrado del cuerpo técnico. El primero tiene una cláusula de 22,5 millones de euros, mientras que la del brasileño está entre 15 y 20 millones, según publica La Gazzetta.

    Very simple, states that Milan is interested on Rodriguez (LB) and Luiz Gustavo ( DM and can play CB ) from Wolsfburg for just 35 millions combined so why we do not go for them? This is why Wenger has to go. Gustavo was on the top before joining the German outfit but he again reiterated Coquelin was better so is Rodriguez to get the LB and take over from Nacho then spend another 40-50 for top striker such us lacazette or go for 25 millions for Huntelaar after missing him for so many years? Both players better than OG and Please keep Lucas.

    Why on earth there is never someone better than the current bunch? why scout team is so crap? why we always wait until deadline day to get a cheaply one while the big European clubs start before the season ends? it gives more time the new players and coaches to adapt and also use pre season better. THIS IS ARSENE FOR THE LAST 13 YEARS and HE wants to STAY? no director of football? Is he becoming really a DICTATOR? he has to go win FA CUP or not.

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    Let them all go then.
    Our entire club, grabs included are fearful.

    Oh, no.. if Wenger leaves, players will leave and we will be worse off. How is this logical? We have hardly set the world alight domestically or in Europe these last 20 years so tell me how would we be worse off.

    If we had an owner and board with love for he club and a backbone amongst them they would have moved Wenger on and brought in a top replacement who again could create a team that may or may not be diminished because players were fan boys if he previous manager.

    Typical, fear mongering that has left us in a stagnation by everyone involved in the club accepting mediocrity.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      *fans not “grabs”

  6. Guneal (English Arsenal fans are gullible) says:

    I need to clear some points here
    1. Fans don’t hate Wenger. Personally speaking I’d ask for his autograph and listen to him with rapt attention when he gives lectures on economy and financial management any time any day.
    2. Everybody reaches a peak and begin to experience diminishing return. At this point what you need is to reinvent yourself (as Mr. Wenger once said) with fresh ideas and ultimately taking a break. Sir Alex knows this that’s why even after winning the EPL he chose to quit the game, of course he could have bask under the euphoria of that success.
    3. Chelsea missed out on top four last season. They did not give Mourinho the chance to tidy up his mess instead they employed Mr. Conte now he is winning the league. My point let another man do the job.
    4. Our club is bigger than any player, any manager or any fan. If there will be exodus of players if Mr. Wenger leaves so be it. Any player who wouldn’t play under managers like Allegri, simeone, tuhel etc. is an average play with no self confidence.

    5. We need change and the time is now! Champion league or no champion league. FA cup or no FA cup.

    1. Jaydawg says:

      I think its time for Wenger to leave but its a good point that if he goes and we haven’t qualified for the champions league I think we will be forked. Wenger has control over so much and there should be a transition period. Top management with so much control on day to day business and planning the future in any sports team or business have a transition period when that person retires/leaves. To get my point across to simple people you have a months notice in your jobs for a readon. This is the boards fault for allowing Wenger so much power and not have a plan in place for his depature.

      As a human being in a job can you blame him for wanting to collect £8 million a year. You’re a fool if you would walk away from that.

      Never the less I still want him gone but the club has no process in place.

  7. Reinhold says:

    Off Topic: pundits are deluded. Don Hutchinson thinks if man united finish in top 4 and lose EL final it would be success cos they won The league cup….
    But if Arsenal win FA Cup and make top 4 it would still be failure according to him?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Didn’t City win the league cup??? If not then add me to the Don Delusional category ??

      1. bran99 says:

        Done! coz Man U won the league cup

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Judging from this Articles title, I would have lost big bucks betting on it belonging to Sam P ????

    Whatever the outcome of our season, it’s looking 99.9% certain that Wenger is staying and Sanchez is leaving. Ozil is a maybe, depending on whether he signs the extension or not or if a decent offer comes in for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if an offer for Bellerin Is in early negotiations or being seriously considered, which might explain why he hasn’t been starting much lately and coming on as a late sub.( keeping him fit and injury free) whereas the masses are lead to believe that he has been dropped because of bad form/ new formation.
    There’s going to be a big overhaul at the club during the summer, with big names leaving and little names arriving lol ??

  9. WC says:

    To be honest it’s not a bad thing if much of this squad goes, I mean let’s face it most of them aren’t that good – at least when you’re talking in terms of top European clubs. Ozil isn’t consistent and his play depends on his mood which has more ups and downs than an elevator. World class players are consistently good, Ozil is good sometimes. As great as Alexis is he’s not exactly been in a winning frame of mind lately and he wants out no matter what. Pound for pound we have alot of second rate players per position compared to other rival clubs so really who would miss this lot if they went?

    Wenger must go no matter what because the longer we hold onto him, the harder it will be to pry Arsenal from his icy cold 4th place grip

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger has to go regardless of how the season ends, although it’s certainly an interesting point made about him overseeing a transitional period, because so many others have already touched on this subject. Personally, I do not get it.

    Wenger has really struggled for a very long to compete throughout regular seasons, and even when our rivals have been weakened through their own transitional periods. So why would we want him to continue whilst Arsenal go through their own ‘transitional period?’ And it wouldn’t even be a real transitional period because they usually only come about with a change of manager. A lot of players may be leaving, but overall, it will not be a bad thing. Sanchez going will obviously be huge blow, but I don’t think many us would shed a tear for the likes of: Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Mertesacker, Giroud, Gibbs, etc. If Wenger stays, but they go, at least it means Wenger cannot pick rubbish players anymore (although he’d probably sign rubbish in the summer).

    Whatever happens at Arsenal during the summer, the number one priority, by an absolute country mile, has to be the removal of dictator Wenger!

  11. odein4 says:

    Why are we debating on this? You have someone dat has continued to fail, he’s the most experienced coach in the EPL n still doesn’t understand the league. For me Chelsea winning the league shows how poor Wenger is n if he has an honor left in him he should resign, what else does he want to prove that he hasn’t proved? He has proved that he can’t win the league, The UEFA League, Manage young n big players alike in fact this man can’t even use this team to win the female league..

  12. gmv8 says:

    Looking at the latest ESPN article, it would appear that our drop in form is directly correlated to the start of Wenger’s contract renewal negotiations, and the boards wanting to restructure the club, but Wenger digging in his heels. They don’t actually say this, but the timeline of their events coincides directly with the drop in the form.

    1. gmv8 says:

      Not saying that we haven’t had bad slip ups before, but they are usually not so prolonged. It would make sense, with why he isn’t announcing his renewal, because he doesn’t agree with the changes, although lots of us want to think fan’s feelings somehow matter, and it would also account for the drop in form.

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