Wenger in talks with Napoli over Gonzalo Higuain?

Arsenal fans may have seen many of our fancied targets being taken by other clubs, but believe me there are still lots of talented players out there. One particular favourite target of Arsenal fans is Gonzalo Higuain, who we should have nabbed a couple of years ago.

Gonzalo was absolutely amazing for Napoli last season, but with the economics situation not so good in Serie A compared to the Premiership it would be little surprise if the Italians cashed in this summer.

This is what was posted on Football-Italia.net : Arsenal invited Napoli to a meeting on Thursday so they can discuss Gonzalo Higuain, who reportedly wants to move to England.

The Gunners were reported to have made an appealing offer of €60-65m plus Olivier Giroud in exchange for the Argentinian star.

According to pundit Ciro Venerato, speaking to Radio CRC, the offer will only be presented formally on Thursday.

Coach Arsene Wenger requested a meeting on that day with Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis and sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli. The group should get together in London.

As well as the offer for the club, Arsenal are also willing to offer Higuain himself a salary of €8m yearly for the next four seasons.

Venerato claims that Higuain finds the option quite to his liking and would look favourably on a move to the Premier League.

If Wenger does pull off a signing like Higuain in the near future, all we be forgiven!



  1. Great news if true, but throwing in Giroud?? That makes it less likely to be real..

    By all means buy Higuain, but keep Giroud as very good backup.

    1. If letting Giroud leave is the only way for us to get Our Higuin, then I say:
      Thanks for the memories Olivier.

      1. New fans ????? You all are funny, that’s news to laugh at. Why do you think Arsene would sell or trade Giroud? Better yet Arsene will never spend 60 million on one player but you all can be optimistic.

  2. Yes. Would love Higuain
    But keep Giroud as back up if we get him

    Even if we get Higuain, I still think we should get a winger btw

    1. it’s funny how so many gooners were calling for Giroud’s head but the second he’s mentioned as a possible departure in a deal that could get us the “top top WC striker” we’ve been craving for, we all suddenly want to keep him.. Arsenal fans are the hardest to please

        1. Gooner-Giroud. I think it’s because of how difficult it would be to find a second choice striker better than Giroud. Which would mean us very solid in deed if we can get a top striker, to go along with Giroud as second choice. If we lose Giroud in the bargaining, well then we would need to go out and buy a solid second option. Welbeck is injured and not reliable, his goal tally is hardly prolific. So what would be the chances of Arsene not only buying a top striker, but also forking out for a Giroud replacement. I would say zero chance.

          We need a new striker for a number of reasons – Need an upgrade – We also need depth – And tactics with different styles of play. We need to keep Giroud, and we need a new striker.

          1. I hear you Trevor. I feel Wenger won’t spend BIG on a striker, and with today’s markets being as inflated as they are it somehow makes me wonder if Wenger would sign a winger instead and convert Sanchez to a striker… it has to be done because he’s become too predictable on left flank being one-footed and all

  3. Please do you actually believe Wenger would give up his favorite love child Giroud over any player. Wenger believes in OG so much he would pass the chance of even exchanging him for CR7 or Messi. The man’s head works in mysterious ways!!!!

    How many strikers have we passed on in the past including Higuain himself due to the fact that Wenger believes in OG?

    Lets move on. As crazy as it may sound I think we are even more likely to sign Turan than Higuani, Wenger logic.

  4. I agree with Mark. Throwing in Giroud makes this way less credible, and why would we? Unless Wenger is really rating Akpom/Asano this makes absolutely no sense. I think Giroud is not the solution, but he surely has to stay at Arsenal to play some sort of role in a title hunt? Higuain is only a year younger, costs way too much money (imo), is PL unproven and is known for bottling important games and big chances for Argentina.

    What do we gain other than a ‘big money signing’? I don’t think this would be a good move, rather see us blowing that on Lacazette.

  5. This deal ain’t happening for sure and likeliest of this kind of deal happening would have been possible if it were Zidane or Ancelotti were you give a good striker for a top class performer. Napoli want cash and Wenger is wasting his time on this stupid deals whereas he can buy lacazette for 42 million.

  6. The Napoli talks have broken down
    because Bartelona high-joked the deal.
    Barcelona want’s to swap
    MSN = Messi Suarez + Neymar
    for SAG = Sanogo Asano +Giroud.

    1. Davidnz, not sure why you are getting thumbed down for a rumour which is as accurate as 95% of the rumours in the media.

      1. Possibility factor. If one dude buy’s a lotto ticket, but his mate says, Ill keep my money and still have as much chance of winning it than you. Well his mate would obviously be wrong. How possible this rumour is I can’t say. Allot more possible than off-loading MSN for sure.

  7. Different reports are suggesting different figures with these Higuain rumours and as per usal Wenger is trying to get a discount. ?
    For Wenger to offer Giroud plus €50 million for Higuain, may suggest that Napoli must have been one of the clubs that enquired about the availability of Giroud?… but then again this doesn’t make sense as Some reports are stating that Napoli are not interested in a player plus cash deal for Higuain, as they are holding out for €70 million for the striker, whilst others are quoting that Napoli would accept €60 million plus €8 millon in add on’s.
    Oh and apparently, West ham have supposedly offered €70 million for Higuain. Hahaha ?

    1. What is West Ham playing at? Chasing Bacca, Lacazette and now Higuani.

      It seems their manager is planning a revolution while our old man is busy arguing with Henry.

      1. Obviously, West Ham and the like are showing intent and ambition, whereas Arsenal fc are content with just making money! ? and I doubt that West Ham United are blagging about their targets just to sell season tickets, I heard that all their seats were booked in advance for their new Olympic stadium.

  8. It is an interesting news for Arsenal fans if it is reliable. Getting Higuain with the stated price alone makes sense. Giroud has to be kept for backup as he has his own quality useful for the team.

  9. If we are actually in for Higuain, i do not see us sending Giroud the other way, so if a deal is going to be struck it would be more like cash with add ons.

    Still rather Lukaku, but can not say no to a Higuain

  10. there are less legs in this story than there were in the Morata one I suspect that its another “make it happen” story rather than having any real foundation in reality.
    we all know what Wenger is like, he was stumped with the Higuian deal a few years back and its unlikely he’s going back on this now
    I like Higuain and he’s a better striker than Giroud all day long but I really dont see it happening.

  11. The Independent claims that Chuba Akpom is set to start the new Premier League season as Arsenal’sonly fully-fit centre forward. The 21-year-old, who has never scored a senior goal for the club, has been told that he will not go out on loan because Arsenal will need him in August.

    1. Now that sounds like something Wenger would do.

      Next season strikers at Arsenal, Giroud, Welbeck, Theo, Akpom, and Sanogo.

      All these rumors flying around is just the media trying to sale stories, our transfer business is done.

  12. Signing any player is a risk and if they come from a different league then the risk is greater. We can all think of examples of highly rated goal scorers moving with poor results.

    There is no way we should get rid of giroud unless and until alternatives are in place and proven to work.

    Giroud has had a sucessful euro, substututed to save him for the next game with standing ovation from crowd. Hence we get rumours about him moving. The media perceive that arsenal fans want a new striker but would be concerned about giroud leaving. So they make up a story linking napoli money problems to selling higuain plus swop for giroud. We should not waste our time on this.

    1. Rewind to this time the past few seasons…
      Falcao, Balotelli, Jackson Martinez, Remy, Pato, Benteke. Need I say more?

        1. We got ozil who is better. Mata not needed and not good out wide either so that’s a high salary player to be ozils backup?

  13. Now I read in the telegraph that Lacazetta is again the main target, I think the truth is that theres NOTHING going on with regards to the transfer window, our business is done and thats that Wenger aint gonna be hiring any new help as he feels that Sanogoals and akpom and Giroud are adequiet to get the wenger cup

  14. Do you guys think Wenger would be signing any quality player ? I don’t think so. He had ample of chances to sign quality ST, quality defender but the old man went for Asano. He ignored Janssen and now as per the records Akpom will be ST for the first few games. Sanchez and Ozil would be thinking what should we do.
    I am just waiting for this year end and hoping either Arsene doesn’t renew his contract or take up the England job. Thats the only hope left.

  15. Not think so Wenger would be splashing 40M+ on any player. Tomorrow if Messi or Ronaldo would be available to lead the line for Arsenal, he would still go with Girould, Sanogo etc. Such a cheap mentality. All the competitors strengthened their team and this guy became a pundit who is lost in his thought. Would nice to see him standing along side Pep, Klopp, Conte, Mourinho and Reneiri 🙂

  16. Wenger does this every Transfer Window. Arsenal are after this player and that player then he end’s up buying no one. Then he tell the Fan’s he tried but there was no one out there.
    He Good because the Fan’s buy into it. All this Talk about trying to buy Top Class Players is all Smoke and Mirrors. They Should rename him Wenger the Magician.

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