Wenger insists Arsenal do NOT have a problem? Really?

The problem for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is that anything like this is going to get brought up and have the bones picked clean, just like our ability to win the Premier League or the wisdom of Arsene Wenger´s transfer policy will be questioned.

Until the Gunners get through a season and prove the doubters in the football media wrong, we have to expect the questions because recent history suggests that Arsenal do have problems. What the boss was forced to defend this week, and has been asked to do many times in the past, is the injury situation at the club and whether there is some underlying problem and some blame to be apportioned.

After a relatively injury free start to the season, Arsenal have now moved back up to the top of the injury charts and that has been pounced on by the Dutch football coach Raymond Verheijen, who has criticised Arsenal and Wenger´s training methods before.

I reported the Dutchman´s criticism on Just Arsenal this morning and Wenger has responded by insisting that there is no problem with the training methods or the competency of the medical and fitness experts at Arsenal, as a report in The Mirror explained, also suggesting that Verheijen might just have an ulterior motive with a book to publicise.

The Frenchman said, “This guy looks like he knows absolutely everything. I am amazed that he knows more than all our physics and all our doctors.

“I trust me medical staff to do well and my coaching staff to do the fitness planning very well.

“I can only invite you one day to see what work is done behind and we have some players who are more injury prone than others, but we are very well organised on that front.

“It is easy to say that injuries are caused by training methods. We have players every years who play 50 games and some who play less games because they are more injury prone.”

Every season we suffer more than most though, so can this really be nothing more than bad luck?

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  1. Budd says:

    Same training for Sanchez, Ozil, Santi, Coquelin and so on but somehow is only the same players again and again being injured. This is actually saying everything. As Wenger puts it, some are more injury prone than others.

    1. BabyPlease says:

      I agree. Players bodies are different and some are just more injury prone then others. That’s something we need to live with

      BUT I think since Wenger hired Shad Forsyth, injury recovery times seem to have decreased since before he came. I think that was an excellent signing

      Hopefully we should see Ramsey, OX, Walcott and Ospina back after the International break.

  2. Greg says:

    Oh yes we do! depth is a problem, when our first choice players get injured!

  3. BabyPlease says:

    Listen Baby Please

    Lets beat Swansea tomorrow and have a wicked Halloween

    0-3 to the Gunners


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