Wenger makes it clear Arsenal are not replacing Petr Cech any time soon

According to Arsenal fans, Petr Cech is not as good or as fast as he was in previous seasons as age catches up with the ex-Chelsea shotstopper, and it is particularly galling that he has never saved a penalty in all the time he has been at the Emirates. There has been much discussion about possible replacements for Cech, but now Wenger has come out made it clear that he thinks that Petr is fitter and always keeps himself in perfect condition.

“He gets older, we all do that,” Le Prof said. “But I think he is fitter than ever. He puts a lot of attention into the preparation. He is slimmer than before. I think he benefits from that.

“He has lost some weight. Not too much, two, three kilos only. But it’s a lot if you want to make a horse lose a race, you put a jockey with one or two kilos more on the back, and the horse is quite big.

“He looks after his whole lifestyle because he feels better and because he wants to be at the best. Petr Cech is a perfectionist. And you don’t make a career he has made if you have not that obsession, always to be at your best.

“I remember Edwin Van der Sar at Manchester United, I compare them. They are intelligent, they have great similar size, similar quality. And Van der Sar stopped at the end because he decided to stop. Because Manchester United wanted him to stay one more year longer. I don’t rule out [Cech playing until he is 40], but that will only be down to the performances.”

Considering Cech is only just approaching his 36th birthday, it would appear that Wenger is not even considering a replacement for Cech any time in the near future, despite the fans misgivings.

Do you think he can keep being Number One for many years to come?

Darren N

Updated: November 29, 2017 — 9:34 am


  1. its not about how fit Petr Cech is its about having the eye for the ball and most important as you get older you tend to slow down in your thinking reaction that split second decision separates a good player from a average player,

    i think Petr should stay his good for the moral of the team and has so much experience in the game but as a second keeper in a year or two, will make a good goalkeeper coach when he retires

  2. No.

    He has,cost us a,handful of goals,this season.

    Should he stay? Yes.

    As a number one? No.

    Kepa is free next summer.

  3. Arsenal should find another goalkeeper that can build the attack from the back and more agile in the next season, like Ederson, Bravo, Navas, Lloris, etc. Cech is big, tall and likes to keep his play simple, which is pretty assuring, but a top club goalkeeper should be able to work with the defenders to start his team attack from the defense area, not just produced long goal kicks.

    1. Bravo ? You mean the Man City clown?

  4. Whatever the criticism you guys have thrown at him,he is the keeper I would put my money on to face any attack in the world. Petr is a legend and legends cannot be replaced. We can only bring someone else to fill in the boots of legends and hopefully follow in their footsteps. Moving back to the topic though,I feel we need a new keeper as the current guys we have are great but not quite at the level of PC 33……

  5. “Wenger is not even considering a replacement”
    Disagree with that statement, I think Wenger is just putting his faith in his number 1, giving him a little confidence boost for the remainder of the season.
    I fully expect Cech to stay for a few years, and rightly so, he is a great player to have in your squad. But Ospina will be sold in the summer and a new keeper will be brought in.

  6. Wenger may want to keep him but as soon as a new manager comes in, hopefully next year, he will definitely replace him , just like Chelsea did. Sorry, Cech has been a great keeper but he’s past he’s sell by date.

  7. I think some fans on here are far too quick to write off a fine keeper in Cech. Some claim he has made many mistakes but as a close analysist of RELEVANT stats – and many which are widely used are useless and irrelevant – he is still remarkably consistant and far less free of costly mistakes than all bar two Prem keepers (Lloris NOT included in those two). I don’t say there are not better in the world but I question who is both available and , under Wenger, ATTAINABLE. I agree that a new manager is likely to change him but that hasn’t yet happened (as I expect you may have noticed! LOL).

  8. he saved us numerous times this season. he is much more assuring compared to Ospina. easily 2 more years for his career at the Emirates. Next season Wenger should get another keeper to learn from Cech so come his end of career he can take over easily

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