Wenger just happy with three points for Arsenal

Arsenal made very hard work of beating Sunderland yesterday and the relief of scoring the second goal to secure the points didn’t arrive until the 93rd minute due to another defensive error from the woeful Sunderland side that were beaten 8-0 in the preceding week.

Arsene Wenger must have been very relieved himself and was just happy to get the three points in the bag. After the game he was asked on Arsenal.com if he was pleased with Arsenal’s far-from-fluent performance: “Yeah of course.” he replied. “We had a different game on Wednesday. Sunderland had a big defeat last week and before the game what we wanted was the three points and we got them.

“I believe we were quite in control as long as we could score the second goal. Of course you can concede a goal and drop points but we didn’t do it today – we were focused, maybe we missed some opportunities in the final third and the final ball. Overall we are very happy to get the three points. We won at Anderlecht, we won here today, two and a half days later and that’s never easy.”

The Gunners may have won two games in a row, but they have been far from easy wins over inferior opponents, which is what the fans expected at the beginning of this week and questions are now being asked about the lack of commitment from everyone in the side except for newboy Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean pounced on both Sunderland errors to score our two goals, and Wenger was happy to praise his efforts. “He took advantage of the mistakes they made but he’s also got a super quality – he’s quickly on your feet which is why he wins many balls that normal players don’t. He’s very quick in transition from offence to defence and wins the ball back very quickly. We can take advantage of that.”

But without Sanchez’s poaching skills we have to wonder if we would have managed to score at all, but the fans can console themselves that we are in fifth place in the League with another winnable (??) home game against Burnley next week.

Surely the team will have to start playing well soon?

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  1. I believe the two main objectives yesterday were (a) get the three points and (b) keep a clean sheet. Tick, tick. Wenger picked the team with those objectives in mind — hence starting both Arteta and Flamini to keep things tight at the back. It certainly wasn’t pretty but we’ve all been saying that our defence needs to improve to give our creative players a platform. Of course there is a lot to work on but three points and a clean sheet is a positive step.

  2. Yea wenger is happy with anything.. win or lose, trophy or no trophy he get paid and Y’all get a heart attack…

  3. Dont write off burnley though. They can frustrate us. But we should make it . Hope we can see the real arsenal. Should give sanchez some rest so we need to finish that game early around 60-70 minutes

      1. Maybe ManC vs Stoke, ManC vs West Ham, Pool vs Hull has all played a part in that thought process?

        I m not even counting in ManU results against lower tier teams.

          1. Than Muff it’s also interesting to see you (who is quite reasonable) to lay the blame squarly on Wenger, when it’s actually about poor team form more than anything else.

            Yesterday Santi got into so many scoring chances, easy ones that is, yet he hoofs it over the bar. But somehow people conveniently criticize Wenger instead of that player. It’s not fair.

            1. ADMIN DELETED – NO INSULTS ………….bec, its Wenger who has to take the underperformers down and give the like of Cambell, Rosicky, Poldi a chance to play.

            2. @sumo

              Sumo I admit at times the frustration makes me pinpoint wenger.

              But wenger dominates this club has a say over everything; chips keswick has talked of this. If he does practically everything. Who else can we blame? When things go well we praise him, when they dont we blame him.

              If he santi was poor sub him. If we lack replacements in any department whose faukt is that?

          2. Maybe some of our ‘poor results’ can be attributed to the league being very competitve?
            With the exception of Chelsea, almost all the teams have struggled to hit the ground running(City included)…have some faith!

      2. lost confidence bec of the years of the never ending bs which comes from Wenger and the team. Yer, good luck with paying the most expensive ticket prises in the world, lol

  4. You are talking about a man who masturbates thinking about 4th place. 3 points obvously makes him happy.

    1. @invincibles49
      Says the man whose obsession with AW makes it seem like him and a few of his rump ranger buddies out here are circle jerkin to pics of AW…lmfao

  5. How i miss Alex Song. We were better when we had him in midfield. Look what he did to Man City yesterday.
    He is far better that Arteta and Flamini combined to me.

    1. We sold him at a time when we used to sell our every top player. May be if we had him at this stage we would not have sold him. Also maybe Wenger made a mistake not going back for him even for a loan spell. He wouls have been a massive upgrade on both arteta and flamini. The reason I think is the “man of steel” Abou Diaby. I am sure we have gone two seasons now without a CDM coz that fool old man still harbors hopes of Diaby playing full 90 min without getting injured. I have startes to f#king hate Diaby too.

    2. Getting 15 million for a medicore Song who was agitating for a move was plain good business. Both parties were happy. And i think Arteta does a better job than Song. You just need eyes. That’s about it.

      1. 100% agree Sumo Song was an awful DM he left the back 4 exposed all the time he’s made for teams like West Ham not a champions league team!

      2. Song is a better player then: Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Wilsher and Ramsey. Its a diff matter if you agree with this or not but things are like they are.

        Song was meant to push forward bec of us losing the creativity of Samir and Cesc. Song was that guy who could take on Yaya toure but also deliver the world class passes over the opponents defense right into Van Persies foot.

        With him around Arsenal archieved the 3’rd place. Without him we barrely make the . your openion like everything you say is biased to make Wengers flaws look somehow like being acceptable. Keep on deluding your selfs fellas.

        1. You my friend are in very dire need of comprehension.

          I said it was good business for a player who was agitating for a move. Or don’t you remember?
          And for the job that Arteta does, Arteta was a CAM not DM. But he doesn’t get the urge to rush forward like Song. Arteta is more disciplined and 10 times the player that Song will ever be.

          If Song so as world class as you point it out, wonder why Barca shipped him out on the cheap after making 5-10 starts for Barca.

          1. Yes i remember him earning 35k a week beside being our second best player, and then him demanding to earn the same amount of money like the likes of Bedtner, Chamakh, Djorou, Squalaci, Denilson. Arsene said no bec Song had an ongoing contract of 3 years. Barcelona showed interest, he still was eager to find an agreement with Arsenal, but Wenger showed him the cold shoulder, so he of course went off.

            Song is in every aspect of his game a better player then Arteta. Yes Barcelna shipped a lot of players out. Yaya Toure, Hleb, Henry, Eto, Fabregas.

            1. But were all those players you mentioned sold for free?

              There is a difference between selling and shipping.

              Example-van Persie was sold. Bendtner was shipped.

              1. Hahaha, no we tryed to sell him but no team in the world was to stupid enough to pay the money Arsene allowed Bedtner to earn.

                Do you understand?

                1. True and that’s why the process of leaving took around 2-3 seasons since no was willing to pay shit for the Lord !

    3. Song was a terrible DM he would go forward making assists which were not part of his job of protecting the back 4,he’s a mid table team player who’s nowhere near the sort of world class DM that we need!

      1. He is better player then all our current ones. Barcelona doesnt buy players knowing that they re midle table class players. With him we played better and conceded less goals. Archieved the 3 place with ease.

        1. Song is better than the ones we have?

          Ha ha ha. Wait wait. I have something for you.


          Incase you were wondering, that’s a middle finger.

          1. @Sumo:
            Arteta was never a DM. Wenger converted him into one. Song was always better and his long balls were always amazing.

            By the way abusing someone doesn’t validate your point, FYI. Grow up!

            1. Sumo seems to be the last of the few AKBs left and is willing to do anything to hold on 🙂

              I think where Song is better than Arteta is that he is much more of a physical player than Arteta..more of a threat in set pieces..can turn defence into attack within seconds (Arteta never had the vision..always passes sideways) ..has the pace to track back !

        2. I think that some people are really deluded or pro wenger biased,how can you dare compare Song and arteta and flamini?Song has the stature and physicality of a DM,arteta is a small weak slow guy,flamini the same with ultra agressivity.Wenger is a man who like his routine,like an autist,he needs to do the same thing over and over and will not feel well if he has to do somthing else.He will not listen to advices either and he tells himself “I am an educated man,i know what to do and I don t need advices from others peoples”.
          What he does not realizes is that the old age has taken over him and his mental faculties are obviously not the same.His stubborness and his inflexibility makes of him a bad match for the coach role.
          The world is watching,the others players are observing and the good ones will be aware of the wenger favouritism for certain players over others.
          Arsenal will not compete at the top again under Wenger,He has to go.
          I became a arsenal supporter because of him,arsenal style of play and the like of Henry,Pirres,now for the sake of arsenal He must realizes it s time to go.

  6. Wenger: I am long enough at EPL to know what I am doing.

    You can hear this very often in his interviews.

    That tell you he don’t take advices.

  7. To change our players mind set, you will need to change the manager cos he already drill that into our players. I can tell you next season if sanchez if still with us, you will see the lazy one.

  8. We cannot be happy when we draw against or battle to beat teams that cost a lot less to assemble. Not sure what Sanchez is thinking, but he sure as hell looks unhappy. Why are the the rest looking so lethargic. not commited and taking games seriously, passing the ball around as if the game itself is a mere training excercise. The hunger to score more goals has been seriously lacking, because it seems possession football is what Wenger wants first and foremost, and this philosophy is preventing us from finding goals which should be our main focus. We have so many attack minded players who prefer to wait for things to happen rather making it happen. I seriously don’t enjoy watching Arsenal games any longer.

    1. @johannesbrgunner
      Then I guess Man City must be some unhappy muthafkkaz. To think that a mid/lower table team does not have the ability to beat you is as delusional as it gets.

      1. @NY Gunner. Read my comment agaiin and get a better understanding of what I said. No mention was made of a mid/lower table not having the ability to beat Arsenal, but rather one expects more quality and value from a more expensively assembled team.

        1. @johannesburggunner
          And that is where many “high priced” teams err. Because they take their opponents abilities for granted based on their table position and or clubs spending power.
          I’m sure you can honestly attest to the fact that reality has a way making a mockery of expectations…

  9. Yesterday game we should come out the top 3 worst players. For me:

    1. Ox
    2. Carzola
    3. Welback

    I chose the offensive players cos we keep a clean sheet but didn’t mean our defence was good, is our offensive was shi*.

    1. I felt our defence was pretty good. Monreal is specially growing in the CB role. Expect for Szczesnys howler, we had it under complete control.

      I felt among the offensive players Santi was the worst. Had Santi had his shooting boots on we could have won 4-0.

      1. I don’t see Sunderland offensive was good enough to test our defence so I can’t really rate our defend. If our offensive can’t even give a Sunderland back line job to do then what can we do to other team.

      2. I would counter that our defence was good because they were so poor going forward.

        Agree about santi, an what happened to the ox?

            1. No, that was the T and the G. The W is more wicked compared to these two as it makes fat old people turn into Akb’s.

  10. Since like there are still a lot of AKBs around, they are really brain wash till can’t be cured. Is arsenal a cult club or now there is a arsenal club and a Wenger cult club?

    1. The right name is the Wengerits. Dont blame them they suffer from W-Virus which causes. Heavy Delusion and getting a French accent out of nowhere, ahahah.

      1. It is soooo funny. Ha ha ha. I am laughing sooooo hard that my stomach hurts. Ha ha ha ha. Sooooo nice joke. Ha ha ha ha.

  11. Man of the match was clearly Mannone. If it wasnt for him or Sunderland we played against we would have never scored these 2 goals.

  12. So Ozil is not much of a bad 10 isnt he? Knowing that the whole team is suffering from lack of form tells a story by it self.

  13. Can someone tell me why Wenger is scared of making a substitutions?? Except a player gets injured or we are trailing in a match Wenger doesn’t make subs, and when he does, the worst players on the pitch still gets 90minutes…. I’ve never seen Wenger make a tactical change at half-time…


  15. Swansea owners call for cheaper ticket prices. Arsenal asked to do same but won’t engage. Instead pay Kroenke £3m

    self sustained model bullsh*t & then we have le prof

  16. Since most contributors on this site love to use the word “delusion” I sought to find what it actually means. The dictionary I consulted define delusion as an idiosyncratic belief of position maintained despite being contradicted by reality.

    A number of fans here believe or have an impression that wenger is useless as a football manager and Arsenal will be better off without him. They even go on to suggest names of managers who should replace him. This has been going on for a number of years now. Names suggested to replace Wenger include moyes (before he went to man u), laudrop (when he won some cup with swansea), martinez, klop, simione, and even mourinho.

    But what has been reality over the period of this idiosyncratic disposition? Real madrid wanted to recruit wenger ahead of mourinho and manuel pellegrini. Paris saint gamain was wenger to replace ancellot when they sacked him. Monaco wants wenger to lead their program to become one of europe’s elite.

    People who wanted wengee at their clubs are seasoned football administrators at the highest level. On the other hand people who think wenger is useless are failed manager, ex-footbalkers with zero knowledge about football administration, sports journalists who manufacture news, and fans who are largely failures in their personal lives. Now you tell me who is deluded wenger and those who hold him in high esteem or thos that accuse him of being deluded.

  17. When song played for arsenal he was labelled a flop, crap, not fit to wear an Arsenal shirt, etc. Some fans accused him of earning upwards of £60, 000 per week yet he was a useless. At that time there were cries for Arsenal to sign yanga mbiwa, capoue, diame, etc. Fate took song away from arsenal to barca where he failed and was shipped back to London. He landed at West Ham. West ham has mafe a good start to the season beating liverpool ann citu in the process.The same fans now think song is worldclass and accuse wenger of not taking him back. What can we say about thesr fans?

  18. When we were in high schol we used to write compositions. The most important aspect about composition writing was not to go offtopic. Go ofgtopic you get 1 out of 20.

    The article talked about how arsene was happy with three points. A third of comment deal about who is better between song and arteta. How that is relevant to the topic os beyond me. What makes me surprised the most is the failure by admin to moderate the discussion to that contributors remaon relevant to the isdue under discussipn

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