Wenger insists Arsenal’s squad is ‘full of quality’ and believes they will bounce back

Arsene Wenger insists that the Arsenal squad is full of quality despite their dismal start to the new Premier League season, and believes we will bounce back.

The Gunners opened their account this weekend, at the fourth time of trying, by beating Norwich City at the Emirates by a 1-0 scoreline, and can look to build on that when they take on Burnley at Turf Moor this weekend.

Wenger admit that it isn’t the best time to be talking about his former club given their rough start to the term, but isn’t worried about our side, and is taking a realistic analysis of our opening weeks have taken on two of the favourites to win this season’s title.

“When I talk about Arsenal it’s a sensitive subject and at the moment the timing is maybe not the best to talk,” Wenger said.

“I must say I find the squad full of quality. I’m not pessimistic because I feel they had two difficult games out of the first three – Chelsea on a high at home and of course after they go to Manchester City.

“Of course, you go to Man City and you can say it’s predictable that you could drop points.

“The bad result we made was in the first game against Brentford. After that it puts you straight away on the back foot.

“I wish them to recover and I think they will. The potential is there so I hope they come back.”

I’m sure the feeling around Arsenal will improve as we get our confidence back after a rocky start, but another win at Burnley paired with a win over Wimbledon in midweek will surely lift the morale of the squad, and give us the opportunity to get back to playing something close to our actual level.


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  1. The man needs to come home to some job at Arsenal. Director Of Football for Arsene would be a good fit. He still loves, supports and wants what’s best for the club our club.

    Ever notice he still says “We” as a whole 👏

    It was time for him to go as manager, maybe even after the FA Cup win to leave on a high but time is a healer and we need our DNA back and he may be the man to help get it back behind the scenes as it’s a shambles.

    1. Sean 👍👍👍
      Trouble is mate, he still remembers the abuse and I don’t blame him one little bit for saying he will never forget it.

      1. Agree with you Ken1945.

        The abuse he received in the last 5 years was uncalled for and I wouldn’t blame him if he turned down role at the club if he was offered.

      2. Now that’s very true…

        He was forced out but wouldn’t have came to that if he had walked away after the cup win.

        I dont blame him either but have to admit I do miss the man around the Emirates. He could help Arteta as I’m sure Fergie is with Ole…

        Maybe in the future he comes back to help this mess out 🤞 maybe its Stan who needs to go 1st?

    2. I have to disagree with Arsene in the use of the words “full of quality” which implies we are well covered in every position.With respect to him, we have a dearth of quality in central midfield where we lack a dedicated DM ,and our back up centre backs and right backs are far from top quality.By by reckoning we may have 14/15 very good players at best.Let’s hope Partey and the talented Lokonga stay fit, as a lot will depend on them.

      1. Yes Grandad, to claim “full of quality” is plainly not accurate!

        We do have a number of good players and when our best eleven are all fit and picked, it looks , on paper a good side.

        But THAT is miles away from claiming we are “full of quality”. THAT phrase can apply to City, to Chelsea and now, even Man Utd.

        So it is untrue hype to claim it for OUR present squad , even though it IS improving, IMO.

      2. We do have a squad full of talent and on loan. Made some mistakes in who we kept and let go.

        Imo if we had kept Saliba, Matteo & Lucas, Sold Xhaka, Elneny & Chambers would be a even better squad. Dino should’ve been given a chance also instead of Mari being bought.

        Lokonga, Taveres, Tomiyasu, Ramsdale all look promising and defo have something each. Saka, Ødegaard,SmithRowe, Gabi and Balogun/Eddie all look to have massive potential.

        Leno, Gabriel, Teirney, Partey, Pepe, Auba & Laca are all talented players.

        We have the wrong manager in charge with alot of talented footballers at his disposal.

        1. Agree Sean, AND Saliba and Gouendouzi getting good reviews for their performances. Regulars in a team as yet unbeaten and could go second in ligue 1.

          1. Reggie
            It is pointless making those comparisons
            Martinez has gone
            Willock has gone
            Guendouzi has nearly gone
            They are where they are and we face Burnley next.
            Saliba may very well come back next season but MG .. not for me… at Arsenal

          2. Its not about comparisons Sue, for me its about bad decisions that have blighted Artetas tennure. They were/are all bad decisions in my book and bad decisions is why we are where we are. A win against a poor Norwich changes nothing, a lot more needs to happen to show we are on the up and not stuck with more bad decisions. Im not going to argue things may get better but we i will that we are not there yet or anywhere near. It wouldn’t be so bad in my eyes but i really dont get how Arteta gets away with what he gets away with and we dont really know if he is capable of doing a job, of which so far he has failed at. When i see what he is doing is working, i will change my mind but i dont see anything and that includes Edu. I really hope this summer is a watershed moment but we cant say yet it is at all.

          3. The point is Sue Arteta deemed none of Martinez,Willock,Saliba or Gouendouzi good enough for this seasons squad. I have said right from the beginning the all were or are. We have still Elnenny, kolasinac and others that are most definitely not good enough but they are stil here.

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