Wenger KNOWS Arsenal need a striker – But who?

Striker or bust for Arsenal!! by JH

One of very few things Arsenal fans can agree on is that we need a world class striker, following the days of Wright, Henry, Van Persie, Giroud simply just doesn’t cut it. I believe a world class striker would have scored at least two vs Liverpool. Giroud managed none….

But as the transfer window draws to a close, who can we actually buy?

The Benzema deal is “dead” in the words of Wenger. Jackson Martinez was a player many Arsenal fans wanted, but he has gone to Atletico Madrid. Paolo Dybala was an early popular choice, although not yet world class, he has a ton of potential and will no doubt be in that top bracket of strikers sooner rather than later, but he too is no longer available having Joined Juventus. Carlos Bacca was available from Sevilla, but swiftly moved to AC Milan. Edin Dzeko left Man City for Roma. Mandzukic left Atletico to join Dybala at Juventus. Ciro Immobile has joined Sevilla on loan. I believe we should have gone for Benteke, but he is now a red at Liverpool.

We have once again been linked to Higuain, but his Copa America performance has turned most people off him, then Napoli asked for around £60million for him, and this certainly turned AW off. Edinson Cavani is now the “number one target” for Arsenal, but at roughly £250k a week, would he take a huge pay cut to join us? Doubtful. Also would Wenger pay over £30million for a player who is 28? I cant see it. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is another we fans would love, at £300k per week, he would have to at least half his wage to join us, would he? Unlikely. And at 33, soon to be 34 would AW take the risk? Probably not.

Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski also seems the most “available” of all world class strikers, with Muller, Robben, Ribery, Costa, Gotze, Lewandowski. Bayern has to leave someone out, Lewandoski seems the easiest option, also when selling him, Bayern will make a hefty profit having gotten him for free.

However the issue would be price, how much would we have to pay for him? £40million? Fanciful £45million? Unlikely, I think they would look closer towards £50-60 million for him but would Wenger pay this for him? or anyone? that remains to be seen.—-

My pick would be Lukaku, he has the pace and power we need, the ability in the air, he is well used to the Premier league. Despite his young age he is already approaching 50 goals in the league, he has struck 44 times in 115 games a very good record. He is currently on £40k a week, which Wenger could double to get him, but again the sticking point would be price. Everton have declined £35million for Stones, would anything less get Lukaku? No. He would cost upwards of £40million, but at 22, he could be a starter for almost a decade.

One thing we know for sure, is Arsenal NEED a striker to challenge for the league. Another thing we know is that Arsene Wenger knows this. He wanted Suarez, he wanted Higuain, he wanted Benzema. He knows Giroud is not good enough.

So which striker would you guys want? More importantly who do you think we will get? Or will we be stuck with Giroud for another year?

By Jonn Hirons

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    1. @Ngumbao
      Norwich are in the frame to snap him up. Good on the lad, finally getting to play in the BPL…

      1. you wrong.if Wenger knew we needed a striker he would have given that a priority as early as July.if you need something you fight for it at all costs..has Wenger done that? noooooo.how do you know he was interested in Benzema? for me,I would better we stay without a manager because Wenger is useless in all dimensions.poor transfers,poor tactics,biassed and favoritism…he’s just similar to Robert Mugabe..so similar..a few years he used to say we were financially strained pop .now he has a new song..that there are no quality players available..Wenger out.period

        1. OP: great list of striker transfers/re-signs: strikers that moved this year.
          when wenger says nobody was available lets remind him he should have won the bidding for one of these:
          martinez : really wanted him,
          dzeko (ugh, but better than OG),

  1. Now we are linked to some KokoRoach from Russia. Wenger never ceases to amaze all summer we are linked to top quality now he’s gonna buy a nobody with a career record of 39 goals in 166 games

    1. I remember Kokorin used to be a massive talent and he was getting compared to a young Shevchenko but he’s hardly anything special nowadays. Just one out of a dozen strikers, there’s plenty of strikers available that might not be world class but definitely offer something different to Giroud. Basically all we need is a guy that knows where to be in the box, because there’s a handful of golden opportunities every game.

      1. ok, i agree RM wasnt stupid enuf to let benz go.
        but what about martinez??? not as expensive as higuain, younger than cavani, and we couldve afforded him etc. wenger’s just a bust at the TW. not to mention probably stingy, naive and stubborn.

      1. I agree. Lewandowski would be the biggest statement Wenger could make. Add Krychoviak and we really send the message that we are in it to win it. Somehow I doubt Wenger agrees with me — you could say we are Poles apart (see what I did there?)

        1. Wenger won’t be getting anything in he knew way back when that we needed a striker but he has done nothing and that shows me he never intended to. For reasons best known to him he’s never addressed either of our main problems and he won’t start now with only a week left. It’s this behaviour more than anything else that now makes me believe he should go. But believing it and seeing it are two far removed thongs . Especially when he has boardroom backing to the hilt cos he won’t spend money our ambition yet again is 4th spot . There are no more excuses no FFP to consider , no stadium to pay for, it’s all down to him now, but rest assured if he didn’t agree with the way the board runs the club he’d have left years ago and if the board were not happy with fourth each season he would have been booted it’s as simple as that.

    1. You could also look at lukaku as a serious investment, even if we had to spend £50 million, he would mean not buying a first choice striker until long after Wenger is gone.

  2. The only way to get a striker to improve the squad, as Wenger likes to say, is to pay massive over the odds for someone like Lewandowski.

    However it’s not in Wenger’s nature to do that, so unfortunately we have our final squad for the coming year already. Good enough for 3rd in the Prem and CL quarters!

    1. Rather pay a good less amount for Arek Milik, his mate in the Polish strikeforce. Only 21 years but already looks like a magnificent finisher slash hold up player at Ajax.

  3. Wenger got some problems in dressing room.PLayers like Ibra,Messi,Ronaldo get furious on their substitution or if they dont start a game.Same is the case here in Arsenal. Wenger is under pressure to play Sanches and Ozil no matter what form they are in.Ox the best player in EPL at the moment , in the bench sums up everything

    1. I know it’s funny Sanchez had the best chance against Liverpool open net a sitter if you will from point blank range and all we have is this.
      Ozil fantastic player but he and Santi had the ball all second half and could not penetrate the defense and all we have is this.

    2. Sanchez and Ozil? How about you brits stop being so deluded and realise that its Ramsey who should not be playing on the wings. Ozil and Sanchez looool.

  4. “Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski also seems the most “available” of all world class strikers, with Muller, Robben, Ribery, Costa, Gotze, Lewandowski”

    Lewandowski is the only centre forward in this list. Bayern will be MAD to sell him.

  5. keep dreaming getting wc striker since they got monsterous price tag

    you guys already saw benzema instagram late post??
    “my niggas stack their money just to spend it cause when u die u cannot take it with u”
    thats the answer.. i seems doubting if there is £ 200M in the bank
    because if we really has that 200M , im sure today
    benzema gotze krychowiak was already announced

    from what i read , some article,etc
    IMO i PRESSUME possible fund that AFC have now is arround £80-90M for buying 2 player
    a forward +a midfielder.

    since this debating about striker, i prefer lacazette . (still young,proved top scorer,french connection,but sadly just lack of experience)
    cavani already near 30 im afraid he cant settles with premier league, if i was wenger i rather add some cash to land experienced benzema again than cavani.

  6. Why did we buy mesut ozil?
    Why buy someone whos one of the worlds best at providing goal scoring opportunities then sit him behind someone who hasnt the pace or reading of the game that would utilise this.

    Giroud is quality in other ways. I rate him highly but his game is different from what mesut an even alexis have built there name off.

    Why didnt we go for pedro?!
    Makes no sense to me. None.

    Wenger must have something up his sleeve.
    I still have faith

    1. If Cesc can perfect the lob pass so can Ozil. Most balls from Ozil are on the ground “through balls”. Funny our only goal this year has come from a cross from Ozil to Giroud. More over the top play would be more goals for Arsenal.

    2. EPL goals.
      Giroud 15
      Walcott 15
      Sanchez 15
      Ramsey 9
      Wellbeck 7
      Ox 7
      Wilshere 6
      Ozil 6
      Cazorla 5
      Others 7
      92 goals.
      Just saying 🙂

      1. Scored 1 goal in 3 games……. Just saying (the second palace goal was an own goal so that doesnt count)

  7. This is why I never buy merchandise till after the window, and so should the rest of the fans. However, many people will still order their kit as soon as it’s out so the club’s money has been made and they can be complacent. If fans decide to wait till new signings I’m sure the club will feel more need to sign a good player that will make the fans happy.

    1. Me too.. Since few seasons ago I had stopped buying.. Decided to buy this season but current situation is holding me back. Shall wait till after the transfer window close

    1. @kotte

      Totally agree
      We need new manager,every transfer window same crap,why did he leave it till last minutes? Now his just gona buy some unknown league 1 striker from france.12 years same crap.how cn u justifie 8 million a year

  8. If Utd can still offer to spend BEEEEEEGGGGGG on Neyma after all there transfers this season dont see why we cant spend 80M on Robert Lewandowski….

  9. Every body say Robert Lewandowski, why would they sell him?Bayern have two FW, Muller and Lewandowski, so why would they choose to weaken their striking force by selling one of their FW? When you think about transfer you have to be realistic, you have to see the condition of the other team. Clubs sell their players, if they have so many player for that specific position, if the player is surplus like Sanchez and Ozil. And also club sell if they bought/replace their player with a better player.

    That is why the transfer rumor of Benzema didn’t make sense.

  10. said it once will say it a million times…buy griezman and draxler..both scoring goals for their respective clubs and both still young building a strike force for next several year could get both for 75m throw in the pole or bender, half of harris`s money…rest can go to the greedy board…in with a shot at something this year and awesome next…oh and sell the f***** whippet and campbell ..both a waste of space and money..and flamini and say we will consider offers for ramsey in the 25m range…. might claw half expenditure back

  11. I know it’s almost impossible to sign one of Benzema, Cavani or Higuain, because they are overpriced and Wenger will never pay that money for one of them.
    I would go for Jonathan Calleri from Boca Juniuors who is huge talent, he is 21 and hasn’t played that much, but he already showed what he can do, maybe we can get him for ~15 mil and he can go over 50 mil after 3 years.

    1. He is a talent but can we get him? He might not be given a work permit unless he holds a European passport!

  12. 6 days to go yet d same benz,lewandowski,cavani stories and now the latest is alexandr kokorin, wat d f**k x happening arsene, your transfer policy is killing we fans, all i dream every 9t is seeing benz in our starting line up…now you said the story is dead hmmmmm i feel lyk………guess fans!?

    1. Hafiz, will Bayern sell him although I would like him to join us but will Wenger bid this amount for him?

  13. I can’t believe Everton held their ground on Stones! I wonder if he was an Arsenal player… Atleast y’all know what Wenger do when our players are being tapped by rival clubs.

    Wenger: You aware **** requested for your signature?
    Player: I don’t read rumours. That’s why I have agents
    Wenger: Oh I see, what are you ambitions?
    Player: To be a champion and always play in the champions league.
    Wenger: good thought. Do good, see you later in training.

    Wenger: sir, **** made a request about ** and from my meeting with him, he seem unhappy.
    Kroenke: how much are they bidding?
    Wenger: 3 times he’s worth.
    Kroene: say no more… Is the window close? Then what are you waiting for? Afterall he’s not even a regular, is he?
    Wenger: May you live long sir! See you later at the brothel.

    Epic Wenger…

    1. “Eva Carneiro”

      Kroene: did you heard about eva?
      Wenger: eva who? patrick evra you mean?
      Kroene: OMG !! i mean eva carneiro
      Wenger: ah yes, news says she has been sacked from chelsea
      Kroene: that will be good signing for us and fans , they definetly will forgot that we need a
      striker and a dm
      Wenger: after 20 years experience in this job im sure that she will be excellent signing of this summer ,our solution to players injury problem. and im sure our financial profit will getting higher since no need to spend much money from your bank account sir
      Kroene: ok you get what im thinking about!! lets hire him!!!
      here’s new 5 years contract for you with higher wages
      wenger: nice to work with you sir

      “windows trf shut”
      newspaper+media : Mega Deal! from benzema to this !!
      excellent AFC signing of this summer eva carneiro

      1. more please: i need it.
        i’ll probably also be needing a huge dose of it when the TW shuts.

  14. Lot of people probably won’t like it, but I really don’t see the problem with Charlie Austin. He’s available, he scores goals, he’s certainly within Wenger’s budget, he’s experienced in the EPL and he’s 26.

    Given that AW has messed up the transfer window so far, apart from Cech who virtually signed himself, and left everything until the last minute, I don’t see as he’s that bad an option.

  15. I’m not sure about Cavani, he is not deadly enough for his value and he likes to drift out to the left and move inside, we needed a striker that can finish in the box and Wenger made a mistake by not getting Jackson Martinez, we all knew that Benzema will not leave,

    1. Players who like to drift out and move inside is exactly what we need. He can finish with both of his feed. He is tall and agile. And very good in the air. No need to tllk his talent down, he wont join us anyway.

    2. really gutted about martinez. we couldve afforded him. better than cavani,higuain and cheaper.
      F***K wenger.

  16. Bayern do not need the money. Besides that the Rekordmeister have no other striker then him alone.

    When the manager and fans claim that we have players who are good enough and it takes 3 years to question this believe, then dont be surprised that all the good ones are already sold out till then.

    In the end we are clowns for thinking that Benzema or Lewandowsi would choose us to their current teams.

    1. It’s happened before. Do you think we were Ozil’s first choice over staying at Real? Or Sanchez’s first choice? Lots of factors go into a transfer and the player’s first choice isn’t always the main driving factor. I agree that Benzema or Lewandowski to Arsenal is (a) not their first choice and (b) unlikely, but don’t be so hard on your fellow Gooners, they aren’t clowns for thinking it could happen.

      1. How about deluded. Does this sounds more proper to describe us as a whole. The deluded Arsenal. Deluded manager with deluded fans.

        We are clowns mate, bec the world is loughing at us. Whenever someone learn from the past and signals that certain things are not going to turn well. The Rainbow troop do come out and play everything down like it was nothing.

        Hear me tllk and notice how soon people will come out on this side, and claim things like. If you dont like how Wenger runs the show then go Support Chelsea and City. A real fan support the manager and the club no matter what. Such things i simple dont understand.

        I dont understand how Arsenal is so unique in the world. Only Arsenal fans are happy with being not good enough. And that pi%ses me off the most.

  17. Everyone knows that Arsenal definitely need a new striker! Surely Wenger had left it late again! Some of the world class strikers should be able to get it earlier but once again Wenger took his own sweet time and he think that his squad is good enough to challenge for the title! Giroud is not capable to bring us the title! No Benz deal, Cavani, Higuain and Lewandolski will be difficult to get as it is nearing the end of transfer window! Top teams will not let their best players move without replacing them! Kokorin doesn’t seems good enough for Arsenal! But Austin and Lukaku can be consider! I wouldn’t mind one of them especially Lukaku! Once again, is frustrating being an Arsenal fan especially when Wenger is arrogant and stubborn during the transfer period!

    1. I just don’t see Lukaku happening, except for a ridiculous price, as Everton have been pretty firm about Stones, and think they want to hold onto their best players.

  18. Bayern to sell lewandowski? are you kidding? Austin @26 isn’t that bad though…


    This is my opinion on our transfer strategy but firstly I’m not saying either we WILL or WILL NOT buy anyone, it’s just an simple observation…
    I personally don’t agree with us making it a habit of purchasing on deadline day but it now seems to be the Arsenal way. Reason being not only because for obvious reasons like earlier integration into the team for a new player/players but looking back now at last season we were 12 pts off the champions in the end. If I’m not mistaken on deadline day every year we’ve had play 4 games already going into the international break which coincidentally there’s 12 pts already. With this season schedule and a team of Arsenals stature we should have been gunning for all 12 of those pts but that’s already not the case after just 3 games into it so far. So far out of 9 of those 12 pts we’ve only managed to secure 4, 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 draw with the win coming away from HOME(sadly) which almost makes our next game away to Newcastle look like a must win in a sense. Not saying that a new quality player or players would have made an instant difference but it couldn’t hurt and we should have planned accordingly. The arrival alone could have provided that lift for players and fans alike we’re our fortunes so far could have been absolutely different. Now again even if we were to pull off Messi on deadline day it still wouldn’t change the past results which I think we have shot ourselves in our foot big time on that. Every point is precious especially the ones at home and until we realize that we won’t be coming champions anytime soon. Which bring me to another point, every season we make it a habit of depending on the other teams to drop points throughout the season but that in itself it a negative and loser mentality. Our destiny should be in our own hands from day 1. Hoping for 3 pts at St. James park this weekend and looking forward to either huge delight or a massive disappointment come deadline day.

  20. I feel very sorry for most of you guys who call for Benzema and blame Wenger for not signing him this summer. So you expect Madrid to sell their only top striker simply because we heard that Benitez wants to use CR7 at the middle. Hmmm.

  21. Ramsey best season in arsenal came as a CM (not RW for goodness sake) almost winning us the if not for injury. Theo as always proven himself on the RW not ST. Cazorla is good that he can adjust but he’s never better than Ramsey as a CM he is a better AM. U can’t have a Giroud (aerial king) as a ST and u playing Ramsey on the wing u r killing both players. Maybe it’s old age, rtd is an option. Giroud needs crosses not short passes in front of the box, he always return them to the MFD, better if ozil can shot but that’s not the case. A better option is to buy a better striker

  22. “he has struck 44 times in 115 games a very good record”
    And our own slammed Giroud:
    59 times in 110 games…………….

    So lets slam him agaian and get Lukaku yeah…

    PS I am NOT against Lukakau…I am nust against slamming Giroud for even better stats and saying it would be good to have Lukakau

  23. “One of very few things Arsenal fans can agree on is that we need a world class striker, following the days of Wright, Henry, Van Persie, Giroud simply just doesn’t cut it.”

    In these cases I think its only fair to also comment in the fact of how many years RiP was with us and how many goals he scored.

    Some will say “oh but he was injured most of that time”

    My point exactly.

  24. Mauro icardi in inter….£35m….young, great finisher and most importantly has a bit of pace….serie a top scorer last season

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