Wenger to rest stars against Bayern on Tuesday

Arsenal are on a great run of form, but with our crucial Champions League match coming up on Tuesday there is a definite chance of fatigue setting in after such a lively encounter against Watford. Arsene Wenger picked his very best side at Vicarage Road yesterday and admitted that this League game was much more important than the midweek match. “I told you in the press conference that for me the important game was today because I knew that first of all to win today was vital to stay in touch with the top teams. Secondly, the best way to prepare for Tuesday night is to win today.”

When asked about his team for Tuesday Le Prof also hinted that he is seriously thinking of resting our two very best players to save them for the more important League fixtures. “I don’t know yet but obviously there is no obvious reason to change completely the team. Maybe one or two I do not know yet. We will have to see how everybody recovers.

“I could rest a little bit Ozil and Sanchez and we have of course to put pace into this game and play against a big team, but we know we have proved ourselves in the Champions League. We want to make something special against Bayern Munich as it is the only way we can keep in the race.”

How he thinks we can “do something special” if he doesn’t play Ozil and Alexis is beyond me, but then again I have been saying for some time that Wenger has made the League title his goal for this year, and has always played weakened teams in midweek games. It looks like this isn’t going to change this week….


  1. Sounds to me like the perfect way to take pressure off our players and stop Bayern from focusing on wooing us too much.
    Maybe if we play like it’s a game to nothing we can save our champs league this year

  2. Arteta came but captain’s arm band was still with Per….. Am I thinking so much… 🙂

    And I want to compete Arsenal in CL till the end because as player you want to play in the best tournament of the world. You never know what we can achieve with the slimmest chance in the CL. If Chelsh!t can win with some luck thn y not us we are the MIGHTY ARSENAL. 🙂

  3. WARNING!… HoLd-up play won’t work against Bayern…….. They know tiki-taka just as well…….. It will be counter all day!

    1. Hold up play allows other members of the team to come into the attack it is important in every match be it 10 yrs old to 70 yrs old. The team that has better of it has an advantage. Possession is another great weapon. Keep the ball guess who has the best chance?
      I think I know where you are coming from. I have not seen Arsenal give up their style ever unless it was to hold unto points at the CL level and it’s one of the things I admire our club for.

    1. Surely this is the ideal gave for Walcott? We wont have much of the ball, and plenty of room for his pace to counterattack into.

    2. Ok. I think the match would be a high-tempo game. So we need players for fast canter-attack. So i would bench Rambo with Ox and bench Mertesacker for Paulista.

      1. you are right on the game being a high tempo. also byern will have more posession. here le coq will be playing and must be at his best. as you said, ox will be in on the left and Campbell on the right. and Marty will be benched for gab. but i don’t think ramsey will be benched. rather i think cazorla will be rested along with ozil and sanchez and ramsey will play in the middle. but i still think sanchez will come in later in the game if we fail to score or concede a goal. anyways we will see. i think if we win, might win 2-1 or if we loose we loose by more than 3 goals difference. i hope we win.

  4. OT
    Ozil officially have the most assists in football history equall to requelmy 181
    And he is 27 and some guys doubts his abilities

  5. Woke up to the rumours that Arsenal are after Antoine greizmann……….. I would be so over the moon if this ever happens!

  6. The issue of to say the Boss could rest 1 or 2 of his stars for the Everton game may not be that necessay for the Boss to do IMO. I say so because, 1. Duracell Bunny has become Arsenal’s Ronaldo or Messi who can start every game if they are healthy.Sanchez is proving to be Arsenal’s goals machine like Ronaldo & Messi are for Real & Barca. 2. The would like to bounce back Everton from their home collapse to Man Utd, cannot pose any threat to the Gunners collecting the maximum 3 points at the Emirates Stadium. Save a possible replacement of Rhinosacker with De Abreu as per James McNicholas of B/R, those Gunners that started the Leicester, Man Utd and the Watford games with only 1 necessary change done to the starts have proved to be our strongest starts so far this season. And for the Boss to excludes Sanchez and Ozil from starting the Bayern game, will be amounted to the Boss succummbed to some opinions by some Gooners to prioritize the BPL above d Ucl this season. And to do that will not be a just campaign.

  7. there is no way he is going ro rest those 2 it seems boss is learning to play mind games good one , if we have any chance of getting out of the group those 2 needs to play rest we will see after game

  8. “but we know
    we have proved ourselves in the Champions League.”…………did he just say this????How exactly have we proven ourselves in the Champions League?? Akbs help me out here

  9. ……ospina……
    I will f*** my self

  10. There is question marks over ozil n walcott after watford game with both of them going down the tunnel straight away after being subbed, no way can we gamble with ozil absolutely not and with our other injuries neither can we with walcott. So replace them 2 with Giroud and ox push ramsey next to Coq n santi in the num 10 role n were good to go, also playing koscielny 2 games in 3 days after just coking back from an hamstring injury may be a big risk also so if Gabby is back I would throw him in aswell. But at all cost stick with the fullbacks n keeper stability is key, nothing to lose n everything to gain type of match.

    Hector Mert gabby nacho
    Coq rambo
    Ox santi sanchez

    1. we absolutely can not start girud in this game. it will be suicide. the tempo of the game just don’t fit him and we will be playing counter. let alone he is carried by ozil’s back( ramsey cannot feed him). and ramsey must play at no. 10. he will f##k up if he is switched with cazorla. we just cannot afford it.

  11. Alexis will play I have no doubt. Ozil is going to want to play so much that Arsene will let him play I have no doubt. This is Arsene trying to keep people guessing. He has favored the PL thus far but make no mistake this is a must win match for Arsene even if he is sounding otherwise.

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