Wenger is staying at Arsenal and the players still need support

Arsene Wenger reiterated his stance today that he will be staying on as manager beyond the summer, so it is time the fans stopped with the anger and supported the club.

The French boss has been urged by a number of fans to quit the club, having gone for 12 years with winning the PL title, but Wenger is going nowhere.

The supporters in the stadium have made the atmosphere at matches versatile, as the frustration grows with the club’s lack of progression, but it is the team’s players who are affected the most.

Last season, we won 12 of our 19 matches at home, but we have only won nine of the 16 so far in our current term. The most supported teams are said to be advantaged by the so-called ‘Twelth Man’ during home matches, and this season the support has lacked considerably.

Many fans are adamant that the only way that we can return to the heights of winning the league are if the manager leaves, or if both Stan Kroenke and Wenger leave, but what if it is the players who simply need more support?

It is not OK to simply be supportive in good times, but it is hugely necessary to help the team get through a slump or a bad time, and you can’t expect another invincible year with the strength of England’s top division currently.

We need to face the facts, we are there or thereabouts every season, and are always in the top-four come the end of the season, so why shouldn’t we try and push our team on to get the best out of every season?

I have seen on social media that some fans are staging a walk-out tomorrow, while I have also seen the report that says that tickets are not being sold for tomorrow’s game against WBA, which highlights the distinct lack of support our club is getting during a tough time, and at a time when we need it!

If we do not win on Thursday, our grip on the Champions League places WILL be in doubt…

Do you even care if we win this week???

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  1. Did I understand correctly if we do not support the Club by paying the obscene amount of money that costs each time you go to watch a game, then our spot for the CL is in doibt…..GREAT then be it……call me a traitor, not a real fan whatever, the way I see it I’ve been scammed, taken by a fool, cheated and lied by the board and the Manager so I will do the only thing. I am able to do to keep my money till I see change, real change…..Le Fraud will pocket 8 mil cuz he is not leaving, but not from my money……WENGER OUT

    1. Honest question, just wondering:

      Would it make the current situation any better if Arsenal’s match day tickets would be, say mid-table priced?

      1. it’s not just about the prices. It’s about the false promises of great players coming in during the transfer window, year after year. This year seems to be an exception though…

    2. More


      Posters also the fans need to voice this also

      We won’t stand it no more show Wenger the Door !!!!!!

    3. hehe so the author thinks its gud enough to stay 50 years in and about and just finishing fourth.the way epl is advancing westham is catching up to us,man u wil be trying as hard as they can to cme back strong,chelsea hve just changed guard nxt season for sure top four rivals,man city obvious contenders nxt season,totenham will be there (so mad!!!),some fans r not seeing the club has regressed so many clubs will pass us,at this rate we r ending up a midtable team lets open our eyes before its too late and then u realize wow if only we had backed our fuming mates at 2016.this will be remembered in history its where we save our club or we bury it

    4. @mia gunner fan
      Ok. So let me get this straight.
      The owner, the board and the manager is your points of grief. Right? Yet, you only call for the head of the manager. Say they sack AW at the end of the season. The owner and the board are still in play. Since their supposed operating model is to make profit without caring to win trophies, how does that count as progressive change? Because, they are the ones who control the show, no matter what you’ve heard or read.
      I can’t think of any manager who has been successful without the backing of the clubs board and owners.
      I’m just putting this out there and wonder what your thoughts are on it…

      1. @ NY Gunner I don’t exempt SATAN KROENKE and GAZIDIS of this debacle, they have been complacent of WENGERS shortcomings ….now from one GUNNER to another I strongly believe that with our current team we could have achieved much more, yes I mean with Lamp post, Ramsey, Walnut there is talent in this club to at least be where the spuds are right now challenging to the end; but we lack of managerial skills, of hunger to succeed,of team spirit, is sad to see the pics showing the demeanor of the players when we concede and for all that I blame WENGER and him alone…..multiple things come to mind, but what Campbell has suffered under WENEGERS tyranny outshines others and says a lot about the Man ……this kid has a lot of talent just rusting on the bench so Le Fraud plays his faves….as you know by now I am done with this Man and his arrogance, sticking the middle finger to everyone saying he is going nowhere….he might not but I am and is not to the Emirates….write that down KROENKE.

  2. you’d think we were the worst fans ever given this post. Ok, firstly, the Emirates is the least intimidating ground in the premier league, in part due to its architectural structure that seems incredibly family friendly (not inherently a bad thing), but it doesn’t give you the feeling of being in a particularly intimidating atmosphere like the westfalenstadion in dortmund for example. It’s also partly due to the section of fans occupying seats at club level be they tourists, business associates etc they simply do not provide vocal support during the 90 minutes, I say this from first hand experience, feeling almost awkward trying to get a chant going in this section as it does not seem this is the done thing.

    The main problem would seem however that seeing Arsenal has become a day out for people with excess expenditure, who aren’t necessarily affected by performance as someone from the immediately local area who might not be able to afford the game due to them being the HIGHEST IN EUROPE. This atmosphere is further reinforced by the stewards who will attempt to keep people seated during the 90 minutes rather than encourage a more boisterous atmosphere so as to spur on the team. I can say that our away fans are tremendous, as I know most teams are, but it is like chalk and cheese comparing both supporters, and I can almost always hear our away support even sat at home. We need to make the Emirates an intimidating place to come, but it seems like the younger passionate support can’t really afford to go and make a difference

    1. the problem is what are we giving the young generation to support the club.the rate of our unbelievable and very difficult and heroic stances of a 300 like scrap for top four ain’t winning us new generation supporters.ull be surprised see not many young lads support arsenal

  3. Arsenal fans are the only fans in the world who gett bullied by its manager, hahahaha, o geee, pathetic fan base we are

  4. And by the way, are you people that kind of stupid, who besides being reminded every year of being stupid, you all call again to continue in being stupid, by tolerating stupiness again.

    mama mia, you people need to grow a pair of balls

    1. this is the chance we hve been craving for.we either save the ARSENAL this season or st totengram day will be reversed for decade.if only u could send voice notes some fans need to stop supporting mediocrity its ARSENAL we love not arsen,its ARSENAL we wana make world beaters not arsen when will we learn

  5. You mean Even after winning just 4 of our previous 13 We are being told to still support our team during the bad times?
    With all those heavy wages they pocket and the high prices the fans pay?
    There is a limit for everything ffs.
    Wenger must go.
    And part of the team needs to get going as well.
    We are supporting mediocrity at a high cost

    1. The author is a big fat AKB, we the fans have been supporting the team for 12 years with no major trophy in return, don’t you think those were bad times as well? On top of that its called patiency, which has gotten us nothing good but to see the dictator buying average players for cheap and label them world class and fails every single to win anything. Now you want more support coz your 4th trophy is in jeopardy? Hehehe, no way, not anymore. I see now our voices are heard, whatever you do AKBs, the message is already delivered

      1. I think wenger does this: Sees someone who does somewhat well a season, buys him and calls him world class. If he turns out to be world class, or a success for us, wenger says “told you so”. If he doesn’t, wenger simply says “he just didn’t work in the arsenal system”. If the player wasn’t working out for us, it has usually been because he either was never world class to begin with, or Wenger couldn’t find a way to utilize the player in a way where he might show some world class. Podolski, Arshavin and Gervinho are fine examples. (Gervinho being mentioned by hazard as the best player he’s been on the same team with)

    2. @gooner tetra
      Thats what real supporters do, support their team in bad times as well as good…Or are you one of those who only stand by AFC when they’re winning?

      1. Just wondering NY GUNNER will u be spending to go and watch this match or any of the remaining matches?,because it easy to tell people to support when watching on tv.

  6. With all due respect to the author of this article i must say it is the most irritating and irresponsible at best. Why must the fans always be responsible for the glaring mess at this club??? So 12yrs of loyalty isn’t enough???

  7. No PL trophy in 12 years plus highest ticket prices. Arsenal fans are the most patient and loyal around. But enough is enough

    1. ^^^^^^^. One can say “What about Liverpool?” but they changed owner, manager and the whole top system of their club throughout the 26 years they’ve been without a PL title. Not to mention a UEFA cup and Champions League title in said time span.

  8. When I read articles of this sort,,,,,,,I become even sad than what Wenger is doing now. Some people are just afraid of change hence will like to stick with Wenger till we become an Aston Villa or a Newcastle. Wenger is not the only one to manage Arsenal. People should get that in their heads.

  9. the players have all the support that they need as they count their massive bank balances . we are not dealing with children here . we are dealing with grown men , men who are multi millionaires . do you really think they need your care ?. dream on , they are worlds apart from us . support my butt !!!.

    Oh yeah! That sounds very Arsene-a-like, doesn’t it?

    Are you tying to rile me up Admin? Anyways this is not the first time someone (Arsene) has come out to suggest the fans are at fault for the teams woes this season.

    And please be careful not to equate accommodating the Manager’s glaring deficiencies with supporting the Arsenal. They are too very different things. He is not even a shareholder. As far as I know, he is an employee who is has been on a salary of 8 Millions annally.

    Now that is more than any ‘compensation’ (plus absolute control over football matters) he would ever get anywhere for what he has done for the club. Anywhere but at Arsenal.

  11. You bunch of pathetic plastic prats! I’ve supported the Arse for 60 years and believe me have seen far far worse times than we are going through right now. So we have not won the league for 12 years (been nearly 60 years since the spuds won it) but we have not been out of the top four all that time. Take a look at the records from the 70s and 80s when we were regularly finishing mid table. We did not desert the club like you lot suggest we should. I would love to meet some of you idiots to give you s history lesson and a lesson in what it means to be loyal supporters..
    Do the fans desert Palace or Newcastle or Sunderland in their current position? No cos they are true supporters.
    Some of you need a slap!

    1. Hey Bollywood, first stop comparing Arsenal to Palace, Newcastle and Sunderland, we are better than those, why don’t you compare us to Chelsea, Man U and man city, these 4 have dominated for so long, those are our levels. You won’t hear barca comparing themselves to Malaga just because they lost 4 or 5 games in a row

      You must have supported the team for so many years, but were those years having Wenger as a manager? The whole world, meaning the pundits, the players, the fans, and they even say every man and his dog all know that Arsenal is short in may be DM position, Wenger knows as well, but what does he do? buys and average striker, or a winger youth player who’ll need 5 years to be recognized, we go on with the league, even top it for some few months then drop to our yearly trophy, 4th. This has happened for so long now. Example Mourinho came to Chelsea, saw the problem, bought Costa and fab, they win the league, best coaches see deficiencies in their teams and rectify them, Wenger has his own agenda and has failed miserably for 10 years. He doesn’t seem like someone who can learn, no. He knows more than anyone and his decision is FINAL.

      He gets paid 8m a year, and he doesn’t seem to be ready to part with that huge cash, signing new contracts every now and then. But I would do the same, having a job that you are never under pressure to perform, and you are paid 8m a year? Ill stay there forever

  12. the assumption seems to be we are guaranteed top 4 … dont count on it …. there are plenty of reasons this may not happen … then the 4th place junkies will be having serious withdrawal sympoms

  13. It is consistently getting in to good positions and then throwing it away. Recent examples are scoring first at home against swansea and crystal palace then drawing or losing. Away to west ham 2-0 up and then drawing it. Conceeding 3 goals against a weakened manu and losing. The list goes on and on.

    Then there is the years of selling our best players to pay for stadiun debt to provide for a better future. Well the future is here and it is not better. In fact the owner has now told us that he is not interested in winning championships.

    Its inevitable that support will fall, if you pay top dollar you expect top quality

  14. The logic of this authors opening paragraph is hard to follow. This logic is the same as saying “hey this horribly incompetent Prime Minister and his cabinet are here for an other year so you might as well support him and cheer at his parade.”

    We are not hostages and we don’t owe Wenger anything. He has been given total control over the way this club is run and basically tried to position himself (as have the fans like you) as being synonymous with club. He is not the club, the club will be there long after he is gone. He can no longer be considered a great manager with 3 PL titles in 20 years and fans not showing up or booing are booing him and are not showing up because of him.

    He has been supported for most of his 20 years unfortunately he has stopped warranting that support years ago.

    Do I care if we win this week? No.

    What will winning bring me? I am deeply sad it has come to the point were I believe that nothing will change if we secure 3rd place and automatic CL football.

    If we lose and fail to gain CL football there might be a higher chance that Wenger leaves or does not get a contract extension.

    It is written nowhere that we have to suffer suffer when Wenger leaves (like Man U). He was not SAF who could raise an average squad far above it’s potential. Wenger does the opposite, he massively under-performs with all the tools available to him. (Money, players, facilities). There are many young modern ambitious managers who could improve on what Wenger has delivered, until that time comes results are a double edged sword either way.

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