Wenger lays into Arsenal stars after Chelsea defeat

When Arsenal concede three goals in a game we really have to win you might think that Arsene Wenger would be having a word with his defensive players and trying to make sure that we do not make it so easy for opposing teams in the future, but Arsene Wenger seems to be laying most of the blame for the loss away to Chelsea at the feet of the attacking side of his team.

In a report on the Arsenal website the manager talks about how we made it easy for the home team because we never put them under pressure by taking one of the many chances that came our way. It was not just the finishing of Arsenal that was lacking at Stamford Bridge according to the Frenchman, but the creation of chances and opportunities to score.

Wenger said, “We didn’t create enough. We lacked a little bit of what makes our game efficient in the final third. We didn’t look really dangerous enough and that was difficult to watch from upstairs.

“They did not create a lot when they had the ball, they created all their chances on the counter-attack. If you analyse the game well, we were never in that position because they never needed to come out.

“We had to finish the game with five strikers on the pitch basically. Of course then you favour the counter-attack of the team, but they do that [sitting deep and frustrating us] well.

“I am disappointed and angry because we lost a very big game.”

The stats show that Arsenal actually fashioned three clear cut chances to Chelsea’s one and that we had only one fewer shot on target than their six, so it does support the idea that poor finishing cost us, but with Wenger talking about the creative side as well I wonder if he had our two best players, Ozil and Alexis, in mind.

He has a point but does the defensive side of the team not deserve just as much stick?



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger laying into his players, I very much doubt it. Even if he does, they’ll all be starting the next game, so one will be punished, and no one will learn from their mistakes, including Wenger. Thus the cycle of mediocrity continues!

  2. Raoh says:

    I don’t think so, and his anger is not shown enough nor in his words or with his demeanour or actions. I believe a manager like Conte, Klopp and even Mourinho would’ve lashed out at his players in some way if not publicly than internally.
    Bottom line, if he is angered bench the players who were not good enough and play those who deserve some game time based on the Southampton game or on games where they had a positive impact:
    -Take Özil out and play Ox in the hole (he has to understand your the highest paid player of the club, your given freedom like nobody else and your even seeking even more money with a new contract you can’t play like that ever and go AWOL)
    -Put Sanchez on the wing or up top but put Welbeck in (Walcott didn’t track back near enough for the Alsonso goal)
    -Iwobi has been bright from the wing let him play there
    -Xhaka has to go back in the holding midfield role and I would take out Coquelin because he could’ve taken a foul on the hazard’s goal. Gambled if the ref decides to give red so be it better playing with 10 man that could be spurred from a teammate sacrificing himself than being down 2-0 but it would’ve been a yellow because there was players behind you.
    -Gibbs should go in and replace Monreal who has been subpar this season.
    -If Bellerin is not fit, don’t be stupid and play Mustafi in his position (he plays there for Germany) and put Gabriel in his natural CB position for God’s sake.
    -Perez who has been a bright spark all season and Maitland-Niles should be in contention to play some minutes
    -And please if somebody isn’t performing take them out before the 70 mins even by halftime.

    That is how you show your anger and take nothing for granted. You want to play in my team, you need to put some effort, track back, be more resilient and go for the jugular. Stay focus and showcase leadership. If he wants to show his anger that’s what he should do.

    1. frank says:

      Ozil needs to go. He doesn’t defend and isn’t suited to the tough games in the premier league. I know all the Ozilites will be throwing their hands up but the reality is he is overrated.

  3. frank says:

    When is this clown going to take some responsibility. Someone needs to tell Mr Wenger,
    – He is the manger, make some changes if it hasn’t worked for 10+ years.
    – The formation is boring, predictable, outdated and obviously doesn’t work against all teams.
    – He bought the players, he can’t complain whether they aren’t good enough in attack or defence.
    Have a look at how Leicester won the league last season and now how Chelsea will win the league this season. If you have to park the bus in away games to win the league, so be it, it isn’t rocket science.

    1. iabdool says:

      its time for a shake up
      time to sell
      they don’t have any balls

  4. marty53 says:

    Has Wenger only just realised that for all our possession we just don’t score enough goals. How many games have we been 1-0 up and gone on to lose or draw because we have been too casual and not been ruthless enough to get that all important 2nd goal.

    1. But what do you mean we don’t score enough goals? We are the joint highest scorers in the league with Liverpool. The problem is defence. Monreal and Gabriel have been rubbish for a longtime now they need to see the bench. The defensive midfielders as well are not doing their jobs properly. Xhaka has decided to go on a campaign to rack up as many cards as possible while Coquelin has been conceding fouls in very dangerous areas. As for Ramsey..well, he’s just Ramsey.

      1. marty53 says:

        I take your point but what I was trying to get across was that we don’t score enough goals in certain situations like when we are 1-0 up and need that 2nd goal to make the game a bit easier for the defence.

        1. True. We have been needlessly pegged back on several occassions for failing to kill off relatively easy games early with an extra goal or two. I guess the Arsenal way truely means the hard way.

  5. leo...fourteen says:

    i read an article this morning where conte was publicly slating kante for not tracking back ton cover for victor moses…that’s sums up what an ambitious manager is…pick out the depleted players and rebuke them…shout at them…don’t come out every week giving us excuses…wenger has totally lost it…and where is the arsenal supporters group in London for God’s sakes…

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