Wenger lifts lid on Arsenal transfer plans! Be afraid Gooners!

It is almost that time of year again Arsenal fans! The christmas and new year festivities will be over, the decorations will be down and the second half of the football season will be upon us. So this is the time for Arsenal fans to grit their teeth and get ready for a month of impatience and frustration as we wait for Arsene Wenger to sign the player or players that we think Arsenal need.

Last year was just about the worst ever. Kim Kallstrom, Arsene, really? What was he thinking? Of course, now that we have proper transfer funds available and the manager has seen his midfield and defence ripped apart by injury problems, we are expecting more this time around.

A good centre back and a central midfielder are the bare minimum that most Gooners want, and expect the boss to already have offers ready for. But to see his latest statement on the matter, reported by Arsenal.com, maybe we should lower our expectations and go into hibernation until the end of January.

The Frenchman said, “There is a need there but the right opportunity has to come up. To buy [just] to buy is not what we want to do, but if the right opportunity comes up, we will do it.”

What? No man, you have to go out there and make some offers, rock some boats, do something FFS.

He went on, “If you look at the number of games some players played, and the injuries we have with Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta, we are a bit short at the moment in midfield.”

And the defence? No mention of the fact that Koscielny is only just back and that his ankle ligaments could flare up again at any time. And is the fact that we defended like a primary school girl’s team without him not edging you towards a decent defender?

I do hope that Wenger is just playing it cool but we have suffered before and I have a nasty feeling creeping over me. I wonder if Kim Kallstrom is still available…

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    1. Stop kidding man, as for CDM schneiderlin_Wanyama_khedira_Cavalho_Gustavo_Martinez_song. anyone?? CB_Varane_Hummels_reid_vjik_. Any two of the above and wenger stand a chance to have +1 AKB in me, at least for the rest of the season.

      1. who wants dm when we got flamini francis and arteta returning from injury he will be like our new signing

      1. The problem is really with most of you. Last year most were in agreement that a new striker was needed, and then we’re furious when one did not come in. As I recall Chelsea were shopping too and I seem to forget that massive name that they pulled in…… Or any of the massive names that moved that year. You’re just a plain idiot if you take any of this as fact. Should Wenger come out and say ”we will pay whatever! Just give us a CB!” We will be paying hands over fist for mediocrity. If a good piece is moving, we will be in on it. However you all just seem to think teams still in the running on numerous competitions will just hand us their superstars. That’s just stupid to think……. And you would be pissed if fans of other teams just expected us to hand over our best in January to strengthen their teams. How for the best and expect the worst in January.

        1. and you posted here just to get likes..u r like a girl on fb who ll do anything for few likes or few comments..
          my cont for ur gr8 analysis “awww”!!

    2. No chance of Kim comming back he has been excellent in the Russian leauge this season and is the best on his team statistically.looks like the arsenal loan did him well.

      Fun and jokes aside expect somone like djilobodji from Nantes. They aren’t a big team so they can’t put up a fight if we went in for him. He is 6’3 fast like kosc he is very strong and aggressive and at 26 he would be coming into his best years.he is a left footer making him ideal for the role vermaelen had.he averages 14 defensive actions per game,79% heading duels,56% tackling. And is ranked the 2nd best defender this season. Both of these are higher than per,kos,chambers although France isn’t as good as here.He was linked with a Dortmund move in the summer and his secondary pos is dm.

      He would make the perfect low pressure signing and could develop into a real defensive force for us. He has a 4.4m market value so he wouldn’t cost more than 7m. We could even loan them sanogoo if he can’t find a premiere leauge.

  1. I am positive, but not expecting too much. I know what we need is CB & CDM, but I won’t be disappointed if we manage to get 1 (TOP CLASS) DM or CB, not because am okay with that but because I know its arsenal under wenger. #COYG

    1. I agree with Muda…I am ‘HOPING’ but have learned to not expect too much especially in January

      I am VERY worried though that I read that Kos’s achilles is a long term problem and not really resolved yet…but Wenger knows this….surely he has to address this problem….

      Perhaps he is being coy so prices don’t get pushed up too much

      Ah well I love & hate the transfer wondow

  2. Same old sound bites pre-window.

    It’s a crap shoot with Wenger as to whether he’ll address the needs of the squad. I think most trust him as someone who buys well, it’s whether he buys that seems the biggest issue….I just feel he let’s himself (and the fans) down when he ignores clear areas that could be improved.

    Give us something back for the highest prices in Europe, a holding mid and a defender of quality please gaffer. Or at the very least a player like Sissoko, powerful, athletic, prem proven, and loves the club. Got to be an obvious possibility given our needs and Newcastles situation.

    Question to my fellow Gooners: what’s the minimum you’d accept that would constitute a “decent window”??

    1. The minimum is that he man up in his job duty.
      He s getting paid 8 million a year for God sake and what does he do?he get the the fourth place.,come on.
      the team need a DM and a CB,there is thousand of professional footballers.
      Arsenal have scouts,if not to find good players ,why are they paid?

      1. Grim, don’t know what you’ve said to get so many thumbs down. Everyone knows what we need. Problem is that Wenger doesn’t like being told. So he has to muddy the waters. Problem is neither Wenger or the Board are actually answerable to anyone. What we have is a closed shop. He gets far too much money. Also what does Steve Bould do.Surely he must be working with that defense. If not,why not. They are a complete shambles

      1. Idk, loans for me are band-aid solutions to squad issues. We have backups for every position (some playing as starters), I think we should be focused on finding a new DM and CB for the starting 11.

        1. Sadly, the January window is designed for loans, and purchasing players with expiring contracts. I will be more than content with a solid dm and cb coming in on loan in January. At least that means he realizes the need for those additions. during the summer, when clubs are more willing to sell quality players, we can make the necessary purchase. Any decent player will cost more in January than summer, assuming their club is willing to let them go mid season. Odds are, if they’re good enough for arsenal, they’re crucial to their current clubs season already, and it will be difficult for their club to replace in January, which will make it difficult for their club to sell at anything remotely market value:( ideally, we get a loan with the option to buy in January.

  3. Wenger needs to be serious! We need a quality centre back and defensive midfielder in january! I would perfer the likes of howedes (CB) and schneiderlin or kondogbia (DM)! COYG!

    1. Be realistic Greg, Howedes is in Europe still and Kondogbia is due to face us. You really think we could get either of them? I get the feeling some fans just say names without thinking about the likelihood of it happening.

      They’ll be no Howedes, no Hummels, no Pogba, no Varane, let’s dial it in to what could be accomplished instead of setting ourselves up for disappointment.

        1. Cavani, Reus, Varane, Pogba, Hummuels…… None is happening this winter… Wenger has jst 20m to spend this Jan, I knw AW very well, he won’t evn spend the cash all, he’ll definitely return some back 2 d Purse… I’m not expecting much this Window,just a solid DM atleast and Scherinderlin/Mario Suarez is just the man we need….. Carvallho is not that good in big games against big clubs… We all saw him Home/Away against Chelsea and Schalke

  4. Truth is we are waiting for Wenger to go. He has turned us into an unpredictable, and erratic team.The supporters, the pundits, the players and the press, can all see the problem. Wenger is too close to it and just cannot see that without combative defenders and midfield players we are pretty, but weak. Where are our warriors? We always had warriors in our winning sides. We are now just waiting for our deluded manager to be shown the red card..

    1. Spot on mate with the fact we have no warriors,where are the new breed of the likes of Adams,known,vierra,parlour etc

    2. Well said arsenal-steve. Wenger just buys puny physical weaklings who can tap the ball around. If an opposition players looks in their direction they fall to the ground screaming in pain! God forbid they get tackled or fouled! We need this man gone from our club and a younger more progressive manger to take his place. Then we might see the warrior type players we need. Until then more and more of the same old nonsense being spouted. But of course if we make our usual 4th spot the AAL(Arsene A**se Lickers) will jump up and down and demand he has a contract extension

  5. Past winter transfer windows show that when we have needed to replace or strengthen areas in the team Wenger has failed to go out and get players in,why should we expect anything different from him this time ?

  6. Good news though diaby will be back soon,to sign his new contract,photos of the deal will be taken and a live stream available from the treatment room !

  7. It’s typical of how things work out for us fans,just as the window is about to open our injured players return and wenger will say the squad is big enough to compete !

  8. Arsene has to play it a little cool in the Jan window. If he comes out with bold statements saying we WILL buy a CB, and we WILL buy a DM, then every sensible manager who has one of these players available, will almost double his valuation if Arsene comes knocking. It makes no sense to lay your cards face up on the table. Of course we all want to hear Arsene is in for big names. I also know 1000’s of gooners patience has run out. I myself am erring to the side of the AOB’s, but i will give Arsene this window, and untill may, to make my final judgement. Everyone can see what Arsenal need. Its time to WIN, not BUILD. we have been BUILDING for years now. Its not working COYG smash the Saints

  9. The more the fans and the media push Wenger on transfers the more stubborn he becomes,so to stay sane it’s best just to let him get on with it,review at the end of the season and cheer the team on every game.

  10. Anyone thinking we will get a DM or Striker needs to just stop.

    The thing I’m most hopeful for is a young back-up CB so that we don’t use RB/LB in the middle anymore OR an older defender on loan. I highly doubt this defender we bring in will be a starter so young, strong, and fast is the main criteria.

  11. My wish for this January

    Crespo (Striker)
    Cannavaro (Defender)
    Cambiasso (Defensive Midfielder)

    Don’t disappoint me Wenger 🙁

  12. just pay them whatever they wants and we will have the player we want…..

    top players you have to pay top top dollar….

  13. chambers looked a better cb then a rb…we would probably b getting a third choice young cb and a cdm of prem league exp

  14. Mr Wenger is an expert in managing expectations, and we expect very little, so his job is done.

    We HOPE for a lot, but we expect little..

  15. Won’t be surprise if our new defensive midfielder turns out to be abou diaby returning fresh from the treatment table! He will of course, be like a new signing!

  16. WENGER’S way of thinking CB = Diaby DM = Kalstrom or any other Player out of Contract and available on a FREE transfer…..Jeeessh I hope am wrong, nothing would make me happier than the DELUDED ONE proving me wrong and fish the Players that we need.

  17. At least he has made it clear he won’t sign,, let’s just take it on the chin n move on……
    It’s sad but, thus what Wenger wants…..
    But the boy inside of me tells me he is just pulling a fast one on our rivals… just to put them off…

  18. Rosicky and Cazorla look good in the central mid position,With arteta coming back plus ramsEy wilshire diaby to the cm position and coqulan getting his chance……chances of a defensive mid looks slim ,and we will only get beilek to add to the u21 who just lost Ollssen perminently to mittyland . Getting khedira on pre agreement would be great. Meaning arsene can spend the summer searching for his favourite signings att mids.

    Cb is were wenger will focus his effort on expect djilobodji from Nantes. They aren’t a big team so they can’t put up a fight if we went in for him. He is 6’3 fast like kosc he is very strong and aggressive and at 26 he would be coming into his best years.he is a left footer making him ideal for the role vermaelen had.he averages 14 defensive actions per game,79% heading duels,56% tackling. And is ranked the 2nd best defender this season. Both of these are higher than per,kos,chambers although France isn’t as good as here.He was linked with a Dortmund move in the summer and his secondary pos is dm.

    He would make the perfect low pressure signing and could develop into a real defensive force for us. He has a 4.4m market value so he wouldn’t cost more than 7m. We could even loan them sanogoo if he can’t find a premiere leauge club.

  19. Reading through the comments here just made me realize the damage Wenger has done to the psyche of Arsenal fans. The comments paint a picture of a group of fans with little expectation, ready to accept whatever mediocre outcome Wenger comes out with. Wenger has crushed our spirits, he has got us exactly where he wants us, a people of little hope and expectation. Many of us don’t seem to realize this but unconsciously that is what we have become. How sad and pathetic.
    And the truth is if we decide to just sit back and resign to our faith and take whatever mediocre crap Wenger shoves down our throats then its only a matter of time before we become the next Newcastle, Liverpool or Leeds United. We must stand up and demand for the best players the world can offer, we must stand up and demand for the biggest of trophies, and don’t let anyone make you believe you don’t deserve them afterall you pay the highest ticket prices in Europe. So if Madrid, Barca and Bayern fans pay less for tickets but have the best players the world of football can offer grace their pitch ever week why not you that pays more. Come on Gunners! don’t compromise your dreams of glory for mediocrity, stand up and demand for the best!!

    1. Amen! El Blaze, straight honest talk at last! We have become a laughing stock and seem content to be so so long as that deluded manager can keep his job. Do we really think Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea, City fans would put up with this? Of course not, the manager would be down the road in a blink of the eye. It amazes me that fans at Arsenal still believe Wengers nonsense day in and day out. We need big change very quickly to get our beloved club back on the right track.

  20. Mr Wenger reckons Arsenal are a stronger team than last season, well he is a great man for statistics so how come Mr Wenger Arsenal are 9 points down on this time last year. Watch closely now Wenger will not buy in this window just to make a point it is his way all the way and the Fan’s can take a run and jump, but just keep spending your hard earned money so he can pocket his 8m plus for keeping the board happy and FXXX the Fan’s.Wenger Out Arsenal need new direction.

  21. AW random night dreaming..zzzzzzz………. ” I think Adriano (BRA) is available on free transfer. He scored a nice goal in the Legends of Brazil charity match. I also heard David Trezeguet and Robert Pires could be available they are lighting up the Indian Premier League. DM? CB? I’ve seen Abou Diaby play and he’s capable of covering both of those positions… I know I told the fans that he would be like a new signing last time but this time I’m sure of it because of our new world-class medial staff…. Maybe Kim Kallstrom is available again………zzzzzz……”

    In all seriousness I hope we see some movement and most importantly quality in the transfer window. Happy New Year Gunners!

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