Wenger is RIGHT! Arsenal must not sell Giroud

It is only right that Arsenal fans are looking to Arsene Wenger and the club to splash the cash in the transfer market this summer and I certainly agree that we should be trying to sign at least one top class striker, probably two if the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez is sold as many football experts seem to think will happen.

What I do not agree with is the feeling of many Arsenal fans that Wenger should not stand in the way of Olivier Giroud also leaving the club. The big French centre forward has made it clear that he does not want to spend another season mainly on the bench or being used as a super sub as he did last time and a fair proportion of Gooners would be happy to see Arsenal sell him as they do not think he is good enough.

The manager disagrees though, as his comments reported by the Evening Standard this week make clear. He has sympathy with the player but after Giroud signed a new contract in January there is no pressure on us to sell and it sounds like the boss has no intention of doing so.

Wenger said, “It has been a frustrating season for him because he has not played a lot.

“And when he has played well, he has not always played the next match.

“He has won us a lot of points when he has come on because he has scored lots of times. He has qualities that our team need.”

The problem for Giroud, if he wants to leave, is that he scored vital goals and his numbers were very impressive despite of, or maybe because of, his frustration. So with the Gunners needing a strong squad to cope with all the games why on earth would we let a proven Premier League goalscorer move on?

He may not be first choice but who else would be your first choice off the bench?



  1. He’s off if we get a top striker. He needs to play games to get a spot for World Cup. I’ll pack his bags if it means we get a world class striker. He’s been above average for us, but has never come close to filling the RVP void because he is not that type of player and never was. Underappreciated at times, but if Arsenal want to stop competing for top 4 trophies, getting a better ST is a requirement.

    1. I’m with you there mate.He’s an average player and has failed massively.People are also using stats to defend him as if we haven’t watched him.I hope they also look at those stats season by season since he came.Look at how as a club we’ve compromised.He shouldn’t have been here in the first place.If he wasn’t French he’d have been sold long ago.

      1. Welbeck, walcott, giroud, perez

        To be totally fair, the striker with the worst goalscoring record is the only one NOT being linked with a move away and that is Welbeck.

  2. While there are some fans who’re honestly cynical about Wenger and this summer’s transfer activities.. There are also some among us whose name I don’t have to mention that are hope deals like mbappe don’t materialized just to fulfilled their own selfish agenda against the manager.

    1. The majority of fans don’t have an agenda against the Wenger, we have an agenda for what’s best for Arsenal FC. Of course there’s cynicism, because everyone knows how Wenger operates.

      From my perspective, it’s not of my opinion to say that Wenger is not good for Arsenal, because I prefer to let the facts do the talking. And talking of selfish, isn’t signing a new contract pretty selfish after so many years failure?

      1. Spot on bro…the problem with most of us Arsenal fans is that we’ve been made to accept average as our only option after been promised by Gazidis and other members of the board that we will compete with top European clubs…i feel some players need to be allowed to go in order for better ones who are ambitious and hungry for titles to come in…and someone made mention of Giroud saving Arsenal in a few games like the countless chances he’s missed that could have put the club in better positions could be equated right…he should have done that against Watford, west brom and the rest…truth be told..the club need an upgrade in that position cos if Sanchez can score that number of goals in his first season in that position(something Giroud hasn’t done in how many seasons) then we should be looking for a player in the frame of PEA who can also use his head as well as win aerial balls and destroy defences with those guys behind him

  3. What a lot of fans don’t understand is that no one can win balls in the air with back to goal that Olivier can. What is the value to that? I would say about another 100 possessions won each year. Similar to a sliding tackle won. Can you measure that like a goal,l no but it does create a big advantage for our team.
    The solution have your wings score more as they should be the benefit of all the flicks and chips that he provides with back to goal.
    He scored more goals btw per minute than anyone. I would be upset as well because he is doing what is asked of him but not provided minutes. Funny crosses come in for France and he scores. Pretty simple cross the ball when his hand is up and more goals will come.

    1. the guy went half a season not scoring a goal. Nonsense. So many fans have short memories. Giroud is wildley inconsistent and has never been a consistent goal scorer for us throughout an entire season. Always goes on a terrible drought and we lose out on competing for trophies. He’s obviously had his moments, but Arsenal need a WORLD CLASS forward. Someone who will win titles. Giroud can win all the balls he wants there’s no way he will ever lead us to an EPL title.

    2. get the best wingers in the world if you feel like it, another thing people forget after watching him as super sub this season is the amount of ridiciously easy sitters he’s missed over his Arsenal career. He’s simply not a reliable goal scorer, bring up stats if you want, anyone who has a decent memory remembers how frustrating he is. I like the guy, he gives his all despite being not top class, but there’s a limit to his abilities.

  4. Would love Giroud to stay. He has scored nearly 100 goals for us in 5 years and has scored some beauties. He is an excellent SuperSub

    But not consistent enough to start every match. We need another Top striker in addition to Alexis if we are to compete in PL and CL

    But again I hope Giroud stays
    We need depth of quality

  5. Oliver should stay BUT ONLY if we don’t get a top striker. If we get Lacazette and/or Mbappe, he has to go.

  6. What a failire he’s become.He was bought as the man supposed to lead the line and send us to glory and now he becomes a so called super sub.I don’t get it.France’s leading striker is a super sub at Arsenal.Since he came here he’s part of the reason why we’ve not been able to win the league.He’s also part of the reason why Wenger remains hesitant in signing a world class striker since for some reason he still believes in him.He’s really affected Arsenal a lot which I don’t kbow if many have realized.At times playing with him is like playing with no striker at all.This inconsistencies won’t help us at all going forward We have absolutely zero quality in striking department.

  7. He is not an average player he is a good player but I feel that if we get a top player say Aubameyang or even a Morata or Belotti with Welbeck as a #2 behind such player we will be strong in the CF position and selling Giroud would reduce the bill both in terms of wages and price forked out.
    Ultimately Giroud ain’t the guy to score 30+ goals across a full season in the premier league let alone across 4 competitions which is Arsenal case year in year out. He score the spectacular but isn’t consistent and his game based on height and power doesn’t suit Arsenal overall game even though direct. He is used when everything else fails!!! Also with the good season he has had good time to fetch a good price for him.

  8. Many Arsenal fans critisize Giroud unfairly because we see him as superhuman and all failings of the club is heaped on him. Nobody talks about the formation and the team selection of Arsene Wenger. When a manager every week plays the 4-2-3-1 formation that leaves Giroud as loan striker in the midst of four defenders of the opposing team , what do you want Giroud to do? Everybody knows that Giroud is a good goal scorer with his head,but when the crosses do not come from team mates who pass sideways and backwards while the manager and his assistant sits on the bench clueless, why do you blame Giroud? Many forget easily how Giroud saved us from defeat at Old Trafford last season. He was on the bench,but Arsenal did not record a single shot on target for 89minutes! The only decent cross throughout the match came to him from Oxlade Chambrelain in extra time and he buried it ,to get us a draw.It is noteworthy that Chamberlain also came in late as a substitute! The same thing happened at Bornemouth ,he got us the equalizer. He got us the only goal at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea when he came in as a substitute . Give Giroud service ,he will get you the goals .If Giroud is not a good striker , how does he score regularly for France that the French Manager keeps faith with him

    1. Exactly

      Just look at our 4 main strikers walcott giroud Welbeck perez. I think we all agree if we are playing one up front none of the 4 would be our 1St choice and a world class Striker would be.

      However, who would u want as back up to that world class Striker?

      I honestly believe that wenger is on the case to sign a world class Striker and if he does alexis will be pushed up alongside him in a very slight twist to last seasons formation 3412 instead of 3421.

  9. I don’t get the hate on Olivier. Arsenal’s not winning major Trophies is the problem of the coach and the board,not Giroud. Your Darling Alexis played the striker role this season with good return of goals,but we didn’t win the league and end up fifth for the first time. Why do we still blame Giroud. Super Cazola get injured like every time we need him to play. What about Koscienly getting red cards in crucial Matches. Football is a collective efforts by all those involved. No Liverpool players scored 20 league goals,but they finished 4th. We need to add few qualities to the team and sell only the fringe players. It’s gonna be a long season with Europa,we need to rotate

    1. Was Sanchez playing striker the whole season? No. I am not saying that if he did we would have won the league. What I am saying is we have seen 4 years of giroud as our main striker and he was frustrating to watch!

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