Wenger – Leicester’s squad is “unbelievably strong”

Arsene Wenger is under no illusions that Arsenal are in for an easy ride this afternoon at the home of Leicester City. Claudio Ranieri’s side is unbeaten this season and haven’t lost at home since April and even Wenger was impressed with the way tthat their reserve team played in the Capital One Cup this week.

Wenger said on Arsenal.com: “We know Leicester are the surprising team of the start of the season. They play in a convincing way with good pace and with players who can make a difference like Mahrez and Vardy. Overall they have strengthened their squad in a very positive way.

“Leicester show well what the Premier League is about now. They made 10 changes on Tuesday night against West Ham, and West Ham only made three. West Ham had also just won at Man City and, with 10 changes, Leicester beat West Ham at home.

“It shows that these teams now have squads that are unbelievably strong. It is not the Leicester you would visit four or five years ago, it is the Leicester who has the quality.”

No-one can knock how impressive Ranieri’s team has been this season, and it is obvious that Wenger is as worried as me about this afternoons game. Let’s hope Arsenal turn up with the right attitude and use the win to leapfrog above Leicester in the League table…

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. I miss those days when teams play Arsenal and you could see they have lost in the dressing room because they are so scared of us. nowadays… well I’d like to have the fear back in this side and the only way to do that is to enter every game and have a mentality to win and scare the opponent with our quick passing and goals. Goals make teams fear you and of course with a solid defence so a clean sheet and a couple of goals will do for me today. #COYG#AFC

  2. These are the type of games The Arsenal wins, we have a good away record too. I’ve never been this optimistic.

  3. Wenger “Leicester
    unbelievably strong”.
    Ranieri “Arsenal ready
    to win Premier League”.
    Managers always want
    to be the underdog as they fear their team
    may underestimate the opposition.
    No doubt when we play Sheffield Wed
    Wenger will say “the Owls are better
    than Barca Real and Bayern combined 🙂
    Ho hum…

    1. I used the same “gesture” word (longer censored version) to describe Gary “the genius” Neville applaud at Costa disgusting behavior, and my comment get banned. About Jose? No wonder at all, this big moaning clown is an ETERNAL CNUT! Am I get ban for that too admin?

  4. We performed much better as underdog. I think Leicester side except the manager are “walking in the sky” right now. Lets gun ’em down! COYG!!!

  5. We just start to see the hole we dig for not buying any outfield players. It’s far from the worst moment we gonna anticipate.

    Other teams become strong as they buy players, while we stay the same with the same strikers and same backup DM.

    You can’t blame others for being strong. It’s just because you have the money and you chose to do Nothing this summer.

    Wenger OUT!!

    Wenger supporters like Jxxh37…..where the hxll are you? Hope you are not digging a grave to bury yourself as your favourite team keeps losing……

    1. Everybody’s new superhero ..the Flam.

      If we are to play Flamini, I would rather play him with Arteta than Cazorla. Arteta gave him freedom to defend further up field and to even attack. Cazorla and Flamini I am not too keen on. Flaminis not disciplined and positionally sound enough to be the last midfielder.

    1. By the way, who said we are scared of Leicester City? Bring them up, we are not going down without a fight. COYG

  6. I am worried about their quick attacking game must admit, this is probably same feeling others get when facing us but magnified. All depends on which Arsenal team shows up, hope it’s the quick passing one because the one that tries to slow the game down usually ends up hanging on by finger nails ..if that. Need to make good use of counter attacks.

    Wenger will be looking forward to playing Leicester. They aren’t dirty or over physical and the like to come out and play.

  7. Le Coq must not play every game.we must rotate or lose our key players too early to fatigue and injury.
    Who knows Flamini might repeat the magic or Arteta recording his first EPL goals

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