Wenger hints that Arsenal reserves will play Galatasary

After Arsenal’s poor showing against Anderlecht in the double-header stage of the Champions League Group it looked like we were going to struggle to qualify, but our 2-0 win over an out-of-form Dortmund team has now guaranteed our progression to the knockout rounds.

There IS a chance we could still top the group, but the chances of Dortmund losing to Anderlecht are pretty slim, so it looks like Wenger is going to take the opportunity to rest his exhausted first XI for the midweek match in Turkey. In fact he says he is not even going to think about the game but instad concentrate on or next League fixture!

Wenger said on Arsenal.com: “It is a very important period but one thing is for sure – we are not under huge pressure for game No 6 in the Champions League,”

“With the week we had behind us and the week we have now, to go to Galatasaray for a decisive game would be very difficult.

“At least we are not under massive pressure there so let’s focus on our next game at Stoke. It is a difficult place for us to go but let’s show there that we have improved and we can deal with it.”

To be fair, our fit players could really do with a rest after playing four matches in just 11 days so it certainly makes sense to ignore an unimportant match in the great scheme of things.

And you never know, our reserves may do better than the first team and win anyway!

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  1. Be great for Rosicky, Podolski, Sonago, Bellerin, Gnabry and others to get much needed game-

    If when any if these players needed in first team, they will be better for it.

    We have greater depth than we have had in many years, so let’s use it to our advantage – and we will still have a very capable team


    1. I know stupid people keep saying we have no depth, but when our injured players are healthy again we will have “big” name players that won’t even make the bench.

    2. Hope to see a bit of Walcott as well. Giroud may need to get a few games under his belt to be back to full match fitness. Ramsey will play as he has great stamina so can cope and he need minutes and goals to get back his confidence of last season.

  2. What IFFFFFFFF dortmund end up loosing @ ander?
    Wether its d usual 11 or not………..I want a WIN
    It will surely be a boost to our epl top 4 race

    1. @Dchason
      There is possibility that might happen. Those youngsters at Anderlecht are out to prove a point. And they are quite capable of pulling off a win…

  3. I want a win and a Dortmund loss as much as the next guy but with our position in the league table I have no issue with wenger fielding a B team in Turkey. There are far more important games coming up in the league this month then vying for top spot in the group. Our reserves can still go and get a positive result.

  4. For gala game: Martinez Bellerin chambers Mertesacker debuchy flamini rosicky campbell zelalem podolski sanogo… Still a very good team.. Most players in this team are not played many this season so they will be ready to go at gala and will keep them in good shape..

  5. Especially considering debuchy is back after a long injury so he should play against gala so as to keep him in good shape and also give rosicky poldi and campbell the chance they deserve.. It is still a very good team for gala and will beat them.. COYG

  6. the same thing happened in 2012/2013 when we played our reserve team(after qualifying for the round of 16) against olympiacos and lost. Had we won that game we would’ve won the group(schalke slipped).

    1. It doesn’t really matter whether we win the group in my opinion. We will still have to beat a strong team to progress.

  7. The so call reserves… Podolski, Rosicky, Cambell, Bellerin should have already started a fews games. But Mr Wenger is the boss, he knows better and he field almost the same 11 week in week out until they go to the trearment table to join Mr Diaby. Now he is saying that Sanchez is in the red zone. God help us…

  8. If Wenger is going to rest players for the Gala game, my pick would be…

    Bellerin Chambers Per Gibbs
    Ramsey Flamini
    Campbell Rosicky Poldi

    Subs: Szcesny, Hayden, Santi, Ox, Nacho,Akpom, Giroud

    1. Nacho and szezney are injured. We should use this game to rest alexis who we can’t afford to get injured.
      Rb Bellerin
      Cb koscielny + chambers
      Lb Gibbs
      Dm flamini
      Cm Ramsey
      Am Rosicky
      Left podolski
      Centre giroud
      Right campbell
      welbeck,(needs resting)
      akpom or yaya,
      Mertesacker (needs resting)
      Debuchy (recovered but not Match fit)

  9. Just set a team up to not lose that is the key. To be honest our part time players were much better 5 year ago so that showed hat far behind we have fallen. Good luck biys

  10. Let’s be realistic and accept that the chances of us topping the group are very slim. Poor Mertesacker and Sanchez need a break at the very least. And we all want to see game time for Rosicky, Campbell and Podolski.

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