Wenger is not perfect – but he deserves MORE respect than Mourinho!

From reading the comments on JustArsenal, I see there seems to be two trains of thought – those that love Arsene and will stick by him through thick and thin, and those that feel it’s time for a change (AKB vs AOB). I fall somewhere in the middle, I love Arsene and what he’s done for the club, but then again at times wonder if it is time for him to move on. The start of this season was the first time I’ve ever thought he should move on and we need fresh ideas.

However it does appear you can teach old dogs new tricks, based on the difference we have seen this calender year, and the way we have changed our tactics to reflect our opposition. I genuinely go into next season thinking Wenger is the right man for the job. He looks like he has rediscovered that fight and desire to win that brought us so much success when he first took the reigns.

Back to the topic at hand though; Whatever your thoughts on Wenger he does deserve a lot of respect for his loyalty and the fact he kept us in the Champions league, whilst having to balance the books…for those that don’t think he deserves credit for maintaining a mere “top 4 finish”, name me one more manager that could have done what he has done whilst balancing the books as he has? If you want an example of a club sacrificing success to remain profitable you need to look no further to what is happening at Newcastle (I live in Newcastle and have a better idea than most on this site about what is going on there and how the fans feel about it!) Newcastle at the moment are a club with no direction, no heart and have an owner similar to ours who’s main focus is the bottom line figure rather than success on the pitch. The difference between Arsenal and Newcastle is that we have a club to be proud of, we have a style of playing, we have a philosophy, and in the grand scheme of things we have a team that when the chips are down are willing to do whatever to get into that last Champions League spot (which for a long period was our main goal) and this is down to Wenger. To evidence this we only need to look at how we have recovered 2 out of the last 3 seasons from disastrous starts. You can also look at the clubs that have thrown astronomic amounts of money at getting into the top 4 and fell short – just look at Spurs, Liverpool and potentially Man United this season (although it is looking unlikely they’ll miss out this year but this is more to do with how poor Spurs and the Scousers are! Along with how good De Gea has been) to see how big an achievement Champions League football actually is and that our 4th place trophy is nothing to be sniffed at!

**note** I am not saying a 4th place finish should be our goal.

Wenger has lost players he has nurtured and created (Cesc and RVP being the biggest) and had to lose them. You can tell by the way past players talk about Wenger. His relationship with them is more than just a coach and having to sell these players must have hurt him more than it has hurt us fans. However, there was a project in place – that only Wenger and the board will know the details of – and he stuck to this project, and more importantly stuck with us, despite offers from clubs with bottomless stacks of cash. But he has stuck with us and he has performed admirably under these restraints. As a fan I want to see us lift trophies, I want to see us in Champions League finals, however, I would not be willing to risk the future of the club for one League title or one Champions League trophy – look how this worked out for Leeds United. What we have actually done is sacrifice short term success to create a sustainable business that can now compete with the super clubs! We have done this without being bankrolled by a sugar daddy, we have done this through being shrewd with transfers and getting the very, VERY best out of what we have, in some cases the best we have had was Andre Santos!

We are now able to, and are, signing world class players. We are beginning to look like a club that can challenge and what’s more, we have a club that our kids and grandkids can enjoy because we have created a global brand without putting ourselves in crippling debt. Wenger has played a huge part in this. I genuinely feel if anyone else was at the helm during this period of our history we would be a top ten club, and we would be nowhere near as financially stable as we are now. We would be another Spurs or Everton, miles away from the elite clubs in the world.

Wenger deserve nothing but respect for this, whether you are an AKB or an AOB, and I do feel the AOB will agree with this. On our day we can (and have) beat anyone against the odds, with in many cases an inferior squad (Barca, Dortmund, Milan, Munich). This is why it annoys me so much when I hear Mourinho speak about Wenger with so much disrespect. Mourinho is a great manager no doubt. He’s a natural born winner. Could he have done what Wenger has done? No! Would he have stuck with us like Wenger has and sacrificed personal success for longer term goals? No! And this is why his “specialist in failure” jibe along with his recent comments annoyed me so much. Every other manager in the world knows what a great job he has done and respects this – look at Ferguson’s comments on Wenger. Gary Neville summed it up when he said if we start winning things over the next few seasons, now the shackles have been taken off, that “this will be the greatest managerial performance ever.” So far we have an FA cup, likely to be two. We are second in the league despite a crippling injury list for the first half of the season. If Shad Forsyth continues working his magic we have a real shot next season! We are progressing! We are moving in the right direction! As a fan I am finally optimistic going into next season.

So Bruce is right to show Arsene respect and back him over Mourinho. We go about our business on and off the pitch with nothing but class. This is one of the main reasons I am proud to be an Arsenal fan. Mourinho can have the title this season with his negative tactics, his attempted mind games, the gamesmanship he has drilled into his teams and the huge lack of class he shows to other clubs, managers and the sport we love. I know Wenger is not perfect but I’d take him over Mourinho any day.


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  1. *Special OT*
    Condolences go out to Rio Ferdinand and family on the loss of his wife Rebecca Ellison…

    1. Last night ….it felt annoying just sitting thr watching a bunch of plasTic cheLski fans talk rubbish about arsenal and wenger while heaping all the praises of the universe on mourinho… I got vexed and had a fall out with those guys… We argued at lenght… But I was glad I stood up for arsenal and wenger… It was like the spirit of arsenal dominated me… Perhaps I dn’t really hate this man (wenger),perhaps just those attitudes (which he seems to be working on)… I felt relieved shutting those guys up and falsifying their claims towards arsenal… In the end , they got speechless…. I think I’m a GUNNER for reaL

      1. Believe me, this is what I have to deal with every day but worse. I have to go up against Barca and Man Utd fans daily. Chelsi fans are mostly fake and have nothing but this season to brag about.

        1. Out of the current top 4 in epl, the 22 best players according to @whoScored are
          1. Hazard
          2. Sanchez
          3. Fabregas
          4. Cazorla
          5. Ozil
          6. Aguero
          7. Coquelin
          8. Matic
          9. Costa
          10. Jones
          11. Giroud
          12. Koscielny
          13. David Silva
          14. Monreal
          15. Toure
          16. Clichy
          17. Smalling
          18. Rooney
          19. Ivanovic
          20. Ospina
          21. Bellerin
          22. Herrera

          We have 9 players, while Chelsea have 5, City have 4 and Utd have 4.

  2. Chelsea have won the EPL.
    We need to get over it.
    Focus on what we can do
    to win next years title.

    1. Obviously Wenger deserved more respect. Mourinho is doing better on the trophy front but it is much easier when you walk into a billion pound squad and spend a hundred million on top of that. Mourinho hasn’t created a team or player in his 15 years in the game, while Wenger is about to complete his second great team in his 18 year tenure at Arsenal and has turned countless kids into world beaters.

      Respect for Mourinho for what he did at Porto though and his ability to do what it takes to accomplish his aims.

  3. Of course Wenger deserves respect and admiration, but the truth and the matter is, fans, neutrals , pundits and newspapers will always have a “go” at managers who do not win trophies (especially when you are the Arsenal manager)…!!

    This league was “supposed” to be ours… Chelsea are no where near “great” or exiting…!!

    As usual Wenger started doing his job in January-February time…
    We were served 15 games (only 5 wins) of Jack Wilshere as a number 10 (even though he is CLEARLY THE WORSE MIDFIELDER WE GOT… PLEASE MAN CITY HAVE HIM!).

    In the earlier part of the season, Wenger might have blamed injuries of Arsenal’s horrendous start, but the team was not aided by the Frenchman’s weird obsession with a 4-1-4-1 formation.
    Not only was the team suffering from a post World Cup hangover, the players were “forced” to adapt to a system which did suit them.
    The creative hub of the team is the Ozil/Cazorla pair and the return to a 4-2-3-1 formation has resulted in the gunners playing their best football of the season.

    Man City (and Liverpool) wants Wilshere for £30 millions (how desperate are they to complete their home grown set), they can have him any day, especially for that price (no where near worth that amount, but hey if they are suckers, why not… We bought Welbeck for £16millions and I still think we were ripped off). With the money we will get an Isco or a Dybala or else…

    1. @LoCkAy
      Spot on dude.
      I feel we should have kept Afobe and promoted him to 1st squad, instead of buying Welbeck…

      1. Lockay, you lost me at the league was supposed to be ours. Confidence is one thing but destiny is another thing altogether. Whoever wins was destined.

  4. What a good piece of writing! I couldn’t have expressed it any better. The one reason why the likes of Mourinho thrive is because of our journalists whose philosophy is to thrive on controversy, negativity, shallowness, sensationalism and lack of analysis. Decent people are looked at as commonplace and indecent characters are given a heroes’ treatment. I sometimes wonder whether the English language is still as it was yesterday or it has changed. I was flabbergasted to hear a certain pundit referring to Mourinho as a genius! Mourinho a genius! Well that is our world! Perhaps Napoleon Bonaparte couldn’t have been more right when he said that ” Men are governed by toys.” True indeed if words like genius can be used for the opposite of that. This is the main reason why I appreciated this article. It put it plainly clear why Wenger and not Mourinho deserves respect. By the way buying trophies is not a new phenomenon. Blackburn Rovers did it in 1995 but then what happened thereafter? Several people have questioned why Mourinho keeps roving from place to place and the answer was that he fears to be exposed. he comes he wins a trophy or two and he is gone! Imagine Wenger had left Arsenal after the ‘Invincibles’ season how much praise would have been showered on him? He had already won three EPL trophies and three FA cups and four community shields by then. Mourinho’s constant movement is simply because he wants to move after achieving short term success and then goes to a club with lots of money which enables him to win a trophy or two and before he can be put to the test he is gone. That is the darling of the gullible British press. However the Spanish press refused to accept his guile and saw him for what he was: an uncouth man devoid of good manners! Hence his time at Real was not a bed of roses. It is surprising that the Spanish press could identify a character correctly and the British press has completely fallen prey to the same character’s antics!

  5. Arsene wenger has taken arsenal to the league and cup double, not to mention going the entire season, “unbeaten”! I would like to see this arrogant manager “mourinho” replicate that! Coyg! Wenger has to be given respect for the things he has accomplish at arsenal!

  6. My respects and condolences go out to rio ferdinand and his family! May god strengthen you all in your time of grief!

  7. Mourinho Wenger +
    Sir Alex the three
    greatest protagonists
    in EPL history.
    Now Van Gaal is adding his great
    qualities to the narrative.
    Next season looms as an Epic battle 🙂

  8. To be honest if we spent that cash over the last 10 years we would have pissed them. Remember b4 the Russian spent his cash they were nothing

  9. ____Off Topic____

    So, these days, I can see Brenda’s body, but not her head. Does that make her an ostrich? LOL!!!

    Just imagine a “learner” like Brendan Rodgers equating himself with Arsene… Damn annoying!!! Together with that “slipper skipper”, Gerrard, he really got me angry, back when we wanted to sign Suarez. Both b*tches saying Arsenal was “a step down” for Suarez. Oh really??? How do you like it now???

    I hope the Queen’s rangers beat them today.

    God bleSs the Queen, God bless her Rangers.

  10. Wenger deserves respect from anything that lives and knows football. Mourinho does deserve respect too.
    I thought I used to like Liverpool, not until Brendan & Gerrard said what they did. Now, what I feel for them is pity. I see no difference between them and Everton.

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