Wenger hoping dream duo can inspire Arsenal team mates

Arsene Wenger did not come out and directly criticise some of the Arsenal players that have been struggling recently, but you do not need a microscope to read between the lines of what the manager was talking to Arsenal Player about as the Gunners prepare to head south to take on AFC Bournemouth, desperately needing a win to get our Premier League title challenge rolling again.

The Frenchman has spoken about the strikers already this week and talked about his confidence that the goal drought would soon be over, especially as the team were creating plenty of chances. But as he expanded on the creation of those chances, mainly by the assist king Mesut Ozil, I got the sense that he was really asking the other players in the team to step up.

Using Alexis Sanchez as well as Ozil for examples, Wenger spoke about their quality and the way they have linked up well since the Chile international came back into the first team after a spell out due to injury. Wenger feels that the other players in around these two, such as Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, need to raise their own games to something like the level of our dynamic duo.

He said, “It is of course vital that players who provide you with the chances continue to do it. I believe that he [Ozil] has done that in a convincing fashion, in a quiet fashion again, because he’s not the kind of guy who shouts.

“He’s a guy who shows by example and what people forget is the workrate he puts into a game like that and the efficiency he has shown consistently. I think we will need a completely focused Ozil until the end [if we are] to do extremely well this season.

“They [Ozil and Alexis] have a very strong link play and a very good understanding and penetration in the final third. What you want is to give them more options around them. That’s the target now in our team, to create more offensive options around them.

“We have to be faithful to our offensive game. We are a team who love to score goals and that’s why I think we have to continue to work on going forward, to be more efficient.”

Do you think the other Gunners will raise their game or will Arsenal be left to rely on Ozil and Alexis again?

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    1. A JOKE

      Arsenal fans see Sanchez and Ozil
      Krooke,Cashidis and Wonga see £30 million and 35 million resale profit.

    2. wenger: ““No matter how big the game is, you have to pass well and defend well. You have to focus on that.”

      still too focused on the the passing for f*ks sake.

      watching leicester today: how nice it must be to have a striker that can dribble (not giroud) and shoot on target (not walcott).

  1. The spuds are 2nd on the table…

    Let that Digest in….

    Lets see what Arsenal bottLing company got to offer on the morrow

    1. Cech
      Bellerin Gabriel Kolcieny Monrielle

      El Nieny
      Ramsey. Sanchez

      My ideal team and formation
      Wenger should move Ozil to CM to orchestrate stuffs. He played therelastseason and had a blinder ; man of the match performance.
      Move Ramsey behind the striker where he can do the only thing he is good at.

  2. I must say after watching Leicester city’s convincing win over man City, i can strongly say it will be foolish not to take them seriously!

    1. No can’t take them seriously. They are Liverpool of 2013-2024.They will ultimately lose to The Arsenal.

    1. I agree with you but this is not new it has been pointed out to wenger for the past 6 years of so. What has he done? Sweet F A

      1. Again, the easy option – it’s all Wenger pfff. Doesn’t what’s happened with Leicester, what’s happened to Chelsea and Utd actually permeate???

        There is a character issue at AFC. We may have Ozil and Sanchez and other capable players, which is all well and good, but we need players who know when to turn around and simply ball out others who ain’t doing the business. Leaders.

        Walcott runs up another blind alley, Mertesacker doesn’t put his head in, Ramsay goes missing, an idiot can see the problems it creates yet I rarely see a player (flamini has done) saying wtf are you doing!!!!

        Coquelin has a look in his eyes which means business, but I struggle to identify others. Too many look phased by problems, more worried about what the crowd think of them, their ego over a missed opportunity etc. We need players that have an inner confidence, know who they as people and know that winning needs personal sacrifice.

        For me this is a player issue not a management one. You can blame Wenger for not having bought another Adams, another Vieira, etc but you can’t blame him for the pathetic nature of cash laden, adult professional footballers who don’t take personal responsibility and only turn up for 75% of the game/s.

        If we want to win this league, they, THE PLAYERS have got to stand up and be counted NOW! Tomorrow is either goodbye pl or the start of what is a must win sequence. Let’s hope they can rise to the challenge. COYG’s!!!

        1. it is wenger who is given these high salarys away. a normal thinking manager for exampl would never have awarded players like denilson, djorou, squelaqi, chamack, almunia 60k+ a week contracts.

          and dont get me started with walcott earnig 140k. and wenger himsels is not better at all. and how much is Giroud currently earning?

  3. Our season has come down to this, any points dropped now will be devastating to our title chase! Each win now is crucial!

    1. Leicester City had 17 Points from 25 games last season, this season 53! They did not buy the title if they win it. Some lessons for Arsenal.
      But how did they do this?

      1. They did it with something called a. … how you sayyyyy?
        a Man ?….. No, wait …. a manager, thats it… I wonder what they look like? ??

      2. Lesson ? Use a CF with speed, have players that give 110% every game instead of relaxing, use players that are on form instead of sticking to favourites

    2. @Gavana……They didn’t have wenger and they didn’t have bottlers mentality……. That’s how!

  4. Wenger is hoping dream duo (ozil and alexis) save Arsenal……….. While the rest of the bunch run arnd headlessly huh!

    Problem with wenger is….12yrs isn’t enough for him to Learn (Slow learner)….with his blind faith on chickens….. Hoping they’d one day fly like eagles

    Can anyone explain how the foxes manage to put 3 past citeh with just 24% possession?

    Don’t u wonder?

  5. With a heavy heart I have to conceed that wining the premiership is beyond our capabilities, I know let’s go for 4th place.

  6. incase u dn’t know…… The trophy would be handed over to the team with the most wins/points

    however their game was won (nice or ugly)

    it won’t be handed over to a team always looking for the perfect goal, mr nice guys , the inconsistent, the bottlers

    WAKE UP!

  7. Yes we have a deadly duo but we are still missing that Top Finisher of a CF at the club.
    Aguero – City
    Costa – Chelsea
    Messi – Barca
    CR7 – Madrid
    Lewd – Munich
    Auba – Dortmund

    Aubameyang would be the perfect player for AFC and we would be upthere with having the deadliest of strikers along with Mesut&Alexis. If Wenger wanted to make a big statement go spend £120 on Auba/Reus – Sell Walcott and Giroud, Loan Ox. Campbell, Welbz and Akpom cover. Never happen but we need to be ambitious and show we mean business somehow in the market.

  8. How fun. He is putting pressure to the players who are doing already enough. If it wasnt for the money, i think Ozils would have left the club tomorrow.

    Createst 10x chances during a game only them to be ruined by Walcott, Giroud or Ramsey.

    Sanchez is playing much. No rest whatsoever.

    “We have to be faithful to our offensive game” You french clown maybe in your deluded dreams bec a feithfull orientated team doesnt try save points by trying to hold into leads by parking the buss in the end and by putting players like gibbs and arteta.

    1. i know. why the FFS he doesnt talk to walcott who meanders around? tomorrow i want to flood with chances and 2nd chances. and leave mert out. theyre going to counterattack and mert doesnt fit in to that strategy. he’s good for when we need to sit back. also, if flam is there instead of coq, i’ll have an embolism.

  9. If arsenal would be serious, he would make sure to get some of these french talented players out there in, but even they dont want to play for wenger.

    Sell Ramsey to some Chinese team and buy Griezmann.
    Lukaku. He is good and powerfull striker who can actually play ball.

    That would be a start. but who am i kidding.

  10. Is it just me? ?
    Or is Wenger’s comments really that annoying! And boring !

    Maybe his Sugar coated bull ?, might sound better in French, German or even Japanese? ?

    Tomorrow is a must must must must must must must must must must must must ??… ” WIN GAME!!! ”
    Infact, all of our remaining fixtures, have become- must win games! … ?
    No time for losers, if we want to be the champions!
    Did you hear that Mr Ebenezer ?..
    Nah. .of course you didn’t…your too busy talking ?
    the only difference is … I do it for freeeee ?

  11. I fervourently believe
    Arsenal will win the title
    except if Leicester win
    or Man City or Spurs 🙂
    Arsenal will beat Bournemouth tomorrow of that I am certain
    unless of course Bournemouth win then Arsenal will not win 🙂
    Looking ahead I am sure we can overcome City United Everton
    Spurs W/ham away and every one at home unless we lose
    to some of these teams which means we won’t win unless
    our rivals lose to other teams more than we do.
    As @Muffdiver likes to say “We’re gonna do this”
    or as @SoOpa AeoN always says “Arsene Wenger is the greatest” 🙂

    1. i also believe we will beat bournemouth tomorrow. i cant believe the players dont have just a bit of pride left.
      but they must temper with discipline: make sure mert is not past the halfway line; no flam. no dreamsies for walcott. giroud should be mobile and be where ozil wants him to be. walcott shouldnt run into players and should work to try to realize his potential.

      1. and shoot FFS. put it on the frame. make the goalie work for it. and be ready to take 2nd shots. run at the goalie when ur teammate takes a shot. these are basics.

  12. I couldn’t believe what the foxes did to the citizens. Putting the city into chaos that the citizens (fans) decided to desert before the final whistle. @SoOpa : what it takes to kill a man is ‘one well aimed blow’, that’s how Leicester were able to kill city with 24% ball possession. Sadly, that can’t be expected of the current arsenal squad.

  13. Football is a spirited game its a fight till the end there is no one in here or else where can tell me that Leicester is a better team the only reason they are on top is the way they go into your face they get the ball out fast and score with vengeance Arsenal have much better players but they are nice skillful players that are Tough & Strong they are easily bullied by the likes of costa but also we the supporters we are to quite we need to transfer the Emirate stadium to a spirited loud fortress

    1. I think you have the wrong definition of ‘better.’ I won’t take the fact that Leicester will end this weekend a minimum of 5 points ahead of Arsenal as proof they’re better, just as I wouldn’t take the fact Arsenal beat them head to head as proof we’re better.

      Skillful players who fall over at the slightest contact or pass beautifully but rarely take a shot at goal are not better than fighters who stay on their feet and put the ball in the net!

      Leicester isn’t winning ugly like the ex-Yokohama champions; they are playing beautiful, positive football with determination and verve. Watch Konte stay on his feet, pass to Mahrez (their Sanchez) who then pulls off a goal with great skill.

      Which honest Arsenal fan wouldn’t instantly swap our 140k/week wannabe CF, Walcott, for Vardy or Mahrez without a second thought? I don’t want to insult this Leicester duo by asking the same question about Chambo even a healthy Welbeck?

      We have what would be b-team dross in major European sides in our starting 11, and a once-genius manager who talks a lot of sense about loyalty and cohesiveness but is many years behind the economic realities of modern football and is a tactical nincompoop.

      Financial FairPlay fell short, and that was the death knell for Wengerite business sense. The EPL is now the league with the richest TV rights deal – react accordingly.

      Most damning for Wenger – Arsenal is getting beaten convincingly in the league race not by an oil/oligarch sugar daddy team but by grafters whose top two players were recently PURCHASED for TEN WEEKS of Walcott’s WEEKLY wage!!! Let that sink in next time a Sanogo sporting Wenger tells you no ‘top top’ talent is available to buy.

      1. its telling when wenger’s asked why he didnt get cf that he talks about what would he do with giroud and walcott? his loyalty to players comes before winner-takes-all attitude. and thats why its so cosy for players at arsenal. they know he wont really punish them or berate them or pressure them. FFS he’s pressuring ozil/sanchez instead of laying into the indolent walcott. giroud doesnt need a talking to, he’s always at 100% ; its just his 100% is not enough for AFC.

  14. Nah Fatboy…….. Let him crash in the scotch bar!

    U dn’t want him hitting the road in the state he’s in….


  15. @Fatboy ……..Nah! Let him crash in the scotch bar

    he’s safe in a bottle

    U dn’t want him hitting the road in the state he’s in….


    1. i support arsenal, but want wenger to leave. i want them to win tomorrow but want to ship out the lazy players (and giroud).
      but for this season, i want them to win PL. thats why it hurts when wenger has his steady-as-she-goes attitude and worry about feelings of his players.

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