Wenger WILL lead Arsenal to glory this season

This is Arsenal’s year at last! by G-Rude

Perhaps the fact that Arsenal won against the odds yesterday after being outplayed by Newcastle, is a very good sign that 2016 could be Arsenal’s year. Certainly Theo Walcott thinks it is a great omen for the club and the players have the belief that this really could be our title for the taking this season.

“The three points are crucial at this moment in time,” Walcott said. “especially when teams slip up as well. We’ve had a blip at times but it’s important that we get those hard-fought three points today. In previous seasons we would have lost that or drawn, so that’s a very good sign for 2016.

“The title is anyone’s to be honest but there’s such a belief in this team that we can do it this year. It’s been a long time and everyone understands that, but you could just sense with that performance that we know what we need to do. It’s up for grabs but we have the strength in depth in this squad and I believe that we can push on this season and hopefully be successful.”

One very good reason for optimism is the fact that Arsenal won 9 points more than any other Premiership team in 2015, which would equate to the title this year if we can keep that form going. This one single fact persuades me that anyone who wants Wenger sacked must be totally mad. Despite having a team of crocks and donkeys for most of the year, he has still made them the most consistent team in the League. But if Arsenal suffer just one loss, any loss, there are a cacophany of keyboard warriors demanding that we sack the best manager in the country……

I guess Wenger takes no notice of this idiotic minority so maybe we should as well… Talk to the hand!


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  1. Its not If we want Wenger Out or STAY, it is a matter of 12 years of pain and lame excuses at the end of the season.Always we have so many injuries – not depth , if the team was fully fit bla bla bla..NOPE , get rid of the deadwood for once amd second WE NEED proven DM and ST to fight both fronts specially win the EPL as this year is there for the taken unless we re enforce the team.Bench underperformed as soon as we get this new blood injected and Alexis back.I dream of front 3 with Alexis – Theo- Aubameyang feed by Mr Assists even mighty Barca will think twice to play free flow against us. dreams can come true If we work hard to reach them, Can Mr wenger? It has been 2 key positions You have not addressed ever since Tierrry / Vieira and Gilberto left.Is it to much to ask? Stubbornness to stick to OX,Gibbs, jack, ramsey, Theo,Diaby, so on for many years who have not improved what expected from them?every pundit and fans knows it.

    1. @vinie2000
      You don’t know what real pain is son…Try supporting Spurs, if you want a real taste of pain

  2. pLs wenger…..Lead EL-neny and Auba to us…….and they will heLp lead us to gLory!

    U deserve a Major Trophy… wenger!

  3. its funny how people think.
    I dont know if they are age old fans or just trollers.
    People saying that ozil is not a good am/as good as silva because he has no energy or tricks and keeps his game simple.
    cazorla is not beastly tall and strong enough to be a cm.
    Giroud is a bad striker because he does not dribble not fast or agile enough.

      1. exactly.I wouldnt mind anyone playing anywhere on the pitch provided they do their job well and dont prove to be a liability
        Even ramsey playing on the wings would be okay for me if it means covering bellerin
        to manouver freely on the right and hos creative instincts support our attack and his work rate is useful.

        But mertz and flames out.
        Gabriel and chambers in

  4. and Yes………i dn’t want wenger’s barren years without a major trophy to end in vain!

    Lead the right pLayers to us, so they in addition with what we have will all lead us to gLory!

  5. Wenger doesnt appoint problems with time, its up to the team to stay healthy and deliver. That we are in the first place in this time of the season is no surprise to us. The arsenal circle always ends up in february. Even the most die hard wengerit knows about it.

    Currently we miss two mayor players. Santi and Coquelin. Quality players you cant replace with mediocre players alone.

    Walcott is nothing to Sanchez on the wings.
    Ramsey is nothing to Cazorla.
    Flamini aswell is nothing to Coquelin.

  6. For the past ~5 seasons the title has been won by 80, 89, 89, 86 and 87 points. This season has been more even so 80-85 points could do it. For that 85 points we can afford to lose 11 points but let us remember we have tough away fixtures left against City, United, Spurs and Everton. Not to mention Stoke and Liverpool coming up, followed soon by home matches against Chelsea and Leicester.

    I firmly believe if we can manage to scrap at leaast 7 points from the next 3 matches, we are definite favorites. Away wins against Stoke and Liverpool would not only get us though a tough January with honor but would really show what we are made of on the away field.

    So for me the next 3 games are title defining matches. If we fail to turn up against Potters and Reds, rest assure we won’t turn up at Goodison, White Fart, Old Trafford or for that matter Etihad.

  7. After the invincibles Wenger bet on youth and it failed.
    He bet on cheap french talent and it failed.
    Finally he’s learning you need a mixture to have a title winning squad.

    I saw City play a horrible game against Watford but out of shear luck or something pulled the win, i still don’t understand how watford didn’t just sit back and close that game out.

  8. For all those baying for Ramsey’s blood here is a little perspective. Since Carloza went down against Norwich our record is 5 wins and 1 loss. Our record in the six games ending with Norwich was 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats. If he is hurting the team, long may the hurt continue. I’m not saying Ramsey is without flaws, I am suggesting a lot of you can tone down the vitriol.

    1. @Trudeau

      I’m sorry, but that’s just a ridiculous thing to say! Is Milan Baros a top class striker because he helped Liverpool win the Champions League?! Of course he isn’t! Teams can still win games, whilst carrying players, which is what Arsenal are doing with Ramsey amongst others and which clearly explains our poor performances. We are top of the league, but Ramsey has been poor this season from an individual perspective, even when played in the middle.

  9. Chelsea and Man Utd
    struggling it’s come down
    to Arsenal v City.
    Arsenal are very consistent and
    very experienced so are now favourite.
    City have too many games and a leaky defence.
    So it’s Arsenal all the way for me.

    1. well kompany is coming back.
      city know how to sustain a challenge,

      they have easier fixtures
      they have depth that we dont have

      so right now city should be and are favourites- but we have a shot

  10. I hope this Aubameyang signing by Arsenal will not turnout to be another high profile striker signing that never happened afterall like the purported transfer of Karim Benzema to Arsenal that was not realised during the last summer transfer window.

    I hate to have my hopes raised by the media rumour transfer mill, but only to have it dashed latter. A BVB Dortmond’s £42m pounds price tag is not beyond what Arsenal can afford to pay to get top quality striker Auba to lead the line for the Gunners. Giroud, Auba & latter Welbeck will be great strikers option and cover that will substantially enhanced the striking line capacity of Arsenal.

    I doubt if Dortmond will allow Auba to leave. Moreso as they are looking to qualify for the Ucl next season. Save if Auba force the transfer away from the club, then it may happen. Jurgen Klopp may even use his connections at Dortmond to frustrate the move away of Auba from Dort to AFC if it’ll happen before Arsenal visit Anfield for a BPL game date in less than 2 weeks time. So that Auba will not play in that match against Liverpool that could enhance AFC to beat the Reds.

  11. We have been here before more times than I care to remember, there is NOTHING different in this present season from the last 4/5 seasons we have ended up empty handed Championship wise…from the age old debate of Wenger go/stay to Giroud good/bad, to Walcott bad/good, we have won matchess mo one expect us to win to losing matches everyone expects us to win, we have suffered embarrassing defeats and pulled victory out of the jaws of defeats, we have drawn the worst team on the CL last 16, we have suffered horrendous injury list…i can go on and on so I don’t understand nor buy this sudden overly optimistic view of our championship credentials….aside from our goalkeeping situation we are basically where we have always been or thereabout in the last few seasons unless Wenger does something special in the transfer window

  12. people thought klopp would do a better job than wenger!!where are the people who were crying for us to sign him???

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