Wenger IS geared up for busy Arsenal Transfer Deadline Day

It appears that, once again, Arsene Wenger has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the Arsenal fans and the football media. Despite sniffing around for Arsenal transfer rumours (or just making them up) both before and during the January transfer window, it has now been generally accepted that the only addition to the Arsenal first team squad this month will be Mohamed Elneny.

Ha! Well I have some news for you Gooners, because a ‘reliable’ source close to Wenger has revealed to me that the Frenchman actually has a lot planned for transfer deadline day. He has a lot to get in before the window slams shut at 11 pm on Monday February 1st and I can exclusively reveal his plans.

First up is a continental breakfast of coffee, croissant and orange juice. That is definite but Wenger has not decided whether he will be reading a paper or watching a bit of TV while he has it. He then has the serious business of preparing his witty answers to the tired old transfer questions from the media during the press conference ahead of the Southampton match.

Look, these comments do not write themselves you know, and there is always a little bit pressure on the prof to explain why he is the only person in the world that can grasp why the Gunners do not actually need to spend any money. I mean it is not as if we have a bad record with injury problems or anything, or that after 12 years we are desperate to win the Premier League.

Then training and a lazy lunch while Wenger waits for Lionel Messi to call. Then it’s into hiding with the phone turned off just in case some transfer deal does come up. Job done!


  1. *Yawn*……….Right now, I am focused on the Southampton game….

    I do feel for Rosicky. It’s frustrating to see a player come back and then go back to the injury room after a game. We love you Rosicky…….

    Happy new month to all genuine Arsenal fans out there….Hoping we win all our games this month…

    Arsenal All The Way!

  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath on us signing “anybody” on deadline day! On the other hand Wenger is noted for pulling a rabbit out of the hat at last minute!

  3. Lol 🙂
    Yes he did say he
    would be busy in January.
    What with skiing in the Alps
    driving his new Citroën C5 and
    wining and dining his new younger squeeze 🙂
    Its tough at the top.
    However French scources Béchamel and Velouté
    have let slip that Wenger is bringing back two of
    Arsenals greatest strikers Lord Bendtner and Francis Jeffers.

  4. About four months ago I said that in January Wenger will only sign a squad/bench player and an unheard of youngster. I got it almost perfect! Two unheard of youngsters instead of one.

    Wenger is as predictable as always!

  5. I don’t care what U say, what Arsene Wenger has done is in d past now. U can thump me down if U want, but d Club needs to make progress, needs to move on and with modern football management. We can’t continue living in d past. Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal a top European Club, but has also limited Arsenal’ success with his stubbornness and Stinginess. We could have celebrated him d more, but over 10 years without d EPL, CHAMPS LGE trophy and 9yrs trophiless made him less popular. How are U a Hero when U destroy same things U built?
    Respect to Arsene Wenger, yet, Time Up!!!!!!

    1. I am glad you are bold enough to speak your mind. Wenger fans (the supposed Arsenal fans who have unknowingly transferred their loyalty, love and affection from the club onto Wenger). I am an Arsenal FC Fan and Supporter and not that of Wenger

  6. everyone wants wenger to buy players but among the champions of the last 5 seasons or so can you name a player bought in january that made an impact in the title race?i can actually remember manure&shitty not buying anyone and still winning the epl!!

  7. How has Wenger pulled the wool over anyone’s eyes? He never promised a boatload of signings. To the contrary he has been clear all along that there would not be many. Elneny has been the most talked about signing this January. Arsenal moved quickly before the window even opened to get him (visa issues delayed his availability 2 weeks). It is a quiet window. What have the other big clubs done?

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