Wenger laying the groundwork for Guardiola to be Arsenal boss?

Although Arsenal are still way behind the two favourites Man City and Chelsea to win the race to make Pep Guardiola the new manager for next season, with City clear odds on favourites, Chelsea at 6 to 1 and the Gunners back on 11 to 1, there has been a growing number of Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that the Bayern Munich manager might surprise us and come to north London.

Arsenal have already overtaken Man United with the bookies and the words of Arsene Wenger in the press conference reported by Arsenal.com may well shorten the odds further. The Frenchman may have refused to say outright whether Arsenal were in the running but he did very little to dissuade the speculation over the Spaniard.

In fact he pretty much encouraged it and suggested that his own priority was not staying in the job but laying the groundwork for the next man to take charge of the side. We already know that Wenger is an admirer of the former Barcelona boss and he went further by saying that Guardiola’s apparent propensity to only spend a few years at a club was not a problem.

Wenger said, “Anything is suitable. Every manager has his own way to run and model his career. There’s not only one way as long as they give their best to the club where they are. What I think is most important is that anybody who works for a football club gives full commitment. How long does it last? Nobody knows. I didn’t plan to stay here for 20 years.

“I’m very pleased that you care about our club and my succession but it’s not my job to talk about that and not your job to make this decision. I can only make sure of one thing, that the guy who comes after me finds the club in a very strong position with very good players in a very good, strong financial situation. I hope I can convince you that I can do that.”

One very good way to do that would be to win the Premier League this season and put Arsenal in the top seeded group for the Champions League next season. Another would be to have a very strong squad, which we have, and plenty of money in the bank for the next manager to add the players he wants, which we have.

So is Wenger laying the perfect groundwork for Pep to walk into Arsenal?

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  1. Yeah he is saving more money for guardiola.
    But seriously guys atleast wenger will leave and take his injury problems with him and oh great work shad.
    Seems as though injuries have taken a downturn

  2. I hope not. If Pepsi does come to AFC he more than likely is gonna sell at least 15/20 players and spend about 500mil…Lol
    Be careful what you wish for dudes.

    1. I doubt it .Maybe 2 or 3.Unlike liverpool we dont have a team of average players.
      cech sanchez
      ozil wilshere
      kos ramsey
      and heck even giroud are sure to stay
      We are not as bad as everyone thinks
      Like we previously mentioned two to 3 players.
      The rest can be flogged out to reduce the wage bill

      1. @goonthinker
        I never said we were a bad squad. But if you think that Pepsi is gonna keep a bunch of over 30 and injury prone players, you’re wrong…

  3. Bring on Pep. Change is good..

    I mean we all change our pants every so often (not trousers American friends) so that things don’t get too crusty.

    Same deal with managers of football clubs!

  4. klopp is a good manager I dont even know why we missed out on him.
    Just look at todays result.He played a bunch of kids and managed to salvage a draw.
    Hell if it was wenger doing that I would be sure to lose 3 0

  5. Pep has already told his agent that he wants Sanchez to be his first signing next season. … So I guess that rules out him coming to manage Arsenal then lol ?

    It’s definitely between City and Chelsea,
    But City are the favourites because they have more money to throw around than Chelsea, Even though Pep Guardiola and his family would prefer to live in London, I don’t think that Chelsea can compete with City when it comes to flashing the cash!

    Even if Arsenal really do have £200 million sitting in the bank,
    That’s nowhere near enough for what pep’s going to be spending!

    Anyways, it’s highly unlikely that Wenger will step aside before his contract runs out!

    So lets get back to worrying about our incoming transfer’s minus the ‘s’
    Our injuries and Setbacks along with Giroud tapping up Rabiot mum! ? Who by the way was a unused sub for PSG tonight! … that’s the player and not his mum ?

    1. Do you have any logic ? If he wants Sanchez in his team then why no join the team that has him ? Especially since it’s in the city he prefers to live in

  6. what groundwork?

    Pepper is off to Citeh…..

    Keep that as a Souvenir!

    Won’t u rather prefer an unknown Genius capable of filling in the big shoes?….. Someone Like a slaven bilic or Eddie howe upgrade

  7. Arsenal wonderkid Reiss nelson (15) took part in training pre-FA cup meeting against sunderLand


  8. Bob, there isn’t any indication that shows the Boss is going to dump his current contract deal that expires at the end of the 2016/17 season at the end this season.

    Why should the Boss do such a thing for what sake? The Boss has been a top quality football manager around. And he has been successful in his management career at Arsenal.

    Pep Guardiola has indicated his wish to manage a top Premier League club in England. And the onus is he might go to Man City or Chelsea to manage one of the two clubs next season.

    But certainly not Arsenal because the Boss will not dishonour his Contract for the Catilan to pick it up on a blatter.

    We the Arsenal fans want the Boss to win the treble titles this season. And there is every possibility Arsenal might win them if the Boss adds a top quality specialist striker in this current window to co-lead the line for the Gunners as only 1 striker Olivier Giroud is inadequate to singlehandedly undertake a successful treble winning titles campaign during the months of Jan-Feb when the 3 titles could be won or lost by the Gunners.

    If Sir Alex Ferguson could have well over 20 years of management career at Man Utd, I see no reason why the Arsenal Boss should not have an equally longevity career at Arsenal. That’s stability, isn’t it? Infact, I take the Boss to have his current contract deal renewed for another 3 years after the expiration of his current deal.

    1. In terms of trophies Wenger can’t compare with AF.

      Arsene has kept us in the mix on some years with tight strings attached but in trophy terms he does not compare IMO.


      1. You shouldn’t even compare their trophy haul in the first place, Wenger was financially limited from having to re-build the club while Fergie was free to buy whoever he wanted

  9. @Samuel Akinsola
    “The Boss will not dishonour
    his Contract for the Catilan
    to pick it up on a (blatter)”.
    Very good Samuel 🙂

  10. I think pep wants the challenge to build a team and not just be given the best in the world like his last 2 clubs. This sounds like AW last season and his Legacy will ring throughout Arsenal for years

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