Wenger is not short of offers but he hasn’t made any decisions

There are numerous rumours about where Arsene Wenger will go after leaving Arsenal. The latest reports are saying that he has been offered mega/millions to go and manage in China, where he could earn up to three times as much as his current wages and become the highest/paid boss in the world.

There has also been the reported offer of joining PSG now that Enai Emery has been confirmed to be leaving, and they say he could be offered a general manager’s job above the actual first team coach. There also the possibility of him becoming the national team coach of either England or France, and I am sure there will be many many more offers before he makes his decision.

He has made it clear he won-t be jumping into just any job until he has weighed up his options. Le Prof said: “I will take four or five weeks, distance to analyse in the most objective way possible for me to make a decision after. Honestly, I don’t know what I will do yet and I would be lying to say that I do know.

“I haven’t made any decision because of course I’ve been solicited to make decisions, but at the moment I want to take a distance. This is a love story that was special for 22 years, so it will always take some time to recover from that. You also need time to analyse that in an objective way, to see where I’ll go from there.”

The Boss also revealed that he was offered the chance to replace Alex Ferguson at Man United when the Scotsman retired, and David Dein admitted that Wenger had also turned down big offers from Real Madrid and PSG in the past.

But Wenger has stayed loyal to the club for 22 years despite all these offers, and he will be loyal until the last day of his contract. Let-s hope that he gets a fantastic send off in his last game at the Emirates against Burnley…

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    Will be glad to see him managing big teams like PSG, Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think he would learn more by managing other big teams

    Too bad Arsenal players let him down at the Atletico Madrid match. This scenario would not be ideal, but better than nothing:

    Wenger -> PSG

    Tuchel -> Arsenal


      Learn more ? He’s 68 years old and has been coaching for more than 30 years. Plus he’s stubborn. I doubt Wenger will learn anything new lol

    2. tony says:

      i dont see him any of those clubs in future. he will join a mid table club for sure.then drag them down to religation

  2. Phil says:

    Whatever decision he makes I truly wish it’s the last I ever see or hear from him again.I will be in Madrid and I di not believe for one single minute he will come over to applaud the fans who will have made that trip.At the Burnley game I will be gone as soon as that whistle blows for full time.I have no intention of hanging around to applaud Wenger as he takes his final bow.Leicester I will be at before the final game against Huddersfield.Again I’m gone as soon as that whistle has gone to end the game.I refuse to acknowledge the years he brought success to this Club and instead hold him personally responsible for the last decade of mediocrity and decline.The empty seats at the Emirates were not because of me and my view.They were a sign of the apathy and loss of faith felt by supporters who had finally had enough of Wenger.Just hurry up and get this season over and F*** OFF

    1. Counsel says:

      @ Phil you have just discribed yourself as a plastic fan,what are you going to do in Madrid if you have no interest in the remainder of the season.You are the fat tourist who just attends games to enjoy yourself no heart for the team and the manager.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Council, please don’t confirm your ignorance by calling a person such as Phil, who apparently at great financial cost attends as many matches as possible, “a plastic fan.”

        1. Phil says:

          Thanks OG but trust me I easily afford what I do and have been able to for quite a few years now.And I absolutely enjoy taking on Counsel.He has nothing to say for himself and only jumps on comments by other posters.He hides away after a while as he is lost for words and never is able to justify most of the drivel that he writes.Hes a lawyer I have you know.I have 2 of those who work for me so I know all about them.Ha ha ha.

      2. Phil says:

        Counsel-I am a fan who detests Wenger it’s as simple as that.I have absolutely no problem if others wish to pay respects to Wenger for his achievements with the Club.I choose not to.I will be in Madrid supporting Arsenal Football Club as I always have done and always will.I have no respect for Wenger and have never hidden that over the last decade.
        You on the other hand?I mean tell us -have you ever seen the team play?Do you just watch on TV?Do you collect the Panini Stickers and Wenger blow-up doll with delux attarchments for that more meaningful relationship?
        You are always very quick to jump on other posters comments but have you ever given an opinion on anything?No thought not.But if it makes you feel important then you just carry on posting your replies and continue embarrassing yourself.No respect at all foe anyone who offers nothing.What you say never makes much sense.You ought to try and be a solicitor when you grow up.They talk mainly s**t like you do.

        1. Phil says:

          Once again you never answer a question do you?A typical solicitor.I have a few colleagues who tap into this site and they find you hilarious bearing in mind you are always very quick to remind everyone of how “ INTELLIGENT “ you are.
          And you know? It’s a pretty shallow and insecure person who brings fans personal financial issues to a site like this. I will be meeting fans in Madrid who I know cannot really afford to be there but they are going.I am going with someone who uses his credit cards August to May to pay to follow Arsenal and in the close season he drives a Taxi in evenings and weekends to pay off his cards ready for next season.He is 61 years old.His wife children and grandchildren want for nothing from him.That pal is a true supporter.
          And YOU feel important digging out fans when you don’t even go to games.Most worldwide fans NEVER get the chance to see Arsenal play live.And I will tell you now If ANY fan was in London to see Arsenal and needed a ticket I will happily have one for them.These fans could worship Wenger as their Messah and it would not bother me one bit.They are Gooner and that’s all that matters to me.

        2. jon fox says:

          Well Phil , what I like esp about your posts is that you never sit on the fence. I try to always do likewise. Honesty is feared by the many woolly heads who call themselves fans on this site. Without true honesty and forthrightness, the club is always in danger, as the last decade under WENGER HAS SHOWN SO CLEARLY. We fans who have made our refusal to attend games under Wenger(though I know you have chosen, as is your perfect right, to keep going) and, in particular, those who have pre paid as season ticket holders but still stayed away, have been the critical factor in our cleansing of the clubs chain holding us back. Please keep speaking the truth loud and clear and ignore those cowards who never come back with their own opinions. We who always speak the truth salute you!

        3. Phil says:

          Counsel-Admin removed my reply to you so I will have to tone this down a bit and hope you get the opportunity to read this.
          I will be flying out to Madrid on Monday morning after getting home from Manchester around midnight.Have YOU ever tried driving back to London from Manchester after a 4.30pm kick off on a Sunday evening?Trust me it’s not a pleasant journey but that’s what we “Plastic Fans” do.
          I will be meeting up with a group of about 15 pals over the following days.Ive arranged 2 Business meetings on Tuesday so will I’m sure have a very profitable time there while also watching my beloved Arsenal.A few of these pals I know for a fact are struggling to afford to be at this game but they will still be there.They are True Arsenal Fans.They support Arsenal Football Club.They always have.They always will.One of my pals uses credit cards to pay for the privilege of watching Arsenal Football Club and has not missed a single game in the last FOUR SEASONS.Home Away Europe.Not a single game.He then works a SECOND JOB driving Taxis from May to July to pay off his cards ready to do it all again next season.He despises Arsene Wenger as much as I do.But to you He is a PLASTIC FAN.Just because he has an opinion different to you.His Wife Children And Grandchildren want for NOTHING.He is flying out on the day of the game and back straight after.He will be back into Luton at 3.00am and will drive straight to work.This is a PLASTIC FAN according to you.All because he had a different opinion to you.He knows his football my pal.He PLAYED professional football until he was 34.He worked in the game for 15 years after that such is his love for the game.He would NEVER accept me telling you who he is or what teams he played for but he is often recognised on away trips and very much admired for what he accomplished in his career.He never played or coached for a team higher than the bottom two divisions.Even when playing he had a second job such was the hardship he went through at times.Ive known him for 30 years and his love for Arsenal Football Club has never been in doubt.He was never a good enough player to get a chance of playing for the club of his dreams after being with the club from the age of 14 up until he was released at the age of 18.But he made a living of sorts in the game and never holds anything against the club for the fact he was not considered good enough.He always dreamed of being able to support Arsenal as a fan and he has been able to realise that dream for the past 12 years.He loves Arsenal Football Club.But to YOU He is a PLASTIC FAN.Why?Because He has an opinion different to yours.He will laugh at you when he reads this.He always does.Why?Because like many who comment without accepting others views you come over as being a very sad person.I totally respect posters such as Ken1945.Our views and opinions are so different but this is a fan who travels to games every week from Scotland.His views are more akin to yours but you would still consider my pal a PLASTIC FAN.
          I have never changed my view on Wenger and how he has allowed Arsenal to now be fighting for SIXTH place with Clubs such as Burnley.I will never change my view.I will just carry on being that PLASTIC FAN at (very nearly) every game and will carry that badge with honour.You on the other hand………………

          1. Sue says:

            Wow that’s amazing… true dedication ????

    2. Hadnuff says:

      Totally in agreement with you…yes I too won’t be hanging around for the farewell fanfare at the end.

      1. Phil says:

        @Hadnuff I somehow don’t believe we will be the only ones

        1. Sue says:

          Will it be sad if I’m stood there with my ‘Ozil can I have your shirt’ banner?? ??????

          1. Phil says:

            I wish you luck Sue-can you see if you could grab his shorts off him for me

          2. Sue says:

            I’ll have a go ?

          3. Admin says:

            Now now Sue calm down!!

    3. Midkemma says:

      I do feel some of the hatred you spew is partially from Gazidis not doing a good job and partially from the politics over the past deccade, shame how you lump it all on Wenger.

      Have a look at when Sven and Raul was hired, how it followed Wenger going above Gazidis and getting a new deal, how did Silent Stan say yes unless Wenger put forward a compelling argument?

      I’m glad that Gazidis got Sven and Raul, they could be 2 people to help lead us forward, I am disappointed that it took Gazidis nearly a decade to make these changes.

      Another thing I am disappointed in is how slow Gazidis is in getting transfers done, Wenger was blamed for this by majority of fans yet we still seen the same pattern when Wenger was excluded from the Auba deal, maybe the slow penny pinching was Gazidis and not Wenger?

      Have you never questioned yourself in hindsight?

  3. John0711 says:

    Trust me at Madrid or PSG as soon as he fails he will be out their clubs fans don’t settle for 3/4 never mind 6th

    1. Counsel says:

      At Madrid and PSG he would have won major trophies already. No manager would have won major trophies With the financial limitations at arsenal. Without money Conte has failed this season, Pep failed last season at city,mourhino was not the same winner due to financial competition from the rivals.Wenger is a special manager beyond trophies


        ” special manager beyond trophies” hahahahahah … You must be a troll.

        1. Counsel says:

          A Chinese super league club is offering Wenger more than 24 million per year and many other offers allover the media and that explains my point why he is special beyond trophies. He revolutionized the EPL and that is without doudbt.Even mourhino regrets his comments on Wenger. There are people who value Wenger not a miserable keyboard worrior like you who think football is all about trophies. You the low IQ fans compelled Wenger leave.

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            let them be…

            Everyone has their choices and opinion….

            if they choose to hammer Wenger its their choice

            if they choose to respect is their decision

            Without Wenger’s initial success, the loan for the stadium, and Kroneke and Usmanov wouldnt have bought the club…

            however thats my view….and everyone is entitled theirs

          2. John0711 says:

            Low IQ haha I have a degree and uefa b licence coaching badge
            I’ve played semi pro football and fought semi pro at MMA
            What’s your achievements

          3. Phil says:

            Yeah John 0711 it’s the same old drivel from him.Honestly I have colleagues who follow this site without contributing and they just laugh at Counsel.He has nothing to offer other than his monotonous plastic fan/go support spuds rhetoric which bores everyone to death.No respect to anyone who never contribute.I saw he was backed up by some sweaty sock Kilted Gooner a few days ago and the pair of them deserve each other.I hope they will be very happy together.
            Congratulations on the UEFA coaching license.I bet that took some doing.But if you wanted an easier title you should have trained to be a lawyer.Any old idiot can be one of them it seems.Just ask Counsel

          4. Counsel says:

            @ john that makes you better than Wenger!lol A uefa license you mean even someone who has never kicked a ball can get one.

      2. John0711 says:

        And Wenger has failed to win the PL or CL in over a decade

      3. Lexynal says:

        Thank you Counsel. You can say that again.

  4. Nothing changed says:

    I really don’t care where he goes. He is the past as far as Arsenal is concerned. However, part of me would like to see him succeed in Spain by winning La Liga or win the CL with PSG simply to try to resurrect his tarnished legacy. If he retires from managing without having won anything noteworthy for the past 13 years that would be sad.

  5. Counsel says:

    Wenger goes you get either Arteta or Enrike at least according to the reliable sky sports and that can’t excite me though new broom sweep clean.That’s #maga for you

  6. Ozziegunner says:

    I wish Arsene Wenger all the best wherever he goes, although Ray Parlour believes it probably won’t be to manage a national team, because he needs day to day involvement.
    Should he chase the money to China, he will be like the players he follows there; he will fall off the football map, because its league is not closely followed outside China.
    Offers he got, or did not get, while manager of Arsenal are irrelevant; as he would not have received the long term loyalty he got at Arsenal. At other “big clubs” you either perform or you are shown the door.

    1. Lexynal says:

      You are shown the door if you are given enough money to buy a Pogba at 89M and a Van Vigil at 75M. If you are given a 50M for the season and you can achieve the much AW has achieved…you are a genius. And that is what AW is all day long. Until Pep, Mourinho starts to win titles with such budget….then I can believe AW is less special.

  7. Lupe says:

    So after 22 years in arsenal and at 68 years of age, this guy wants to manage another club? I thought he has a special bond with arsenal. Wish him the best still wherever he goes, i just thought with the way he hammers us with his loyalty crap,he would retire after arsenal.

  8. Durand says:

    I wish him success if he manages elsewhere, except against Arsenal. Then hope we hammer him 8-2.

  9. Counsel says:

    @phil thank you for the effort you have put in response to my statement.If you the manager to fail you want the club to fail. There reasonable excuses why Wenger did win major trophies for a long period and football legends acknowledge that.There is no justification for denying your team support because you dispise the man in charge.The is a reason why Wenger has never Been short of offers now and before. But the short slighted fans believe without Wenger arsenal is guaranteed to be better!All your allegations against Wenger however are scandalous, frivolous ,vexatious hence an abuse. I have no iota of doubt you are an arsenal fan but there are classes of fans and I can’t bet you are an arsenal diehard.Learn how supporting the team means…

  10. Counsel says:

    if you want* correction on the second sentence

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      “IQ of fans” what is the minimum requirement to be accepted?
      What are the “classes of fans” and their criteria?

      1. Counsel says:

        @ Ozzie the minimum requirement of the IQ of an intelligent man is above 85%. Classes of fans there are primary and secondary fans like you

        1. Phil says:

          Counsel-why do you continue to totally embarrass yourself?So to you I am a fan but as I do not agree with you I am lower class?Is that what you are saying? And how do you arrive at this?So I am deemed lower class by you simply because I do not agree with you?
          So now being a lower class supporter should I Now what?Stop going?Wear a hat with lower class on it? Travel in a separate car/train/plane from everyone else who is not lower class?Honestly mate you really must be a very insecure person.I bet you were the kid who took the ball home of nobody passed to you in the playground.
          I like to tag myself as working class but if being lower class is not being you I would take that every day of the week

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Phil, it’s a waste of time trying to have a rational discussion with some people. I’m not going to waste my time anymore with people, who continue to stoop to personal abuse, questioning other’s IQ’s, calling fellow Arsenal supporters “plastic fans” and “scum” because they have a different point of view. Voltaire would turn over in his grave.

  11. Midkemma says:

    I will wish him the best, he may not have been the man we wanted for his last decade but to slander all his work based on his last decade I feel is ignorant and disrespectful.

    I know some people will think it is fine to be disrespectful and not try to hold themselves to standards they demand from others and those people are scum.

    AFC changed and that wasn’t the fault of Wenger, Dein got forced out which wasn’t the choice of Wenger and it was the partnership of Dein and Wenger that done so well.

    Things changed at Arsenal and ideally we needed Gazidis to have stepped up YEARS ago but at least he stepped up eventually and we can look past Wenger, I am thankful for Wenger in this as well, anyone think Gazidis would have hired Sven or Raul if Wenger had meekly walked out?

    1. Phil says:

      Pal calling supporters scum because the have different opinions to you really does not show you as a person who commands respect so it works both ways you know.I could say anyone who has a name that sounds like he could well come from some mud hut village in the African wilderness and to me that would be disrespectful of all the other villagers.I know plenty of Wenger supporters who although wanted him gone have respect for what he had previously done for the club.I consider these people as fans who have their own minds.Just because they do not agree with me I do not refer to them as scum.
      Still I gain say that if it makes you feel important then who am I to argue

  12. Lexynal says:

    I want all participants to be reminded that “TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS EXPECTED”. That is why it is easier to sack at other clubs and change coaches so often. You can have a 75M defender or a 89M mildfielder and not win anything in 2 seasons. Spurs will soon get tired of Poch – he is yet to appear in any final in the EPL (pre Spurs inclusive). Whether you like it or not, AW is already GREAT and those who manage football (not those who type about football on the computer like this forum) know it very well. He will continue to attract Great offers. You cannot manage the type budgets AW did and not have the kind of occasional accidents of 8-2/6-0 he had when facing other big money spenders. But overall, he has managed to do well. While Pe, Mouriho etc are GREATS in their own rights (spending big and getting some results)…Wenger is equally GREAT in his own right for being such a uniquely successful manager with low budgets. Greats players still sign for Arsenal today NOT because of disrespectful fans on this forum, and NOT because of the clubs records of 30yrs ago…they SIGN because of Wenger —YES. You may choose not to believe it – but the the REALITY is that Wenger is still respected by great players and they come in even when they knew he hadnt won CL or EPL in a while. You can figure out why. AW has worked with clubs budget…if the club continues the same fiscal regime….exactly as done with Wenger….let’s see whether Pep, Mourinho etc will come calling. But if they decide to change transfer policy, spending policy and go for bigt players and not drag negotiations, renew contracts on time and not wait till last year …OF COURSE, you should have even better resuilts….and WENGER will also get better results under such improved circumstances. I will not be impressed a bit if Enrique comes calling and he is handed 200M in a transfer window and he goes ahead to achieve some better results. Why will he not? TO WHO MUCH IS GIVEN………
    Unfortunately, some so-called Arsenal fans arent objective and realistic in their analyses…hence their opinion of AW are skewed, disrespectful and absolutely unfair. Fortunately, the FOOTBALL GREATS acknowledge the truth and the facts that AW is in an achiever…he changed the “thinking about football and EPL”…he has achieved GREAT things (and Alan Pardews, Moyes, Big Sam, Poch, etc are yet to show us trophies under same tight budgets). And fortunately, NO ONE CAN CHANGE AW’s GREAT records of achievements. They will live for ever. All the best AW…..we will see if Arsenal remains the same under same management policies.

  13. Tim says:

    The hatred of Wenger from some here stretches into the sociopathic.

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