Wenger is willing to accept structural change at Arsenal!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger could be managing the club in his last Premier League fixture this Sunday, with uncertainty still remaining as to whether he will leave or not at the end of the season.

The boss’ contract is up at the end of June and the majority of Arsenal fans are hoping that he will be moving on to pastures new. There have been a few suggestions that if not at Arsenal, he will continue to manage elsewhere, with both Serie A and Ligue 1 showing strong interest in the Frenchman.

If he was to remain at Arsenal, there is more than just the first team managerial position available, with suggestions that Arsenal chief Ivan Gazidis could create a ‘Director of Football’ role at the club for Arsene Wenger, should he want it.

Wenger has previously turned his nose up at such a suggestion, with the Frenchman suggesting to the media that is was a made up position that nobody really understands. A Director of Football is said to take control of the club’s everyday affairs but in my opinion, the position is more of an ambassador figurehead position in which you sound a lot more important to the club than you actually are.

Wenger may have snubbed the reports of that possibility in the past, but he seems to have changed his tune slightly with his recent comments. In a Daily Telegraph report, the boss is quoted as saying: “Director of football – when I say that – is a guy who makes the decisions that normally are down to the manager. That means selection of players, buying and all matters that concern the functioning of the team on a daily basis.”

“Of course we can need help to become better. I am always open to open that. I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club. After that, you have to see if it’s really efficient because the titles do not always make you better.”

The difference between his comments then and now is that in addition to himself being rumoured for the role as Arsenal’s Director of Football, it’s now being questioned as to whether Wenger could remain as Arsenal’s manager but under the regime of another Director. As Wenger states, such a overhaul of the club would see his own influence as a manager significantly reduce, especially when considering Wenger likes to address his own scouting and transfer options.

I think such a change comes with its positives and negatives. Ultimately I don’t think a Director would be the best stance for Arsenal to take, I think their position limits power and could creates feud’s in managerial decisions. I can imagine a Direcror taking a ‘Kroenke’ approach and thus limiting our chances of success.
On the other hand the club is in a dire state and needs change quickly. If Arsene Wenger is gonna stay next season, then perhaps he needs someone to overlook his actions under a new regime.

Do you think Arsenal should consider a Director of Football position?



  1. Yossarian says:

    Depends on who it is, and precisely what duties they are given.

    If it’s somebody that is given genuine power at the club, that can help win the battle to sign top-players, as well as providing input to assist the manager when the team is struggling (Like Marc Overmars who has been suggested) then great, sign him up.

    If it’s just another person who will collect cheques for saying “Yes Arsene” then what’s the point?

    If the role is given to Arsene Wenger then we could be in trouble, because he will likely have a lot of say in who becomes manager next, and he wont want anybody that will make him look bad.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Haven’t we done this one already? ?
    Man, even the Articles seem to be trapped in the GroundHog frenzy ?

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Get out already and take the leech like Kroenke with you!

  4. ks-gunner says:

    Just imagine Wenger after a failed game excusing himself and saying things like the team showed cohession and mental spirit etc haha

    Now imagine having someone like the fatman as the main shareholder and his reaction to this

    This is what makes the diff This is what you Call change

    Le frog would be gone in an instant

  5. Raoh says:

    He has to accept it. I mean we have allowed him to do everything the way he wants and we seem to be getting worse. After we have no more stadium debt, after spending so much on the transfer market and sweating for top 4. All of those factors combined shows that his methods are not bullet proof anymore. The lack of silverware and consistent challenge during the season shouldn’t allow him to dictate terms even in light of his legacy.
    Also it allow the club to slowly take away from him some responsibilities which he has. And those responsabilities that rely so much on Wenger in my opinion delays things such as transfers, contract renewal of players and planning ahead. It also will allow him to focus more on coaching which last time I checked is the main reason why he is on the bench. We need fresh ideas in the backroom and someone overseeing certain things full time throughout the season.
    Finally when we need to replace him we will have a better system in place to welcome a coach which in today’s game are really more coach of a team than manager of club like Fergie or Wenger in the last 20 years.

  6. gmv8 says:

    Wenger is willing to accept structural change … so Kroenke IS going!

  7. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger will never change he can’t it not in his makeup. If he gets another 2 year’s he will do as he likes and spin his usual excuses. So please don’t buy into Cxxxx.

  8. bran99 says:

    “I am always open to things that improve the quality and the future of the club. After that, you have to see if it’s really efficient because the titles do not always make you better.”

    Wenger always has his own choice of words which is so contradicting.. he’s open to the idea of the new director of football and at the same time the titles don’t always make you better.. is he serious? Winning titles means you got better or you are the best but to him it’s the opposite, don’t think this guy is interested in anything that could improve the club, he wants to take care of everything and as we know, winning titles is not his number one priority, he’s always aiming for money and not club success

    He is preparing his pension coz he is too old to care about success, he knows soon his body and mind won’t function well and all he prepares now is that good life after football.. he’ve taken enough already he should now consider the fans, we want trophies

    1. kklin says:

      When Wenger said ‘titles don’t always make you better’, he was talking about the title of office as in the Director of Football & not titles as in Silverwares/trophies. Having said that, I don’t think Wenger will dare to stay for another season as the manager of afc – he has already seen the frustration of the fans. He won’t risk it.

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