Wenger makes it clear where he stands on Alexis contract – He’s staying!

The biggest worry for Arsenal fans this summer is whether we will lose our superstar Alexis Sanchez during the transfer window, with most of the rumours and betting markets believing quite categorically that he will be joining Pep Guardiola up at Manchester City.

When asked last night if he knew where his future lay for next season, Alexis told reporters that he knew the answer but that he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone yet. Now Arsene Wenger has made an interesting statement via the BeINSPORTS Twitter account. This is what he had to say…..

That would seem to suggest that Wenger will force Alexis to stay for the last year of his contract even if he doesn’t extend his current deal, which means that Arsenal could lose him on a free transfer next summer.

Would that be enough to keep the Arsenal fans on board?



  1. I remember Wenger making similar comment during RvP saga.So this is nothing new.They would definitely cash in on Alexiz sale rather see him leaving for free.
    He is just bullS***ing

    1. Then again he saw Van Persie win Man U the title immediately afterwards, Would he make the same mistake twice?

      1. That’s what I am thinking
        Wenger basically gave United the title
        RVP won the golden boot with us in his final year and next year he won the PL title with United

        Alexis scored 24 goals this season
        If he goes to City and joins Aguero, de bruyne, Jesus, Silva etc City will be very strong in attack.

        It would be dreadful if history repeats itself

        If this happens then Wenger will need to do a lot to redeem himself (at least use the £50 million in addition to the war chest we have)

        1. I always hear we have a ‘WAR CHEST’.
          What we usually show is a ‘RIOT BOX’.

          I hope this season proves me wrong.

    2. Latest

      David Ornstein @bbcsport_david
      Arsenal are close to agreeing a deal to sign Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette. Negotiations continuing, expected to be club record fee #AFC
      7:36 PM · Jun 30, 2017

      1. @Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. Seems @Re Source. is right then that Arsenal went back with an improved bid for Alexandre Lacazette and Lemar and that the deal has been wrapped up already, everything is pointing out to be as he says for now.. I am beginning to think he might be right

    3. There you go guys its all starting ti unfold david ornstein has tweeted!!

  2. Best thing is to swap Aguero. He’s a decent striker who can score goals but cannot assist like Alexis. Even though we swap we are still on the loser side but lose is much less than selling him and buying lacazette for 57 million

    1. Now we are all worried that Sanchez may go…but if Wenger does spend and bring in some top players and also makes Alexis see out his contract I believe he will stay coz he has been asking for Arsenal to bring in top players so we can be a challenge for titles. It just remains to be seen if Wenger does ACTUALLY bring in these top players

      1. Oh and the deal supposedly with Man City Sanchez for Aguero…though if it goes ahead any Gooner would love Aguero…but that to me is a loss in Arsenal’s favour the better deal would be Sanchez fo De Bruyne

        1. Next Alexis for Messi? Aguero is not a starter and he wants to start, so he will agree for same salary may be. But compare that to what we are selling, 1-year left Alexis, a Barca discard even if he was WC and last year’s best Arsenal player. I doubt he wont stay even if we sign 2-3 top players

    2. You have to keep in mind Aguero’d fitness level. He gets injured quite often. Forget the swap deal for Aguero. Rather, do a swap deal with Bayern for Lewandoski. And buy Mahrez. I just have this doubt about Lacazette. We all wanted Jansen last season but he went to Spurs. He did nothing all season. Lacazette may struggle in the EPL. We dont want players needing time to adjust to a new league. We need a strong and imposing CF with skills. 57m pounds for Lacazette. Why not try 65m pounds instead for Lewandoski?

  3. wenger dont waist a time to keep unhappy sanchez sell him to anywhere he want . Gonners 4life

    1. Can someone name any Arsenal player who went into another team and looked irreplaceable?Just look at how Arsenal fans are hyping this guy.I won’t blame you people though.People are even saying we need up to three players to replace him.I guess it will take about seven to eight to replace Messi or Ronaldo then.We’ve become so bad it’s almost as if we’ve lost our big club mentality and way of thinking.We are behaving like the smaller teams.

  4. Wenger always chooses is words carefully. However we have heard them used before and now most of us understands what he really means and that is he wants Alexis Sanchez to stay. He is not saying he will stay just that he would like him to stay.
    Sadly listening to Sanchez on the news it would seem that he is away. The sheer weight of speculation that he is going to Man City means that will be where he is going. If that is the case all at Arsenal including Wenger will be aware.
    The only issue now is whether we can attract some decent players to the club to see if we can have a decent performance in the league next year.

  5. Wenger should word doesn’t mean much. Show him the dead presidents and Sanchez will go wherever he wants

  6. Wenger trying to make a villain out of Alexis and is preparing to preserve his sorry ass against the brutal tide of spanking he is gonna get if Alexis goes to MANC.

  7. Wenger said you should honour a contract if you sign it, and to his credit and much to my displeasure he has always done.

    Sanchez has said he knows what he is to do. That is all.
    That could mean he wants a move away and he can’t announce that until he goes through the motions to jar that happen.

    Off topic Ozil has renewed his executive box. That again could mean he wants it for his pals and family only as the man has a lot of excess cash.

    I for one wouldn’t miss Ozil but Sanchez is a much bigger hole to fill!

  8. We seems to be a club far from learning. 3 players stalling on extending their contracts. Only God knows the next player(s) to hold us to ransom.

  9. Wenger has lost the plot. If he does not sign new, but top class, players, why should Sanchez stay?Wenger’s sad dithery nature is more like a clown than a football manager. He obviously has a problem of wanting to pay ‘car boot sale’ prices for Sotheby’s players. I find Wenger a sad man past his prime, who has an inflated opinion of himself. The facts show as far as Europe and the League are concerned he is a ‘specialist in failure’. Wenger spend some cash and stop being so anal.

  10. The best scenario is for us to swap Sanchez with Aguero, WHY? because we may not be able to attract top and world class players again,most especially quality strikers. But with Aguero when fit will score a lot of goals….Then we can try to get another striker that can also play both behind Aguero and also play as CF when Aguero gets injured

  11. I hope Wenger will not allow Alexis go, worst of all to a rival club in the PL. It is no brainier to adjust his salary and keep him in the club, which will be best for Alexis and the club. Arsenal has many average players who should be departing, not selling the best player in the team. Van persie was sold at his peak and won the championship with United. Don’t lose Alexis, but buy Lecazete and Mahrez may be even Rose Barkley and Arsenal will have a decent chance to win the championship. Another area need re-enforcement is the goalkeeper, Chech is way beyond his prime, so either keep Ospina as a #1 golly or must find a replacement.


      1. I too respect your wishes but from what he has said himself
        I think your in for disappointment

  13. I seriously doubt Wenger and Kroenke will let Alexis go on free transfer and lose potentially £50 million

    I can’t see it.

    Also, how will Alexis perform if he is prevented from his dream of joining Pep for a year. Alexis is usually very professional and hard working, so I assume he would play his best

    Very depressing being an Arsenal fan at the moment because we don’t believe the manager and the main owner are ambitious enough

    1. I would say it is a gamble but would Alexis help us win the Europa League? Would he help us fin in the top 4 next season and help AFC earn more next year for being in the top comp again?
      Does the board have faith that Wenger can really push for the title and as such Alexis signing a new deal could still happen in a few months?

      I do not think this time that it will be as straight forward as £50 million now or nothing in 12 months, with the debts easing and how hostile the fans have been… Silent Stan has broke his trait and called Bellerin to say he isn’t being sold, not so silent this year… I dunno, there are some differences this year if we want to accept them.

  14. Let Sanchez go. City have no defence, they will do phuck all next season. Pep already so tensed up, he is going to make the players more tense. They will not perform. Wenger has to see his butt and buy quality replacements.

    1. Yeah. It’s really hard for Wenger or anyone “to see his butt”. He would ideally need 2 mirrors lol

    2. It’s makes me so mad that fans want to blame Wenger because another grown man chooses not to sign a contract. Arsenal have been trying to get him and ozil to sign a new contract since the start of last season. Alexis has chosen not to sign because he already wanted to leave no matter what arsenal would have done. And every time he reacted like a lol bitch because he didn’t get the ball or because a teammate wanted to shine and show case their own talent. There was plenty of times when someone other than Alexis would score a goal and the team would run fans and celebrate. While Alexis was walking back to the half line and not celebrating with the team. I hate team mates like that. So when reports came out that he was a problem in the dressing room. I wasn’t surprised at all. Alexis is not the arsenal Jesus. He is a great technical player and scores great goals. But can’t pass thru a barn door. Best player or not no player is bigger than the club. And Alexis should show more respect to the club and his team mates. And I find it disrespectful that if true. That he wants to push thru a move to a rival that was only 2 to 3 points ahead of us. Even if Alexis go to city. That doesn’t mean shit. They will be another manu, with a lambo front and the a Honda civic back line. Show some loyalty gunners. Rep the club not the man. I won’t cry if he leaves.

  15. Those of us who think that Alexis can’t be replaced are nutmeggs! On his day he is a good player but nothing more. He is selfish, arrogant and an individualist. Ozil on the other hand strives to make others shine. What he lacks is a gifted player (s) at the end of his passes to convert them into assists. Get rid of the tantrum-driven AS and bring in players who want to play for AFC!

    1. This is exactly what Arsenal made RvP, Hleb, Nasri, Fabregas…etc look like, when they left Arsenal (like bad guys).
      We need Sanchez…like it or not.

  16. I don’t really believe lacazette will thrive in epl. Y not up the bid for lacazette in buying lewandowski or even aubemeyang..

  17. I don’t really believe lacazette will thrive in epl. Why don’t wenger up the bid for lacazette to buy lewandowski or even aubemiyang.

  18. If they dont want to play for Arsenal and give there all for the team then let them go.You can buy anybody but those players have to settle in and give there all the problem these days that even average players cost millions ….lf you was playing at a club and a team mate was on 3 or 4 times more money than you and furthermore more winning bonuses for achieveing the same success ask that player if he was happy with it….I know l wouldnt be..all the players should be on even par….

  19. Despite swap sanchez for aguero, how about try to swap sanchez with james rodriguez? Sanchez can get revenge for what barca did to him by join their rival and what most important we dont need to face him this season if this happen. For james, he may be consider to join our club so he can revive his carier with us. Win win situation huh?
    Then we need to sell szechny, debuchy, jenkinson, gibbs, coq, elneny and walcott.
    Retain wilshere bcoz he is good and homegrown player but pair him with a new strong and tall DM/CM like W.Carvalho, Savic or Lemina to make him more space.
    We need to rotate bellerin and s.kolasinac with ox. If bellerin play RWB, put ox at LWB. If saed play LWB, ox can play at RWB to give more balance to our squad.
    Buy a new AM like Lemar, Max Meyer or Calhanoglu to cover J. Rodriguez if injured.
    Buy a new prolific goalscorer like Lacazette or Aubameyang. Use giroud as supersub and welbeck as cover.
    So our 3-4-2-1 line up will be..

    Holding/Gabriel- Mustafi/Mert/C.C -Kos/Monreal
    Bellerin/Ox -Xhaka/wilshere- -Ramsey/?- Saed/Ox
    -Ozil/Iwobi- -james/?-

    ‘/’ = or

  20. If we get Lacazette then worry about Alexis in 12 months time, if we lose him for free but he helps us regain UCL then he would have earned the fee we would get now with 12 months left.

    If AFC went in for… say Griezmann and we had UCL to offer him, his bro Lacazette here as well…

    As for people saying Wenger will sell a player even if he says he will not, have they thought that the board might sell even if Wenger doesn’t want it to happen? Nasri told us all how the board sold him after Wenger promised him he wouldn’t be sold at the same time as Cesc…

    Let us hope that the board back Wenger and makes Alexis run down his contract, Alexis might leave for free in 12 months but he might sign in 6 months if AFC are surprising everyone and already started to run away at the top… Alexis is desperate for trophies so lets use that while we can, let that desire earn AFC more than what we can make from his sale now.

  21. If it’s true about willock joining benefica
    Then what a joke absolutely ridiculous one of the best young talents we have yet we let him run his contract down

    Unbloody believable

  22. Enough of one step forward two steps backward approach. It is high time Arsenal gets serious about building the team.

  23. seriously I don’t know why we (Arsenal fans) the are happy over lacasette.. to me he is average, very average. Aubameyang or Lewandoski will do it for me.. exchange Sanchez with Lewandoski or pay 65m for Aubameyang, get mahrez and left sided winger that is pacy, skillful and direct and, then get a cazorla type midfielder and our team is complete.

  24. Sanchez will be playing in light blue next year.
    I just hope we can get something from city such as the unlikely aguero swap or a mountain of cash.
    Saying this we’ve got to sign some players before announcing sanchez leaving.
    Without cl playing with the likes of sanchez is the only draw left. If he goes which he will and probably should,(based on him being kept and sulking for the whole season) we must sign a good player if not one at the same level as sanchez.

  25. Arsenal fans do not cease to amaze me. We are in habit of writing players off before they even put on arsenal Jersey .If people have watched Lacasette plays they will realised he is a fantastic player. Those that are saying Emerick aubameyang is better obviously doesn’t watch him play regularly. They should look up Emerick stats in Ligue 1and compare that with Laca’s stats to see for themselves. If Lacasette is playing in bundesliga with the way clubs set up their defences i have no doubt he be scoring 30 goals every season. How two of them will perform in EPL no one knows.

  26. Alexis if he stays that’s good for us because honestly and realistically who was better than him last season in the whole of premier league? No one really, we gooners know that. I pray he stays and hopefully this season with 1 or 2 good additions to the starting 11 we can perhaps challenge for the league. So weather he stays to run his contract out and than leave I don’t give a damn I’m more than happy with that because I don’t think anyone we sign would replace him, mbappe was amazing last season but even him, if he was to replace Sanchez it would take him time to adjust to us and I don’t think he will flow straight away if he was to come? Sanchez what a player what ever happens keep ur fingers crossed he stays.

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