Wenger still the right man to bring Arsenal the title?

Koscielny reckons Arsene is still the man!

All Arsenal fans have their own opinion on whether Arsene Wenger should remain at the helm of Arsenal football club, and whilst the jury may not be out just yet, it seems the players are united in their decision.

Speaking to the media, Koscielny was keen to state that although the club has had it’s struggles, the players are fully behind Arsene Wenger to lead the club forward for at least another year.

Koscielny said: “The boss has seen it all, he’s been for many years at the club. I think we owe him a lot. At least, I owe him very much, I have a lot of respect for the coach, but as well for the man. He’s a very nice guy. I understand the frustration of the fans because we did not win the title for a long time, but I think that Arsene did some amazing things in this club.

“He helped it grow, now we have a beautiful stadium, our facilities are unbelievable… it’s up to us, the players, to do what’s necessary on the pitch to win these titles. But I think that Arsene is a very good coach, and he’s still the man for the job.”

Although many may feel differently about Wenger, I feel that one thing that cannot be argued is the success he has brought to the club, both in terms of honours and financial success. It’s good to see that the players are still fully behind their manager, because as we have all seen, a manager-player feud usually only ends badly. Take Mourinho’s latest spell at Chelsea for example.

Wenger is in his 20th season with the Gunners now and although more recent years (aside from two FA CUPS) haven’t brought the same sort of success, Wenger has stabilised this club financially for both current day and in the long run. I still have faith in the Frenchman, despite some concerns, and I genuinely believe that when Wenger has realised he cannot take this club any further, then he will step down as Arsenal’s manager.


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  1. How is it possible for an indenial person to admit that he can not take the club forward, anymore? ? ?

    Yes, Of course, I thank Wenger for the first eight years of his Arsenal career?, But in return he should be thanking everyone in and around the club, for the last 12 years! ?

    Now I understand why Wenger remains seated 90% of the time, during matches! … Obviously, building the Emirates on his own, took alot out of him. ?

  2. No good AW making money for the club if he won’t spend it. So much money is now available through Tv again won’t spend it. Small teams are buying players that’s why they are winning but he just won’t budge. Go spend 200 mill on class and you will see he is a great manager again he needs to change his ways coz the big 6 teams won’t wait for him they will buy and buy big

  3. Some of us just dont seem to get it or maybe we’re blinded by our hatred for the manager.. wenger is the biggest and most important signing ever made by the club.. he came as simply as a manager but has grown to be the cheif cornerstone that club rest upon, and that have made him somewhat indispensable. Stan kroenke and the board knows that, and its not solely for monetary reasons as some of us love to believe.. some love to say that he didn’t go to Madrid because his job is much safer here but guess what, pep ancelloti mourinho etc would’ve all been sacked by the board already because as good as they may be they’re not indispensable. Wenger is a genius and fully deserves our respect even if the results on the pitch haven’t been the best for awhile now.

    1. He’s an ffing football manager for god’s sake … Just judge him on what he has delivered on the pitch ..the rest is for les ouiseaux

  4. Without a doubt Wenger has done good things for this club. When he first arrived he revolutionized PL football and Arsenal’s way of playing. Training methods, diets everything was changed to great effect and copied by many clubs.

    However like all progress what was once modern was surpassed by others without Wenger following suit.

    For a long time I thought the fact we had no money to spend was the main reason we were not improving the squad, but concerns were rising over his inability to fix our injury problems and adapt our playing style when needed.

    Now with more money in the bank than God can count Wenger still didn’t spend any of it last summer and is struggling again to address out biggest need (striker) this summer.

    I don’t think Wenger is the man to lead us to PL or CL glory. He is too set in his ways and his ways don’t work any longer. New younger manager have come into the game and surpassed him.

    The good thing is he might not take us backwards immediately but with better managers managing Spurs, City, Liverpool and possibly Man U, time is running out on Arsenal to join the modern game

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