Wenger may as well have watched Brighton v Arsenal at home – Please!

Praise Lord Wenger for his incredible managerial skills! by Konstantin Mitov

This is not a surprise. This is the harsh reality of football. You do not win a football game, because your name is Arsenal. You are not entitled to stay forever at a club, because you won a title once. It is that simple.

I look at Arsene throughout the game. Not a single instruction. He can do this from his home, so he can spare us his desperate face. This is the first time we’ve lost 4 away in a row in close to 90 years as well as the first time in a lot of years since we lose to a newly promoted side.

I can add more and more statistics, but I want to know after the 10th league defeat this season and after losing the most games out of any premier league squad in all competitions (including West Brom), why are we going to give Wenger another chance in our last meaningful game of the season against AC Milan?

I would rather have a temporary manager for now until the end of the season, rather than listening to Wenger moan with his excuses. I don’t really wanna know what he has to say this time. Honestly I feel nothing. I wanna feel something, but I don’t, because it’s so obvious what needs to change.

You can blame the players of course and they do need to take a hard look at themselves too, but let me ask you why Cech has conceded more goals in his time at Arsenal than he did in his entire time at Chelsea which was much longer? He suddenly became a garbage keeper?

How come world cup winner Mustafi suddenly gets turned at every corner making every player against him look like Messi? Why does Kolasinac, part of Bundesliga team of the year, look plain average? Why one of the fastest players in the premierleague who had 2 great seasons in Bellerin turned into the same piece of garbage like the others?

I don’t think those players are worthy of Arsenal and think they are genuinely not good enough, but they are not as bad as they look. Not enough to get smacked by Ostersunds, Brighton, Watford, Swansea and you name it, I don’t remember which teams haven’t beaten us yet, cause there are not many.

I see a manager breaking sticks in his chair, hoping for a miracle. What faith are the players going to get from that? Does he even speak in the dressing room? Is there a player who stands up and says this is not good enough? Honestly I only saw Ozil and Jack get angry this game.

Even talking about Xhaka is a complete of waste of time, but you have to wonder why did young Eddie came in at minute 81 when he was the only sub who looked sharp? I’ve recently read about former Arsenal players talking how the training ground routine hasn’t moved since 2004!

Arsene will be well beaten in Milan and then what? I guess this season we just wait for it end and drift for as long as he wants? Honestly what does he want, because we made him rich and famous and now he just looks like a person who doesn’t really wanna be at the ground, because the only time I see him move is to argue with the ref.

Arsene didn’t make Arsenal, it’s the other way around and if you think different you are as much a disgrace for this club as is Arsene. Whatever he did for this club ended 10 years ago and it’s been all downhill afterwards.

Win, draw or lose, WengerOUT people. Only when he hears it from the entire Emirates crowd, will we have a slight chance of him going.


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  1. RSH says:

    Can’t motivate the players, no tactics, doesn’t even bother getting off the bench anymore unless he is complaining to refs. Youth players have started to decline under him, fanbase in turmoil, rivals want him to stay. No top 4, likely to be knocked out of Europe by Milan. SACK HIM.

    End of an era. Embrace change!

    1. Tony says:

      our players were lost.wilshire doesnt what to do with ball.most overrated player in the world.that is not how u operate midfield.

      1. RSH says:

        haha, careful what you say about wilshere around here. him falling over and putting in bad tackles is considered “passion”

        1. John says:

          Wilshere was useless………..so were all of them…….but I believe these guys would have done better under another coach………..Wenger has to leave……must leave……..Wenger must be fired…………..Wenger OUT……….

  2. Tatgooner says:

    Dont even bother fans have felt more than enough pain for these years its time the board felt it too.
    Change is coming sooner than you think

    1. Muff diver says:

      I want an actual date otherwise it’s bs .

      If a girl says I will put out when I’m ready .
      Uh uh Sarah u ain’t in destiny’s child ….
      I bought u steak …let’s talk days now women

  3. gotanidea says:

    A 300 million squad full of supposedly very creative players (Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Wilshere) and they cannot even provide for the striker

    AC Milan will be Arsenal’s next victim at San Siro. In 2008, Arsenal trashed them with Hleb, Adebayor, Walcott and Fabregas, so this Gattuso’s team would also feel Arsenal’s wrath

  4. Phil says:

    Any other manager at any other club in football would be sacked tonight.Do we really care about AC Milan?Lets get rid of Wenger NOW and tell Bould to F**K OFF too.

    1. Godswill says:

      Did I hear the deluded man say he can turn things around? Maybe the Board (deluded also) are believing him.

      1. Phil says:

        I cannot believe I am saying this but IF Wenger is still in charge tomorrow I hope Milan absolutely stuff us out of sight.And I’m travelling to Milan for the game.Why?Because it’s what I do?I will continue to follow Arsenal IN SPITE of Wenger and so will everyone else.He really thinks he can turn things around?He is an arrogant senile delusional fool.Even now he won’t let go.Whats he on?£9m a year?Just pay up his contract and get him out of the club now.Is the reason he won’t walk away is because of the money?And he supposedly LOVES OUR CLUB?
        FFS Wenger.You are despised by the ever increasing majority of this clubs fanbase.You have made us into a laughing stock.
        Your powers have been removed and handed over to Modern,professional,forward thinking experts in Sven and Raul.If you can’t see that you are the Dead Man Walking then you really have lost what’s left of your decrepit old mind.
        I am sick to death of continually posting FFS F**K OFF WENGER but FFS F**K OFF WENGER.And make sure that spineless yes man Bould goes with you

        1. jon fox says:

          Phil, I have to both admire and pity your financial dedication as well as your obvious passion. I had been going since 1958 til last season when I finally stopped, ENTIRELY BECAUSE I finally resolved to give not a penny more of my money to this corruptly run club, while Wenger stays. ONCE HE IS SACKED, I will start going again and so I am looking forward to being at Emirates first home game in August. UNLESS……., GOD FORBID!

  5. Muff diver says:

    Ancelotti was spotted in the car park
    “Carlo….you were at the match would u care to comment as to why ”

    “We have saying in Italy, u can take a horse to water, but bloody hell arsenal are s### , I’m out of here “

  6. Midkemma says:

    “but let me ask you why Cech has conceded more goals in his time at Arsenal than he did in his entire time at Chelsea which was much longer?”

    Tom Ede, who works for stats gurus Opta, was on hand to end the madness when he tweeted that over 300 fewer goals for his current team than his former one – 89 for Arsenal and 392 to Chelsea, which is pretty much what you’d expect given his time at both clubs.

    1. Nay Sayer says:

      Konstantin keeps lying to make his points, which is a bit annoying.

      Here he also says ‘but I want to know after the 10th league defeat this season and after losing the most games out of any premier league squad in all competitions (including West Brom),’

      Huddersfield and West Brom have the most losses total – 17, while Arsenal have 14 (or is it 15??)

      1. Admin says:

        “in all competitions….”???

        1. Nkanyiso88 says:

          LOL Nay Sayer say what now….

          1. moge says:

            Dear Nay Sayer forget Konsitantin, you as an arsenal fan, Aren’t you ashamed of stating 14 defeats as something that is not painful? this kind of poor attitudes and blind love for that stupid old man are dragging our beloved club backward.

  7. John0711 says:

    The first thing is Wenger needs sacking, all this i could have signed for any other club a) please feel free and b) how long do you think you would last at such clubs?
    secondly the whole club needs changing, as Souness stated how many other these player would the next ,anger want
    Czech past it
    Chambers looked better at Brough, but dont think hes a top 4 player
    Mustafi who f£$@% who signed him wow hes so average
    Kos love him but hes past it, maybe good enough as a sub CB
    Kola i said before hes ok going forward but cannot defend, no thanks
    Miki keep possibly ?
    Ozil i don’t think hes good enough unless he plays with 11 WC players
    Wilshire for me the only one who loves the club
    Xhaka get rid and who ever signed him needs sacking and new glasses
    Iwobi not a chance would this lad get in any other side in the top 7 get rid
    Auba keep as he can score if we play the right way
    Welbz would not start in any other top 7-10 side get rid
    Elneny would not start in any other prem side

    so IMO there you have it a new manager needs endless money hence why wenger is still here
    i agree with strachan it will take the club years to recover
    and finally those fans who have supported wenger for so long with the “he should supported for what hes done for the club”

    so what should happen now for what hes done “to” the club

    1. Phil says:

      John-perfectly written

      1. Gunner22 says:

        That’s a correct assessment of the dudes, how can anyone including Wenger get any positive result with this rag tag combo

  8. Milton John says:

    Wenger gets sack is half job done. Take silent Stan along with him then the job is full done.

  9. rkw says:

    not a peep from the wenger junkies must be experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms … i hope they took my advice and stocked up on the chicken soup … they have been defending this relic over a decade of decline yet dont have the decency to come out with a mea culpa and call for him to go … shame on you all

    1. Phil says:


    2. jon fox says:

      well said!

  10. Gelz says:

    Who could we put as a caretaker for the rest of the season, we’ve all read that players think they don’t get coached properly, is this Wenger’s fault he doesn’t let anyone have any input, someone said put Bould as Boss until the end of the season but the only thing I can see him being able to put on his CV is he can chew gum for 90 mins. Although he could be unleashed once Wenger’s gone, its not like he could do any worse, at this moment even the tea lady could do a better job

    1. Roehahn says:

      Ancelloti as caretaker manager, he is a proven winner and I believe even with this lot he could win us the Europa. But in the summer go for Luis Enrique.

  11. ks-gunner says:

    With Wenger soon being gone, i hope that all those Wengerits who supported Wenger through all this time will go with him as well.

    1. Bur says:

      They are very quiet at the minute. It’s obvious they were spud supporters in disguise.

      Supporters of other teams want weegor to stay. I wonder why?

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah they are very very quiet aren’t they.

    2. Admin says:

      Stop talking rubbish!
      What about the ones that supported him until 10 years ago? Must they go too?
      What about 5 years?
      What about the last six months?
      Stop talking gibberish….

      Maybe all idiots that talk rubbish should go as well…..
      Or is it just all the people that disagree with you?

      1. jon fox says:

        Admin, You well know Bur is only using emotional language and is not serious about Spud fans. Or if you don’t know, well then you should. Almost alone on here, YOU seem not to recognise the anguish and torture real fans are going through daily. You should stop acting like a dictator and be glad your site still attracts myriad posts. BEHAVING LIKE A BULLY IS NOT HELPING YOUR SITE OR YOUR REPUTATION AS A FAIR ADMINISTRATOR. Wake up to the reality of how fans think, write and speak, man. We are not all brains of Britain but ordinary people, and we are entitled to our say(when not using filthy language, which he did not)!

      2. Phil says:

        Admin-I have the utmost respect for you and your determination to allow,when possible,open and frank exchanges of views.Im a bit disappointed you have singled out Bur over his comments.
        What has been seen as frustration is now anger.Surely you can understand this.

        1. Admin says:

          And I too am angry mate, and that has just come out as you can see from my comment.
          I am extremely angry and upset today, but I just hate people trying to wind up other fans for no reason at all. Why must we issue ultimatums to each other on such an awful day.
          “If you ever supported Wenger you should go.” is not big and its not helpful at a time like this.
          I do try and keep my emotions in check but sometimes I can feel pushed as well. I am human after all….

          1. Trudeau says:

            We’re all human Admin and for the amount of work you put in to this site I think you deserve a pass. But of course I’m speaking as one of those fans who some folks don’t think is genuine because I haven’t been calling for Wenger’s head for the last ten years.

          2. Roehahn says:

            WOBs get called names and abused here daily,nobody says anything..
            Call out AKB’S once, and admin rushes to their defence..and starts name calling himself..Maybe all idiots that talk rubbish should go as well…..

            Really mature of you,admin..Kudos

          3. jon fox says:

            Agree completely!

          4. Admin says:

            Are you serious?
            That line “Maybe all idiots that talk rubbish should go as well…” was an ironic image of his comment!
            What label you put on anyone else is but a reflection of yourself…

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            There does come a time when personal abuse just gets too much. I have always tried to be constructive in what I write, but when one gets called so many names it becomes pointless to try and discuss. I haven’t posted on here for that reason only and decided to call it a day on this site. But it was pleasing to see you call out the “must be a Spud supporter” for the nonsense it was. I will continue to read the articles/comments but just cannot stand the verbal hatred from one Arsenal supporter to another just for their views.
            Congratulations, however. for running justarsenal for so long, hope you continue!

          6. Sue says:

            Don’t go Ken!

          7. Admin says:

            Ken i feel for you.
            It’s been a hard day….
            I now have to switch servers. Uh oh!

          8. Phil says:

            Ken – your views and comments are too important to not air and share.Have a good nights sleep mate and let’s get you back.
            Admin-you have done a fantastic job and your comments today made me appreciate what you do even more.
            Just wanted to say that

          9. jon fox says:

            Admin, Well then, decent humans apologise when they have wronged others, however unintentionally. I have several times been big enough to apologise when I have gone over the top, (for the very same reason you state about yourself). Recently, I even apologised to YOU about my being wrong in wanting the thumbs back .I now accept that not having thumbs keeps some of the ” like or dislike only non -writers” away, which I NOW think is an improvement. Others may still disagree, as is their right. Whether or not you apologise to Bur will be an interesting watch.

  12. pires says:

    hey konstantin,it’s just a bad spell and we will soon get better results.You’r as responsible as anyone for the bad results we’r getting with your negatvity.As for wenger he’s an arsenal legend who will chose the day of his reteirment, not you

    1. Maks says:

      Now Wenger lover found his strenght! It s not an abuse when I must say who ever would still want Wenger to stay and lead this team is:
      1. Trolling
      2. Very young
      3. Has no clue about football game and looks at Wenger at the same level as Spiderman

  13. V.uren says:

    Top teams chanting they want wenger to stay …?

    Jeez , Brighton were even singing it today , how embarrassing !

  14. Avenger says:

    Wenger deceiver

    “We do not buy superstars. We make them.”

    He is a player destroyer

  15. andcliff says:

    You still think you can turn things around? Please break your contract for the first time and resign, we promise we won’t hold it against you. You can even be a board member as long as you have NOTHING to do with the running of the club. Or you could manage the French national team?

    Your time is now, well and truly, up even the players know it.

  16. Dirtyjafacake says:

    You can’t blame wenger for every thing we need to stand by our manager and show the world in wenger we trust come on u gunners

    1. jon fox says:


      1. Phil says:

        OMG JON.There is always one isn’t there?

        1. jon fox says:

          There certainly is. And I forgot about Pires and John Ibrahim in my earlier post saying the AKB’s I listed have , not surprisingly, become very quiet since last Thursday. And then suddenly, out from under his stone crawls Pires , to prove me wrong.

    2. RSH says:

      we’ve done that for the past few years and team is just getting worse. FA Cup covers up the obvious cracks. Enough is enough. He had the opportunity to go after winning cups but he likes the money and he likes the power. So this is what it’s come to.

    3. Bur says:

      Are you serious? Are you taking the proverbial? You are arnt you?

  17. AB says:

    Any experts in club valuation here? Wondering how this year impacts Arsenal’s valuation? A sharp dip in that is the only hope for action.

  18. GoonAR says:


  19. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Wenger said he can turn it around. What is he turning around Arsenal are Rock Bottom can’t get any lower. Then he used his we have to Focus he has been saying this all season long so how long does it take to focus. The Man is Finished with Arsenal and the only one who doesn’t know it is Wenger himself. Sad Sad Sad.

    1. Bur says:

      This club of ours is on the verge of imploding. It hasn’t just happened over the last 4 games, it’s the last 8 years!!!

  20. Wibble says:

    Strange quote from Wenger about trousers, see test below:

    Wenger agreed that Arsenal looked tired as Brighton swept into a 2-0 lead. “When you play many games, it takes you time sometimes to get into a game. Many times you suffer in the first half. They were sharper than us in the first half. We still lacked a bit of zip to make a difference in the second half.”

    And he launched into a slightly puzzling metaphor about being undressed – as his defence certainly was at times by Brighton’s swift counter-attacks – which seemed to mean ‘Don’t kick a man when he is down.’

    “It’s difficult when you have just the trousers on,” he said. “It’s easy to take the trousers off as well, but when you are naked completely you have to try and find a shirt and get dressed properly again. You can’t put them more down.”

    Petr Cech, the goalkeeper, admitted that he had been at fault for both Brighton goals, missing his punch before Lewis Dunk’s opener and allowing Glenn Murray’s headed second to slip under his body. “If you want to win a game away of home in the best league in the world your GK can’t concede 2 goals like I did today,” he tweeted. “It’s simply not possible. The team fought back but the damage was done.”

    1. Wibble says:


      1. Wibble says:

        It must be a French thing. I prefer Cantona’s:
        “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”

    2. rkw says:

      lol … i think its a whole psycho thing about his marital issues … whose wearing the trousers etc he genuinely needs medical help … is there a shrink in the house???? maybe the guy who goes on about the “rubber room” can give some useful advice for once … you cant make this stuff up you really cant

  21. Highbury44 says:

    Wenger will NEVER resign.Just accept that .It will be Stan who decides and if he is happy about the profit he is achieving from Arsenal F C nothing will change

  22. Sue says:

    He’s not getting sacked, it would have happened already surely!

  23. Clive says:

    Why all this, we played against d best team in d country(Brigthon)with all d money in d world.they can afford to buy Murray,Gross,Dunk,Duffy world class players,so stop complaining.
    Where are John Ibrahim,Thomas and their likes.what hv they got to say?we can’t compete with Brighton financially.right?

  24. jon fox says:

    Konstantin has said it all. If anyone on here still thinks Wenger should stay they ought to be committed. People like Ken 1945 and Thomas who are Wenger in people have , hardly surprisingly, not posted their usual nonsense for a few days now. Apart from the very few masochists, like those above two unfortunates who love being shafted by Wenger and the regime, the rest of us are in despair, wondering how the club we adore can be intent on committing suicide and deliberately agonising us fans by not sacking Wenger all these underperforming years. Lately it has got even far worse; going from not good enough to rank embarrasing, bordering on deliberate treachery by the club , the players and the regime. I warn this arrogant club that the crowd they get- who actually attend, (not pre- sold seats) – against Watford next Saturday will be the lowest since the dark days of the 1980 ‘s, before George Graham came along. They apparently have 55000 on the season ticket waiting list and they may be surprised at how many of these will now leave the list. I also warn Kroenke that APATHY is now the greatest enemy of the club, even more , right now than Wenger, who will soon be no more. The empty larder he has left and the demotivated squad will need a hell of a lot to make it work efficiently again. Examine the facts: We have now, not one defender, defensive midfielder or keeper at the club who is reliably efficient, let alone actually good enough. Not one! A year or two ago we would all have said Koscielny was our one great defender. But now? Not on your life! It seems the whole defence is scared to death of even running , of tackling , of marking opponents and of moving the ball quickly and confidently. The two big January buys seem to have disappeared , though nominally, on the field. Likewise Ozil, now he has signed for the huge new contract. Then there are such as Xhaka, Iwobi, Bellerin, Elneny, Welbeck and Mustafi. Does anyone actually think they are currently even worth picking for a Sunday League Division Five eleven? Because I don’t! Our two preferred keepers are both unreliable flappers who are just mistake ridden, though both still have talent on their day. But you can’t play any keeper just because he MAY have a good day, now and again. I watched Wilshere closely today. He had a deal of possession but he did not make even ONE penetrative forward pass nor one surging dribble , like he used to do as a youngster. Likewise Ozil and Myhitaryan disappeared too. Wenger is clearly now toast but given this is a World Cup summer, we SHOULD be sacking Wenger TODAY, getting in the new permanent manager ASAP, to assess the needs and decide his transfer targets, both in and out, over the last nine Prem games and meanwhile let Bould take the reins temporarily. The ACM is seen as a last throw of the dice but we would be more likely to get through the tie with Bould in charge. This team under Wenger is broken , utterly. We can all see that, even the players. Especially the players! Irreparable harm to the structure of the club, its worldwide worth , value and ability to attract a top manager and players is being harmed each day Wenger remains. We all know that. So must the club. So, though I am certain Wenger is close to the sack, why now wait, even a day? Act now Kroenke and wake up to the harm Wenger is doing , daily, to your investment!

    1. Sue says:

      The Watford game is on Sunday & I doubt many will be there…. probably just my son, myself & Kenny Rolfe

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        Sue please hold up a sign for me “Arsene Wenger thanks for the memories, goodbye!”.

        1. Sue says:

          Will do Ozzie!

      2. jon fox says:

        Yes Sue, Sunday of course. So we get the extra day to recover from the expected thrashing by ACMilan. Won’t make a blind bit of difference with our mentally shot team, UNLESS as I hope, Wenger is sacked before then. Personally, I think he will get til the morning after we go out to ACM on March 15th. Oh happy day!

        I predict an actual 15000-20000 max against Watford, though the club will publish the usual 59000 lie! YOU , YOUR SON AND KENNY DESERVE A MEDAL AND DEFINITELY A DRINK. But an almost empty ground will be very useful in our quet to remove the fossil. I will start going again next season , once Wenger is history(like his glory days are too)

  25. Grandad says:

    The poorest Arsenal team in the last 20 years.Our goalkeeper has at least the decency to acknowledge his failings which is more than his Manager will ever do.Our centre backs are not even Premier League standard. They made Glen Murray look like a world beater.A massive clear out is needed if the Club is to recover.

  26. invincible Wenger can turn dust to gold. Don’t panic he is very active and will be seriously active in the market.

    1. Phil says:


      1. jon fox says:

        Now where did I put that insect repellent!

  27. Bur says:

    If this man had one ounce of integrity he would not turn up for work in the morning.

    1. jon fox says:

      Great point . And what work does anyone ever think he actually does? Not coaching, for certain!

      1. pires says:

        hi jon,i am not under any stone, i express my views and try to bring some positive mood in the dark atmosphere surrounding the club,rightly so i must admit.i support arsenal and until Wenger is gone you must support him cause he’s the manager of the club

        1. Dirtyjafacake says:

          Totally agree with you while he is in charge we must follow the team till the end. if he is replaced we loose a legend grass ain’t always greener

        2. Maks says:

          Trolling? or you have a father issues? I am sorry. other problems? You have a right to say your opinion but sorry it is very stupid.
          Over with you, thomases and all other trolls or deluded fans.

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