Wenger is right to rest Arsenal star

Wenger Confirms that Arsenal Ace Needs a Breather! by AT

Considering the red-hot form of the Alexis Sanchez, it is no surprise to learn that the Chilean international has been extensively used by Arsenal so far this season. Speaking ahead of the game against Stoke City at the Brittania Stadium, the Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger admitted that his star player is in the red-zone and confirmed that the forward will be rested for Arsenal’s trip to Galatasaray in midweek.

According to a report from The Guardian, the Frenchman said: “He will not go to Turkey (Galatasaray). He will need a week’s break, I did it with many players before who were playing every game. I did it with (Thierry) Henry, with (Robin) Van Persie and it always helped them to get through without injury.Sanchez is in the red zone, you can see when he plays, but he can dig deep.

“He played his 27th game on Wednesday (against Southampton) since the start of the season. Unfortunately you never know how far you can push it. We are not scientific enough to predict that completely but he recovers very quickly.”

Well, I’m pretty sure that the prospective ‘burnout’ of Alexis Sanchez was on the mind of every Arsenal fan. With qualification for the knockout stages secured, Wenger can finally give his Chilean star a very well-deserved breather. While some may argue that Le Prof is giving up on top spot in the group, I really do not see Dortmund losing to Anderlecht and I feel that the right decision has been taken.

Following the returns of Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud, and with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in a rich vein of form, the former Barcelona man can expect a little more rest going into the halfway point of the campaign. With a satisfying amount of rest under his belt, who is to say that our £30million man will not become even more lethal on the pitch.

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    1. Walcott 2 weeks away and debuchy is training but 1 week as said by wenger.

      But by our standards they will come in January.

    2. “THE RIGHT THING” huh?…… Can’t really see somany right things taking place at ARSENAL lately

  1. agree with this, hes played non stop, an his style means non stop.

    sanchez go easy with the missus too. know how u latinos roll 😉

  2. @ muffdiver…when’s the ArsenaL champions League game coming up?………… I’m starting to forget much of our scheduled fixture

  3. I hope he does get rested, but I think it would have been a more cautious approach to have at least allowed him 10-15 mins on the bench at the end of games we’ve wrapped up (realising now that these have been few and far between) before our most vital, consistent player gets a serious injury.

    I just see no point in having substitutions if they fail to have any time to impact the game, jose had all three of his subs on before the 70th minute I think yesterday, drogba almost turned it around because ANYONE who has played football before can tell you that having 5-10 is usually not enough time to get settled or make direct contribution whereas 15-25 minutes can change the game.

    It also says you are more than just a bench filler, the longer this goes on the more players will become disillusioned and leave as I’m sure if I was podolski sat on that bench for practically the whole season so far and giroud comes back from serious injury but still gets 20 minutes in front of me it doesn’t say anything about arsene other than “I have favourites who will play 90 mins no matter what form”.

  4. I am so happy that I’m not blinded anymore by Wegner and I don’t expect a lot this season so I still could enjoy my weekend.

    1. haha good on you, it is so worrying to hear the same thing from so many supporters regarding the feeling of emptiness replacing anger now after defeats, I kind of miss being annoyed, at least I preferred it to the apathetical feeling that has stemmed from the acceptance that under wenger we might never reach our true heights

  5. Wenger & Board does not need to worry, we are not far from 4th spot and the most happy news will be be in Champions league 17th time. Wenger Consistency

  6. After two lucky wins some fans comments were so bizarre and cocky I couldn’t believe what I’m reading. Just open your eyes, truth is very painful but at least save you from a disappointment.

  7. Whatever.
    Up 3-0 and tie Anderlecht at home? Whatever.
    Another injury? Whatever.
    I knew we were gonna win in the last 15 minutes? Whatever.
    Down 3-0 to Stroke City? Whatever.
    Haven’t beat Chelsea, Man U, or Man City in years? Whatever.
    Let’s rest Sanchez and for sure get second in our group? Whatever.
    Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

  8. Wenger and this board knows what they’re doing to get the money rolling, the fans need to grow a pair. When the fans start boycotting games particularly home games, then and only then will the board members pay attention. Be part of the solution not the problem!

  9. @ Gunman….. Ur nick is somewhat contradictory…… At first i thought you were a “gunman” sent to assassinate….. *Voice becomes inaudible* …….. Then i reaLized, u may just be another gun(ner) with a red jersey and scarf cheering for an ArsenaL Team…… L()L

  10. Getting worried that Koscielny won’t really come back for good any time soon. Like Vermaelen when he had Achilles problems, he was out pretty much all season and eventually had to have surgery..

  11. @ NY Gunner…. .and Like you realized u were the AKB i was referring to, and then Re-Trolled……. Whatever!

    1. @soopa doopa
      Dude. Everyone who don’t think like you, regardless of where they stand, is considered an AKB. No news there.

  12. @ NY Gunner…… I didn’t see the Last Edition when u made the headLines as an AKB…. The Last i heard from u was the day after the stoke game ….it was hot right ere on Justarsenal.com…… Where were u?…… L()L

    1. @soopa doopa
      If ya head wasn’t so far up ya azz. And your view so myopic, you might have noticed my posts on the night of the match.
      But then again, seeing the real is not your forte anyway…Lmfao

  13. @NY Doughnuts….. U probably popped ya head out a hoLe Like a saharan Hedge-hog…. An resurfaced after the smoke died down …. L()L

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