Wenger insists Luis Suarez agreed terms with Arsenal

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed that Luis Suarez agreed contract terms with us before joining Barcelona.

Wenger became the subject of ridicule following the reported attempt to sign the striker, with groups of fans claiming he offered £40 Million which was rejected, with claims they had to pay more than that amount in order to trigger a clause in his contract. The current report claims they had actually offered the amount of £40,000,001 which was supposed to trigger a contractual clause, but the information is believed to have been false.

The Arsenal boss now claims that he was misinformed as to the minimum fee release clause, but that had not stopped them from talking to Suarez and agreeing personal terms for the star to switch between rivals.

“He was very close [to signing],” Wenger said.

“We had an agreement with the player. We had been wrongly advised that he had a clause, with a minimal clause, but we had an agreement with the player. You can ask him.

“I’m convinced he wanted to join us and then they sold him. They kept him one more year, improved his contract and promised to sell him the year later to a club abroad.”

Arsene moved on to compliment the work he has put in to better himself after some disgraceful actions on the pitch such as biting opposing players, adding: “It is not normal. You cannot accept that. He had some behaviours that were shocking but I think as well you don’t see them anymore since two, three years.

“He got rid of all the things that were a handicap for him and today you don’t see that anymore. He’s still on borderline with what the strikers do well, you know, go down in the penalty box but you want that from an intelligent striker.

“Overall I think he got rid of all the rest and rightly so and he deserved to be punished before and now you don’t even expect it anymore from him.”

Would Suarez have pushed us onto win the Premier League? Why did this failed signing not lead to Wenger to pursue another top striker to join our club?

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  1. It has recently emerged that we missed out signing Xabi Alonso by £3 million. Will £3 million have stopped us from paying off our Emirates debt or sent us to relegation?

    1. I read that too
      It infuriated me
      I think we offered £15 million and they wanted £18 mil or something like that

      Stunning that he was so stubborn to not give an extra £3 mil for a great talent

      Well he payed £16 mil for
      Chambers lol

      Wenger is clueless

      1. I find it difficult to believing Liverpool would allow that happen. I’d say Liv used us as a means to jack the price up. Wenger loves Alonso type players, all about the passing, if it is true that they’d have sold to us ..well then that is a reckless sense of judgement to say the least.

  2. all this shows is how close he was to winning the title
    same as not willing to reach eden hazrads 30 million asking price when his agent was in wengers house!

    instead his tightness/frugality has made him and us a team with no real ambition an no real success

    wenger out

  3. I think Wenger keeps mentioning all of these stars he could have signed because he likes torturing the fans. A real manager with ambition would have got these deals done, unfortunately, we pretty much have an account managing the team these days.

  4. I’d love to see a match between the Arsenal men’s team versus the Woman’s. I honestly believe the Woman hold more aggression, was watching a little one day and every one of them look like they’d batter Ozil. If Alexis and Koscielny weren’t playing I think they’d hold their own. It could be an exaggeration but it doesn’t feel like it.

  5. Who cares Arsene! Just another deal you F-d up because you’re a stubborn old, selfish fool! Wenger out!

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