Wenger is committed to winning MORE this season

Two seasons ago, Arsenal finished fourth in the Premier League and won the FA Cup, last season we retained the trophy and moved up a place in the League. Now Arsene Wenger has promised at the annual shareholders meeting that he is committed to improving on those results in this current campaign.

“We want more than third and winning the FA Cup, we have the potential to do more,” said Wenger. “We are back in contention for the championship this year, and we will fight, our numbers show it.

“We have taken more points since 1 January than anyone, the trend is right and we are showing consistency.

“I’m more motivated and committed than ever. I know how sad people are when we lose a game. I’m committed until the last day of my contract to bring back big success and leave the club in the shape for the guy that comes after me.”

Wenger will certainly be a hard act to follow, and there is no way the next manager will be given 20 years to emulate his success. There is one more year on Wenger’s contract at the end of this season, so it is certain that he will complete the 20 years in charge at least (barring an act of God). So imagine if he improves to second place this year and retains the FA Cup again, then manages the Double to end his tenure in style, then how can the next manager improve on that, unless he gets the Treble!

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    1. If we win another FA Cup that would be the holding record for most FA cups won and most back-to-back FA cup wins

  1. What I would like to hear is that he & team is “committing” not that they are “committed”. Show where the responsibility is. And also define consequence for fail, for coming close for anything. That would be the right thing to do. I understand football is not exact science but time to time you have to show some plan of some kind.

  2. Keep Theo fit and we will win the league, I’ve missed his goals contribution the past 2 seasons massively 🙁

  3. cant wait for tomorrow 19.30hrs kenyan time to watch the best team in the world,goooner for life and the next…

  4. What i dont get is why fans are celebrating and tweeting delight bout Wenger’s hint of leaving.
    I mean how can fans do that? I know we’ve all gone through tough times, but why are people so blind to the fact that Wenger is irreplaceable? Before you go on and list pep and names of people who can replace him, take a time to view Wenger, This man’s career at Arsenal is divided into two halves, first half is that of the amazing players,trophies and records he made,his half of success as a COACH. And the other half which isn’t a failure considering he literally became an ACCOUNTANT for us to be able to move to our new amazing stadium,keeping our beautiful style of play and keeping us in the top 4 and champs league with mediocre players and losing his best ones. That’s not failure.

    Here’s the turnaround, i’ll like to call this his new third half, after settling and having funds .getting players and already two FA back to back trophy,plus our challenge for the title this season i think we are being unfair and ungrateful to the man. Yes he wont stay forever but even his players do say how much he’s important to the team.

    Ozil and Cech came cuz of Wenger. they said so themselves, he told them bout the clubs new plans and project after a successful “project move to emirates” and they liked the club’s aim for the coming years. Yea he could leave and Pep come but trust me it’ll never be the same without him, and I am sure no one can replace him without it affecting us, If not Pep,
    I dont want Ancelotti or any of those hypocrites out there, you see them question Wenger’s trophy achievement but yet none of them could have achieved what he has in this club. Especially Mourinho who’s always trying to paint Wenger in public,it shows complete jealousy and hatred, Wenger is the most respected and nobody respects him(Mourinho) I will rather stick and gladly accept Viera. Yes Viera, call me crazy but him with Henry at the club will do the team a lot good.
    I am not saying wenger should stay forever.
    But lets cut out the delight and happiness whenever he goes,He should be celebrated by us to show our class, he should be respected, and lets make our club a great role model for other clubs, we repay loyalty.
    I am not among the sects of AKB,AOB. I am just Hoyte, showing my love for the club

    1. Wenger is replaceable. Any manager is
      IF a manager doesn’t produce results, then he should go and not be rewarded for accomplishments over a decade ago.

      1. Some guys just dont get along they will keep whinning like a 12 year old no matter whats the plot .No one would have done the work at arsenal that Wenger had done just read his comments at AGM if u are smart enough u will get how much that person had suffered when asked that if he would do it again he said no. Why would he do all this again risk his trophy laden career (till 2005) maybe if same opportunity comes again he would decide to go to barca or Bayern why take all that risk for such plastic fans btw spot on eddy exact words .
        For next 2 season alleast stop this crap and get behind the team we are on a good run in league long may it continue.

    2. Well said, true fan…………….3rd era will surpass his last achievements and he will be the Greatest Arsenal manager of all time that will not be surpassed in any of our life times or ever????

  5. Finally after all the years time has come the countdown has begun, the greatest manager in the history of bpl is thinking of calling it a day don’t know who will replace him klopp going to pool guardiola city? Anyway fans of arsenal will really appreciate arsene once he is gone.
    In Wenger I trust

    1. Guardiola isn’t going to City unless he wants to be like Fergie and build a new era. From his record he prefers managing clubs with HISTORY

    2. @bhagalpuri
      I want to believe you called Wenger ‘greatest manager in the history of BPL’ because you are being a patriotic gunner.
      Looking at the facts and the truth, that title belongs to Sir Alex Ferguson…believe it or not.
      However, Wenger has been an awesome manager for Arsenal.

      1. @007 good point man but this is purely based on everyone’s view on what factors they judge greatness in my perspective greatness is not only about winning I agree sir Alex was the most successful manager in the history of bpl but if u see the team he left behind then u will certainly doubt his legacy this is just opposite with arsene after giving us the hint that he might be leaving at the end of next season the other statement he makes is to leave a platform for incoming manager so that he can do well.This is the difference between him and arsene. I am not counting various other factors in him vs arsene but yeah these both are legend in their own .

  6. @007good pt man but if totally depends on how one sees greatness for me greatness is just not about winning it goes much further than that. sir Alex was indeed the most successful manager in the history of bpl but if you look back at the team he left behind then u will doubt his legacy. where as arsene is just opposite of it now he knows his time is coming to an end and he has started preparing a solid base for his successor so that arsenal in post Wenger era had not to deal with all the problems which are plaguing manu these things may seem very little to you but it shows the dedication the love which Wenger had for this club

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