Wenger: I’m not leaving… and Arsenal need to win every remaining game!

Arsene Wenger signed a new two-year extension to his Arsenal contract at the end of last season, but despite the fact that this is the worst ever season in his career at the club, the Boss says that he has no intention of leaving this summer whatever the media or gossip-mongers may say.

Wenger was quoted as saying on Sky Sports: “I have always respected my contracts, I would like to remind you I said no to all the biggest clubs in the world to respect my contract so that’s always what I try to do.

“After that, we have as well to accept in our job that the future is the future – but for me, that’s to win the next game.

“We have to perform better in every single game and show until the end of the season a complete hunger to win every single game. That’s what it’s about for us.”

Surely that is what it is for us fans as well? We are desperate for Arsenal to get back to winning ways and shoot back into the Top Four, to beat Man City in next week’s League Cup Final, and to go on and win the Europa League as well, but do any of us actually believe that is possible? NO!

We have had just three League away wins all season, and have been beaten by some illustrious names like Swansea, Stoke, Bournemouth and Watford (not to mention Nottm Forest and Cologne!) so why on Earth should I believe that we can win every remaining game?

One thing I CAN believe, however, is that Arsene Wenger will not be leaving at the end of the season, however many more games we lose!

Darren N


  1. gunnersrocks says:

    Iam positive ..I strongly believe that our season will kick on from now on …. I have a firm conviction that we will defeat city in carabao cup and get a draw against them in the league ..Lets brace ourselves to see a new arsenal from now on..COME ON YOU GUNNERS

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Being positive for to long makes one turn stupid in the end

  2. zTOM says:

    I’d say that most Arsenal fans have been expecting us to win the Europa League as only the last few games being tricky but are against the teams we consistently beaten when successfully getting out of the Champions League Group Stage every year.
    Lacazette situation notwithstanding, this was always the basic expectation in the Arsenal fan base and is more than achievable.

    Beating this season’s Man City is a tall order of course but, not only a “weaker” team already did it, no one gave us any chance to beat the Champions in Wembley last year and look at what happened. : )

    Hell, a top 4 finish still is in the card even though that’s the biggest challenge of all I’d say.

  3. Phil says:

    Dear Mr Wenger
    Why is it now,towards the end of the first year of your Two year contract(that God only knows how you pulled that little bunny out of the hat)you are bringing up how many Top Football Clubs you turned down out of your “Loyalty”(and not inconsiderable Salary).
    Might I suggest you were Hot Property back in the day because you were Manager of a team that every season were up there fighting for Premiere League and European Trophies.Of course you were in demand.I do not recall hearing too much about how all these top clubs were approaching you(which of course is illegal as you were under contract so you should not have been talking to them anyway)or how you had never broken a contract in your life when we were considered one of the top teams sat home and in Europe.
    Yet now,at this time,sitting a very lowly and pathetic and embarrassing SIXTH place in the Premiership,after getting knocked out of the FA Cup by a team struggling in the Championship,and competing in the Europa League,(Which is basically the Championship)you feel you need to remind us of your loyalty and commitment to Arsenal Football Club.This same Club that despite you failing to achieve a Top 4 finish to give us our Champions League fare for this season,Increased your Salary to £9m per year.I would remind you that you yourself have continually stated that a Top 4 finish was a greater achievement than winning a Domestic Cup Competition,so I will not allow the FA cup win of last season to enter into this letter.
    It seems to me you are getting quite desperate in your desire to Manage our club as we are most certainly going backwards in regards our League position.Could it be you have finally come to realise the club is already planning for life without you?Could it be you have been found out at long last that your prehistoric and outdated views of management are not what the club needs to get us out of the massive pile of SHIT we find ourselves in because of you?
    Personally,and without meaning to sound rude,I wish you would F**K OFF NOW.
    With my very heartfelt wishes

    1. John0711 says:

      oooh i love this phil

    2. Tas says:

      OH you have done it now Phil Wanger is so upset with you his thinking of bringing back Yaya Sanogo ?

    3. Samir says:

      Me 2 phil

  4. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger besides being a rich man has no life. He needs the club more then the clubs needs him, and him telling us that all the big clubs wanted him is nothing to brag about

    Benitez was in every big club, and now he manages newcastle, you think Wenger would not see a similiar outcome? Wenger is a con man, and the fans now need to pay the price for their blind loyality towards the years


    1. Yossarian says:

      Exactly. I wish he’d just shut-up about all those jobs he reckons he turned-down.

      If Wenger had got a job at one of those top clubs, he would have been sacked after a few seasons, and by now he’d be getting a fraction of his current salary at somewhere like Swansea or West Brom if he was lucky.

      And anyway, I don’t see any ambitious clubs wanting him now, so he should stop living in the past.

  5. ks-gunner says:

    “I have always respected my contracts, I would like to remind you I said no to all the biggest clubs in the world to respect my contract so that’s always what I try to do.

    Whch other club would give Wenger 10mil a year for being a specialist in failure i wonder?

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      ks-gunner, of greater relevance, which club of similar size and prestige to the Arsenal would have retained Arsene Wenger, given the lack of titles since 2004.
      Also as stated by you, Arsene Wenger has no life outside Arsenal FC; if and when he is
      out of contract, who will pay him £9 million per season?

  6. Frank says:

    Mr Wenger u r one selfish man.let be real,u turned down cos you won’t survive a day in thoz other clubs.u alws hide behind your contract respect.time Will tell soon Wen u run out of excuses.u say u r concern with winning the next game n lose the other.typical “arsene FC”

  7. Innit says:

    Did any of you truly think he would go voluntarily? If I had a £9 million per year job, i wouldn’t. I don’t blame him for that (i blame him for the state of our team). I blame Kroenke and the board. They keep him in charge.

    I also no longer blame Kroenke for being cheap. He isn’t as Ozil, Alexis, Mustafi, Xhaka, Aubameyang and Lacazette signings have shown. But i do blame him for not signing a top manager.

  8. Me says:

    Arsenal need to win every game he says.
    He says the same thing every year.
    Every year is like Deja Vu
    Sooner he goes the better…

  9. McLov says:

    He respects his annual £9 million salary above everything else. Also he respects his no pressure to perform” situation here.

  10. Pubgooner says:

    He is MUGABE in disguise..

  11. Shortboygooner says:

    I think there is defo some changes happening at the club. And it is looking more positive behind the scenes. Spending more money it looms like we may have been heard a little. I think at the ebd of this season wenger will leave or a top manager will be signed to take over from him at the end of his contract. My gut tells me jowcim low for some reason. Things will not happen over night guys but laccazette and aubambeyang and clearing out theo gibbs giroud etc it has to be said that something is changing

    #bringbackthetbumb ??????????

    1. Arnold says:

      And extending Emirates sponsorship means we need to change a manager for good results and this one was helping by hiring Sanllehi and Josh kronke being in London for 3 months! watch that spece it should be Gazidis and Board cover

  12. I guess we will just have to out-live Wenger if we are ever going to see a new manager. Shucks, the guy probably has another 30 years in the tank.

  13. Midkemma says:

    Tactics would help the team win…
    Unless Wenger is going to change and learn how to drill tactics then he is set up to fail with some of the players, they lack the mental capabilities of the players that Wenger does well with.

    I think set up to fail works for Gazidis who wasn’t the driving force behind Wengers new contract.

    Wenger may have ruined any CB signed for the 1st team but AFC signed no CB, no DM… Another CF for another club record.

    I’m happy we got Auba but the hard truth is: we chased him so much of the transfer window that we left ourselves no time to get a Sven recommended WC CB.

    So yeah…. I’m expecting Wenger to fail and I expect Gazidis will put pressure on him behind the scenes, I then guess Wenger will be just as stubborn. Gazidis either needs to fully back Wenger in the summer or push for Wenger to be replaced and back the new manager 100%.

    1. Arnold says:

      There is no way for Arsenal under perform like that was going to convince Emirates to extend sponsorship and that being said i think this is Wenger final season with Arsenal

  14. GB says:

    If he gets sacked he won’t have much say in the matter.

    1. Arnold says:

      One condition i am pretty sure, before Emirates decide to extend there was a clause Wenger needs also to leave end of this season and get somebody new in

      1. Save gunner says:

        So, if Wenger move on; does its mean arsenal wouldn’t lose any March everever again? Or the in coming coach will just start winning trophies without spending 86mill on pogba like or 150 on cotinho, I head ppl yearning for aceloti who was sack by Bayern.

        1. Abel says:

          Thumbs up, @ save gunner.
          Didn’t Pep and Manchester City Lose last night to Wigan, a league 1 club (English 3rd tier).
          While you were all throwing your toys out of the pram cos Arsenal and Wenger lost to Nottingham Forrest , a championship side (English 2nd tier).
          Manchester city played their first team with a few changes while we played a complete B team.
          Stop hating on Arsenal if you’re truly a fan. Support the team and the manager.

          1. maxi pimpi says:

            Abel most of us here support Arsenal FC and not Arsene fc.. Every team sacks nonperforming managers. It’s basic stuff.
            It’s quite unbelievable that you are using man city as an excuse. How many games have man city lost all season? Some of us don’t expect the team to win all the games. Its how we lose them that gets me mad.. There is no desire and hunger to win. The team is just pathetic at the moment. the stats says it all. And you think we shouldn’t blame the manager.

          2. Save gunner says:

            @ maxi pimpi
            Who will you chose to replace Wenger as a fan if such opportunity was granted to make your choice?

  15. AndersS says:

    Wenger is trying to make it a matter of “honor” to respect his contract. If the man had any dignity left, he would do the honourable thing; admit the club need a new manager and resign.

  16. gooner4life says:

    These must be the most depressing words ever to come from Wenger’s mouth. I like most other loyal fans am devastated. Does anyone else feel the same?

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