Wenger is only doing what the Arsenal fans wanted

Wenger’s plan is working by SP

After losing our first Premier League game of the season to West Ham, Arsenal have clawed themselves back into contention and can move into second place this afternoon. Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Wenger to make us into true title contenders for years, and now he has actually done that the fans are still calling for his head. Why?

It seems that it is not good enough to challenge for the League, we have to try hard to win the Champions League as well? It is a fact that we all know Arsenal have little hope of winning the biggest trophy, and with two games a week Wenger made a concious decision to play his reserves in the midweek games (i.e. Champions League and League Cup) and save his A team for the Premier League. This tactic has worked so far, and for sure as our B team gets more games under their belt they will improve as well and start winning more games. This is why I am confident we will still progress from our Champions League group.

This is also why Wenger was absolutely right to say we look at each competition seperately. I don’t see why we should be absolutely down,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “We are on the back of three or four good results in the Premier League. Yes, we had a disappointment in the Champions League, and we have to analyse it well. It was disappointing to lose, but overall every competition is different, you have to go in a different competition in a different state of mind and we have to be inspired by what we did at Leicester.”

It’s a shame that the blinkered fans refuse to believe that we are actually doing well, and are on course to challenge for the title, which is what we all want isn’t it? So why all the insults at Wenger all the time? Stop moaning and start supporting your team as we make our way to glory at the end of the season. Just imagine, you could be Chelsea fans.


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  1. It’s even worse being an arsenal because they would still catch up with us. If i imagine myself to be a chelsea fan, it means am the current/defending EPL champion, but if I imagine myself to be an Arsenal fan, it means i’ve stayed a decade outside the top 2 & that record doesnt look like its gona end this season.

    1. So if we win today we will be in second place and well in the title race. Will you go and hide again until Arsenal lose again so you can moan and groan some more?

      1. LOLZ. The same way we’ve been challenging for it for the past 10 years. & yes, i’ve been hiding for the past 10 years like i’m doing now.

  2. To hell…..Wenger is only doing what he wanted for himself and the board…… Ambitionless muppets

    1. YOU are the ambitionless muppet! Arsenal CAN win the League and we have been challenging at the top against the richest clubs in the world for the last 15 years. Chelsea, Man United an Man City have all been up and down like yoyos and you are complaining. Get a life and support your team instead of blindly following your stupid agenda of trying to rid of us of the best manager we have ever had!

    2. @G-rude…..if only u had come around to tell me this some 11yrs ago i could maybe have inclined my ears to u………..but not today……. Now go before me… And Eat ur words!

      1. What really annoys me is that you and your friends actually want Arsenal to lose today. How dare you predict the future and say Arsenal cannot win today or win the title. If we get to the END of the season with nothing then start complaining. but until that happens support your bloody team!

  3. I know it’s outrageous that fans of the seventh richest club on the planet should think we can actually challenge for top honours at home and abroad … C’mon get serious we need that money to pay manager 8 million a year and keep the board in a lifestyle that they deserve for providing a brand new shrine to their corporate prowess…who do those fans think they are they should be thankful to be paying through the nose just to be able to sit in awe in a cathedral of football and to be close to the prophet of the beuatiful game….those blinkered fans who believe that winning stuff is the right approach need to be banished to far of lands as they are really just heretical supporters of the unholy spuds and the idolatrous Maureen who The Lord is now casting aside for his blaspheming against the prophet ….. It really doesn’t take much to get the crazies back in the pulpit it seems

    1. Hellelujah brother rkw 🙂
      Another one of your
      fire and brimstone
      evangelical tirades against AW.
      As you quite rightly say
      ” It really doesn’t take much to get
      the crazies back in the pulpit it seems”.

      1. Well said David. There are too many crazies with their stupid agenda. I bet when we beat Man United they willcrawl back into their holes. We need to support our team, not try to demoralize the players with continuous negativity

        1. The article brings up a very good point, about a title challenge being what you want ..isn’t it? I remember some fans saying that I hope he leaves but Id love him to leave after winning the title. See I don’t get that, the reason you want him to leave is so we can bring in a title challenging manager. So if Arsene wins a title that is not just a challenging one but a successful one, so why on earth would you let him go.

          This is a curious case, you often hear some rather foolish people saying things like sheep and brainwashing, could it be themselves who have brainwashed eachother. Repeating and spewing the same old garbage has been hazardous on the mind because Arsene reaching his goal cannot even change your mind. Wanting change, simply wanting a new face for so long has clouded your judgement and made yourself believe that your aim is only change with a new face arriving …forgetting altogether that a title success is the aim.

  4. Yo man I got your back, we ain’t bad in the EPL , but it doesn’t mean we should just take other competitions with no serious intentions.. the EPL is far from conclusion, we can’t possibly say the league will definitely be ours. I think we should play every competition with real intent and strong spirit.
    yea well we fans ain’t blind, what’s wrong with it if we fans keep dreaming of a treble instead of just the EPL? I mean what kinda mentality is that? Wenger gotta develop a winning mentality. Being selfish and going for the treble ain’t bad, even if he spends millions on new players,we’ll be happy cause at least we put up a fight.
    Anyways good luck to the team during today’s game

    1. One step at a time. Win the League this year then we will have the confidence to win the UCLnext season.
      Hell even when Chelsea became the first winners of the Champions League to be knocked out in the Group Stages the following season. They picked themselves up and won the Europa League with their reserves!

  5. Fair enough the ECL
    form is not good but
    the League is good.
    So we can be very hopeful about
    finally winning the league again.
    Walcott and Sanchez are scoring
    with ease and Cech is strong in Goal.
    Even Arteta and Flamini have been
    ok as back up to Coquelin.
    Of the injured only Kos is missed as Welbeck
    Rosicky Wilshere are not really starters any way.
    League title winners here we come.
    Fist stop beat the Red Devils 🙂

  6. What is the point of this silly article?
    Getting behind the team, when the team can’t even get behind emselves!
    How long have we been doing that only to be disappointed in the end?

    And what’s this talk bout chel**swearword**?

    Listen!…we don’t care bout what goes on at Chels……… It’s not like we are taking any advantage of their situation……. The past few weeks, it has been a case of they fail, we fail……they gain lil points , we gain lil points……they are still tailing us with less that 9points…… And we knw so well how to disappoint when we are needed to excel most!……if u really think the problem with this team is “Lack of getting behind em” ……i guess the whole world needs to stop for u to rethink those facts.

    This team needs a new manager with fresh ideas and new innovations….. This team needs refurbishment and overhaul(of most degraded players) …… This team needs a team of fighting spirit …… This team needs another approach to games…this team needs a hairdryer manager motivation…..this team needs a plan B …….This team needs Major Trophies!

    1. @admin………….i really wanna know the swear words, abuses or insolence used in my comment above which makes it come with a heading “your comment is awaiting moderation” …….. Until that happens, don’t hurt my comment! *Red face*

      1. I had to change one word because you spelled Chelsea wrong! Just because it has chel… in front of it, it doesn’t stop my filter stopping a swearword….

          1. As I said above, my filter stops the swearword, then I am alerted that it needs to be moderated…..

            1. Maybe Admin it’s about time you ran a poll and we voted if we really wanted to have curses allowed. YouTube allows it, I don’t see any problems arising from it. Let us vote man let us express ourselves the way we see fit!

              1. Sure I just ran a poll and Google had the first vote…..

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                erotic stories and/or descriptions of sexual acts
                sexual explicit jokes
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                sexual or profane terms in the URL
                crude language and/or excessive amounts profanity

                There is also the danger that they will classify the site as an adult-only site, which will hide it from search engines.
                The first rule of blogging is: DO NOT ANNOY GOOGLE – THEY CAN KILL YOU

                So I am afraid nobody else gets a vote…..

    2. There you go again with the negativity. You are telling me that because Chelsea lost, we will also lose today?
      Well don’t bother watching the game if you already know the result.
      This is the most expensive and difficult League in the world and NO team is going to win every week. Hell even Barcelona lost yesterday with all their superstars. Should they sack their manager because of one defeat?
      It’s a GAME and today will be one of the best of the season. Why not try and enjoy it?

    1. Yeah shame he was playing
      well before he got injured.
      Hopefully he hangs in there
      because we have another
      40 games this season and Hector
      will need to be rested.

      1. And so what if he does leave? He has never been in the team anyway and is always moaning. Sell him and bring back Jenks

        1. Jenks a regular at West Ham….he will want to leave tooo if he does not play enough games……

          1. OOh Mr Positive strikes again! You want us to have two WC players in every position, but say that if we do, one will always leave! Try and work out what you really want.

  7. I don’t know whether its out of personal hatred on wenger or just dumbness that the arsenal fans keep bashing Wenger. Seriously, our team is playing well, our midfielders are creating more chances than any other teams, our forwards have started to look sharp. and yet some of you are blindly calling for his head. Do you people even watch the games? because you would notice that every game we played so far (except the west ham opener), Wenger has been tactically superior…i mean never have we lost a game because we got outplayed this season, that should mean something. All games lost so far were down to missed chances, poor defending and poor refereeing, its very hash to blame the manager for that.

    Unlike you biased haters, the board know the real value of Wenger….they are not gonna sack a manager that can get his team to create more that 5 or more goal scoring opportunities every game. So if you still moaning “wenger out” u are clearly retarded, i suggest you go find another team to hate on because Wenger’s not going anywhere.

      1. Another brilliant riposte Soopa! I wouldn’t call you a retard but you are definitely boring.
        Gunnerphyte gives you good reasons why he believes why Wenger is doing a good job, and your response is the usual WENGEROUT guff. You obviously were not succesful in your debating society.

  8. Well I can’t believe that fans are so biased here…everytime when we loose everyone blames wenger…but no one points the fingers to players…

    First things first ozil needs to be benched…he is not a wc player for me anymore…its his third season but not even one single performance where he won the game for us all on his own…Just because of him the whole balance of the team is unsettled…

    For me Cazorla is much better No. 10 Than Ozil,but he is very underrated and ozil is highly overrated for me…For all of those ozil fans who says that a quality striker is just he need is nothing more than a stupid or biased excuse for me…

    Cazorla has most assist 32 in thd BPL Since he joined us…with the likes of giroud front of him and that too he has been played everywhere in the park…

    Best Lineup For me Will Be


    Ozil needs to be benched guys…For all those who still says that ozil deserved a place in our starting lineup…Its not arsenal fan but ozil fan Instead

    1. Ozil will be benched unless he gets injured. Same goes to ox. He can’t play ahead of Ramsey! I love Ox but he can’t match Ramsey in many areas, ox is good dribbling n has pace.

    2. @ AR19
      You just showed yet another highlight of fan ignorance!
      ozil’s role is to create goal-scoring opportunities…thats his job and he is quite good at it. I dont see how he is overrated…in fact he is actually underrated. did you even bother looking at his stats? let me enlighten you:
      Ozil stats (http://www.whoscored.com/Players/13756/)
      appearances: 6 (512 minutes)
      assists: 3
      chances created: 4.8 chances per game!
      pass accuracy: 89.8%

      His chance creation rate is even better than; silva’s (3.4), Mata (2).

      1. Did u see bother seeing cazorla stats…who is a better no.10…cazorla for me…those chances that ozil created are not clear cut chances…that giroud goal against cp was that a clear cut goal scoring oppurtunity…NO

        Look dude I don’t have any problem with ozil but the thing is just because of him arsenal is suffering and that’s why i’m iritatted…

        Ramsey is so much better at AMF,Cazorla is better at No. 10,And ox on the RW…
        this is our best combo…

        And don’t follow stats too much…As they say that’Stats don’t lie but Stats Do lie’

  9. folks insinuating we AOBs complaining after we loose a game, i think thats the height of been deluded, we want wenger out not because of we loosing the last game, we want him out because we havnt won the league for over a decade and we dont seem to be serious chalengers. we want him out because a club as big as our status havnt won the UCL even for once nd might never win it under Wenger because the set up of our team over the years is just to make the numbers as evident this season. we are arsenal fans, we love the club and would not watch and aplaud the continous decline.of.our club

  10. What decline?
    2012/13 4th Place No trophy
    2013/14 4th Place plus FA Cup
    2014/15 3rd place and FA Cup

    Oh yes i see what you mean. Yes even I’ll applaud a decline like that!

    1. compare this meagre achievements to the previous years pre 2004 and tell me how dis has not been a decline.

      1. Pre-2004 we were not competing against the Oil-Rich Mancs and the Chelski Mafia money.
        Let us compare the six years previous to Wenger’s arrival at the club.

        In the 18 years since we have NEVER finished outside the Top Four. So if you are saying that Wenger has caused a decine then you must compare it to before he arrived.
        Case proven M’Lud!

  11. This season we have a very good squad…We can win something big this season…And by Big I Mean BPL OR UCL…

    I know we are not in a very good position In UCL…But I really believe that we can still make the knock outs round and who know what can happen from there on…

    Common guys stop complaning and get behind our lovely club…COYG

    1. AR19 i really support us every game, but i am not sure that, we can win this season something big. Our squad is too short, and every big game we play very naively….especially UCL!
      monaco game, now olympiakos….i cant see there any progress!!! still the same tactics.
      i really hope, on the end i will by wrong!! today we win 2:1, sanchez, wolcott score…

  12. Even in the league we havnt been that convincing, have we? Yes we are pushn abit closer atm and thats improvement in the league i will agree but lose today and its back to normal. Have to agree with the assessment of concentrating on the league as winning it would be a great step for confidence for a good go at the UCL next season but can we get that winning mentality under Wenger is questions that will be thrown about constantly until he does, wouldve had a better chance if we had added the 2/3 players summer past there would we not? and given the club/players a much needed boost and feeling that they could actually win the league!

    But any fan that says they want Arsenal to lose for the sake of Wenger is absolute muppets! We want to win all the time as losing is why we are in this kind of mess atm

    Anyways hoping for big 3-0 win today but know it will be a lot tighter. 2-2 prediction. COYG make utds start of a hard run of games begin with a convincing hammering ???

    1. @Arsenalvienna
      My words (I can use my brain and don’t need to copy other peoples rubbish)

      One day people will realise there is more to being an Arsenal fan than spouting #WengerOut and insulting your fellow supporters. Get behind the team and cheer them to success. We are (supposed to be) all in this together!

  13. Well said mate@G-Rude…We are all in this together…3 Points Today and wenger means business now…Heard lot of things about him this week…COYG

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