Wenger – It was a game of two halves

Arsenal were far from impressive against Leicester City on Tuesday night, despite looking comfortable at 2-0 at haf-time, and Arsene Wenger yet again believes that the game came too quickly after the intensity of the North London derby on Saturday.

“It was a game of two halves,” Wenger said on the official Arsenal website. “In the first half we had a good cohesion, good movement, good technical quality and we scored two good goals.

“In the second half our physical level dropped, Leicester came more into the game and at 2-1 we became a bit nervous. Then it was good to finish the game off.

“After a defeat it is always important to win straight away as a big club because if you don’t do that you have a crisis. We did that so it’s a relief and a good basis to prepare for our next game.

“We were not the sharpest, we were not the most glamorous. Before the game I was concerned because I didn’t know how much of a part the disappointment of Saturday will play in the confidence level, and also how much we had recovered physically.

“I changed a few players in the team because of that and at the end of the day we are happy to win the game.”

The three points were definitely crucial to keep Arsenal in the race for the Wenger Trophy, and Nacho Monreal also agreed that the Gunners didn’t play well, but it was the points that mattered rather than the performance.

“It was a difficult game for us,” he told Arsenal Player. “I think we were not feeling 100 per cent, because we played a very hard game against Tottenham three days ago.

“I think the team felt it. The most important thing is that we won and three points are here at home.

“I think we didn’t play our best game. In the first half we scored two goals and were 2-0 up at half-time. Maybe we thought that in the second half it was going to be a [bit] easier but they scored a goal and it was difficult.

“We played the last 25 minutes with an advantage of only one goal but we’re happy because we won.

“We were in a very good dynamic and in the last game we finished disappointed and upset, because we couldn’t win the game.

“We knew that we needed a win today because we want to finish as high as we can. These three points are very important for us.”

We are now just one point behind Southampton in fourth, and after the FA Cup game against Middlesbrough we should have an easy-ish game away at Crystal Palace. We should be well rested by then and ready to pounce on any slip-up by Man United or the Saints….

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  1. If things aren’t going the way you want them to then why not stand up and shout instructions to your player’s ? Isn’t that why you earn £8m ?

    1. yeah, at NLD, 1st half could see spuds pressing our midfielders and not giving them tym on ball…we were 1 nil up…but couldn’t advise change tactics and counter that….its no use complaining wen game is over – make changes, do stuff wile u can and the games still on..

      1. Are you going to blame the manager for the players’ fatigue ? Before you mention rotation keep in mind we have other important games in FA cup and champs league so the idea of using reserve players should be thrown out of the window.

  2. It’s clear we need either Giroud or Welbeck in the team for our game to click. Wenger has tried Sanchez as a long striker before and it failed, I wonder why he’s giving it a go again?

    1. Obviously he planned to rotate the forward players between Leicester and Spurs. With Sanchez coming back for Leicester and Ozil a clear starter for both the choice was down to two of Giroud, Wellbeck and Walcott for Spurs. He played the two that were better defensively in the tough away fixture. Didn’t work against Spurs but not that much wrong with the team selection.

  3. Wenger Out after every below par performance is getting old. Now it comes out even after wins. Get on with supporting the team. Anyway Sanchez had a hand in more than half of the goals when Ozil was injured. Sanchez got injured and Ozil has been involved (goal or assist) in 6 of the last 11 goals. Get those two working in tandem and we’ll be unstoppable. Then there’s Coquelin who has become an absolute rock in defensive midfield. How about some optimism ?

    1. Your right!

      Optimism.. Here goes:

      Someday, someone more capable (tactically, managerially, motivationally) will come along and adopt some very good players and lead them to greater things.

      1. Like Louis Van Gaal and his long ball game, Mourinho who behaves like an obnoxious little brat and trains his players to behave the same or Rogers who gives his team one good season then struggles to keep them in the top 6 ? Maybe Klopp who is managing a team bottom of the Bundesliga. Get a grip and support the damn team.

        1. I do. Just not Wenger in his role.

          And you left out Simone and Guardiola..wonder why?;)


          1. Will we ever get Simeone or Gurdiola? Fact is there are more chances of us getting someone worse than Wenger and not better if such a decision happens without due planning.

            1. I live in hope.

              Why not? Guardiola wants to manage in the premier league apparently, he and his missus would like London, he could windup Maureenho again and Arsenal would suit his philosophy.

              The board might just pay out for such a name if they call time on AW or he walks away..

  4. Some people are acting like our season is over and calling for Wenger’s departure.
    This isn’t the way real fans should behave in our circumstances.

    We still have a shot at 2nd place to 4th place
    We are still in Champions League and FA Cup.

    Yes, we could end up out of top 4 (even as far down as 7th place) and no trophies, but if that happens we should discuss it then. In the mean time we have a chance of a good season so lets be positive and support Wenger and team (Until May at least)-

    1. Fred, I am an AFC fan. Was before Wenger, and will still be after his long gone. I stand by my team (the foot soldiers) and not the coach (the general).

      I am however allowed my opinion (this is a forum right?) and to state my dislike for much of Wengers failings.


  5. The Arsenal board would never sanction a move for Simeone. He is not representative of the image that they want to present. Wenger to go only if Guardiola is his replacement.

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