Wenger is a GREAT Arsenal manager… but a USELESS coach!

Why Arsenal can’t Move Forward?….. Wenger. by PA

First off, Arsene Wenger has done some good for the Arsenal. His coming revolutionised every aspect of the club from training regimes and player diets to the pitch. He created a style of play that was a joy to watch, both for fans and neutrals, and that Arsenal is now identified with, and he oversaw our move to a bigger stadium while getting us to the champions league year after year. This is no mean feat.

But I also think he is directly to blame for the decline in the clubs fortunes on the pitch. If we are sincere with ourselves we would realise that for the past three years and more the arsenal has not played with the same kind of fluency that was the hallmark of Arsene’s teams. Our movement off the ball and passing has definitely been below par. The best you can say of Arsenal is that we are a team in stasis. That is enough in my opinion for fans to question him and/or indeed call for his resignation.

More a Manager than a Coach
I am not one of those fans that scream blue murder only after a defeat. Though I celebrated the FA cup victory last season like every other fan, I knew then that it just papered over the gaping cracks in the club, deficiencies a coach would know absolutely needed to be addressed. A lack of speed in the final third, a midfield enforcer and a pacey center back to partner Koscielny, fix these and all being equal we would have a genuine shot at the title.

But true to form Wenger was more concerned with managing resources than fixing the problems of the team. I do not advocate spending money like Manchester city and PSG, but there were decent players available for good value. Just one more player that could play in defensive midfield and center back would have greatly improved the team. If not for providence that Giroud got injured before the close of the transfer window we would not have gone for Welbeck and we would now have a crisis in attack as well as defence.

He also seems incapable of varying his tactics. Substitutions only after 75 minutes, when we are chasing a game all he does every time is throw in all his available strikers hoping one of them gets lucky and setting up the same way for every game. Although this last is a result of the way we play it still does show an unwillingness or inability to adapt tactically.

Wenger is a great club manager but he definitely is not a great coach, at least for the last ten years. He seems only able to build a winning team and if the players he has bought do not fit into his preferred style, he is unable to turn a team into winners by making the best of the players he has.


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  1. A.o.bs are gonna ruin our club before December, calling your coach useless? I wish we brought porchettino in the summer as u wanted and see what he would have done, wenger made mistakes, but for now he is part of the team,

      1. Haha anyone screaming Wenger out NOW are the clueless ones trying to ruin this team. I’m all for looking for a great replacement in the summer. For now, Wenger must be our coach for the season. Replacing a guy like Wenger mid season will surely lead us to mid table disaster. You’re really just stupid if you can’t figure that out. Right now he will hopefully have us in our fight for Europe like every other year. You’re stuck with him. Deal with it and support the team. We’re actually not even doing as bad as you guys talk on this site. If we go on a nice little streak and close some of the gap on Chelsea I’d love to see what you guys are saying then. I’m gonna start making screen shots of what you fairweather fans are saying now. Then when things pick up I’m going to post them to see what kind of Hypocrites you all are.

  2. Well put papa-clap-clap-clap!. If his wits fail him to just zip-up a jacket how can he tactically manage a team of Arsenal’s magnitude?

    1. We haven’t beat Manchester United in years. The only thing we have going for us is the fact that we are undefeated at home in the EPL for quite some time.

  3. The lack of respect and immaturity levels of the fans and article authors on this website has hit an all time low. I honestly can’t think of another club that so freely ridicules and abuses their own legend the way fans on this site do. Regardless of what you feel, have some respect, retain some decency and for facks sakes, talk with sense! Wenger is not a good coach now! Really? What a stupid thing to say! How many players fortunes has Wenger gone on to significantly change before he has to prove hes know what a good player looks like. Honestly, the administration of this website needs a total rethink of their strategy and purpose cause they’ve seriously lost their way of recent.

    1. Okay, so what should we thank Wenger for this season.

      Thank you Wenger for signing Alexis, Chambers, Ospina, and Debuchy.
      Thank you Wenger for not signing Mario.

      Anything else @toniballe? Because my mind has gone blank.

    2. I rarely read justarsenal com nowadays. I found Bleacher Report a much better place to read about Arsenal. They have unbiased and quality articles there, and thoughtful comments.
      At justarsenal, if you don’t moan everyday like fred COWARDly, Mesut O-grillz, SoOpa AeoN, Kissass… do, they automatically assume you want to protect Wenger or so. I don’t know what Arsenal did to their life but I hope they get well soon, get over or go support another team if it causes too much pain for them.

  4. Useless Useless! Spade is a Spade!

    I can hear the chants ringing in the stadium after the Manutd game :

  5. It would be awesome if Welbeck scored a hattrick against United, but I will be happy with just a win

  6. We still have to face RVP/Rooney, mata etc etc. Their defense is shaky so we should get a goal or two, if we move monreal as a rb and chambers as Cb we should win this game.

  7. 1 patent idiots just said he is fixing what the akbs ruined.my question is how far have you gone about it? Please dont show another angle of your stupidity by telling us how long you have been commenting it here. Permit me to use the “MORON” for you

  8. “WENGER IS A GREAT ARSENAL COACH, BUT A USELESS MANAGER” BY ADMIN………. Buahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ,,,,,BEST ARTICLE EVER …..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……… Does this mean u are no Longer an AKB? ………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha #infinity#

    1. Are you dumb and blind too? The article clearly says Patrick at the end. Instead of coming on here all day and trolling/spamming you should be at school kid.

  9. What I have seen until now, one thing I have definitely observed, that our long term future can be very bright.
    We have got potentially great midfielders in their positions, Ozil as the no. 10 (already seen his accurate passing and vision in first season), Ramsey as the B2B midfielder (he does seems worse when out of form but he can be great when he is at his best), Wilshere as the deep lying playmaker(depends whether he can pull it out or not otherwise B2B at best), possibly a new young DM can be fitted.
    In striking departments, we have Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez, Chamberlain, Campbell – they can be devastating firing line if they developed a good partner ship(and if they are committed to long term futures).
    In defense we can have Gibbs and Chambers (also considering Jenkinson if he improves himself) as great defenders if they improve, they have the potential to be one of the best and if Wenger brings one or two more good and young defenders in January or next summer, we can have a great Arsenal team for the future years. Not to forget we have already Szcezsny, Ospina and Martinez for coming years as our goalkeepers.
    Also if Wenger finally builds some sort of good partnership between them (after that he can retire happily and hand the team as a project for other young manager), we can be one of the best teams ever.

    Condition : Only if injury are out of our ways. And that’s why we have bought Shad Forsythe for.
    COYG ! Gunners for life !

  10. Why i think most fans are pissed with wenger is because each year he has the opportunity to really make the squad a strong fortress with less signs of weakness, but each year he disappoints the fans and enhance the pockets of the owners.

    Wenger emphasis now is in the profit margins of the club, the owners have pass on to much responsibility to wenger who has neglected his coaching duties and the building of arsenal football squad. The owners have basically given Wenger monopoly over the running of arsenal, so i really do not think it will be easy to fire him.

    all can ask for is that he gives arsenal the opportunity to truly compete by putting in the right parts for the Arsenal

  11. The club is always going to be a business first. The fact that Arsenal make profit and still run a top flight team (without the aid of oil money) is something the club and many fans base a lot of pride in.

    I’ve been wondering recently if the current Arsenal squad aren’t in fact in a state of limbo due to the beginnings of a change of style – or at least Wenger’s adaptation of a style.
    If the world cup taught us anything, teams now know how to shut down ‘flowing one touch’ football. They get men behind the ball and close you down, forcing teams like Spain etc to endlessly pass backwards and sideways in an attempt to find gaps.. Wenger must see this. So many teams have shut down Arsenals finest players time after time and made them look uninspired and at times clueless.

    Power, speed on the counter, and work ethic are the new must haves currently.. Unfortunately for us, Chelsea have a good balance of this already – hence their current position. Wenger may well be working towards this with his additions of Sanchez and Welbeck. Both of which have great work rates and desire to win back the ball/track back etc.
    This could also be a reason for players such as Pod and Joel currently failing to break into the team if the boss judges their work rate to be too low.

  12. Wenger has lost it plain and simple. We the true fans are just hanging on till he retires because sacking him is going to be pure ingratitude for the much he’s done in the past. We love u and hate u at the same time Arsene. Its been a roller coaster of joy and Agony for people connected with Arsenal. I wish he can have the mental strength and just bow out.

    1. I Don’t think wenger is soles the problem our coaching staff needs to be top notch we have too many average coaches whereas worse teams in England have better quality coaches I think we need to rethink our coaching staff we need a world class defensive coach and a high class ATt coach(Henry?) in our ranks. We need an excellent conditioning coach that will help to strengthen our players.

  13. i think we have a decent squad.
    the way ox and wilshere play for england u can see it.
    but i think W doesnt inspire them, and he doesnt put
    fear in them.
    he keeps going on about the great spirit: i think that
    he says that over and over because he wants it
    to be true and fears it may not be.
    that they might get dispirited seeing the old goat
    playing players out of position, leaving
    bellerin on the bench while chambers is hung out
    to dry at RB and monreal suffers at CB.
    seeing each transfer window pass by while W blows
    another chance to go from good to great.
    seeing ozil on LW, seeing arteta & flam at DM.
    seeing favourite players run into the ground
    while pod/campbell/roz rot.

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