Wenger insists pressure is still ON for Arsenal

There were suggestions from the TV pundits after Arsenal beat West Bromwich Albion on Thursday evening that it was something of a hollow victory, not only because our chances of the Premier League title are realistically over but due to the fact that there is no longer any pressure on the players to perform.

The theory was that the Gunners can only perform when there is nothing important resting on the result of a match but that is clearly not a theory held by the manager. And Arsene Wenger was quick to stress that there is plenty still riding on the remainder of the Premier League season for Arsenal.

As reported by Arsenal.com, he wants the Gunners to remember that even a fourth placed finish in the EPL table does not guarantee us a place in the Champions League group stage for next season. The Frenchman was talking about the dangers of going into a play-off at the beginning of a new campaign and he has good reason to worry as we have been involved in some tight ones in the past.

Wenger said, “It’s difficult because you can play teams who are in the middle of a championship because they have started already in June. But for us, we don’t know where we will finish.

“We are not guaranteed the top four and we have to fight for that. Manchester United are behind us and they will fight for it as well.

“We have difficult games, they have difficult games as well.

“What has changed over the years is that the impact of the finances in the Champions League is not as big anymore. It was vital for us for a period.

“The supporter impact, the planning of next season changes completely, especially when you have a big tournament like the European Championship, which is now like a World Cup because it starts on June 10 and finishes on July 10. When you have to play qualifiers the European Championship is still going on.”

Also we should remember that however unlikely it might seem, there is a chance that Liverpool could win the Europa League and Man City could win the Champions League and both could finish outside the top four and that would mean that the club that does finish fourth would miss out on a UCL spot.

So adding all that to the fact that Arsenal fans are desperate for the team to play well and try their best to finish above Tottenham, do you agree that the pressure is still very much on Arsenal?

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  1. I have no fear that we might not qualify for CL next season … Actually I don’t care …
    As long as we are not the EPL champion of this season I don’t care …
    I just want this season to finish, Wenger should have sent someone to the press conference, I had enough of his lies …

    1. fun fact to distract us from all this negativity….

      the team of the year cost 49 million in total

      same price as raheem sterling

      1. The team of the year had a striker and right winger with pace and instinct, and managed to keep one of the best DMs in the country fit for an entire season thanks to good squad rotation.

  2. jesus …the excuses have started even earlier than usual for the delusional one … all that fans want to hear him say is that we have underperformed again this year and that given that the usual contenders have also been well below par next year will be much harder and i will need to strengthen the squad in several positions … rest is just corporate blah blah to keep the idiot yank happy and to explain away his own managerial failings

  3. Wenger should just stop talking sometimes in public.
    As much as it sounds delusional, it’s insulting to us fans.
    Even if he thinks we’ve been idiots, he’s been doing this for 12 years…we’re bound to see through his cunning someday.

  4. OT:
    Another Wenger’s excuse: “it is difficult for everybody. There are top, top teams who are behind us.”
    I just want to remind Wenger and his supporters, these top teams “namely UtD, City, and Chelsea” have won enough trophies in the last 12 yrs for their fans not to moan at least for the next 10yrs (as per Arsenal standard) …

  5. Yeah. No kidding
    Wenger put pressure on Arsenal when he didn’t sign any outfielders last summer.

    With a top striker there would have been less pressure on our current strikers
    With a top DM there would have been less pressure on our defense

    1. Bacca said he was talking with people from Arsenal during the summer, Kostos Manolas agent said he was in discussion with people from Arsenal. Two juventus players, striker Zazza and young defender Daniele Rugani, both were offered the chance to move to Arsenal. The manager did have names, he had a list which he gave to Gazidas and co. Who’s fault is it that Gazidas doesn’t know anything about football so has no clue in trying to entice players. It is easy for everyone to say Wenger is in charge of everything, but this is just not true. How on earth would Wenger get the time to fly around the world sitting in board rooms hashing out the finer details of contracts whilst rushing back to dot some T’s and cross some eyes (vice versa), and before this he must build relationships and convince the players and their family to trust and join Arsenal. Then agents, jeesh, it’s impossible. People, we have negotiators and we have a branch that deals with all this stuff. Kroenke is the one responsible for hiring our transfer team, led by Gazidas. Yes Wenger has a voice, but like I said, he gave them names.

  6. jeeze wengers taking pelters from all angles.

    right angles

    as i stand here in tigger pyjamas eating a gone off packet of cheetos i ask….

    r u not entertained?
    are.you.not. entertained?!

    1. They surely do, when you see them play lately you realise that city had the best squad, and probably by some way.

  7. Arsenal need to get rid of some deadwoods – Walcott, Ramsey, Ox, Rosicky, Mertasucker, Arteta, Giroud, Gibbs and Manager Arsene Wenger. The likes of Ozil and Sanches are frustrated playing with these crop of players. Arsenal need a defenders with steal and a 25 goal a season striker (Henry type) with skill and good technical abilities, the lamppost forwards can’t work and the English core of players are simply not good enough. Notice no one has mentioned that Theiry was right that Arsenal can’t win the league with Giroud.

  8. People are tired of hearing Arsene speak about this season, understandable. Lets not forget though that he’s been asked questions here. There is no excuses used that the people on here would have you believe. He is talking about gaining the table position which will help us keep Ozil, Alexis and also give us at least a chance in signing ready made quality. It is not financially vital to claim the cl spot, but to players it is everything.

  9. Alan Smith on Skysport the last Thursday

    “You don’t want to go out on a low after what he’s achieved at this club, but he has always gone on record as saying if he felt he couldn’t take the team forward and improve the team he would walk away,”

    “Can he improve this team? I’ve got my doubts and I think a lot of other people have. He has been here a long time.

    “When George Graham was here I played for him for eight years and by the end of that time we had heard all of his rollickings and all of his team talks. It does get a bit stale.

    “Wenger has done well to last 20 years, but I go back to words like ‘optimism’ and ‘excitement’. Will there be that inside this stadium for the first kick-off of next season given the situation with the other clubs and all their new managers?”

  10. “What has changed over the years is that the impact of the finances in the Champions League is not as big anymore. It was vital for us for a period”

    Does that mean we make good money elsewhere and therefore being less reliant on CL money means we have money, and therefore should we not spend it?

    1. To me it sounds like he’s adopted the Kroenke philosophy, it doesn’t matter about competitions, just where the money can be made!

  11. Went to check Sunderland site…
    Their fans think they have a good chance against us..
    Why?? One said..”Arsenal have a soft centre and defence…

    And other said..”We must take the game to Arsenal and not allow them play, they hate being turned around,if we do that Arsenal won’t win”…
    Can you argue with those assessments????
    On the positive side, they are wary of Bellerin’s threat!

  12. Wenger has been getting away with 4th for years!
    So what has changed for him to be worried about it, now?
    Jack ? that’s what ?? The negative loser mentality is already preparing for next season!

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