Wenger is a Deluded Dictator that has lost the Arsenal Dressing Room

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing! – by ES

One of the most enduring images we all have is that of George Bush as the leader of the free world sitting, clueless about what to do next, in a nursery school reading stories to children for 15 minutes after being told that planes had been flown into the Twin Towers.

That is how he will be remembered by posterity, a clueless fool with no grip on reality and completely out of his depth.

There is a similarity in his deluded state and that of a dictator from an earlier time, Hitler, in his bunker calling for counter attacks from armies that had long since been turned to dust. There is one more man who I think of in the same way as the deluded dictator pulling his empire apart with his every deed: Arsene Wenger!

The man who once beguiled us with his football has now lost every last ounce of that magic, gone is the decisiveness in transfer markets and tactics on the pitch are now lost to him.

Gone is the advantage once gained from a different style of play and nutrition geared towards the sport, everyone else and I mean everyone else has caught up with Arsenal and an ever increasing number of clubs appear to be doing all of those things better.

Our youth academy is a joke, a quick look at the number of Southampton youth academy players in our first team vs Arsenal youth academy players makes somber reading.

One of the most worrying aspects of the current dynamic at the club is that there are worrying noises coming from the dressing room, this has been happening for some time, it is no secret that Wenger and RVP came to a head over Wenger’s lack of transfers to reinforce gaps in the team and make Arsenal competitive with the top teams.

However we have heard some quotes recently that would indicate that Wenger has lost his grip on the dressing room. Players can wax lyrical about his style of management all day but for me that is just rhetoric, spin for the fans and the media when they are probably feeling angry and frustrated but cannot voice their true feelings.

Wenger’s training methods and positioning of players are now been criticised by players themselves, this is a worrying step in the wrong direction. Wenger’s rhetoric has also become increasingly worrying, his press conferences have become abrasive events, when the clear reason for a loss is highlighted, he will snap at reporters asking legitimate questions. Even more worrying is that Wenger has begun to complain about or reply to criticisms by players in the media.

These are all clear signs that Wenger is losing the dressing room as fast as he is losing games.

The big question is, of course, how long can this continue? The board are highly unlikely to sack him and the chances of him stepping down are incredibly slim, he is simply too arrogant.

I feel the only way to get him out is through a concerted effort from the fan base or to get Kroenke out. Usmanov could be the solution to our woes; he would not take these obvious failings and would have Wenger out in a heartbeat, replace him with a competent manager and give him a transfer kitty to gel the team.

We can argue the pro’s and cons of an oligarch owner all day but if he invests in the club and makes a manager accountable and therefore do his job, can it really be a bad thing?

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      1. @muffdiver
        I’m not happy either. But we’re 11 games in. The end of season result will be the deciding factor for me.
        And to clear up a little misunderstanding we had on a previous thread. Dude, I respect you too much to ever belittle you. Know this…

        1. i appreciate that man. feelings mutual.
          we got man united next, bout time we beat them its been a while, but that monreal at cb idea needs rethinking.

          lucky for us alot of the big teams are having poor starts also.

        2. @ NY Gunn,I salute you for your steadiness in supporting Wenger but tell me?
          Do you think that you can support Arsene when you support Arsenal.Let s forget the results,anyone can have a bad patch but watch:
          Which other team even a small one would employ Arteta and Flamini as their recognised DM?
          Which other coach would choose Wilshere over Ozil as n 10?
          Which other coach play nearly everyone out of position despite having better,purest options at those post?
          We can speak and shout and cry all day and night,it will change nothing but man if observing all that and still defending the man who is bringing down your team you think you love the team then watch you well in a mirror.
          Wenger could receive more sympathy if he was working for free but he is not so he is highly questionable.I doubt we will get fourth place this season as I can see some players are affected by what is going on and if he does not resign or be sacked then it would mean that AFC is not a football club but a business.

          1. @Grim Bligh
            I support AW because he is a part of AFC. I was a supporter long before he came and intend to be one long after he has gone.
            I’m not a big fan of Jack, Ozil,Mert or Arteta. But as long as they’re rollin in RED&WHITE, I would not wish ill will on them and will back them to 100 as long as they keep doing their best for AFC…

      2. The answer to this question is one of philosophy of football and winning trophies. I’m proud to be an Arsenal supporter and some of the most wonderful moments for me have happened under Arsene Wenger’s management. The cost and move to the Emirates has been the major cause to Arsenal not winning trophies for so long. Would I like us to win CL, Premiership? God yes I am growing anxious about it. But we are not the kind of club to win everything, every year. Like it or not its Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and the noveau riche Chelsea, PSG and Man City who have the wallets to buy the big stars of the game. We need players who want to play for our club and who respect our values. Chelsea, I can’t be impartial I hate Chelsea and Mourinho, are everything that is wrong with football today. They don’t really have a fan base and no great history. Arsenal have both and have gone through a very difficult transition since leaving Henry’s garden. BTW did you see Henry on Football Focus, just to see the love he has for Arsenal was wonderful. Arsenal are a few players away from being a dominant team in English and European football. Arsene Wenger is obsessed with CAM. We all know we need a holding midfielder and Central Defender and a first class poacher. But one thing Arsene Wenger has always done and that is put Arsenal first. If he leaves tomorrow he leaves the club with the foundation of a great team unlike the trophy chasing Ferguson. Yes winning trophies is important but for it to be the single focus like Chelsea or Man Utd is missing the point. It can’t be the single guiding principle of a club. Arsene Wenger completely changed the blue-print for “Boring, Boring Arsenal.” We may not like losing so many matches, and I certainly never like to see Arsenal lose, but the very fact we have expectations of exciting football and big name players coming to our club is down to Arsene Wenger. Ferguson, Mourinho, and the whole culture of football today is the short-term view, Wenger has always wanted a philosphy of football a club to be proud of. For me, I am proud of Arsenal (I love the Arsenal) and I will always be grateful to Wenger for what he has done for our club. The man has made mistakes but at least he has class.

    1. You better make Up your mind, Arsenal or Wenger?? Coz those two are no longer Going together. As for me #WengerOut

      1. The problem with the kind of see-saw performances we see from Arsenal is actually that Arsene always manages to bounce back & do enough to earn 4th place or better at the end of the season. When that happens, people are always willing to forget all the season’s struggles (losses in big matches, poor defensive displays, etc). A sense of renewed faith takes over, and all of a sudden, people think next season Arsene of those sweet old days will resurrect and do better. Come next season, we find ourselves in the same exact spot. It’s a cycle that seems to never end. As for me too, he’s gotta go! #WengerOut

    2. @ AKB gunner ……… 30+ thumbs-down and still counting ……… BLoody huge! …….. Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

      1. @soopa ahole
        Only b*tches like you measure their manhood in up/down thumbs…
        Try making your mark on the real world. See how far you get. Good luck.

  1. Get Klopp….

    Look at Dormunt now….top of the league…

    and he will bring in Reus and Hummels in for Freee

          1. get some glasses…

            they are top of the table with man titles and trophies….with a world class manger Klopp in charge

  2. Yesterdays result made me angry too, but writing there abusive articles will make no difference. If the fans in London wanted to organise a protest in large scale to sack wenger they would have done it years ago.


    1. The Emirates with absolutely no home support for the next game would perhaps get things rolling in regard to getting Wenger out of the club.

      1. I support that because it the only way we can see the board start respecting us.im worried that bayern,real madrid,even chelsea or psg may come knocking for sanchez if we dont fix this problem

        1. I can only do my part by not turning up lol. What the other fifty odd thousand of you do is your business.

            1. NY_Gunner is a relation to wenger or stan…such pple cos I won’t call u a Fan is d reason Y wenger still got balls to b at Arsenal….I call for all fans to boycott the match n watch d shame from home(TV set) and see if Arsenal shareholder value U or not

    2. @The Handsome_Gooner if only Arsenal were in South Africa then you’d see that the fans can do something if things don’t go pur way. Our English lot, more especially the ones privileged enough to afford a matchday ticket at The Emirates are too “civilised” to spend up to this BS. I think it’s only us (international fans) who have a problem with what’s happening with our beloved club.

  3. why would kroenke leave a cash cow like arsenal fc?
    why would wenger leave 8 million a year an total control of a club?

    why are pringles so hard to stop eating?

  4. The problem is these days is that Wenger is seldom right but never in doubt. He is too arrogant and stubborn to the right thing. i mean only a fool would start the season with 2 recognized centre backs.
    He says he loves the club but it is his ego that determines his decisions not his love for the club, if he really loved the club he’d have bought in a holding midfielder and a centre back in the summer instead of telling the world we didn’t need them. He was wrong then and he is wrong now and I suspect given his overwhelming arrogance, he would rather be relegated than admit it.

    1. Haha I loved those articles too and I generally agreed with what he was saying. I think people get a little defensive in their own beliefs but he was right saying 2-3 years ago that we needed a change.

  5. it’s plain and simple, we’ve disected it from every angle, explained in tons and tons of analysis piece, the main point is, Arsene (and only arsene) is Happy with 4th, he is a fkn loser, sir alex would rather give his leg than concede defeat to chelsea 11 games into the new season, and please don’t feed me that mind game bs, arsene is NO.1 at stroking everyone else’s cock and make excuses as to why we’re not at the top, tell him we’re done, he can go be a loser elsewhere , WE ARE ARSENAL FC not tottenham, go get them 4th and they’ll be 4th cause they’e just fox’s but ARSENAL IS A FKN LION, WE ARE KINGS OF THE JUNGLE, YOU CAN’T FEED A LION A FOX’S DIET AND EXPECT HIM TO BE SATISFIED, TELL HIM TO TAKE HIS MEDIOCRITY AND LOSER MENTALITY SOMEWHERE WHERE THEY’LL ACCEPT BUT WE ARE ARSENAL

    1. Man city were 12 points last season and 18 in points in 2011/2012 behind but they never gave up.admiting defeat after 11 games that a loser mentality

  6. Wenger comment on Sanchez after the game: ” Alexis got the goal, but did not have a good game”….!!!
    I mean, WAOOOOOOOOO!!!

    And this is coming from a “deluded fool” who DID NOT have a good game since 2006…!!
    That’s a bit rich from a tactically clueless and, to be fair, “fake and found out” manager.

    This is turning into a worrying and unacceptable circus.

    He never, and I mean, NEVER, takes the blame.

    He always shakes his head on the side line like “the players are not following his instructions” when he is not even trying to guide them…!!
    He is, I think, one of the only manager (with Guus Hiddink, If I remembered correctly) who has the courage to sit on the bench the all game and then moan at referees (and make illogical substitutions) when it does not go his way.

    We just have to be patient and wait for his contract to terminate.

    It is unacceptable and wrong that a manager earning so much money (he is the one asking players to make financial sacrifice when trying to sign them when I don’t see him taking a pay cut from his gracefully undeserved salary… The f*cking c*nt!!) cannot deliver trophies, major trophies, on a regular basis.

    An English journalist tried to compare Wenger and Ancelotti in a German program (source Die Zeit) and the German sports commentators were shocked and amused… One of them said that he hoped Ancelotti would not read it as he would feel insulted…
    I agree, there is no place for comparison.
    One is a proven and well recognised manager and the other is just an overpaid “con artist” whom praises are not even spoken in his own country (Source France Football).

    1. Well, Alexis was far from being the one from last games but I agree with the fact that we can’t rely only on him. I have said last week that Alexis is beginning to look tired, here is my proof.

  7. Wenger OUT!!!!

    time to SPEND BIG !!!!

    Spend Spend Spend!!!

    sign 10 World class players and we can win titles and trophies!!

  8. Exactly… Successes are measured on trophies, not how many times you got the CL cash (top four)…

    Arsenal a top club?
    Based on what?

    We have won nothing for years (FA Cup! Well Wigan won it the year before, so it is not really a reference) and we are constant silent participant in every competition we are entering.

    This is a manager who will give the “key” of the team to Wilshere and put on of the best number 10 in the world on the wing…!! “deluded c*nt” !!!

    This is a manager who will turn mountains to bring an injury prone striker instead of getting a world class player for the position… And then he tells us we are lucky as he could have stayed home and Welbeck would have been brought to the club.
    Not only he is arrogant, but he cannot even back it up with a stroke of genius so we could say that “well, he was right”…!!

    Total failure, and unprofessionally proven.
    Mourinho was right (hard to admit it) because he knows he would have gotten fired at Chelsea if he had the same run.

    We are being fooled and conned by the board and the manager who have no pressure to deliver anything to the fans. Fans who are paying an astronomic ticket price and are being taken for mugs !

  9. To scared to point a finger at per but finds it easy to point it to our only best player,maybe he would have something different had he scored a brace or what ever goal but that also highlites that we are a 1 man team

  10. Wenger made a huge mistake letting TV5 leave and not replacing him. A CB or RB (with Chambers in the middle) would have done but now it is Nacho in the middle and it has had an impact.

    1. Why was Nacho bought?
      Another deadline day panic buy who isn’t good enough for Arsenal.
      1st time I have ever heard the Arsenal fan base united when they said in unison at the news of his signing; ‘Nacho who?’

  11. Wenger clearly underestimate the problems we were going to face and, as usual, avoided the transfer market.
    He is the one who did say “Buying is not the solution” or the usual “We could not find quality” (because we have the “best” players at every position already… I guess!)

    There is no physicality and “spice” in this team as well as no leaders and guidance…

    Weak… Just weak !!

  12. Arsene Wenger seems more content to talk about n0body catching Chelsea than actually talk about his failings. At what point does that make up for that performance. His is stated as saying they switched off after getting the goal against Swansea. No forgive me if I am wrong here, but isn’t his job as manager to get on the touchline and give the players a kick up the arse and tell them to switch back on?! Oh no forgive me his job is to sit there silently looking glum them telling the press after the game no-one is good enough to catch Chelsea. That’s the best he could do!

  13. never replaced gilberto with a proper DM.
    Only one good CB in koncielny
    Apparently did not need Fabregas because we have plenty in midfield.
    gooners need to start turning up at the ground but dont go in.
    Hit the greedy yank in his pocket where it matters most to him and then things will start to change.

    1. It’s never been the same since Dein left! You’d think we were trying to negotiate a world peace treaty and G8 summit treaty when trying to sign a player.

      I imagine it goes something like this.

      Iz ze player good? Yes boss! Ow much do zay want for im? £25million boss. Zis iz too much! Offer zem £5million and 1 pound! Ok boss.

      2 Hours later

      They said what drugs are you on boss! Ahh well tell zem will offer £10million. Yes boss.

      2 Further hours later

      They said £15 millions and he’s yours boss. Hmmm well I think zis iz still too much but I have to appease ze fans a bit, tell Ivan Gazidis to buy im.

      Hi this is Ivan here we are happy to pay you £15 million for your player and offer him £10 a week wages.

      Then the deal falls apart and Chelsea come in!

      It’s farcical!

  14. Ian Wright: “Bould isn’t allowed much say in training. I know he has recommended defenders to Wenger, but they haven’t been signed.”

    if this is true, we should really be worried about Arsene’s influence on the policies.

  15. Watched the interview with Wenger after the game again today and Wenger looked a mess,he is obviously out of his depth now and too old to cope with the pressure of managing this club.he has brought this on himself if only he allowed bould to sort out the defence and buy the player’s he has recommended,get dein back at any cost to take over the transfers and get rid of the deadwood medical and fitness team and let Forsyth do his job it might save his job and legacy.

  16. In Wenger We …lol…I thought I could type the whole phrase without laughing or crying. Guess I was wrong

  17. impeach this man (WENGER) …….. Vote for USMANOV, DAVID DEIN , PIERS MORGAN and BUFFY the vampire sLayer

  18. I know Wenger is not the most popular human being on earth right now but some so called Arsenal fans are pants and fickle….they keep going on about he should have left 5-6 years back blah blah, are you fir real? With a massive debt in the stadium not a single manager would have kept us relevant, we would be a 6th, 7th, 8th club right now….and trust me that Emirates stadium would be half empty every game, all the spoilt kids would not be bothered to go watch a mid table team…

    And most of the so called Arsenal fans on here would be embarrassed to be seen as Gunners in their countries.

    I know Wenger is having a mare but don’t say stupid things..

    1. Word!!! tell them, i wish they knew better, if you love a subject u like the teacher, how can you love aaaaalina club and hate your manager that much, we know he deserves to go but the way u guys on here are putting it is like he is full of piss and shit, ok go get van gaal, i remember some of u recommended porchettino, haha

  19. Ah man, I would just love it if Wenger stood down as a choice of his own, he needs to realise that he isn’t what he used to be and accept it. He has done so much for this club over the years, so it would be very sad for him to be forced out by the abuse of the fans (not saying the abuse isn’t valid!). I for one still have massive respect for him, but he needs to put his self-esteem aside and step down, it is the right time (or maybe it was his time at the end of last season)…

  20. I hope u understand what it means to lose the dressing room.If you are angry have a walk and cool down or watch a movie other than spitting venom on a blog that only has people with imaginary names and no clear identity.The problem is that u deluded fans have raised your expectations rather too high.Wenger and the Board only target a top 4 finish but naive fans here think they can win the league with a bunch of technically gifted dwarfs that cant even defend a corner kick and some other average players who are not good enough to start in a mid table team.

  21. Wenger gets £8M per year for managing (or supposedly doing so) us. Let’s break that down into weeks and a 40 hour week. Yes i know football ain’t exactly like that but hey ho. Wenger gets paid £153,846 per week. That breaks down to £3846 per hour when divided by 40!! Most people get paid somewhere between £7- £15 for standard jobs. How can Wenger be paid so much to do nothing except sit there doing nothing or arguing with the fourth official all game long? So for a 90 minute game he gets paid £5769!! That is enough to mangle anyone’s melon.

  22. Who da man? You da man? Muffdiver da man, Muffy da man!!!!

    Hey Muff, really cool of you to believe that NY_Gunner, the “dude” don’t even know Gunners are the team and the players. Go on Muffy, tell the “dude” it should be NY_Gooner.

    I bet he’s fat too.

    Check dis at …. Dude, I respect you too much NY_Gonner, ahem I mean KY_Gunner, to ever belittle you. Know this… O_o

  23. I used to defend Arsene with all my life. I was nicknamed Wenger by folks. Bt today, that’s no more. we wil hav our arsenal back wen he leaves. for now it’s a total mess.

  24. arsene wenger now has literally sucked the joy out of watching Arsenal !
    him & kronke and the board are the sickness that must be erdicated from AFC !!!

  25. All i have got to add is that if we lose to UTD at home the hammer will come down on Mr. Wenger, the pundits are hitting him hard with no mercy and they won’t go easy on him.

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