Wenger is not taking Arsenal anywhere but 4th as usual

Arsenal fans – I have one word and one word only – deluded! That is what you have to be if you believe that Arsene Wenger will ever deliver something at Arsenal different from fourth. I don’t even watch some of the games, because I know how they will end and I kinda want to spare myself the misery.

Alexis and Ozil will be gone, but have no fear, Arsene will be here. He’ll get a new contract again. He’s the oldest manager of any managing a top club. The displays were terrible. Ludogorets (away) – terrible, Spurs – terrible, Man U – terrible, Everton – ridiculous, City – terrible.

The worst Man U, Everton and City in the past 5 years result in a solitary lucky point. I hope every year that people would open their eyes, but it just doesn’t happen and it won’t happen again. I have one Christmas wish and one only. Have Arsene gone at the end of the season.

Let’s have something new in 2017. I’ve seen this movie so many times before. Unlike home alone, I don’t enjoy seeing it every year, but just like it, I have no choice. Arsene is responsible for every single employee at the club, including the CEO Ivan, who was practically appointed by him.

I see no other person who should be held responsible for the bad results. Feel free to disagree. The results and the table speak for themselves. I wish you all a happy Christmas and better memories than the one Arsene is giving you every year.



  1. Ramterta says:

    wenger will probably be urged to sign a new contract when he wins the fa cup

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I seen a picture of Draxler with a signed PSG shirt. But thought it would be all over Arsenal newsnow for sure, so don’t know if it’s a fake. There has been genuine interest from us with this player, we nearly signed him or Reus before injuries. Iwobi is just not cutting it, he deserves first team opportunities but he shouldn’t be heavily relied upon. We have good wingers, but Alexis was us coming in from the cold. We don’t push hard enough, we risk coming short sometimes because we don’t ever risk overkill. That’s a minimum requirement attitude, we had it in central midfield and it was not pretty to see.

  3. aluz says:

    Arsene is the god of football for most of the English arsenal funds.He has hypnotized them to the extend that they can’t even see when he leads them to the gutter. They will boo and shout you down if you say Wenger out.They will even say you don’t understand football. They will also say you are a young naive and greedy fan who understands nothing about the arsenal way.
    I will never despise or insult arsene. He has served arsene well for the majority of his tenure.
    Yet it is clear that right now he cannot cope with current demands of the PL. He tries but eventually falls short.
    I still hope he retires honourably at the end of the season. I know we may take time to recover, just like man united. But we shall gradually and surely stabilize and start challenging for top honours.

    1. Budd says:

      I don’t believe Wenger will continue (in fact I do hope they will just simply not extend his contract) but please answer me this: who are you and why should we take your advice for granted?

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Damn bunch of whiners…

    1. Trudeau says:

      Everytime I get so frustrated with Arsenal that I want to stop following football for awhile the Panty Twisting Brigade crawl out of the woodwork and remind me what it means to me to be a fan.

      Merry Christmas everyone and COYG!

  5. Arsenal007 says:

    LOOK…We all have to understand something. Arsenal can’t be Arsenal’s manager for ever. These are the options:
    1. He resigns
    2. He is sacked
    3. He dies of old age
    Either way, he’ll be leaving Arsenal one day. Same goes with all the players and members of staff. The only thing that ‘PRETTY MUCH’ remains constant is the fans.

    1. Budd says:

      Yep, and the sooner the fans will act like fans ESPECIALLY AT THE EMIRATES, the better will be for the club.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Sorry Budd, but you’re bang out of order having a go at the fans. The Arsenal fans have probably been the most patient fans of ALL TIME! Wenger’s been let off easy, because there should have been a lot more protesting from the fans by now. He should have known by now what it’s like to actually be under pressure. We pay absolutely ridiculous prices to watch a mediocre Arsenal team consistently do nothing, year, after year, and you expect the fans to just blindly ignore this, and cheer every game like there’s nothing wrong? Not only are Arsenal not competitive, but they don’t even entertain anymore. Unless relentless sideways passing, and no shots is your thing.

        Watching Arsenal is embarrassing at times, especially against quality opposition, and that’s 100% Wenger’s fault. So please do not even think about having a go at the fans. Wenger has had it so easy, for so long, and a big reason for that, is because of the fans. We’ve been too patient, and too nice to him.

  6. Budd says:

    Hahahaha, admin isn’t this the guy you told me I’d be surprised what he wrote after a win? Like licking Wenger’s boots and the lot? Konstantine, Konstantine. So, how’s your life these days?

  7. AndersS says:

    It’s right and the evidence is there. Every year, we have the same shortcomings:
    – Bad organization defensively, especially our attacking midfielders lack defensive discipline
    – We get bullied physically
    – We are not charged up for all games
    – More injuries than almost any other team
    How can these things be explained, when they are there every year?
    All things point to the manager, I am afraid.

  8. Justsoccerfan says:

    Why must fans support when your team don’t play with heart and manager sit there like a zombie. How fans be excited and cheers if the games so boring.

    If the home game fans not cheering can’t the manager or the players instill energy to cheer up the fans so the fans will get going? Maybe nowadays fans demand more than just blindly follow.

  9. GoonAR says:

    Wenger reflects his soft mentality on the players. We should be three points behind Chelsea right now but he just loves to guard that 1-0 lead like the score will finish that way. If we applied the same pressure and actually used our talented attackers the Everton/City games could’ve turned out different. AW should be gone at the end of his contract and then evaluate options like Howe, Simeone, Jardim, Tuchel, etc. I’m probably dreaming and he’ll get a 2-3 year extension with a 3rd place finish and a long cup run.

  10. Vlad says:

    Disgusting… absolutely disgusting. How can some of you call yourselves fans is beyond me. Konstantin, why don’t you crawl back to the hole you came from? 14 games unbeaten streak, and you’re nowhere to be found. A couple of results that don’t go our way, and here you are, blaming Arsene as usual for everything including bad weather in England. City’s loss was bad, and I partially blame it on Wenger, partially on Cech, and partially on refs, because no matter how you look at it, at least one, if not both goals could have been disallowed. Everton played with full fans support behind them, and beat us fair and square. And if anything, Steve Bould, our defensive “guru”, should take a good look at himself in the mirror, because the way we defend, especially on set pieces is pathetic. What I’m trying to say is that yes, there are ways to improve, but it’s not all Wenger’s fault. We don’t have unlimited cash like ManU, Chelsea, and City do. We still have to do things the right way… the Arsenal way. And Wenger, with all of his shortcomings, does it well. Having said that, I want us to genuinely push for the title this season. I want to see Ozil and Sanchez sign new contracts. I want to see some other improvements. And if I don’t, I think it would be best for Wenger to resign at the end of the season. But until then, let’s get behind the club, and the manager, because I’m a strong believer that our mood reflects directly onto our players.

    1. Admin says:

      The weather is quite bad in England at the moment….

  11. Franko says:

    We can only win the league if we have fighters like Alexis upfront. If everyone is fit I choose Perez, Welbeck and Carzola to join Alexis Sanchez upfront in the tougher games, the rest of the forward players are sisis and lazy bones.

    1. Dennis10Bergkamp says:

      I think Iwobi is a big big talent.
      He is really good.
      I would sell both AOC and Walcott for about 50 million pounds.

  12. Aussie Jack says:

    Wenger is such a boring man he needs to be replaced by someone with character like Klopp.

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