Wenger is always looking for exceptional players, but will he pay for them?

The winter transfer window is now open, and with Arsenal guaranteed to lose Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez either this month or in the summer it is imperative that Arsene Wenger concentrates on bringing in some replacements. We are also leaking goals at an alarming rate, and with Mertesacker retiring, Debuchy definitely leaving, and Koscielny and Monreal both feeling the effects of age on their bodies, perhaps the defence is the area we need to concentrate on first?

This is what Wenger said today about if and when any potential incomings or outgoings could be arriving. He replied: “‘When’ is very difficult to say, because we are out there and look to do some things, but when we will do is very difficult to say because it is not only on us.”

And what does he think that the positions that are most important to reinforce? “We are open in any position for the exceptional player who can give us a plus.” he said. “Of course it depends a little bit on the injuries as well and on the other hand I must say it depends on who will manage to extend the contracts of the players who are at the end of their contracts in June. It will depend on that as well because we will have to take the consequences of these decisions and respond to it.”

We all know the consequences will be that we are losing a playmaker, Ozil, a winger in Alexis and definitely two defenders at least, so basically we need these “exceptional players” in just about every position on the pitch! And we need them as soon as possible!

But do we believe Wenger can find them? And if he does, would he pay the exorbitant prices that they will cost?

For some reason I am very cynical on those points. Does anyone believe he will do either?

Darren N


  1. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Short Answer is NO he will not Pay.

  2. muffdiver says:

    players wenger had just needed to bid more:
    hazard – in his house with his agent just needed 30 plus bid
    suarez- we all know 50 plus :bid 40
    bale- 5 million – instead we bring back walcott for 10 from southampton
    kompany- 5 million at anderlecht
    zlatan – 3million malmo

    lets just ignore ronaldo drogba etc

    the answer is


    1. Simon Says says:

      One of my personal favorites was Sandro instead of Cahill.

  3. Durand says:

    Hopefully new director of scouting and new dealmaker from Barca will provide different results than previous windows.
    It’s truly criminal so many player contracts wound down and are leaving club in bad position. Everyone, every club, every agent knows we need top players.
    For a manager and club with such tight wallets we have no leverage in negotiations. Prices will be outrageous even for average players.

    AMN can contribute to first team, Willock, eddie and Reiss Nelson also, however can’t expect them to replace production of outgoing stars.

    This window and summer will really show supporters, players, and the league Arsenals intentions. Either pay to play, or tell fans Europa is new top 4 because it’s now to expensive to compete for CL spot.

  4. Eddy Hoyte says:


    “Of course it depends a little bit on the injuries as well and on the other hand I must say it depends on who will manage to extend the contracts of the players who are at the end of their contracts in June”

    this is Wenger playing his usual games.
    Injuries or not! we all know our squad is full of average players who shouldn’t be in the team.
    This is typical Wenger, giving excuses and excuses.
    Wenger is the only coach who never identifies his targets before the TW opens. Always looking for bargain buys.
    While gullible fans will believe this,
    I’m not taking in that load of crap anymore.

    OT. Kev I read you said Arsenal bid 42 million for Malcolm.
    Bro just STFU!!!
    you’ve been invisible and quiet, don’t pop now just cus the TW is open.
    We’ve had enough from Wenger and the board, stop adding your own crap.
    Nobody is asking for “Insider news”..
    Talk to us bout the team, share with us your thoughts on the team not your crappy Transfer talks.

    I still recall your whole Lemar is a done deal mumbo jumbo from July last year till September.
    Bro if you keep quiet, nobody will beat you.
    Be like Remember Resource n STFU!!

    1. pires says:

      for the wenger haters pay tribut when it’s due: the last window has been very good
      1-we bought lacazette who will come good sooner rather than later
      2- Kolasinac for FREE an absolute bargain
      3- and kept Alexis (what most of us were begging Wenger to do)Even though he will leave for free
      4-kept OZIL who i think is likely to extend his contract

      1. Simon Says says:

        Again do you honestly believe that’s all we needed to put up even half a league challenge?

        1. pires says:

          do we have the money to buy Ronaldo or Messi.City manure and chelshit have far more resources available. as fan youhave tolive in the real world.

          1. Simon Says says:

            And again I never asked whether we should have bought Rinaldo or messi, I asked if you thought signing two players and that we didn’t sell two players was enough to mount a semi serious title challenge baring in mind we finished fifth.

          2. Simon Says says:

            The fact we could have signed lacazette the year before for less doesn’t come into it either I’m guessing?

          3. pires says:

            My friend we have to understand, you and me ,we are punching above our weight with chelsea and the manchester clubs. even though wenger is at fault in many aspects, any manager would find it difficult to challange

          4. Simon Says says:

            For what it’s worth I actually agree that any club would find it difficult to compete financially with city,Chelsea or united but again do you think those four points of yours were enough and do you believe we should be happy as fans with that?

          5. pires says:

            we should be realistic and support our beloved club,you and me,if you’r a London based fan (Iam not), instead of creating toxic atmospher with stupid protests and banners which,actually, helps more our oppenents!!!!

          6. Simon Says says:

            And that answer my questions? For your info I am London based and do have a season ticket, not sure how that’s relevant to Wenger spending money on exceptional players, to be honest I think playing players out of position, very rarely playing your best goalscorer for ninety minutes,predictable tactics, failing to sign up two of your best players to new deals and many many more failings helps our opponents far more than any Wenger out banner or protest.

          7. Lugdush says:

            Any manager would find it difficult, no one of those would stay in the club as a certain, as long as he wants and being paid like one of the best coaches…pochetino would do a better job for sure with our players (ee dont have a bad squad, we have the best squad wenger has ever had, in their words (that shows u how delued he is))

    2. pires says:

      for the wenger haters pay tribut when it’s due: the last window has been very good
      1-we bought lacazette who will come good sooner rather than later
      2- Kolasinac for FREE an absolute bargain
      3- and kept Alexis (which most of us were begging Wenger to do)Even though he will leave for free
      4-kept OZIL who i think is likely to extend his contract

  5. Simon Says says:

    Whether Wenger will pay or whether the board won’t let him is up for debate and a matter of opinion, I personally believe its a bit of both (not a great deal of money available but Wenger decides not to spend it all and puts faith in what he’s got).
    In reality we can’t keep up with that city or Chelsea spend under this owner so we’ve got to be smarter with what funds we’ve got. This is where we’ve been shown up over recent seasons, we’re not uncovering the latest gems anymore before anyone else has heard of them and who we do sign are treading water and not becoming better players. The exceptional players Wenger talks of looking at just aren’t at the same level of exceptional players city will look to sign. The only way to even come close to challenging is through better coaching. We’ve seemingly sorted the scouting part of it, just the coaching part left.

  6. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Summer Transfer Window Spend.
    Man City : £138.1M.
    Man Utd: £ 136.2M.
    Chelsea : £ 89.75M..
    Liverpool: £ 54.05M.

    Arsenal : £ 18. 00M. Profit.

  7. Durand says:

    We had good chance in summer selling sanchez for €60 million and ox €35 million and Gabriel for €10 million or whatever.
    That €105 million or slightly over PLUS money already available could have been used to rebuild spine. We finally have striker we all wanted, but now most of defense is crap. Cech, Kos, Mert all look old and lesser players. Bellerin having down year as well.
    I honestly don’t want wenger rebuilding, so maybe he’s going to let next manager build his team with all the upcoming openings.

  8. Innit says:

    No. He got Ozil as a last minute knee jerk reaction after fans complqined. Cech on the cheap. Kolsanic free transfer. Got Lacazette far too late. Should have got years ago

    We are lacking in central midfield without a Cazorla or Viera type player. We are lacking in Centre Back position. With Alexis and probably Ozil going we need two more attacking midfielders. I also think it was wrong to sell Oxlade this season because he was starting majority of matches and was our best Squad player even though Wenger played him on the left (he should have played on the right or centre). Wenger is relying too much on Versatility and playing players out of position. Players are more effective in their specialist positions generally.

    No way he will fill all those positions unless he gets cheap average players like Eleny, Gabriel or promotes players from the Academy. He will not fill those positions with top players because historically he doesn’t do that and it will cost too much. Wenger has not just hurt our season but he has hurt our future too, innit.

    1. Simon Says says:

      ” Wenger has not just hurt our season but he has hurt our future too,”

      You’re so right.

      1. dutchy says:

        We all know AW’s mistakes, stubbornness and his predictable tactics, amongst other things. But please stop whining about it because, protest or not, he will not leave. This week he said his work is too addictive, compared it with taking drugs >.< Leave your protest signs where they are until the board extends his contract.

    2. pires says:

      so you complain that Cech was cheap and kolasinac was free…My God!!! you would may be prefer if they had cost 50m each of theme…halilluja!!!

      1. Simon Says says:

        Which Summer was it that we were the only team in the top leagues of Europe not to sign an outfield player because Wenger thought we were good enough?
        Maybe the rumours of an alleged kse side contract are true.

        1. pires says:

          i agree that summer Wenger was WRONG but it doesn’t eclipse all what he has done for the club

          1. Simon Says says:

            You’re right, signing an injured swede on loan eclipses the rest.

          2. KK says:

            No it doesn’t. Kim Kallstrom actually had an impact in the FA cup semi final. If AW would not have singed him he got even more criticism for not buying anyone, maybe even not win the FA cup and AW would not be Arsenal’s manager anymore.

  9. Colin says:

    I don’t hate Wegner ,I just want him out and as for him always looking for exceptional players, well how about him having the opportunity to sign CR7,messi ,Kante and Lemar,griezman and zlatan all before they became the players they are now ,how much more exceptional do they have to be and no he wouldn’t pay ,he didn’t want to pay for lemar at 40million,but we were lead to believe that he was willing to go back for him at 90 million,so a question to all you Wegner lovers (how do you know when a liar is telling the truth? Wegner out.

  10. DANDY GUNNER says:

    His lips move

  11. Ogban says:

    It’s not whether Wenger would pay;it’s whether the money is available to him. We keep being fed with this illogical notion that Wenger ‘refuses’ to spend money available to be spent. Nothing could be more nonsensical! Maybe we will know better when he leaves. Can’t wait!

  12. V.uren says:

    Has anybody else just been literally bored of arsenal this season ?

    I have !

    I tune in ( as I flat out refuse to pay to watch them anymore) , things go wrong , I don’t flinch , I don’t get angry , I don’t even celebrate the goals , why? Because we are a terrible football side !

    How are you all getting brainwashed by this apparent lack of money to spend ? We are the most expensive side to watch in world football !

    ‘Exceptional talent’ hahahaha … who is wenger kidding ?

    We only look for exceptional talent , yet our starting 11 could involve the likes of chambers , mertesacker and iwobi , we could sign mediocre talent and it would still improve us !

    But irrelevant of money etc , wenger is outdated , tactically inept , even if we had money and he was willing to spend it , would you trust his judgement now ?

    Having said that , I actually think the blokes a genius … for years I ranted about how top 4 wasn’t good enough , now he’s even got me believing that top 4 would be a good season , he’s converted me !!!

    We are a joke , I feel numb from repetitiveness, somebody please just wake me up when we’re decent again.

  13. Steve says:

    Pires, how do you think your comments went down?

  14. Jim wall says:

    I think it’s best now to buy no one in January, keep Sanchez till summer let the rat go for free, get a young manager who can motivate players in and let him buy his own players, sell… Ospina.. Debuchy.. Jenkinson..mert..wallcot.. Wellbeck. Coq.. Elneney…
    Thanks wenger for the great teams you built,
    But nowadays your a shambles

  15. Colin says:

    To Ogban, Wenger must be lying ,or you are not listening, because he has said on a number of occasions that the owner has never stood in his way when he needed to invest in new recruits,so why do so many fans continue to shift the blame ,going from Wegner to the board and the owner,when they are all in it together.

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