Wenger – Man United have an advantage over Arsenal

With both Arsenal and Man United as good as out of the title race, tomorrows FA Cup Quarter-Final gains even more importance as the loser will forfeit any chance of winning a trophy this season (although both are still in with a chance of the Wenger trophy ! ). Also both these teams have won the FA Cup a record 12 times and the winner will be two games away from becoming the outright leader, so the nervousness from both sets of fans is quite understandable as the game approaches.

If the game was being played at the Emirates, Arsenal would be feeling confident having lost just one home FA Cup tie since Jack Wilshere was born, but because the draw favoured Old Trafford, Arsene Wenger believes that Van Gaal’s team have a “small advantage” going into the match, and Arsenal will have to produce an outstanding performance to come away with a result. Wenger said on the Arsenal Official website: “It’s not just another game because it’s the quarter-final of the FA Cup,”

“We fought until now to be in there – now we want to stay in it and go to the semi-final. It’s a fantastic opportunity.
“For years, it was always the game of the season that decided the Premier League. At the moment it’s not the case but it’s still a big game.

“You go there and I don’t expect any weakness from Man United. I know that if we want to qualify, we have to produce a strong performance. They have lost two games in 22 so if you want to beat them, you have to produce a performance.

“We just want to qualify. Let’s not consider Man United. Let’s focus on our performances of the day.

“In the Cup, you give it your all. We know that they have a little advantage because they play at Old Trafford where they feel confident. To compensate for that, we have to put more effort in and produce a top-level performance.”

United may just be one point behind us in the League, but there is no doubt that it is Arsenal who have been playing the better football for most of this season and should be less worried than the home team, but the FA Cup is all about how you play for the 90 minutes on the field. XI v XI (for the whole game hopefully) can produce some crazy results in the Cup, so Arsenal could break an awful run at Old Trafford, where they have lost 9 and drawn 1 of their last 10 visits…..

It’s time for the Gunners to reverse that trend tomorrow…..

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  1. Young Gun 11 says:

    Anyone else sad Gabriel Paulista isn’t playing ;C

  2. CraigZWE says:

    Don’t expect much from the game, don’t expect a Gunner win, don’t expect great football either.

    Expect a boring game we throw away, but hope I’m wrong on both fronts.

    1. muffdiver says:


      How inspirational. You must do team talks in ur spare time

      1. CraigZWE says:

        See my motivation skills are working, Maureen knows what I’m talking about.

        1. muffdiver says:

          Maureen wouldnt piss on u if u were on fire.
          F#ck maureen

          1. CraigZWE says:

            Maybe not, but it working you up, Wenger must take the same approach to fire our losers up.

  3. CraigZWE says:

    Throw Welbeck in to sweeten the deal.

    1. CraigZWE says:

      Jack and Theo injury prone, get rid of them and get players who can contribute fir a full season.

      Ramsey cab go as well

      1. Mesut O-healed says:

        damn Craig, where’s the love?

  4. mohawk says:

    Forgive me but I just read the earlier article about Poldi and Salah and how this makes Mourinho an idiot or Wenger a genius. (Mourinho is a complete $ssh@le but an idiot he is not).

    Most ridiculous, nonsensical, convoluted, logic ever to be published on a site ever in the history of the world.This is so stupid on so many levels it is hard to keep up.

    Let’s see……. Coq was also “voted” the WORST (not 2nd worst) Bundesliga signing for his time with Freiburg. So does that make Coq a worthless player? If “votes” mean somethingj then Wenger had better drop Coq immediately. Or does it all mean Wenger is an idiot or a genius or both or something else?

    Poldi was “voted” the 2nd worst Italy signing and that makes Wenger a genius? But he was the best finisher in the EPL every year he was with Arsenal. What means more, votes or actual goals???

    Worst article ever posted on this site. Beyond stupid. Please stop.

    1. CraigZWE says:

      This only deserves thumbs up.

  5. davidnz says:

    25 mill for Wheelchair
    25 mill for Walcott
    20 mill for Chamberlain
    9 mill for Jenkinson
    10 mill for Podolski
    10 mill for Monreal
    12 mill for Cazorla
    10 mill for Mertesacker.
    5 mill for Campbell
    10 mill
    136 mill.
    40 mill from sponsorship, TV deals. EPL ECL
    Release Ryo Diaby Flamini.
    LB CB DM CAM Striker.

  6. samuel@justarsenal.com says:

    I am making a declaration of truth and belief for any doubting Thomases to believe that Manchester United through their Red Devils will on Monday night at Old Trafford playing turf, lose their 3rd game out the last 23 games they have played. And Arsenal FC through their Gunners will on the same Monday night win their 2nd game out the last 11 games they have played at Old Trafford playing pitch. That my declaration has said it all to be understood by any understanding football fans.

    1. CraigZWE says:

      What said truth you us tell

    2. ArseOverTit says:

      And where did this ultimate wisdom and truth yet to pass come from? Was it a premonition, tea leaves or the image of Wenger appearing on a piece of burnt toast?

      Pray tell my disciple friend!

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Come on Arsene’al the world is watching!!

  8. dboy says:

    Will this be the one? Will this be the game we beat Manutd? Oh we can’t depend on Wenger cause we thought Ferguson was just superior, but even with Moyes and Van Gaal we can’t beat them. We need some serious prayers and some luck.

  9. Wayne Barker says:

    I do think we can pull of a win but my worry is wenger shouldnt make tactical blunder. As shit as LVG has been he is a better tactician and delivers in big games. I hope we have a plan and execute it to is perfection. The only way we can beat is by scoring early goals and kill their spirits. 0-0 will make me nervous as when it comes to scoring late we all know who to bank on. It will be one of the biggest games for both of us and mark my words losing team will have a lot to answer.

  10. ger burke says:

    the biggest advantage that manchester united have over arsenal mr.wenger is that manchester united are a far superior team , sickening me as i say that but it is the truth , they are winners and we are losers .

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