Wenger is disappointed, frustrated, and takes responsibility

Yet again Arsenal have turned a must-win game into a not-won game. We had all the possession but as usual the goals simply don’t arrive as we are too busy passing the ball around outside the area. And then, like it was inevitable, we concede a goal on the break.

Arsene Wenger actually sounded very upset after he game. “I’m very disappointed.” he said. “It is one of those days where you don’t like to do a press conference after because it is not pleasant. I felt that we had possession 70 per cent of the time and we lacked a bit of accuracy with our final ball, a change of pace or have enough men forward. In the end, we got caught by a unique shot on goal by Crystal Palace. They played deep and defended well. They got us on the break and that is the story of the game. It is very frustrating.”

Yet again Arsenal failed to kill off the game, and it was suggested that they perhaps needed a leader on the pitch to goad the players into action. Wenger thought differently. “I don’t believe that today was about leadership.” he disagreed. “It was about scoring the second goal and stopping a goal that we gave away as it was avoidable. That was the regret of the day. We knew we couldn’t get frustrated and make a defensive mistake. In the end, I must say they have the players that can take advantage of every counter attack. They are quick and powerful. When it was 1-0 they never came out really.”

But Le Prof did agree that the players should have taken more advantage of the possession. “Yes. There is a difference. Usually we have a high number of goal chances, but I agree with you today that despite the high level of possession we had, we did not create enough chances. I think we lacked a bit of sharpness on the day and as well we had a bit of free confidence in our head after the result against West Ham where we felt we had absolutely to do a job today. In the end, we did not play with enough pace in the final third.

“After today I’m not in that kind of mood to dream about the Premier League title. I’m more in a mood to repair the mental damage and prepare for the next game. It is much more about that and looking behind us because we need to play well and win games. For us, we need to fight until the end to get the place in the top four. If we can do more, we will do more but lets not dream and focus on the next game.

“It is to do with the Premier League as well. Like today, sometimes you have to win 1-0 and today was one of those days.

“We are a team who likes to take the initiative and with the initiative you expect goals. We accept the risk of taking the game to the opponent but I think what you expect is what we are told before, that we should have more goals.”

So does Wenger think that the squad could be improved to try and finish higher next season? “As long as you don’t win every game, you want to add what is needed.” he concluded. “I’m responsible for the result and I think I’m the first person who is frustrated. I can say that at the moment, we will make complete balance at the end of the season and see where we stand. At the moment it is about being together and giving our best until the end of the season.”

Right now even a Top Four finish is at stake, and a home game against Crystal Palace, who have had an awful record since Christmas, is the sort of game Arsenal should win easily at this stage of the season. This draw is very very hard to understand…..

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  1. I told you folks to forget about the Arsenal game and instead watch the match at Camp nou. Looks like Barcelona are having an Arsenal meltdown this season.

    1. Barcelona are conceding goals like Arsenal!!

      Anyone have any thoughts on Bould??
      Our defensive coach hasn’t implemented what we wanted!

      1. This is the worst Barcelona team in years.
        I shook my head when arsenal fans were applauding the fact that they only beat us 2-nil at home.
        SMH .
        Our fans have become used to wenger’s mediocrity.
        Happy to be stomped at home by a rival.

        They have a celebrity front 3 but everything behind that front 3 is average.
        Alves is older,Xavi Yaya toure, Puyol

    2. If Arsene wants to take responsibility, he should leave! Don’t be too worried about Barcelona though, with 4 CL titles in the last 10 years I think they are allowed to blow 1 season. We allowed Arsene to blow 12 after all…

      1. That’s very true Disturbance, and it’s not just blow 12 after all, it’s blowing 12 in a row, and with this deluded old man still in charge, let’s get ready for more

  2. A recent article attacked
    those questioning Wenger.
    “Some Arsenal fans need
    to get a grip on reality”.
    I hope the author of that article
    follows his our own advice 🙂

      1. Believe it or not, some fans like davidnz and me are pessimistic because of all the experience we’ve had on relying on false hope.

        1. Yes, of-course! Wenger is Arsenal, Arsenal is Wenger.

          The real Arsenal fan would never even think we are going to sack an underachieving manager. For two years, Arsenal didn’t even think it to offload a player as useful as Diaby!
          Only a spud fan will want us to replace Walcott with a better striker next season.

          We are first of all #Loyal to our own. We are #Charitable like that.

          1. PS: Wenger is on a measly salary of 8 million. But what does that matter? He should be our manager for life if he wants to.

            Walcott has been a loyal Gooner, so he deserves to get some of that love too with 140K per week.

  3. Because of Athletico Madrid ad what they have achieved recently, the Spanish league really is the most competitive these days amongst the big leagues.

  4. If today was one of those days when we had to win just 1-0, why did we bring in 2 of the most attacking players we have without defensive contribution?

    And do note that other one of those 2, our “main” striker, hasn’t scored since mid-January.

    1. If 4th was at stake he would’ve got defenders to secure his precious 4th spot. Instead he got his favourite three of the bench.

      Never seen an Arsenal team where after our substitutions the opposition benefits from it.
      Ramsey, first thing he does is two flicks that don’t come off.
      Giroud then misses his first and only chance of the game, his speciality as well, near post.
      Walcotts first contribution is to run into to traffic.

      1. ha559: well, then. giroud,ramsey walcott all did what we expect of them . they are fully consistent. now the q is: is that what we want?
        they dont have an extra gear to grow into.

  5. Wenger disappointed
    frustrated etc…
    I feel sorry for Arsene.
    All he has to console him is his
    little 8 mill salary package 🙂

    1. that 8 million package means hes worth…

      2 diego simeones
      2 Massimiliano Allegris
      3 slaven bilics
      4 ronald koemans

      infact wenger is the second highest paid manager IN THE WORLD

      i do not want him out of this club, but hes no football coach, he hasnt progressed in 20 years in that role

      1. When having a friendly banter session with my manu friends, they tend to pick the “but how many CL’s do Arsenal have” whenever I point out how crap theyve been since SAF retired. I answer with About the same amount of golden premier league trophies in the cabinet at OT”. And they are usually shut up by that. What Wenger did back then made him an eternal club legend, but his achievements from 10+ years ago mean nothing for him today. He shouldn’t be allowed to rest on old achievements, and so what we are left with is a manager who spends as little as possible, has no remarkable tactical variation, and is consistently failing to win anything except the rather exceptive FA cups in 2014+15.

        the 2004-wenger would deserve 8M today. The one we’re stuck with now doesn’t even deserve a percent of his salary.

        Imagine how well we could do if we were the ones to get Klopp, Guardiola or Conte (Or Koeman / Pochettino for that matter) with a passionate owner.

  6. He’s disappointed? Hmmm …he should SAY ” Its time I leave Arsenal to new manager who can lead Arsenal to glory ” ….please resign ARSENE 🙁

  7. What is frustrating with wenger is that,at all times hes left a deficiency in the squad.many seasons back,arsenal had a good attack with likes of nasri,rvp,cesc;but were deficient in gk(almunia) or defenders(silvestre) and the defence used to be shambles.now that defence improved after steve boulds arrival,the strike force is poor.like wenger hasnt replaced rvp tbh.he shud hav bought a striker and cdm in summer FOR ATSENAL TO HAV BEST CHANCE OF WINNING,but unfortunately like i always say ‘man seems to be trying to prove a point he never will i.e he knows all and doesnt need voice of pundits,media,or fans;more like whole world is dumb and hes the smart one.

    another thing with wenger is that team suddenly starys playing well when they are in danger of losing top 4 and so on.this has been the case for last 6yrs or so.my feeling is that WENGER AINT STRICT ENUF WITH THE PLAYERS. NOT SATING WENGER SHUD BE LIKE A MILITARY PERSONNEL, BUT HE SHUD ONLY PLAY THOSE WHO GIV 100% AND MAKE HIS TEAM DO THAT !!!

    when u see guys like ramsey playing (not jus this game) who prefers style over substance, losing possession in centre and leading to goals,then u know team has a problem.if u were to lose possession and try to be stylish,u wud get instantly removed at a team like barca,real.u cant hav players who lose possession, do wayward passes and yet expect to win.both things cant co-exist….

    The way atletico-madrid played against barca,i understood simeone sure knows how to make players play to their best. He even said something like he keeps away from those who dont giv 100%.

    So my point is what is giroud doing in a team which is abt technique and pace.hes not like rvp,and not to be rude “but giroud does miss chances”… AM TIRED IF WENGER’S DEFIANCE AND HIS ATTEMPT TO PROV THE WORLD WRONG !!

    IF ARSENAL FANS WERE LIKE ME,THE STADIUM WID BE EMPTY (I MEAN IT).WUD BRING THE CLUB TO KNEES AND ADDRESS THE PROBLEMS OR MAKE THE OWNER AND MANAGER LEAVE.yes u cud argue fans had to be patient due to stadium and so on,reasonable argument and i wud be patient. But not anymore, NIT WITH WENGER’S ATTITUDE !!


  8. @HA559,immediately after posting comment, i see ur post.exactly regarding Ramsey, i cant tolerate players who are nore concerned abt YouTube videos being made abt them.Ramsey is talented fir sure, unfortunately he doesn’t realise quality lies in being neat with short passes,keeping posession and so on.with such an attitude for sure he woukdnt start in barca,real,atletico,or bayern !!

      1. Agreed,both of them seem to hav real intent….with Wenger’s latest comments that arsenal,leiceter,and spurs havent spend much to be in top 3,Wenger’s quest to prove world hes right is going for another season !!

  9. Understand? ?… No, No .. It’s easy to understand but very hard to swallow!

    Enough is enough ?
    I’m at the point where as much as it hurts, I would rather we didn’t qualify for European football, next season.
    Wenger recently suggested that he isn’t going to do much business in the transfer window, anyway.
    So why worry about Champions league football, when the deluded one isn’t even planning on any major signings?
    You know full well that if we Qualify for Champions league football, he will say the same old, he has already hinted that regarding transfers.

    How many times do we have witness the same old senario’s, before the majority stand up and demand changes?

    Not only did Wenger fail in the summer transfer window,
    but he has failed consistently with tactics and substitutions throughout the season.

    At least he has stability in that department!
    Which isn’t worth two bob, let alone £8 millon a year.

    1. wenger touts consistency.

      glass half full: we’ve finished in top4 10 years in a row.
      glass half empty: we are very close, but never go from 3,4 to 1. – is that a good kind of consistency?

  10. the emirates was bizarre today,
    thousands of empty seats.
    people reading programmes during the games.
    people playing on there phones in huge numbers during the match

    no atmosphere no belief

    this arsenal plc business dream is hollow an has cheated the fans

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong. .. But isn’t the Emirates capacity 60,000? …according to Live Score.com, todays attendance was 59,961 … Fair play to those 39 fan’s that didn’t turn up!

      1. tickets bought in advance. but many have given up going,
        havent seen it like that – other than pre season.
        39? bahahaha bollox mate in my row there 2 people lol

        i would say between 8000-10 000 werent there

        online there must be pics- have alook

        1. Like I said man ? according to Live Score.com!!!
          and like you said there were two people missing in your row! ??…
          They probably had the runs! … Dodgy mince pies?

    2. Totally agree muffy….was too quiet today. Think the fans are tired of same old and have given up too….one or two tried to get the crowd going but no one was interested….very disappointing result once again!

  11. For those that don’t know, behind the scenes Athletico are also building a new stadium (70,000 seat). They will spend €200m- €270m which is less than Arsenals, but they’re not letting financial constraint getting the better of their transfer policy nor their on the pitch performances even for one year by the looks of things.

  12. I have to admit that I was
    predicting Arsenal would win
    when we were two points
    off Leicester. I was confident
    because Leicester had never won the league
    and Spurs has not won for 55 years.
    What could go wrong?
    Then in a month we went out to Watford at home in the FA Cup
    out in the last 16 of the ECL and have now snatched
    defeat from the jaws of victory in the league.
    How was I to know this could happen to Arsenal 🙂

    1. Hahaha ?
      Well…. An Arsenal fan! Would have known all this!

      But a Wenger Fanboy ? … Wouldn’t have seen it! ??

  13. Bob or Admini, there is nothing too difficult to understand on Arsenal today’s match which took place this afternoon at the Ems against Crystal Palace.

    Arsenal have again proved how untrustwothy they can be when they are expected to win a game they should win and even win it with some comfortsw.

    Arsenal have become so untrusted when it comes to win the title or the Ucl for such a long long time now. And the reason for this Arsenal none title & Ucl win untrustworthyness is multidimentional. This is better discussed at another time in another article posting.

  14. “They played deep and defended well. They got us on the break and that is the story of the game. It is very frustrating.”

    I would say “the story of this season”

    1. Weneger is using this excuse very often…It’s like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray for him….
      I just wonder how many years he will need to prevent these kind of mistakes happening over and over again.

      1. wenger did come out and say “I’m an attacking manager”. i dont think he thinks too much about defending. we let in 3 against w.ham FFS.

  15. will never forget barca players undermining arsenal.like xavi and messi said arsenal were nothing to worry of when gunners git lead in first leg.then alves says arsenal are economic class while barca business class,similar to turan saying he has to play ‘very well’ in barca while only ‘well’ to be at arsenal.there was also the suarez dig.i wud be happy if barca went trophyless for d rest of my life.u shud hav respect for ur opponents no matter how gud u are..

      1. Barca don’t care, their cabinet is dirty from having too many trophies, they can say anything they want coz we are their bit***s, always winning narrowly in one leg against them and then get spanked really hard in the second leg. You can laugh any how you want but they just had la liga trophy and ECL from last season, still fresh, we have 10 years and counting waiting for one EPL title, just one EPL title for God’s sake

  16. Your complaints and excuses are needless at this point monsieur wenger.
    While other clubs are turning to super powers
    We are becoming an average club.
    Even some lacklustre clubs like westham dis us by saying that they have better players on the bench than we have on the pitch.
    Please we need to correct so many things on our team.
    But first get rid of that old schooled clueless manager.

  17. Atleast Wenger is taking responsibility now.

    Like it or hate it. Believe it or not. A lot of what is being done there at the Emirates (excluding finances) is based on sentimentalism rather that professionalism. It is what happens when you keep a manager for 20 years and he in turn shows the same love to players by accommodating them for years regardless of whether they have been useful or not.

    It is kind of a loyalty/lovefest going on there at the Emirates. Everybody has to be nice to everybody because… well, everybody has to be nice to everybody.

    Some fans have become so used to Wenger, they can’t even begin to imagine Arsenal without Wenger. They are the types that will defend him with everything they got. #Loyal fans.

  18. @well they havent been as successful as under pep but did win treble season before this.hope the two madrids can stop them winning for nxt few season.but in reality,teams havent devised a formula to counter possession play other than defensing deep which risks teams like barca having chance to keep attacking.so until teams understand how to overcome posesion,they wil probably keep getting success…

  19. Manu this season in PL have scored 40 goals in 33 games. When we play an injury ravaged manu we let in 3 goals.
    Our home game against swansea, one goal up and we lose. Away game against liverpool, winning when there is a late equaliser. Game today, one goal up and we draw. These are just recent games where we have thrown away great opportunities.

    We have gone from leading the PL and favourites to win, to our usual scrapping for fourth place. In the past we have put this down to paying for the stadium, hence selling our best players and injuries. But that no longer holds. RVP was correct, we do not have ambition.

    I think it comes from the top, Kroenke is not involved with arsenal to win championships. Given the poor performance of manu, manc, chelsea and liverpool this season, we should now be leading the PL, and if we had taken most of the opportunities which came our way we would be leading the PL. Wenger no longer seems to have what it takes to win the PL.

    1. Today leicester conceded two goals after they they went down to 10 men. Last time they conceded was 1 march, over 10 hours of play without conceeding. Shame we do not have similar stats

  20. Can’t beleive Wenger really said we had three world class strikers at this club at one point in the season. The main striker hasn’t scored in the league for 2.5 months.

    1. And when you bash the striker his followers come here and start attacking you, Messi went only 5 matches without a goal and the whole world was busy dissing him, our main strikers has over 2 months and you are supposed to kiss his a*s like how his followers do.

  21. Wilshere posted “This is our club today and forever” using Man Utd’s Trinity statue of Best, Law, and Charlton. He is jocking or the kid doesn’t Arsenal statue.

  22. what say you now bud and company . you all appear to be very quiet , for some reason , conspicious by your absense , in fact !!.

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