Wenger is a MASSIVE asset for Arsenal

Out come the pitchforks by Big Gun

First of all, I’d like to say I am shocked at the amount of verbal abuse being thrown around on this forum. We are all Arsenal supporters at end of the day with different opinions, that being said a certain amount of respect needs to be adhered to. Save it for the Spuds and Mancs please.

Yes we are all frustrated after yesterday’s game, in fact pretty much most of this season has been frustrating but I’d like to point out that many of the games we have drawn and even lost have simply been unlucky turn of events. Many of the goals conceded have really been against the run of play. It is a combination of that, lacklustre performances from certain players, injuries and managerial mistakes have ultimately been our undoing so far this season. Let’s just say the footballing gods have it in for us.

Wenger is once again in the hotseat and it seems the support and belief generated from winning two trophies not so long ago has all but been trampled to death by the angry mob waving torches and pitchforks as they call for his head. Yet only a few months ago, as Arteta lifted the cup, we were all united in celebration and in praise of Wenger and his team. I don’t think I read one negative article or comment about Wenger during that period. All I can say is that fans are quick to support our manager when things are going well, but when things go pear shaped, the same fans will do a 180 and call for his head and hop onto that bandwagon that lasts until we start winning again. It is pathetic.

But yesterday was a complete shambles and I will call a spade a spade – Wenger was ultimately to blame for our loss. Sure, they scored a sublime free kick enough to make David Beckham ask for a replay, which I think in turn spurred them on to get a second, but Wenger really should have done something about Chambers and for that he deserves a massive scolding. But please, let us not throw the baby out with the bath water. We have been robbed in so many games which have nothing to do with Wenger. For example, in the Anderlecht game, one of their goals was offside and because of that, they pushed on and on. To make things worse, our defense just kind of gave up. Is that Wenger’s fault? Surely the players need to also start taking some responsibility.

Those wanting Wenger to get sacked, I ask you one question. If you had the opportunity to go back in time 20 years and have the deciding vote of whether Wenger becomes the next manager or not (knowing the future up until now if he is), I guarantee that 99% of you will say yes. You know why? Because Wenger has brought far more success to this club than failure.

He has moulded and defined Arsenal as a successful brand, on and off the pitch and established solid foundations for future growth and success. He brought us The Invincibles and a long line of brilliant world class talent that were NOTHING before Wenger’s mentoring, not to mention a heap load of trophies. He carried this club during extremely dark times when we had limited funds building a massive new stadium and the unforeseen departure of our best players year after year, YET he still managed to keep us afloat in the Champions League whilst playing entertaining and beautiful football.

Take into account because of the valuable actions of this man, Arsenal are able to run a self sustainable business model with NO NEED of outside intervention to do well, like Chelsea, City, PSG, etc all rely on so heavily. The day will come when these clubs will implode because of the inevitable economic crisis this world is plunging into, but Arsenal will still be standing strong and remain a prestige club that our descendants can support with absolute pride and passion. Not many managers, if any, would have been able to accomplish this. Wenger has two years left on his contract, and statistically on the pitch, we are looking better than we have been for the last 5 years, maybe more.. He brought in players like Sanchez, an absolute joy to watch and Ozil who in his first season out performed all our other midfielders in terms of chances created and assists.

In light of the above, we owe it to Wenger to support him until his contract runs out. Hopping onto the ‘Wenger Out’ bandwagon really is intellectual suicide, because in terms of success, Wenger has done exceptionally well and I can think of hundreds of top clubs and their fans who would LOVE to be in our shoes. Needless to say, when we do well again, the fans wanting Wenger out will crawl back into the woodwork from whence they came. Yes Wenger has some big decisions to make in Jan, but until then let’s not act like a bunch of spoilt brats and crucify the very person who has built this club to be what it is today. When he does eventually pack it in, (will most likely be in 2 years, not long) we want the transitional phase to a new manager to be as smooth as possible and I think you would have to be an absolute idiot to not want Wenger to move up and handle the financial side of things at Arsenal. He was and still is a massive asset to this club and by being hostile towards him, especially by wanting to sport “Wenger Out” banners at the games will just show how ignorant and short sighted you are.

Big Gun

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    1. The club should send Wenger on season long loan.(lol
      that will great for another club the owner of that club will extremely happy.

    2. I can’t believe Arsene is writing in this site mate! Articles like these are why our football club is moving backwards instead of forwards. Because we look at what was in the past than what the problems are today.

    3. see besides your first paragraph big gun (enough with insulting each other guys)alot of what you say sounds naive…
      being unlucky in games would not be a factor if the manager did his job….
      his transfer choices are poor –
      his substitutions are ineffective at best –
      he cannot motivate our team –
      plays players out of position consistently to our detriment –
      the medical staff which he has chose are horrendous(we have three times as many injuries as chelsea season in season out)

      when he came he had a great scouting team in europe esp france, he had radical ideas that changed football. both those things have been lost with age.

      the invincibles was more than 10 years ago ffs –

      one fa cup in 10 years!!

      3 league titles in 18 years- 18?

      george graham managed 2 and a european title in half that time!
      an was one game off an invincible season which u all love wenger for endlessly (1991)

      what club of our stature accepts 1 trophy in 10 years?

      i love wenger purely for the memories, have a huge respect for him but football has changed- he hasnt.

      1. When it comes down to luck, there are no real factors involved. A manager might do everything right and our team might be playing extremely well and dominating (like we have seen in many of our games), but we might give away a stupid free kick that ends up being taken perfectly into the left corner that NO keeper would save. This happened against Swansea and there was NOTHING we could do about that. Was it Wenger’s fault that Gibb’s fouled him? Absolutely not. Was it Wenger’s fault that Beckham possessed Sigurdsson before taking the free kick? Absolutely not.

        As for his transfer choices, in the last 2 seasons, they have been ANYTHING but poor. Before that, financially we just could not fork out 30-40m for one player, so we had to settle for deals. Since then, I wouldn’t call Ozil, Sanchez, Debuchy and Chambers poor signings and in fact our squad on paper has improved since last season.

        You should know by now the primary reason we did not win a trophy in so long was a culmination of lack of funds due to the construction of the Emirates and the unforeseen departure of all our best players. Just imagine how it must have felt season after season to have to build a new squad on a shoe string budget to compete with United and Chelsea and still meet expectations of the fans. Yet Wenger still managed a top four finish EVERY year. OVER ACHIEVEMENT if you ask me, any other manager would have choked.

        Concerning Graham, who did we have as title contenders back in those days? Liverpool, and then Man United. It was basically a two horse race and because financially we were only out muscled by United, we were a dominant force and therefore much easier to win titles. As soon as Chelsea, City, PSG, etc etc were bought up by sugar daddy’s and oil money, on top us going through the transitional phase of building a stadium, it made it increasingly difficult for Wenger to win trophies.

        When it comes to motivation, we are not dealing with infants here. These players shouldn’t even need motivation to do what they do, ffs they are paid more in a week than what some of us earn in a year THAT SHOULD BE THEIR MOTIVATION and the fact that they are playing for such a massive and prestige club like Arsenal. They do not need their hands held and given lollipops after the game if they lose, these are grown men and so called professional athletes. Do you think Alexis Sanchez needs motivation from Wenger to get the job done? Absolutely NOT. He does it on his own. Why then must we blame Wenger for the other players so called ‘lack of motivation’? If Sanchez can do it, then the other HAVE NO EXCUSE.

          1. I’m not going anywhere. When we start winning again, I will still be here to support my team and manager. When Wenger retires gracefully, I will applaud and salute man who has done wonders for this club. What will you be doing medvet??? Probably licking your wounds still wondering why he was not sacked when you lot were having PMS.

        1. arsenal dominating an playing extremely well? lol wtf

          yes transfer choices have been poor
          – no dm since gillberto silva
          – never sorting our defensive problems
          -we didnt need ozil!!
          -until sanchez refusing to buy recognised goalscorer
          -rvp to man u? looool

          financial muscle is a factor..until u realise…..
          athletcio won la liga dealing with powerhouses madrid an barca
          dortmund won the bundesliga dealing with munich
          montpellier won ligue 1 dealing with psg monaco

          wenger plays players out of position- hardly motivating is it?
          keeps playing regular poor performin players- how does that make the squad feel?

          stop with money is motivation enough issue- we have seen countless times that means d*ck, simeone showed with a above average squad he could take on europe (when our squad is better)purely from tactics and motivation.

          these are kids – primadonnas with inflated egos that need a mourinho a simeone- someone to push them to above there comfort zone.

          thats what arsene embodies – the comfort zone

          1. If you have been paying attention to anything I have been saying, NO I am not 100% happy. All I am saying is that most of you are overreacting, calling for Wenger’s head right now half way through the season without realizing the consequences and implications of doing so. Wenger MUST bring in another CB in January and possibly a DM, although Arteta and Flamini are still riding contracts so that seems unlikely. I am saying let us give Wenger the benefit of the doubt and let him act in January – we are not the only club going through tough times – City, United, Liverpool have all spent almost double to triple what he have and two of those clubs are behind us in the table!

            1. Seriously BIG GUN! Forget about speding less that those other teams. Can’t you see that these are Wenger decissions that created all this mess. There many cases where we needed that final piece of the puzzle to complete our team and win the premiership, but Wenger refused to do so and we are 4th again. Centreback was an issue before, but he failed to address it when Vermaelen got a long term injury. Then it was replacing a striker- Wenger failed there. Now it is DM and CB. The older the guy gets the more stubborn and delusional he becomes. HE IS FRENCH FOR F*** SAKE. He will never admit a mistake until a guillotine is dropping on his head. All experts say that he is past his shelf date. There are better managers than him. Jurgen Klopp, Michael Laudrup, Carlo Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho. I respect your loyalty, but it is time see facts for facts and move in a new direction.

            2. You sound as if Wenger is the best manager or the best economist in the world if he feel he is then he should have been the manager of World Bank and not Arsenal Fc…its such a shame people fail to realise that with money u can get the best manger,medical staffs, lawyer, accountant and the rest and Arsenal has that Money why not sack Wenger and get a good manger, the board as well and replace them with competent once who can balance Arsenal ON and OFF the pitch……pls stop seeing Wenger as football god..Manager has done and will do better then him in all ramifications

        2. Im sorry bro but you are thinking and talking like a looser. You as fan deserve better than this. Wenger owes a lot to AKBS for relentlesly defending him but guess what. Weneger doesent give a fu*k, he didnt care when we needed a cb he didnt care when united smashed us 8-2, he didint care about last year rapings against liverpool and chelsea… thats what you get for following wenger. He will eventually take you and the other akbs to the abysm. Do yourself a favour and open the eyes

      2. How long do you think it takes to build a league winning team seeing as all our best players left us and we didnt have the money to replace them? Since the money started coming back we are starting to buy the likes of ozil and sanchez… If some defensive signings are made in january, just think of how dangerous our team will actually start to look? Yes, Wenger has made his errors over the last few seasons, you would be foolish to deny that, but I think that had a lot of other managers been in his seat during the dark times, we would be in a situation similar to Tottenham and Liverpool… fighting it out for europa league football, instead of the prestige of the Champions league without fail season after season…
        Don’t get me wrong, I certainly think Wenger needs to jack up his ideas, but looking at some of the other big clubs and where they are in the league, I certainly think it could have been worse considering our injuries this season… Players are slowly coming back, Giroud comes back into training this week, Debuchy, koscielny and ozil also not too far away I hope, and with the January transfer market not too far away now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, dont lose all hope just yet gooners!

        1. yea “IF” he buys in January this is what majority of supporters don,t believe it will happen and honestly do you??

          1. And what if he does buy in January? Are we going to see an apology from you and all the other Wenger Out’s on this forum? We can still buy players in Jan and Wenger can change his tactics accordingly, BUT THERE IS STILL NO GUARANTEE WE WILL WIN EVERY GAME. Look at Man City and Man United, 100’s of MILLIONS SPENT on players and one club is 1 point behind us and the other a few points ahead. But yet, according to these Wenger Outs we are in a crisis!

            1. He wont.

              And if he does he will bring kalstrom 2.0.

              Wenger will let you down and the sad part is that you know it haha.

            2. Its no longer about whether he buys in January or not its about why he did not buy earlier when he had the time? And why he fails with his team selections. Do you realise how his team selection and set up is so disappointing and no player will be motivated by that. He sends a loosing team to win. Come on BIGGUN we are greatful to Wenger but he has made the end so bad

      3. I agree with the muff diver, Wenger has done so much for Arsenal but that was 10 years ago. Yes we won an FA cup but the majority of people can clearly see Wenger has lost his way.
        Who starts a new season with, realistically 5 experienced defenders or buys the best AM in the world and plays him out of position or still refuses to buy a specialised striker (to compete or play with Giroud) or doesn’t see the need for a DM or doesn’t start one of the most exciting players from the WC (Campbell) or keeps playing a striker that can’t score (Sanogo) or most importantly will never take the blame for a loss and make changes to fix them.
        Big Gun I like your optimism but you have to admit that Wenger is out of ideas and he himself should stand down and leave gracefully. I believe he has lost the support of the players which is why so many players look out of form. What will happen if Mert gets injured too or Sanchez starts to lose interest like Ozil did? Its not that anyone doesn’t appreciate what Wenger has done and I don’t condone Arsenal fans bagging each other but it is time for a change.

  1. I have thought long and hard over the last nine years. It is time for Wenger to move up top and hang his boots up.

    1. @ Andrew ……… I’m sorry mehn!….but he has no boots to hang….. Perhaps he could hang his new PUMA coat…..that would do

  2. who will go first AW OR SANCHEZ this is the problem,

    we all have a soft spot for AW but Millions are at stake players frustration and now the entire couching staff are pissed off with him,

    do the honorable thing resign before it becomes a joke and the whole world will see you as a failure rather than a once great coach.

    1. but if you’re not leaving own up to your mistakes and rectify it by buying top players in January and i will once again support you.


    .Logs in to Justarsenal.com ……….

    .Glances at the latest article “Wenger is a massive asset for arsenal” ………..

    .Stares at the authour’s name: “BIG GUN” ………….

    .Hisses , smirks and Logs out…..

    1. Shame well I cannot help you if you are too close minded to actually read anything contrast to your opinion. If everyone had the same mindset as you, the world would still be flat.

      1. @ Big gun…….. Oops! But to tell u the fact oLd wengeritic outdated minds are the ones who really believed the world was flat….. But thanks to the new age, technology and inventions…. Modern day Non-akb folks can confirm the world is spherical …… We think 3D , unlike you who thinks horizontally

        1. Taking a point made by someone only to turn it around and use it in the same context is a beginners mistake. But I will give you another opportunity to redeem yourself kid. Last chance, let’s hear it…

          1. Let’s not all forget that we all want the same thing Arsenal to be great again but that’s up to AW now,
            he has made mistakes even AKB brigade admitting to this so shall we all agree that we desperately need players in January wether we have injuries or not and if AW dose not buy TOP players then AKB are you still going to stick your heads in the sand or come out and ask for a change.

  4. You make your own luck, you cannot say we have been unlucky in all the games we had a disappointing result. I really don’t know how we can improve apart from getting our best players back from injury.

    One of the biggest issues I have with Wenger is why he plays Nacho CB and not Chambers and put Hector in, Chambers has openly said he feels most comfortable at CB. I just don’t get it, play Nacho and Per against any good strikers and we will be caught out, I can see it, you can see it, even Stevie f*ckin Wonder can see it; so why not Wenger? Bless Nacho’s heart he can’t compete physically or aerially with big, powerful strikers, it’s unfair of Wenger to even put him in that situation. Until Kos gets back or Chambers play CB and Hector RB we will struggle and throw away leads.

    Our next 7 games are all difficult, our team really needs to come together. If we beat the Mancs I think we will be on our way, let’s hope Danny boy can give us something to smile about and the Mancs something to cry about. It won’t be to bad for them as they only have to drive back to Exeter!

    1. Moving Chambers to CB is the obvious move. Just like signing a CDM has been an obvious need for a long time and signing another CB was an obvious need last summer. Sadly, Wenger can’t see the obvious. Look forward to another 2 months of teams exploiting Nacho at CB. No matter how badly he gets abused, Wenger will not make the change on his own. Best thing that could happen to us is if Monreal suffered a minor injury keeping him out a few weeks and leaving Wenger no choice. If Wenger has a choice, he will make the wrong one.

    2. @seatofthesoul
      Two quotes come to mind by the great golfer Arnold Palmer

      The more I practise the luckier I get

      Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you

      1. Great golfer as AP was he never said “the more I practice etc”. Gary Player is commonly credited with saying it but even he attributes it to an earlier golfer.

  5. So far i’ve never posted a comment wanting wenger out. But let me tell you what the deal is. Him leaving can be a risk worth taking. Look at how a care taker (di matteo) took chelsea to become CL champions. All it too was structure and organisation. We have none of that. Wenger seems to enjoy leaving us with a handicap every season, may that be massive defensive problems this year, or the striking problems last year. Main point is a new manager can come in a shake things up and take us to the next level. Or he can do a david moyes. Now guys, its an open question, are we ready to take the risk?

  6. 02035644416 1130750

    Big gun you make 0 sense
    Whilst Arsene was doing a good job navigating our club through a very delicate period where we had no resources and had to turn a 15-20mill profit every year you harshly and unfairly critisized him, writing article upon article calling for him to get sacked, even though he was getting us top 4 on a nothing budget.
    Now hes failing horribly with a budget comparable to chelsea’s (FFP), straight up ignoring gaping holes in our squad even though he has the finances to fill these holes, failing tactically week in week out and making the same mistakes, playing out of form players, playing players out of position. And now you choose to blindly support him lmao.

    Im convinced your a troll or just bonkers.

    1. Wow that ship sailed a long time ago mate. Keep up with the times please….and no Wenger should not be sacked right now, just think of the consequences it will have on the players and basically the whole club. You lot want him crucified and fed to the vultures, it really is a disgrace that you want it to be done in such a shameful fashion after everything he has done for us. His time is coming to an end, let him resign with some honor and dignity, what you are asking for the board to do now, lacks character, patience and basically telling Wenger that what he accomplished for this club over 20 years can be shoved right back up his arse. You and your WOB friends deserve a snot klap.

      1. You did the exact thing 2 years ago mate, so dont try and take the moral high ground you two faced twat.
        And i love arsene and what he’s done for our club but my love for arsenal is stronger, and if he’s under-performing and failing deliver then i want him gone.
        The progress of Arsenal FC will always be > than any one person regardless of how much i respect them.

        1. Yes I changed my opinion, well observed! When day changes into night, do you still call it day? When a manager hasn’t brought in any world class players and won trophies, then in the next season he brings in a top talent and wins 2 trophies, do you still say he hasn’t brought in top talent and won trophies? Let see how long it takes you to answer that one dimwit.

          1. Well you just described the 8 years where he won 0 trophies and brought in 0 world class players as ”Wenger still managed a top four finish EVERY year. OVER ACHIEVEMENT if you ask me” yet during that period you were slating him, calling him senile and calling for his head.
            If he was “overachieving” why the f*ck has your support only come now.
            You really are a Joke how can anyone take you seriously.

  7. What a dumb article
    No surprise it’s written by an AKB with only one view on the whole wenger story


    1)To get behind a manager who never learns from his mistakes

    2)To get behind a manager who you already know will make the same mistakes in the next match

    3)To get behind a manager who started the PL CL F.A cup with 2 senior defenders

    4)To get behind a manager who has already accepted defeat in the title race

    5)To get behind a manager who never gives a f##k about other people opinion because of his ego

    6)To get behind a manager whose tactics and substitutions are 20th century style

    7)To get behind a manager who only knows one style of football and never tries to change it a bit irrespective of the fact that teams have found us out

    1. @truth hurts the truth really hurts ur spot on m8 & that article iz rubbish jump high jump low #AW have to go the club is in shambles b/c of that stubborn #aw I support the club not the board & that #brainless man! !!

  8. Thing I am curious about is how did the author manage to type this article with his head so far up Wenger’s arse???

  9. When Wenger arrived at Arsenal, he was considered an innovator and, in fact, he was…
    The problem is that he has not “move from his ideas or technics of coaching/managing players.

    Football has been evolving years after years and we are still stuck in “old” method and managed to clinch some results due to the pure talents of our players.

    Right now players like Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Pires, would not come to Arsenal because they would be too expensive (and the club ambitions are limited).
    The combination of the players I have named would cost more than £200millions in the current market.

    Some managers have succeed with “little” means because they have the skills to get the best out of what they have and are tactically acute and excellent (which Wenger is far from being).

    Wenger should have left 4 years ago (or even before) as we have been, in fact, rebuilding season after season due to our best players leaving with in their mind a “no chance” and no possibility of winning trophies (and they were, sadly, totally right).

    Would I want Wenger to become technical director or something?
    I don’t think so… He would sabotage the new manager work and not give him what he wants in terms of players.
    Someone like Simeone, Klopp or Guardiola wil never work with Wenger.

    This is the end of an era (it has been for a long time anyway) and we are stuck with an arrogance of mediocrity and deniability of poor and unprofessional delusion from a structure passed his best.

    This is a manager, ranked amongst the highest earners in world football, but still cannot (incapable/weak) of delivering trophies, major trophies on a regular basis with Arsenal fans paying the most expensive tickets in world football…!!!

    Still, you have delusional fooled fans who will tell you he is the man for the job… But what job are we talking about?
    Football? I don’t think so…
    Financial management, may be…

    Football wise we are no where near the best in the world.
    Some will find comfort in the fact that we are still better than the Spurs (Like we really give a f*ck… Because if we were aiming for what we should be aiming we would not be worry about the Scums), exactly to make themselves feel better about the all mess…

    Top club? Is Arsenal a top club (like Wenger likes to say it, the delusional “idiot”)?
    Not even near.
    We don’t need to name the top franchises in world football and our club name would not even come close to those “hungry” for accolades and recognition.

    Our CB pair (never mind the injuries) is Mertesacker (finished CB and one of the slowest in the BPL) and Monreal (and average LB doing his best under the circumstances).

    When Walcott got injured (that is 12-15 goals less) he said we could find the solution within (I still wonder where?… Again talking from his behind and making arrogant and unfounded statements)>

    With Giroud Injured, Welbeck is the main striker with an injury prone goalless Sanogo as number 2 (who are we kidding?).

    The fact is, we will get our players back and go on a run (as usual) and may be (more likely surely) clinch the top four spot… Some “idiots” will credit Wenger (because they are as delusional as him) some will credit the players (rightfully so).

    And next year, we will be back to the same circus…

  10. My mind was made up when Wenger wasn’t in the country on the last day of the transfer season.

    He must have been deluded to think our defence would go until January without being stretched.

  11. @Save Arsenal

    I was asking myself the same question?
    Well said mate…

    People forget that before Wenger, Arsenal had managers and managed to win trophies too.

    Another coach would surely do better than what we are seeing right now (and have been watching for the last few years).

    At £8millions and pop, it is a disgrace.
    He is (and those cronies from the board) are robbing the club and the fans.

  12. We had our chance in the summer when we could have signed Low. He didn’t sign another German contract until he knew Wenger was staying.

  13. What he did in the past, he was paid for it.
    Also he’s had 3 years now to build a commanding team.
    2 senior defenders and you’re trying to put up a title challenge? It’s a joke, and waste of time and money of the arsenal fans.

    Can you AKBs tell me, why are our tucket prices so high? It’s not like Arsenal are doing anything special, and it’s been so for a few seasons now.
    If Wenger strengthens in January, he has time till the season ends.
    If Wenger wins the EPL or UCL, he can stay for 3 years.
    But first that guy needs together his basics right, and play the players to their strengths.

    1. I’ll update my expectations:
      If Wenger strengthens in January, and then we start playing our quick passing and killing game again, also manage to at least finish third, and beat Chelsea and Man Utd.
      Then he can stay, or he has to go.
      I don’t care about the trophies(they are secondary for me), I want the beautiful game back primarily( what I started supporting arsenal for).

  14. I’m sorry but I gave up reading this blog after the first paragraph! This is exactly the sort of attitude that’s led this club to where it is now. Yes we are all Arsenal fans who pump our hard earned money into what we believe to be, and were sold the dream of being, one of the biggest clubs in Europe when the new stadium was proposed. Yet the sorry truth is we are not a million miles better than many mid league teams now.
    I’ve no doubt we have some quality players but Wenger is destroying them. Playing them out of position so they can be murdered by the opposition, not playing players where they naturally cause the most damage, not changing tactics at Swansea when you’ve managed to gain an undeserved lead to try and hold onto it. Yet many Arsenal fans are still blinded. And I’ve noticed a pattern. It seems to be the younger fans, perhaps the more naïve ones.

    Now i’m not saying that i’m right here, it’s just an observation. But having grown up supporting a team that was always the underdog against the bigger clubs in the league and Europe I can’t help but feel that the battling Arsenal of old has fallen by the wayside. The likes of Rocky Rocastle (RIP) must be turning in his grave. He was the sort of player that to me epitomises this football club. He wasn’t afraid to get stuck in along with his team mates. I love watching videos of him play, and there isn’t a year goes by where I don’t pay my respects to him on the day of his passing. Perhaps a few of these fans who say we should stop moaning need to watch a few videos of this man and the team he played in and they’d understand why so many of us moan!

    I’ve said numerous times that the early Wenger era will always stay with me. I will always love the man for the good times he has brought to this club. I’m hoping Chelsea get beaten this season because I want to be able to say Wenger was the man that made us invincible. But like many relationships things become stale. And unless you can figure out how to breath new life into it you’re better of walking away. And that is how things are at my beloved football club.

    I used to wear my shirt and look down at the badge with pride. Now I find myself looking down thinking what is happening to us. Is my relationship with Arsenal becoming stale? I don’t want to stop loving Arsenal, but if the club is to continue being more content with profit than giving the fans back what they pump into this club then who knows what the future holds for me and Arsenal FC 🙁

    1. We do not have quality players in BFG, Arteta, Flamini, Monreal, Sanogo. The first four are past it and the last is not up to scratch. We need forwards to play attacking football which they do, but the defenders are there to defend, not go walkabout and get isolated. Where is our Matic, Hummels etc.Wengers style of football which was excellent for it’s time is no longer relevant and our opponents know exactly how to play against us. If you do not ship in goals, you win games.Defence is key and we desperately need strong defenders in major areas.

  15. Since the EPL was formed Sir Alex won 13 titles in his 21 years before retiring (61% success), Jose Mourinho has won 2 from five years with Chelsea, shortly to make it 3 titles from 6 seasons (50% success). Wenger has only managed to win 3 titles in 18 years!! (16% success). Even though we have had the stadium to pay for and the hassle of adapting to it Wenger is way off from being a manager who brings home the title regularly. It is time for a change of manager in my opinion.

  16. The club is now set up to make money and not win trophies and the fans are treated like sh#t from the owner,board and now the manager

  17. Guys I enquired about an aircraft flying over the Emirates against Man U and I got this reply.

    Thank you for your enquiry but I’m afraid no part of it is possible with the stadium lying inside the London control zone and restricted airspace

    Simon G. Moores
    Zentelligence (Airads) Ltd
    07836 530446


  18. @biggun

    first of all it’s incredible the audacity u have to call other fans fickle when a quick check of comments in the last 4 years from yourself will show you are a well documented arsene hater, so you’ve lost all credibility just with that.

    secondly HOW THE FK is player demotivation not arsene’s fault, do you see any of mourinho’s men not willing to give a leg for there manager, actually forget chelsea cause they’re in a different league to us, FKN westham and southhampton have more heart than our players, you know why? cause players have instructions, a plan, they fear disappointing there managers, they respect their badges and their fans, they give their all and then some. Arsene wenger has conceded defeat to chelsea 11 games into the season, How the fk do u expect players to be motivated by a manager that is happy to have a participation medal rather than a winners one, when mertesacker retired for germany he said “I’m retiring from germany cause I want to win the title and champions league with arsenal” yesterday the very same man said “I wouldn’t mind not winning the premeir league title before retiring” that is a clear indication of arsene’s influence and mentality, he demotivates players by telling them 11 games into the season, that the title race is over, PATHETIC, they’re poor mentality is ARSENE’S fault

    thirdly, how on earth is a self proclaimed “professor” going to take a team into the season with SIX senior defenders, 1 of which being 19 yrs old, how in gods name is that not arsene’s fault, he had 4 weeks to find one but he fiddle with change and loss manolas to roma (big surprise)

    fourthly, we get injuries CAUSE THERE IS NO ROTATION, and we do rotate, the players are crap cause they never get games, THAT’S ARSENE’S FAULT

    fifthly having 8 players in oppositions half when your 1-0 up with 16 minutes to go is arsene’s fault, I dont even have to justify why that is, it’s basic management, heck i’ll even excuse the amount of set piece and aerial goal we concede cause it’s just not worth my breath

    conclusion: your messiah is a clown, take him and your mediocrity down to white hart lane and we’ll keep moving forward

    1. Malik, again I am well aware of what my opinion used to be and what it is now. Wenger bought some world class talent which is what you and I were both begging for at the time. We won two trophies during that season. Then again a season later he brought in another top talent in Sanchez. These changes were good enough for me to say ‘Wenger and the board have committed to their promises and we started winning trophies again ONLY AFTER ONE SEASON after those actions in the right direction were taken. I think I have every right and am fully justified by changing my opinion on the matter. Right now, we are only half way through the season with other clubs who have spent almost triple what we did during the last transfer window, doing WORSE than what we are (Liverpool, United, City only a few points ahead) but yet because fans are far too emotional and cannot exercise a bit of patience, they want Wenger sacked ASAP? Please reason with me Malik because I know from back in the day you spoke sense. Sacking him right now would do more harm than good, even if it’s at the end of this season. We need to think of our current players, what would they think if Wenger was sacked in hostile fashion? It would disrupt our squad and cause major unrest in the minds of our players, some of them might even depart themselves. I am NOT saying that I still believe Wenger to be the man to lead us forward, on the contrary I believe like you and the others that he has seen his best. ALL I AM SAYING, is that the fashion in which he departs from this club, must be done with dignity and respect. As I mentioned before and in the article, Wenger is a financial mastermind and it would be great to have him still with this club but in a financial /directors position. Sacking him now would mean we would lose him forever, in other words he will end up at PSG or another club and turn them into the most successfully run club and business in the world. (At the moment, Arsenal are categorized as one of top 3 best run clubs in the world.)

      We need to be diplomatic and show him some respect and bit more support, at least until January when he has chance to bring in some players. That is the least he deserves.

  19. I agree with the article on the language SOMETIMES used on this website. It is unpleasant, immature and cowardly.

    HOWEVER…Arsene was an asset but football has moved on. The start of the season has highlighted his limitations: he cannot motivate the squad, his team selection is oh so predictable and he has one tactic. His substitutions have be diabolical in the players he brought on and the timing.

    So for me the club needs to move on, it feels like Arsene is losing the dressing room battle.

  20. What is wrong with people. All I want is to see our club at the top again.

    That will not happen under Wenger or the board.

    1. On top of that Ian Wright has just said we might lose Sanchez in the summer.

      If that happens I wonder what all the AKB supporters would say.

      1. The only way Sanchez would want to stay would be for the club to show ambition and add absolute top CB, CM and maybe CF.

      2. I dont even want that to happen but we have no power to stop them plus you can count campbell as one of the players who want out.we will have no bench @andrew

  21. Our football brand is based on possession and midfield dominance. Once we lose the ball and we are under pressure chaos break loose and we are exposed.

    All the teams know that in the EPL, we have no divine right to win and you can bet every team we’ll play until the end of the season already has a game plan. We have become so predictable…

    1. Aserne Wenger has lost it, I have even thought that maybe I need a psychologist to help me understand what is happening to Arsenal, Wenger keeps playing players out of position and its like he does not tell them what they must do. Look at Carzola no form this season nothing bt hes there, Campbell he gives him no chance, we know he can score remember world cup, champs lge olympiacos and sanogo where have we seen him score. and oh sanogo is back on the team Campbell goes missing. Man im going mental my gf cnt take this shes too young

  22. Dude go fly a kite and write this article in a spurs site or something. I had a good this with my ex but when the fire is gone its gone we are greatful for Wenger’s past glories but they were not favours he was doin a job and now hes failing he must go. some of our players are very decent but Wenger the mentor has destroyed them, we don’t need to mentor we need ready players cant wind us up like this anymore, fans in the UK start something we all loosing it out here

  23. Be prepared to lose Podolski and Campbell in January. What does the kid need to do to get a game? Burnley would have been the ideal opportunity for him but no…Wenger picked the same old familiar faces.

    Conflicting reports are saying that AW will be given 20m to sort his defence and tat Hummels deal is done for 31m….the usual made up stories. But what is worrying is that Kos may become a long term doubt. Once again it highlights how inept the club is at having a balanced squad.

  24. Looking at all the thumbs down it’s clear that around 3/4 of us want a change. In my book thats a majority. Motion carried.

    1. Remember this site is predominantly people who live outside of London, with no real sense of support whom most likely only started supporting Arsenal during the Invincibles. If you had to look at Arsenal fans in England, you lot would be the minority. That’s a fact and a good reason behind it too.





          1. Im sorry bro it is just the fact that Big Gun has a point.

            The fans with the power of a change are the brithish ones… and they are doing absolutely nothing. They are ok with this crap and that is just dishearting and frustating to see.

            This is a lost cause, the key are the fans but what happens when the 600000 persons that attend a match at the emirates are just like this guy.

            1. You will be suprised how many sports media is looking in to this site and commenting on what we say even Arsenal FC are monitoring us, so say what you will the msg will Finaly get trough if it’s justified.

              1. whats the point of having media constantly highlighting wenger ineptitude when fans are just as stubborn as the man they protect. Most of them just think like this:

                Wenger is fine, the problem are always the players, the english media, the world, the weather, the injurys, the stadium debt and the whole f*ing universe. Im telling you, only relegation will wake up this people from the miasma they are in.

                Expect akbs to raid this site again if we manage to have a crappy win against x team.

              2. Ljungberg Cool Red Hair

                Hey I use to be AKB a couple of years ago and then I was on the fence for a while untill last January is when I realised AW was a changed man made no sence so I become a AOB I’m still hoping he will SUPRISE me but i won’t hold my breath.

  25. Players under scrutiny who need to seriously get their act together and deliver: Sczcesny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Flamini, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky, Podolski, Oxlade Chamberlain, Sanogo, Giroud.

    How many of them are in the starting lineup EVERY WEEK when fit regardless of what they demonstrate on the pitch?

    1. Jobs to do
      1) Get a replacement for Wenger
      2) Make Sanchez captain
      3) Get a replacement for Mertesacker
      4) Get a replacement for Arteta
      5) Get a great left winger
      6) Get a great striker

      And then be might stand a chance of being great again.

  26. incredible how the old wenger knows best people stick to each other like glue on here .they ar now fighting a losing battle , we all know wengers days are numbered and that freedom and attractive football will once again be practised at our great club soon . only queastion i now have for the wenger supporters what is going to happen to you all when wenger drags his scrawny ass through the doors fo the emirates for the very last time .he is looking mor and more like the ghost of christmas past and scrooge in one as each day passes .who will you all defend then , your guru is history guys .

    1. Yeah, the AKBs sticking together like glue, so unlike the AOBs. Haven’t the faintest idea why the AOBs are so indignant on here – this is basically an AOB site now – you guys will soon have it all to see yourself, most of those with a different opinion have left now. I look forward to the day AW leaves on his own accord because I am absolutely desperate to see wtf you guys are gonna pussy whinge about next – should be hilarious.

  27. “Yes Wenger has some big decisions to make in Jan”….

    This is the most annoying part of the article. Why?

    1). Wenger will only buy in January if ONLY we lose 4 out of 5 games in that month due to defensive errors!
    2). He will buy the player around 3th0 or 31st of January. If he buys at all.
    3). If we are eliminated from FA cup early January, he will not buy again until summer.

    1. People also forget how desperate we were for a striker last January and Wenger bought Kim Kallstrom who was injured.

  28. @ Big Gun

    I am now convinced that there is no more hope for you. What a load of drivel this article is and as @Malik said, you have lost all creditability on this site long ago.

    You mentioned “Why then must we blame Wenger for the other players so called ‘lack of motivation’?”. That is the most hilarious thing I have heard on this site for a while. I think everyone here (including the sane AKBs) would agree that it is also the job of your highly paid ‘false shepherd’ to motivate the players. It comes with the title of being a manager! The fact that you completely absolved him shows how deluded you have become ESPECIALLY since you have previously acknowledged that it was his job before you switched to an AKB. Double standards and hypocrisy have become synonymous with your name these days.

    You go on about the 1 FA cup win in ten years. The same one that even teams with SIGNFICANTLY less resources like Portsmouth and Wigan have won during those ten years? The one that teams such as Cardiff, Stoke and Hull have made to the finals? I won’t even talk about the worthless community shield.

    CL football for 16 years and not even able to win it once? The only reason why this false shepherd even manages to get to the next round is due to the ridiculous UEFA seedings. Thankfully this will be changed from next year so we really see what he can do, provided we even qualify this year.

    The false shepherd’s vision was such an utter failure – building a team for the future and then everyone leaves. He even manages to sell RVP to the rivals. Sheer brilliance. Let’s Fabregas go to the rival who he can’t beat once in 11 games!

    What your highly paid false shepherd is good for these days is:

    1) sit with a clueless and constipated look on his face.
    2) play with his new puma jacket
    3) too arrogant to even take any kinds of notes – rather keep his hands warm in his pockets.
    4) argue with the fourth official
    5) show a lack of class by not shaking hands on numerous occasions

    That’s about it really. The likes of you don’t need to worry too much though. There will most likely be a statue erected in his honor when he’s gone and you can make your pilgrimage to worship it. It will be a symbol of failure, lack of ambition, corruptness, tactically ineptness, lies.

    1. @ G-ForceI wrote a letter earlier this season “on behalf of ArsenalFans” I highlighted these things you said. People that could see the nearest future agreed, other bashed me.
      Its disheartening to think someone thinks Arsene is doing well/will do well again.

        1. @G-Force,
          In case you dint get to read the letter earlier in the season. http ://www.justarsenal.com/an-open-letter-to-arsene-wenger-from-arsenal-fans-everywhere/35033

          I am bittered!!!

          1. Thanks for the link. I have read your letter – great piece! I think more people are starting to realize that he isn’t the man to take Arsenal to new heights anymore.

        2. @G-Force, I don’t have to be told you would have been on my side. We want the same thing for our Club, progress.

  29. With only 20m to spend in Jan, move Chambers to CDM, get Fabian Schar and Van Dijk and then go big in summer, Arteta and Flamini out, Rosicky to retire gracefully (been an awesome servant) and doubt whether Podolski will be around, so give Campbell a chance get Draxler and a beast CDM, Bender, Kondogbia and if possible a top striker. If we had the money I would firstly try and secure Matt Hummels.

  30. Everything you said still points to his past glory days, Mr Man!!! Arsene has lost his grip, don’t you get it?
    So, it is the fault of the players Arsene did not bolster our defense.

    Is it Flamini’s fault he has to do more than his capacity in games? We should have a better player in that position.
    Is it Chambers fault he has to be relied upon in every game at 19?
    Is it Per’s fault he has to start every game despite his deficiencies?
    Is it the players fault they have to play the same way every match?
    Is it the fans fault our team lack the necessary personnel despite we having 2months to rectify it? Don’t count the players we bought please, I know them myself. Alexis was the only upgrade we had, we can see what he has done so far. If he had upgraded our DM and CB positions, we would not be in this sh!t.
    It is the job of Arsene to fix the team, he made the team, its his responsibility, he is paid well for everything, including everything, with everything altogether.
    Stop defending him and let him know he is under fire. He should LEAVE or CHANGE.

    Stop using that phrase of yours “spoilt brats” someone complained about it yesterday. You must be one yourself, if not you would have stopped it.

  31. At 8 M a year Arsenal should be able to get a Top Class Manager.

    Jurjen Klopp,Pep Guardiola, Diego Simeone and Rudi Garcia.

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